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  1. Content: https://www.49ers.com/news/finance-to-football-robert-saleh-s-story-of-pursuing-his-passion
  2. I felt pretty good about the Bowles hire overall. I felt really really bad with the Gase hire and tried to talk myself into it. I feel very very good about this hire and am trying to talk myself down a bit.
  3. Love this this was my immediate and first criticism of Gase as soon as he was hired and assembled a staff.
  4. No we are not. I'm also very very curious what Arthur Smith said in his interviews. From the podcasts I listen and articles I read on him, he always took a job and did the exact responsibilities of that job. Maybe he understands that as a HC his priority would not be to call the offense. We're still not really sure where this idea that he said he'd just worry about the offense and hire a DC-HC came from, and to be honest I don't believs it's real. It doesn't sound like his personality and it doesn't make sense that he'd even have a second interview with the Jets if that were true, given w
  5. I understand what you're saying and I'm not dismissing it, I'm just trying to counter that worry by saying if he's truly a good coach he'll see that and change up his structure to accommodate the type of talent that IS more available. This starts with him being an actual head coach and not just a DC with a head coach title.
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/49ers/news/how-the-49ers-defense-will-change-in-2020 Quick little article about how Saleh changed up from the Seahawks model after the first couple years, both to fit personnel and advance the defense in changing NFL. Particularly like how hires were made of coaches with different schematic tendencies.
  7. Not him mentioning it that I'm concerned about, justbroadcast teams. Also I was mostly kidding because it's already been mentioned so many times in the last couple days ha. Still a fan of his.
  8. From what 49ers fans say, Saleh's defense wasn't necessarily exactly like the Caroll cover 3 especially the last couple of years. Also looking at their team it does not appear that their players really look like what you'd expect from that model outside of Sherman. I get that fear to am extent but a good coach picks good players and coaches em up, and that's what Saleh did in SF.
  9. Ok I've changed mind I don't want Arthur Smith just because I don't wanna hear every Sunday that his dad owns FedEx ala "Fitzpatrick went to Harvard" or "Tannehil was a WR"
  10. I wonder if these teams came to some kinda of agreement, spoken or unspoken, to kinda let the process play out more than it has in the past. Maybe even the coaches. Just seems like a lot of "top choices" are still floating around taking interviews.
  11. I also didn't like that quote but I also wonder exactly what he said about it. Gase straight up ignored the entire defensive side of the ball, but I think most candidates will definitely be favoring one side of the ball over the other. Just kinda the nature of the leshue
  12. Damn I might be the only one on this board that likes Arthur Smith.
  13. This is all info from the play like a jet podcast haha. I know earlier in the year I was very high on Arthur Smith. Dude uses play-action and pre snap motion so effectively. Also Henry started playing much better after Smith took over because he made some great adjustments to accomodate his running style. I get that a criticism is to say he used Henry as a crutch, but it's also possible he just understands how to play to his players strengths which has been a BIG issue we've all had with Gase.
  14. What are overall thoughts on Arthur Smith here, and why?
  15. I'll say this at least: I like a lot of these candidates. I still have hope for Saleh but I won't necessarily be upset it we still get a good one. Staley, Smith, Eberflus, Bienemy are all very intriguing options. Daboll and Brady not my favorite options, and Pederson a decent fallback. Would prefer to stay away from Marvin Lewis. Wonder if Glenn even has a shot.
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