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  1. Watch the Raiders come out and start moving the pocket. It would be a shock to everyone in this forum.
  2. I have a different feeling about the Raiders this year than in seasons past. I'm looking forward to seeing players develop as the season goes on. That's a huge difference then years passed where I was hoping and praying that players will live up to there talent level.
  3. I got the feeling that some of the secondary guys sucks so bad that he was trying to play multiple positions at once.
  4. A QB in my opinion must be able to throw from the pocket call his own plays and control the offense.
  5. What is your criteria for a good QB? Is it throwing, running or just winning games?
  6. I just love that the Raiders need players and are actually going out and getting them. They're behaving like a real franchise.
  7. They also cut Perryman so I'm going with I'll wait and see.
  8. No Denver has a great defense and Von Miller is still real good but not what he was.
  9. He's done, injuries have robbed him of his super athleticism.
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