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  1. Corbett traded to Rams

    It's one of those things that when/if it happens, all we will want to focus on in the offseason is how bad he was at tackling at stopping the run. Then I can see our defense falling apart at the seams as Takitaki gets swallowed by offensive guards and has 0 instincts in coverage. Just my feel about how that situation will go. We could be ok if it happens, but I don't really wanna find out. Tretter probably is more important at this point, but I have Schobert as a much higher priority than Randall. So if we can keep 2/3 that's good.
  2. Trent Williams anyone???

    Not interested unless the price has dropped. Will make a marginal difference and wouldn't be surprised if he gets hurt or is out of shape.
  3. Corbett traded to Rams

    I don't think we should take Schobert off the field ever.
  4. Corbett traded to Rams

    I was not a fan of Takitaki when we drafted him but I think he's shown a floor as a ST blocker and not totally useless.
  5. Corbett traded to Rams

    I'm hoping where he was drafted improves his stock but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a 2021 6th.
  6. Officials - I cant stand their arrogance

    Agree 100%. The rest of them eh ok obnoxious over officiating or semi-understandable mistakes. That one...that was just somebody who didn't see what happened at all and just called something because there was a collision.
  7. True, true. It doesn't help him somehow turn like half of Baker's misplaced balls into interceptions as well.
  8. It's not surprising, but for weeks now it's been apparent he's a ticking time bomb to get picked if you're asking him to sling it all over the field. The less we are trying to lean on him the better we will be. Empty backfield nonsense needs to stop too. I'd run the ball in the redzone and settle for field goals if need be at this juncture.
  9. Probably just trying not to get fined for saying something about the refs in the press.
  10. Until I see you guys on video with shoulder pads on catching fastballs thrown 2.5 feet behind you while running the other way I don't wanna hear it.
  11. He could have caught it and it would have still been a crappy throw.
  12. Jarvis and Hilliard picks are both balls that should have been put in front. It was unfortunate both were intercepted as well. I'm not saying our guys around him are playing well, but you don't see Wilson putting the ball in those spots on easy pitch and catch throws.
  13. An accurate QB throws that in front of him so he gets YAC. It doesn't deserve to be a pick but that's not close to where you want to throw the ball.
  14. He's inaccurate, you know he is. Two of his picks are balls that should be placed in front of the receiver he threw behind. No reason for 5 yard passes to be more than 3 feet off the ideal placement.
  15. You guys are making excuses for Baker. That was horrible placement.