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  1. I was wondering if the referees gonna be super pro Raiders after the whole trying to kill Renfrew after the whistle thing. The NFL had to of said something to the refs.
  2. Why not ?? He did last week with the same O-Line.
  3. And that's why I said Carr has to get the WRs in the game early.
  4. I don't wanna argue with you but every time the Bills need an important play it goes to Diggs. Where the Raiders use Renfro for 3rd downs, Waller to move the chains and Rugs for a deep threat. You can't argue that Carr doesn't spread to ball around
  5. The Bills are not the Raiders. The Raiders have 4-5 good options on a pass play. The Bills basically have one. Carr is also known to spread the ball around, he just has to do it early in the game.
  6. In my opinion the biggest key to victory is if Carr can get the WRS in the game early.
  7. Also Big Ben is going to be a statue in the pocket
  8. Hopefully the Raiders will throw a lot of swing passes
  9. Watts is great but he's Miller's type of player( speed rusher) Miller is super athletic he has issues with the stronger bigger type of DEs not speed rushers
  10. Carr is a legit deep threat QB. I have to admit I was scared that he's just gonna check down the whole game but he came through. The Raiders just put 500 yd on the Ravens
  11. Whatever is happens in this game, Jackson is taking a lot of hits
  12. Really no team ever decided to take Cooper out of the Raiders game plan
  13. No one in the NFL has more heart than Renfrow
  14. 10 answered points after a rocky start but okay haters
  15. No you don't, Back handed compliments don't count
  16. The hatred from some of your so called Raiders fans is amazing
  17. WTF The TV commentary guys are talking about the holds on Waller
  18. Rust It'll kick in the plays were the right call at the line
  19. Ok Ferrel was drafted to high but no one thought he wouldn't be playing.
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