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  1. Really hope they drop a game before that happens so they don't have anything to play for.
  2. Lol you can spike the ball as long as you spike it at the sky
  3. I mean haven't been running the ball well, but that hasn't stopped us from trying before and it usually eventually works out.
  4. I know this is s*** posting but part of what makes Myles a freaky athlete is past that crazy vertical. If you watch the way he can bend around the edge it's insane. That said I think LeBron could have been a better OLB than TJ Watt if he geared his body towards that starting in high school because he's such a better athlete. A better DE than Myles? Probably not because I doubt he can drop his pad level that low. But LeBron coming around the edge or dropping in coverage would be a PROBLEM. Now of course it would be a significant break from logical decision making where he'd forego being an all-time great basketball player to play football, then forego being a HOF WR to play defense...and I don't know if he could really hold up in run support/tackling, but I haven't seen either of those things as a knock against Garrett for Watt.
  5. I feel like if you're ready to move on from Baker at this juncture you're delusional. It would be so much easier to see how he does in year 2 of the same system than rolling the dice on QBs like we've done for 20 years. At the same time "Baker needs to play better" and "we have to find another QB" can be two separate conversations. The latter I agree with, he hasn't been good, but I thought he was steady the last 2 games given the conditions. I think it would be easier to find 5 more pieces on defense than to find another guy at QB.
  6. I'd start Sexton/Garland if not Sexton/KPJ to begin the season unless Garland has improved quite a bit. I feel like putting Sexton on the bench for Garland just because that's the best possible outcome for our young prospects is ignorant of the fact Garland hasn't been anywhere close to what we think his potential is. Aside from that I've talked myself into liking the Okoro pick a lot. In a draft that's weak it seemed like a strong move to pick a high floor guy to fill a pretty huge need on this team.
  7. I thought it was just a failure to execute, I figured he was aware it had to go that far, but panicking, picking up the ball, probably not having ideal grip on it, and just missing getting enough distance on it.
  8. Landry spike just so dumb, I feel like he's done that before.
  9. Him and Garrett always seem like the most freaky guys on the field whenever they're out there. Watching Garrett chase Watson out of bounds was incredible.
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