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  1. Plus the new millionaire tax they're putting on people. An athlete might make millions for a few years only. They are not like upper class business people that will be making millions for the rest of their lives.
  2. I really think we upgraded the team a lot over last year. The Raiders made big pickups at the weakest positions DE, RT and FS. The Raiders are gonna rotate the D-lineman to keep everybody fresh which is gonna be a huge step up from last year. I always thought the reason the Raiders faded at the end of the year the last 2 seasons was because we didn't have the depth and we over used a lot of players
  3. How is the O-line worse?? 2 of the 3 linemen didn't play a lot last year ( Brown didn't play a lot for the last 2 years) and Incognito is back which is a huge upgrade over last year.
  4. He hurt his shoulder in preseason and got it operation on after this season
  5. Every single aspect of the Raiders team is as good if not better than last year. Waller and Carr are going to have a huge year. They are going to be the #1 combo receiver and QB in the NFL. Drake is going to help both the passing and running game. The WRs are unproven but the most talented ones we had in a long time. The defense has better coaching and more talent then last year. Yannick and Morning should big upgrades at the weakest parts of the defense. Special teams are gonna be sick because of all the safety-LBs the Raiders have.
  6. That's such a risky pick because he has epilepsy. This is new territory.
  7. Where have you been ? Nice to see you back
  8. Miller would leave the team the 1st chance he got
  9. The 1st round was filled with questionable picks.
  10. You're kidding yourself if you don't think they run background checks and psychological profiles on every single player that they are interested in .
  11. It wasn't an Achilles injury he had a loose bone chip that was removed.
  12. He had that injury for 3 years at college It just got to the point where he couldn't play anymore.
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