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  1. I think 3. It doesn't seem like his heart was in being traded it was coming from a more rational place given his contract. It's not as rational now given #3.
  2. It doesn't help he's such a sideshow even when he's not trying to be. To the media when things were going bad it's because we couldn't get the ball to OBJ. When we won they questioned why we didn't get the ball to OBJ more. And we threw it to him 130 times and often not high quality targets. I wouldn't say it would be addition by subtraction at all, but it's often frustrating having him on your team and I often wonder how different things really would have been if it were just Perriman out there instead.
  3. David Njoku couldn't even make it at UPS gtfo We got players buying so much into their "potential" that they've never achieved. I love the Stefanski hire but it does make me wish we had a Mangini to throw these clowns out for 11 special teams only guys. I'll take 5-11 for the culture.
  4. Njoku pressed because he doesn't think he can beat Stephen Carlson out for his job lmaaaaoooo Good riddance bum
  5. I'd respect his game if he wasn't completely overhyped for 4 seasons, and if he hadn't bought into the hype so much. He thinks he's better than Barkley when he's closer to TT.
  6. Probably first thing Saturday the boys hit the Topgolf near Bridgeville and take full advantage of the 6 for $6 Miller Lite specials. Get a light buzz and a few rounds in there before driving to the Southside and hitting up Carson Street. I'm assuming college football will be going on so I'd say a good plan would be to just have the team take over the roof bar of the Carson City Saloon and watch some ball. Probably could use security to make a choke point at the staircase so that no normies and only hot babes can get up there. Depending on how enthralling the Saturday night game is, the Browns have a couple of clubs to bounce to around 9 or 10 oclock. Personally I'd go to Skybar because typically the women are extremely inebriated and you might even luck into walking into a bachelorette party on the roof. Around midnight everybody is going to have to give themselves an honest assessment if they think they're going to pull tonight. For those whose chances are slim, and self hatred is high, I would catch an uber or drive just a bit north to Club Erotica in McKees Rocks. They go full nudie in PA. Browns shouldn't be TOO worried, but you don't want to take the Steelers too lightly. If I were Stefanski I'd make sure the men are at the stadium at least 15 minutes early (12:45 pm) on Sunday. First 5 offensive plays I'd just hand the ball off to Chubb, then (presumably being up 35-0) I'd really open up the playbook and hit them with our play action. If we aren't up by 50 by the start of the 2nd half we will have no choice but sub Baker out at QB and put OBJ there. Surely Baker will be upset, but it's the only way we don't lose the locker room. 4th quarter we sub Bitonio, Conklin, Wills and the other linemen in at RB since we promised a lot of their parents we'd let them touch the ball one time this season. We should win by 60-80 points and be napping down the turnpike by 6 oclock.
  7. Not much to do in Cincy, probably close the bars down Saturday night and hit the after party in Odell's hotel room. OBJ will probably gonna fly in some IG models. Probably start doing the good stuff and be peaking 4am. Hit IHOP at 7am, get to the stadium around 9 and catch a couple z's in the locker room. Wipe the field of those chumps and walk out with a 42-10 victory.
  8. I'll leave the character issues aside. I feel like when things are going well it's a non-issue and when the team plays bad it becomes a problem. He hates losing and it gets the best of him. I think the play calling is going to be huge for him because, as is, he's a somewhat limited QB. Not with his arm strength or accuracy, but he's a lot less effective when he has to make multiple reads. Where he excels is just uncorking it to the first option, as long as the first is just barely open. I don't trust him processing coverages and finding 2nd, 3rd, 4th reads (and it might be a height thing honestly, or just hasn't had time to learn plays in detail). If the defense takes away the first and second read he holds onto the ball forever, rolls out right, throws off balance, and gets sacked. To me it's why he's so much better when the defense gets drawn in by the run, or they can't set up because of tempo. If the defense hesitates for a split second he can fit the ball in there, if they have an idea of where he wants to go pre-snap he struggles. Also on a more basic level I don't trust him making 25+ passes a game. He's a gunslinger.
  9. It should at least be refreshing to see is run the heck out of the ball and use some play action from under center. Even if we drop some games for not being too aggressive (and it'll get old probably) we won't have to watch Baker taking 5 step drops while and get tee'd off on.
  10. A guy I was a teammate with in high school before I quit football played at Toledo with Kareem Hunt and is in the hotel video lol. That's the best I got. Also he's a really good guy.
  11. And like they would draft him if they didn't.
  12. I give it an A- because I think 3 (probably the first 3 we picked) of those guys could pan out long term and Wills has all pro ability. Phillips can at least play special teams. I'm not far enough removed from Seth Devalve to get too excited about Harrison Bryant. Center from Washington I think will be a good backup in the NFL which is good value in the fifth. DPJ is terrible but he's physically gifted terrible so in the 6th round it's not too bad.
  13. Straight up garbage lmao but it's the 6th round so not bad to take a flyer on him
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