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  1. Fix the Browns

    Honestly Baker isn't playing significantly worse than his rookie season we are just running stuff that he sucks at. If the playcalling was effective I'd say we could have flipped the Rams and Broncos game, so 8. Outside shot at the Seahawks and Steelers pt 2 (because our offensive line just bludgeoned us that game).
  2. A Glimps into the Future

    How many Super Bowls would we have won by now if Eric Mangini was still the coach of our football team? 🤔
  3. A Glimps into the Future

    I agree, trying anything to dial up some pressure couldn't hurt at this point.
  4. A Glimps into the Future

    I don't think Takitaki is good enough in coverage to roll out as a starter.
  5. A Glimps into the Future

    I'm going to go bold here and say if we keep the same coaching staff then Stephen Carlson is going to be a significant contributor. We seem to want to rely on him a lot and I don't think our team really likes Njoku too much. I think Njoku is better and Carlson isn't a starter in the league, but I think he's got a chance to win a lot of trust moving forward.
  6. Whats up with Baker

    It's also funny to see the "you're either with us or against us" Baker that roasted Duke Johnson this off-season suddenly leave the building with the OBJ drama. A little enamored much Baker?
  7. Whats up with Baker

    It has nothing to do with being PC or brutally honest. It's about having the self restraint not to say every single thing that comes into your head. Especially when those things are ill informed, unprompted, and totally out of the realm of your expertise. Nobody is going to respect you for "telling it how it is" when you're obviously full of s*** and everybody except you knows it. And besides all that brutal honesty and good leadership aren't necessarily compatible with each other. You aren't going to motivate anybody to perform better by telling them they are doing a terrible job. Especially when you're a 24 year old performing poorly and acting like a moron.
  8. Fix the Browns

    We absolutely should go that route. Dorsey cant fix this o-line in an off-season to run the vertical concepts we try to run out. I wish we had a dominating defense to match with it, but maybe if we get Garrett back we can at least be good enough against the pass. Run the ball well, get the lead early, then challenge teams to come back on us with Garrett and hopefully Ward/Greedy locking down WRs. Pretty much feels like what the plan should have been coming into this season with anyways.
  9. Whats up with Baker

    I agree, I wouldn't be opposed to giving both the boot but I know Dorsey is going to get another hack at hiring a HC. OBJ trade was a major mistake on multiple levels. Changed the entire dynamic of our locker room and made us a weaker team.
  10. Whats up with Baker

    9.5 Honestly put me into fire Freddie territory because the cultural problem is too obvious and there's no way he's going to change that. And I recognize it's not rational that this would be what would make me want to fire Freddie, but the amount of dysfunction that must exist in that locker room to call out your training staff after you won a game over some crap Baker isn't even involved in is unbelievable.
  11. Dorsey

    You can expect your 4th DE to get significant reps every season. He cut him for no reason other than he didn't draft him. Dorsey is a narcissist.
  12. GDT: Week whatever

    It's because unfortunately our team is full of clowns and you can feel it ripping apart at the seams.
  13. GDT: Week whatever

    Mayfield calling out the training staff is so dumb and unnecessary.
  14. (Polls) Should We Trade OBJ?

    Yeah I'd trade him so I never have to hear people complaining about his targets ever again.
  15. GDT: Week whatever

    We've seen a lot of incompletions hit his hands this year.