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  1. I don't know how did Matt Ryan get 450 against the same defense? Maybe Seattle's past defense sucks. I mean they only gave up over 800 yd in 2 weeks.
  2. Plus the Raiders have a lot of young players with limited playing time. They should get better as the season moves along.
  3. Whatever it's my fault for posting the truth.
  4. What about the Miami game? What that doesn't count? Seattle's defense gave up 450 passing yd and 2 TDS to Atlanta so i guess Cam didn't do that great.
  5. If you're so smart tell me when did Cam finish in the top 10 as a QB? Lamar is just started really reading defense this year. If you don't believe me just turn on the TV. Everyone is talking about how he's taking his game to the the next level.
  6. Who cares about last year right now we're ranked 7th
  7. You're right the offense is to his strength and he has showed he can win with that offense but he is an unorthodox QB, passing will never be a strong suit.
  8. there's a difference between scheming a player open on a 1 read pass play and reading the defense and throwing the ball.
  9. The Raiders pass rush sucks but the run defense is really good. They just keeped 2 of the top RBs to under 100 yards rushing. Cam can't throw so just crowd the line and let Cam try to beat you through the air.
  10. How many times did you think the raiders are gonna win this year???
  11. The Good my prediction that the Raiders will win the AFC West
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