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  1. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    How do/would any of you even know if Joe Douglas is qualified? Lol.
  2. #JetsNewUnis

    $350 looooool
  3. Lee traded to K.C

    Gase said decision to trade Lee was made before he was hired. Wonder if it's the off the field stuff that worried the Jets and they just wanted to move on.
  4. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    The Heimerdinger part is really interesting. Either they viewed those two as a tandem or possibly this "power struggle" was a Heimerdinger move that CJ didn't appreciate so he fired them both ala the Browns last year firing both Hue and Haley. Those are my best theories but who knows. Also hard to ignore the obvious that it's just possible Gase is super power hungry/stubborn and was able to argue his way into getting what he wants. Whole thing is weird and a mess.
  5. Jets select TE Trevon Wesco in round 4

    Every podcast I listen to draft guys love this pick.
  6. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    What leads you to believe he can't do it in the pros?
  7. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Love Hakeem Butler. I didn't consider WR as a position we'd draft but I'd be so pumped if we took Butler.
  8. Jets select EDGE Jachai Polite in round 3, 68th overall

    And I said that before the draft so it's not like I'm just trying to be positive. I'm a huge Polite fan.
  9. Jets select EDGE Jachai Polite in round 3, 68th overall

    I Loooovvveeeee it. Nobody will agree but he's a 1st round value to me.
  10. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Could be making a move for a CB as well. All the CB talent still available.
  11. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I'd be a sucker for AJ Brown or Hakeem Butler if they fell. There's still a few quality offensive linemen left and I'm a bug fan of Jachai Polite. Those would be my targets. Some of the CBs that fell out of the first as well. I hear there's depth at the TE position for later rounds as well. Wouldn't mind that.
  12. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    For whatever it's worth Manish is disputing this rift hard. And do you all really trust Pauline?
  13. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

  14. It's a good player what else can you ask for? Yeah I kinda wanted a trade down too but judging by the way no trades happened in the top 9 picks, the market clearly wasn't there.
  15. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    You guys are weird. Keep being yourselves it is entertaining.