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  1. It's the big free agents who got big contracts and aren't living up to it.
  2. Again with Clowney? He has never did anything in the NFL.
  3. The Raiders are 6-4 with 5 different players playing RT if that in itself doesn't prove Mayock has up graded the whole team then nothing will convince you.
  4. Did they fake the operation as well?
  5. If you only look at the box score is seems Ruggs is not doing well but you have to take in consideration he is opening up the offense for everybody else and he had 3 TDs call back for not getting both feet down in the end zone.
  6. I don't know KC playes @ TB, @ MIA and @NO. It very hot for a Midwest team in the south.
  7. If we win this game we probably will win the AFC west
  8. This game is all about how good the Raiders are at running the ball. If KC has to bring a safety into the box its over the Raiders will go deep.
  9. I don't think scheme is that important to an LB who's 1 on 1 with a TE or all those missed tackles.
  10. The rumor is he's avoiding contact after signing his big contract.
  11. Even if he doesn't get sacks he's closing speed is incredible for a DT. That alone will help will mobile QBs.
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