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  1. Free Agency Discussion

    It would surprise me none whatsoever if Chad Thomas was cut from our team in training camp and was out of the NFL in 2 years.
  2. Free Agency Discussion

    We do watch football, he's just trash. If no plays outside of sacks matter to you then yeah maybe you'd be fooled into thinking he's a decent player, on a consistent basis he's terrible though. He had a nice game against terrible Miami and if you watch him any game outside of that you'll see somebody who is not that athletic, not that good against the run, and sometimes barely looks like he's trying. He'd be better off putting on 35 lbs of blubber and trying to find 3-4 defense he can be irrelevant in.
  3. Free Agency Discussion

    Agree with this Dude's absolute ceiling is low character Frostee Rucker lmao
  4. Free Agency Discussion

    You wouldn't get as much value from him in a trade as you would just running him back out there and hoping he doesn't keep getting tagged with injuries. It's like the same thing as Odell. Who cares that he's way overpaid when he's off the books next year. We aren't going to need that cash now. He tried gutting through an injury last year and went down again. I'm not questioning his heart, he plays hard when he's out there.
  5. Patriots sign QB Brian Hoyer

    Granted I didn't see his career after Cleveland, I'd say you're mistaken and that Hoyer is significantly better than Kessler. They are both noodle arms, but Kessler never seemed like he threw the ball more than 10 yards down field out of fear. He'd throw short of the sticks to guys the defense intentionally left open and had no chance to get the first down routinely. He's the kind of guy that you have no chance of winning a game with, in the opposite way that the phrase is usually used.
  6. BoB: Is he the worst GM ever?

    Our GM Sashi Brown "failed" to fax it (but likely sabotaged it on purpose).
  7. BoB: Is he the worst GM ever?

    He also tried to trade a 2nd and 3rd for AJ McCarron
  8. Free Agency Discussion

    What would his fit be here? Has he ever been a stand-up LB in a 4-3, or come off the left end?
  9. Free Agency Discussion

    This is true and really sucks. I know a bunch of people in my predicament who are feeling slight symptoms, but don't know if it's just paranoia/something else/or are carrying this bad boy around. Trying my best to avoid people, but calling off work could cause mayhem for nothing.
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    Pat Shurmur and the west coast FB strikes again
  11. Yeah that doesn't surprise me at all. Our run defense was horrendous and he was kind of at the center of that. Does everything else you want from a MLB really well though. Good athlete, good in coverage, very smart player, creates turnovers and he was by all accounts the general on the field for our defense. I think he'd be great if you have man-eaters on the interior line, but without that you'll probably notice him getting run over a lot by backs and blockers.
  12. Browns Sign Conklin

    It's not what Baker did in college but it's what he's been best at his first two seasons as a Brown.
  13. Texans sign S Eric Murray (3 years)

    The best thing I can say about Eric Murray is that he played.
  14. Free Agency Discussion

    It would be wild if Randall gets paid less than Eric Murray
  15. Free Agency Discussion

    Definitely not saying we should have matched that. Is Redwine our only safety under contract right now?