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  1. Mack is what Kendricks was supposed to be for us. A missle blitzer and good cover. His speed is noticeably faster than kirk and scho. He and Higgins have it made. Just as Hig will be wide open due to the talent around him Mack is free roamin because of the talent up front and has the talent to make big plays. Finally paired with a good offense, the defense will be fresh enough to elevate this team a notch above.
  2. Pick 1 to Underwhelm

    Those 4 all pretty sure talent wise. No one expecting great numbers from Chubb doesnt mean he's playing bad though. Ward has to stay healthy. Myles may not have great numbers if double and triple teamed but that helps the team. Obj is going to depending on Baker. I still see Baker spreading the ball around to everyone. Then when we face a team like the Ravens he'll lean on obj. May not have great numbers though. Outside of Ravens and Rams our other wrs should be able to take advantage of extra coverage rolled to obj. Outside of those guys there is enough depth on the roster to nullify disappointing play by one of the new guys.
  3. TE-David Njoku... The Sky's the Limit

    Could be a TD machine. I'd still like to see him outside with jarv in the slot. Could easily get 10tds or more if they feed him.
  4. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I'm with 5737. Almost want him to sign there for the extra fuel. Too many undrafted faces here now. Joinig the team now is like hopping on for a free ride. Could have kept the team as is, had a 1st and just picked up right where we left off. Who knows if these fa's will bring the same hunger the team showed last year.
  5. Pick 1 to Breakout

    I think akron is on point. Pass heavy 5k can be done but we should run a good bit. Range of 3600 to 4200.
  6. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    While i believe in them youth and lack of experience will make reaching the playoffs the goal. Showed consistency and ability to finish games as progress but still were no match for kc chargers and hou. If we can keep it tight vs rams and ne I might hope for more.
  7. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Don't count out pitt hou or ind as well. Too many unknowns for anyone to get their hopes too high or low. So my sb piks r ne pitt hous ind or la. On the fence bout kc
  8. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    It would a big upset for the Charg to win the sb considering playoff tendencies. Which is a shame because from a drafting standpoint they serve as the role model of building a team. Reality is though that qb is the most important. Draft that and you can just buy the rest of your team. All chiefs need are mahomes and Reid from this point.
  9. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Chargers on paper. KC on gameday
  10. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    I love Chris jones and respect clark but Bosa is too good and ingram is real as well. Nwosu might surprise. Getting Derwin where they did was robbery. King a steal. Mike williams? Melvin gordon? Lamp back from injury. Yet still Rivers has always been the final decider of fate and will be again. A lock for the playoffs but if he cant get to the SB with this years team idk if he ever will.
  11. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    I could see 5-11...but we're talking about a 2-14 or 3-13 type of season here bud. Barring injury not going to happen. Something I could see happening is Browns winless going into the bye. More likely though is a young, hungry team continuing to progress in hopes of beating a team like the Rams.
  12. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    Nice to see Okwara with production. Haven't followed him but thought he had potential coming out. Like Jarrad but jury is out it seems. Flowers also liked at Ark and Pats were a great fit. Dang lions could also positively surprise also.
  13. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    Et80 lions are a good one. Another weak pass rush. Patricia had that rough time at first. Texans and falcons hard to see it unless the qbs go down. Broncos i kind of put with the jags and bills. Offense could tank but defense remains stout outside of maybe a bad streak.
  14. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    Not considering potential injuries... I want to believe it's not the Dolphins... That Rosen will have a fire lit. That he finally helps Parker achieve his potential. But with new coach, OL underwhelming, and no pass rushers... Good youth though. Howard obviously but Tunsil, Fitzpatrick, Raekwon, Wilkins, Rosen just getting started with their potential. That youth also gives you a rebuild window of a few years. Pass rushers and QBs might be a 2021 target. A team like the Cards need Murray to succeed quickly because the best players on the team are in their prime now. Giants and Bucs might take the spot if the QBs continue on the downslope or injuries to a key player. Barkley/Engram and Evans/Howard however should keep them in it though. Could possibly include Raiders. Other than that it seems teams have too much talent on one side of the ball to be all that bad even if they sustain key injuries to positions other than QB. I'm hoping for relative success for all teams however. Would love to see some rookies surprise with their play Darius Leonard style.
  15. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Can't say it would just be average without Hill, but maybe a lot like the Eagles when it was Ago and Mathews as the top guys outside of Ertz. The only player in the league that requires more game planning for would be AB.