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  1. UPDATE ON BOOTYGATE: Charges Dropped vs OBJ

    After further review OBJ is a clown. What I thought was a calculated move to get him away from the student athletes seems to be a wild night which he was probably on a lot of different substances. Embarrassing by OBJ, embarrassing NOPD as well, just an embarrassing situation. But it will blow over fast I think.
  2. UPDATE ON BOOTYGATE: Charges Dropped vs OBJ

    The law doesn't dictate what's right and wrong.
  3. UPDATE ON BOOTYGATE: Charges Dropped vs OBJ

    I love that Odell did that to distract a cop who was being petty and trying to ID kids in their own locker room. It was a bull**** move by the police department and now they look even more ridiculous pressing charges.
  4. Am I the only one who hasn't made up their mind about Schobert? Is there any way he's not getting like $17 million a season from somebody? I can see the argument with some better d-line play he won't be as much of a liability against the run, but he's just a cruddy tackler in general. Yet if we let him walk we are going to put a huge hole in our defense. Damned if you do damned you don't situation.
  5. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    Everybody talks about Belichek cutting Bernie, but how could we forget the irreversible damage Pat Shurmur did to our franchise?
  6. DePo-BerryTime? - Sashi, Berry, DePo Era Revisited

    Unless I'm wrong the data was collected from GMs who retained their position for 6 seasons. That means they already shown competence enough to keep their jobs, and eliminates the GMs who are horrible at drafting from the data set. I agree with you from a holistic point of view. But I think you need to stray away from aggressively trading down when you need a franchise QB, who are very difficult to find after the 1st round (maybe the top 15?). When this team was a directionless mess before the 2018 draft it was hard to justify continuing throwing crap at the wall. Now that we have some cornerstones in Garrett and Baker, and arguably Ward and Landry after that, it's easier to get back on board with drafting as many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round to fill out the roster with cheap talent. It's hard to say Sashi knew what he was doing when he passed on a few franchise QBs, leaving our team directionless, then throwing a lot of talent into the abyss by virtue of us being probably the worst team in NFL history, and doing very little to try and stop the free fall. I don't think going 1-31 and trading back the entire way is brilliant calculated move. Getting fired and having massive roster turnover was a very predictable outcome of that. I support the strategy now because it appears we have put the horse back in front of the cart. I know a very common sentiment is if you give your young QB a bad team you'll ruin him, but I don't think whatever QB Sashi would have eventually picked was going to just walk onto a built up young roster primed for success. He was going to walk onto a young roster that never learned to have any success, and although not by design, inevitably was going to fall victim of having to learn multiple schemes under multiple coaches all the while.
  7. DePo-BerryTime? - Sashi, Berry, DePo Era Revisited

    I'm a bit busy and will read and respond to the other article you posted. I agree it's a luck driven process and you give yourself the best chance with multiple picks. I just think that some evaluators are better than others at picking good players. I've just seen it in our own organization through different regimes. You can see picks that failed and failed for reasons that were identified by others before the draft. You also have picks fail for reasons that weren't as obvious. It doesn't surprise me that there isn't a huge variance GM to GM but I think talent evaluation is a skill.
  8. DePo-BerryTime? - Sashi, Berry, DePo Era Revisited

    I've read it. The citation he was to your point in this https://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=56913718&itype=CMSID Which hardly has much data backing it up at all. The only metric I see them cite is number of games started. That would put Jabrill Peppers on higher footing than Deshaun Watson, which is ludicrous. Saying good talent evaluation doesn't exist is almost like saying talent doesn't exist, or is otherwise unobservable. Just dumb.
  9. DePo-BerryTime? - Sashi, Berry, DePo Era Revisited

    Citation needed. Also counting just hits and misses or grabbing great players vs good ones, or contributors vs total busts?
  10. DePo-BerryTime? - Sashi, Berry, DePo Era Revisited

    It's not statistically true. Your argument is fallacious. You don't have to hit on more than half your picks to be a "good" talent evaluator. Same logic would dictate there are no good batters in baseball. An argument in favor of getting more selections to increase your odds of hitting picks is not the same as statistical proof that some evaluators are more better than other evaluators.
  11. DePo-BerryTime? - Sashi, Berry, DePo Era Revisited

    "Sashi and Berry weren't bad talent evaluators! Good talent evaluators simply don't exist!" - nerds
  12. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    If you think about it, we may have done ourselves and Stefanski a huge favor by hiring Freddie first. If Stefanski was the coach we could have gone "only" 8-8 or 9-7 and he'd be on the hot seat. The Freddie disaster brought expectations down and should take Haslem's finger off the trigger for a couple of seasons.
  13. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    It's amazing to me how upset people are that we hired a guy who seems so universally praised by those who worked with him. I also think early on his success is going to be determined by the coordinators we surround him with. I see a guy who isn't going to coach us out of games, and has the potential to be a master of the craft if we give him enough time. A huge upgrade from Freddie.
  14. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    Unleash truck stick Baker
  15. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    I live for this content