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  1. I'd like our chances if we man blitzed all day but Chase and Higgins could Moss our CBs no matter how well we cover them.
  2. This is too obviously bitter for NFL Gen, but watching how the refs are treating Burrow compared to how they treated Kyler in our game against them is blood boiling. Different rules for different QBs? Different rules for different referees? Different rules for different defenses? What is it?
  3. He did for most the game then at the end it felt like he was pressing way too hard. We were on the verge of blowing a 9 point lead before that timeout around the 5 minute mark, Rubio comes in and takes over. He's making strides, and even if it was because of his fouls, it felt like Rubio running the show at the end secured us a win we normally lose. That's not taking away to how well he ran the offense most the game, but it felt like he was about to go helter skelter by the end.
  4. We won this game because JB sat Sexton down for Rubio down the stretch. I was a big Sexton advocate but my goodness when he's' not scoring like crazy he doesn't seem to know how to run the offense and win the game when it's in the bag. A lot to be encouraged by, especially Mobley and Rubio, but that stuck out to me. And Love too, he looks engaged.
  5. We have so many playmakers on offense and a good line, Keenum will frustrate us with his inability to throw deep but can keep the ball moving. Our defense has to stop giving up 35 points every other game.
  6. Kinda just put together a gamplan that made sense for this game.
  7. it blows my mind he couldn't source a cadre of professionals to get what he wanted out of that, but whatever, sounds messed up.
  8. Well I hope there's a happy ending to this ordeal because I'd take him on the Browns.
  9. Shoot I'd just trade for DeShaun Watson, the price can't be that high. Also I've done 0 research on his situation lmao
  10. I don't see anything wrong with making fun of a bad gameplan
  11. I got to give credit to Stefanski, he knew going down 20 would open up the run game
  12. I forgot about Tretter. I feel like the best way for the refs to cover their *** is just to err on the side of not calling penalties.
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