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  1. Around The League V.2

    My bad, you’re right
  2. Around The League V.2

    Baltimore offered him one who said no.
  3. Around The League V.2

    It was never physical with him it was the mental aspect he can’t read a defense. Do people forget that the 49ers had to cut the field in half for him and give him one read. He was benched before he ever kneeled.
  4. Random Raider Stuff

    Does anybody know if Abram can come back from IR?
  5. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    People need to know the difference between changing OCs and keeping the same system and getting a new OC with an entirely different system and terminology.
  6. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Brady won most of the Super Bowls with an elite defense and dominant running game.
  7. Random Raider Stuff

    Hopefully over the next two weeks we can pull a New England and rest players and work on offense and defense schemes
  8. Cle went from draft bust the AFC defense of player of the week.
  9. The last two weeks built a tremendous amount of confidence for this young team .
  10. Revisiting the Mack Trade

    Looks like the Raiders won this trade in a landslide. Just Jacobs for Mack looks like a win for us.
  11. Jacobs is on path to break the rookie rushing attempts season record at over 300 that’s too much for him right now
  12. If the raiders make the playoffs they should name the coach of the year award after Gruden.
  13. These are the worst refs I have ever seen
  14. Are you watching the game the running nickel all game to stop the pass.
  15. According to you everybody’s overpaid and sucks on the Raiders.