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  1. Just read an article at Indy could come looking to trade for MM, so here is the trade MM for Deforest Buckner.
  2. I think Thomas Farrell are gonna play DTs in the NASCAR package.
  3. Yeah he's not a great past rusher but he's really good at stopping the run.
  4. Also if you look back they didn't get beat 1 on 1, most of the big plays were blown coverages from having a defense to complex.
  5. I don't know about that if we trade for Xavier Rhodes this defense is looking at lot better.
  6. The Bears probably have more talent on defense than any other team in the NFL and this is what they get? Plus I really think Justin Fields is gonna be a below average QB.
  7. How's Mack doing in Chicago without a QB?
  8. We'll see how good Kamara does this year,with out a QB.
  9. I really doubt they pay rent so I'm not sure if they're considered guest or tenants.
  10. This is why $53 million in cap space in 2022 and $156 million in 2023 If the O- line is sound this year which it should be we can spend all this money on everything else.
  11. What kind of #1 WR can't beat a double team? He kills it 4 games of year when he is single covered when he doubled he gets 30 yd a game. He's been doing it his whole career with the Raiders and with Dallas.
  12. In my opinion the late season slide is because the Raiders have 0 depth on this team. As the season goes on and the staters get banged up there's no one to step up without a huge drop off. Hell the starters can't even catch their breath on the sideline without our defense getting killed.
  13. A lot of who's the greatest is just dumb luck. Marino never had a defense. John Elway never had a running game until later in is career. Jim Kelly never could win the super bowl.
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