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  1. I get the arguments about pick value and the percentage chances of hitting in the draft and all that. It's all technically correct. But these front office guys are paid to scout, interview prospects, and figure out who's best for their team. From a numbers and percentages standpoint absolutely the Jets were better off keeping the pick and then taking Wyatt Davis in the 3rd round, but in doing their job they determined they AVT had the best possibility of being the right pick for them. Maybe they didn't think Wyatt Davis had the right personality to success in the NFL? I don't think y
  2. Anyone find any quality videos on this guy? I can't find much at all.
  3. Think the team actions and the current lawsuit landscape all points to this being ruled out as an option for now. If we keep Sam this will resurface at some point but if we draft a QB at #2 we can move on from Watson dreams altogether.
  4. Here he is blowing up Elflein lol.
  5. I like the player and l'll never turn down DL depth tbh, especially when it's a guy that rushes the passer. Not someone I expected to be on our radar though. He's been injured the last couple of seasons so who knows how he'll look. Wonder if this was a pivot after missing on some other big contacts.
  6. I did some research on Steven Nelson. While Pittsburgh did switch their scheme to more man coverage in 2019 when Nelson emerged, in 2020 they still played quote a bit of zone coverages, including some cover 3 looks. Nelson played pretty well when they did, too. I still think he's our best target at this point if released, or if we could get him for a late round pick. He's comfortable on the defensive right side of the ball so he'd probably play there and Bryce Hall would play on the opposite side, assuming he wins whatever CB competition there is. If we can get him and K'waun Wi
  7. Lol, yeah I include the extra h in username for fun. Just a username I've used since I was a kid when sandwich was already taken somewhere.
  8. Thuney is still the only miss in my eyes. Davis and Lawson were honestly my 2 favorite free agents after Thuney, and I had Keelan Cole on my targets list for depth. Golladay I didn't think was a great fit for the Jets, and Juju became kinda unnecessary after the Davis signing. So, guess I'm lucky in that regard that they targeted the players I wanted.
  9. Doesn't work, at least not on my phone.
  10. I was trying to edit and I guess I quoted lol. I have no idea how to delete the duplicate or even edit to remove the quote and write duplicate post. I still don't know how to use this new FF forum.
  11. I think Poole might be their backup plan to K'waun Williams. But we still need an outside guy.
  12. Purely speculation on my part about Fuller. I just see his market being pretty active and Douglas clearly does not like to enter bidding wars. I can see Jackson taking a one year prove it deal at about 5-7 mill which we know Douglas loves to do. If he ends of not being a fine it's not big loss, but he's talented enough to take a chance on fitting him into the scheme. Same thing with Nelson, reading for him would be a 1 year deal at 8 mil
  13. Steven Nelson available! That would be my target. Either a late round pick sent to Steelers it wait for him to be released.
  14. I could get behind signing Adoree. I think Fuller going to end up pricing himself out for the Jets.
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