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  1. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Windler will either come off the bench and make an impact shooting the ball right away, or he won't cut it in the NBA. He's very skilled but he's only played scrubs and he's 23.
  2. RB Considerations... Duke Johnson & More

    After posting that I watched the Baker interview and it's really not that bad. He shouldn't answer anymore questions about it though. Duke is definitely way too into his feelings. I don't think that's reading too far into that statement. I think that Dorsey let his guard down and let it out we were going to trade him, but that also they didn't know how the Kareem situation was going to work out so it wasn't necessarily right now. I don't think that's reading into that, I think it was pretty transparent. Duke just has to focus on what's best for himself and this ain't it. His ego is wounded.
  3. RB Considerations... Duke Johnson & More

    I agree with you just with a less prejudice because Dorsey did disrespect him when he said "not expendable yet". In my mind that's where the unprofessionalism began, and a total gaffe. Duke is right to feel he is unwanted since his GM publically made it sound like the plan was to get rid of him. But Duke needs to zip his lips. No benefit for anybody in having public discord. We gotta be considering releasing Duke and eating the money, and Dorsey has nobody to blame but himself for that.
  4. RB Considerations... Duke Johnson & More

    My opinion on this really depends on the terms of his contract and how much of it we will pay him even if we cut him at some point. On one hand he gets paid to put very little mileage on his body and potentially remains relevant enough to get another contract. The way Duke is acting though is as if he'll never see the money we already signed him to, and we are gonna ruin his shot somewhere else I don't totally understand the terms od his contract, but I think the first point is more likely. Which means this is just Duke's ego getting in the way and he needs detach. I do feel bad for him.
  5. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Raptors need this game because, as amazing as they are on defense, KD is going to open up a lot problems. You can't hide Kyle Lowry you can only hope Steph is off here out. Maybe you put Lowry on Draymond 😂
  6. Pick 1 to Breakout

    I think Callaway will breakout but Harrison would be who I'd want to.
  7. Relative athletic score

    I'm amazed he put up those testing numbers. I didn't think it really showed up on his tape. Maybe some guys lose more athleticism when they put on the pads than others. Kinda reminds me of Takitaki honestly. I didn't see a physically dominant LB when I watched his Wisconsin tape, and draft guys say that's his best tape. I don't mean to be a buzzkill, I really want to believe the scouting, but I wouldn't match his numbers with the eye test.
  8. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Do you guys think that these new lottery odds are going to continue for very long? I feel like we just unfortunately became horrible at the worst possible time.
  9. I know this is a random memory, and there probably isn't any video footage of it. But I remember in 2007 vs. the Raiders our team got in an after the whistle scuffle with their defense. DA just casually walked behind the fray with his hands in his pockets, then grabbed a DB by the top of his shoulder pads from behind and threw him on the ground. My favorite memory of him. Also that ~40 yard run against the Chiefs in 2006 to set up the win.
  10. Hometown Discounts

    It would be nice, but I can't hold it against anybody to get paid as much as they possibly can. If it means just riding Mayfield and Garrett for the next decade so be it. Coaching and the FO needs to step up in that case.
  11. No. 46 Overall; Greedy Williams, LSU

    I don't doubt he was a hard worker, but he struck me as somebody who doesnt really like football that much. Like if he could get paid as much doing something else he would probably retire. He also definitely didn't give an ef about the Cleveland Browns. I'm glad he's gone, but I don't hate the guy.
  12. Great article on Myles Garrett

    While I don't really agree with throwing Greggggg under the bus, I love that Myles seems to be underwhelmed with what he's done so far.
  13. The Road to 53: Roster Tracker & Talk

    Something we didn't address on the draft and I can see hurting down the stretch is the lack of depth at DT. We lose somebody like Vernon or Garrett for a period of time to injury, I think we can be kinda okay with Smith and Avery doing some pass rush. I don't see really much behind Ogunjobi and Richardson that makes me sleep easier at night. And those guys behind them have to get a piece of the action even if we are healthy. Idk, maybe I don't give Coley enough credit, he has stuck around. I don't think he has really made an impact though.

    I'm just gonna pretend that we took him with our 3rd round pick and took Takitaki in the 5th. A+ draft boys, well done.
  15. No. 80 browns select Sione Takitaki

    Watched the Wisconsin tape...very unimpressed. Makes the plays anybody who plays LB in the NFL makes, was pushed around all over the field, and got juked by Alex Hornibrook. Looks like an UDFA.