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  1. Agree when we are so far from competing it really doesn't matter how the players we have right now fit together.
  2. His ceiling went from Kawhi to Tony Allen fast 😂 Beating the dead horse here but paying Kevin Love was the worst thing this FO did, especially since him becoming a non-asset was so foreseeable when they did it. He wasn't a 3rd superstar when LeBron was here, he was a great role player the same level as TT was. I feel like Gilbert forced that because Koby doesn't seem dumb enough to think that was going to keep us competitive. Drafting Sexton, Garland, even Okoro are all decent moves considering where we were picking. Drummond trade cost nothing. Jarrett Allen trade looks good.
  3. Retain Mitchell and bring in Sherman. I didn't hate the zone as much as I hated how our players never seemed to cover anybody in it.
  4. Honestly that 2016-2017 iteration of the Cavs I think could easily put their stake as one of the greatest teams of all time. The 2017 NBA finals really felt like the basketball matrix for stretches, just GSW with Durant was OP. This is one of the most fun for lacking starpower though. Cavs before LeBron left the first time was ugly and also feels like a different NBA back then. Outside of Delonte for stretches, nobody I could think of outside of LeBron who could create offense.
  5. Dang we really did it to em twice 😭 I thought there was no way we'd be in the playoffs given our schedule coming up but now....
  6. I thought that's what it was more about too but other people keep bringing up hit stuff being moved.
  7. People keep saying you don't touch other people's stuff without asking, and I wanna know what stuff did KPJ have in that locker if he hasn't been with the team in, what, 8 months?
  8. It'll be nice to have them back but I'd still pick a DB if that's BPA. If Delpit and Greedy are good they won't have trouble seeing snaps with how many DBs you have to field. Really every position in defense is a need.
  9. Sucks he has so much potential, but he hasn't given us a choice.
  10. I feel like our defense doesnt understand you're allowed to cover people in zone coverage
  11. Ejection was dumb, smacking somebody who gets in your face after the play should be 15 yards at worst.
  12. Man I feel that, but also, you can't take this shot to win in the playoffs for granted. You never know what can happen next season and past that, it's almost been 2 decades since we last had this chance. 2007 really comes back in mind when we thought we were on the brink of something great and it fell apart. Or look at the 49ers this season. I'm really happy we made it, but man I want to win bad.
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