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  1. I'm trying to think of a comparison for the Browns in the NBA and I'm leaning towards the Milwaukee Bucks. 70s Bucks were like the 60s Browns. 1 championship, made the playoffs perennially. 80s Browns and Bucks both perennial playoff teams that came up short. 90-2000s Bucks were like the 2000s-2010 Browns. Flat out suck. Now both teams are pretty good. The Bucks have Oscar Robertson and Kareem. The Browns have Jim Brown and a slew of Hall of famers from the 40s-60s.
  2. Matt Roth because he was just a big tough guy with no athleticism or moves. It was entertaining to watch him when he was on the Browns.
  3. I think it was apparent the FO had one plan and the coaching staff had another on a lot of fronts.
  4. I feel like swapping Kindred and Peppers that year was potentially a loss-lose where you get less out of both spots. Kindred had a solid year at SS in 2017.
  5. I'd assume it's because Jabrill had more athleticism to cover ground than Kindred and Kindred was more proven at SS at that time. If we played BBC there we would have played an absolute scrub (unless someone other than McCourty and Jamar Taylor was on the roster?) as our 3rd corner, who has to be on the field a lot. I don't think him playing angel was some terrible detriment to his development at SS. The instincts against the run were already there and showed as soon as he moved up. Im defending it because our defense was terrible and he was trying to maximize what we had.
  6. Keep eating young man it's not too late.
  7. In Greggggg's defense I believe every safety we had on that roster was a box safety (outside Kai Nacua lmao) and he put him 15 yards away because he didn't have faith in him breaking correctly in deep coverage without an extra 5 yards of cushion. Which was understandable since Jabrill took terrible angles his whole rookie year. The FO was so focused on accumulating young talent and draft capital we failed to construct a congruent roster until Dorsey used all that capital in 2018. Hue and Gregggg were bad and got their chance next season, but the 2017 Browns would have been a nightma
  8. I would no hesitation take a guy like Travis Benjamin in R3 with our WR room. A guy who can get huge separation in single coverage can negate not having strong hands as long as they don't flat out drop the ball. Plus the end arounds and fake end arounds we can run with him on the field. Only downside I see to this pick is how many snaps he could realistically see when we are bringing back 4 WRs and 3 TEs who contributed last season. I still like the pick more than most national pundits seem to, even if he doesn't do much until year 2 or he eats off Higgins and DPJ's plate. However, I
  9. And hopefully help stop that underneath bs that Lamar kills is with too. We've dying for players that can cover TE's and short routes.
  10. They aren't half the team lol But I'm just spitballing, I didn't realize Chubb is already 26.
  11. Yeah honestly until Chubb gets hit with injuries or he loses the gamebreaking speed he has I don't see why we wouldnt sign him for 3 more years and get Landry/OBJ off the books. This year will probably determine if that's the route we should take. They say RBs are a dime a dozen but I felt like our offense lost more with Chubb out than it did with Odell, and that's with Kareem Hunt as a backup.
  12. Know nothing about him but makes a lot of sense on paper.
  13. I just got out of work and found out Congrats bruce 😂
  14. We lost 2 corners so we needed 2 corners is the only thing I'm really saying. I'm not really comparing how good they are lol. Even if Mitchell was average at best he was still available and sometimes our best corner on the field. Troy Hill is going to be what we tried to get out of Kevin Johnson but a lot better.
  15. Yes a slot corner. We definitely needed another guy to fill the Mitchell void when you play 3 CBs at a time so often.
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