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  1. Corbett traded to Rams

    Yeah i dont really care either. Chubb shouldve been that pick anyway in a redraft. Heck you can go ahead and get Trent Williams in here, but Bake is still going to have to make sure he is on the same page with his guys. Almost there though.
  2. Freddie ain’t Ready

    Understandable to continue to put pressure on Kitch and the team. Improvement has been there though. They didn't fold and mail it in against the Hawks, but they still couldn't overcome their bad habits in the end. Incredibly frustrating, but as long as they stick together the growth will be there.
  3. Vernon typically takes the inside bc Myles always gets the edge. QB steps up he is there to make the play. It'd be nice to get more creative but it keeps the QB from being able to escape
  4. Whats up with Baker

    What works against him too is that he is not mobile. A lot of these other QBs having at least some success (Allen, Jones, Murray) have the threat of their legs. Baker and Rosen not only do not have that, but their missing the Wentz/Darnold/Minshew factor of escaping tackles in the pocket. Baker has some ability but it's not something to be relied upon. All that being said, Mind, others, the Browns, and everyone else knows for Baker to succeed he is best when being decisive and throwing that 1st read. Same thing with Derek Carr. Came out, threw his first read and found success. Kind of fell off after that once they got Cooper. Now he seems to be doing fine again since he has to know where and who to throw the ball to because no one is going to be wide open on talent alone. It is a risky proposition but if you need to force the ball to OBJ to be decisive then do it. Throwing it in tight windows, downfield doubles, that's one way to gain confidence or in the least not be so critical of yourself making mistakes. Right now Landry is the only other dependable option. Do what you have to do.
  5. Gotta be honest, there is probably zero chance we stop Russ. No one can. Rbs will probably gash us too if we are so focused on him. Offense needs to step it up this game.
  6. Was it a mistake to trade Kevin Zeitler?

    With the roster structure having pro bowl ot's isn't an option financially. Unless of course you want to get rid of landry, obj, or have no cb's. Mayfield and Garrett will eventually command the cap we have free. One could get rid of the wr's seeing as we arent getting them the ball. On the flip side if we get rid of the long developing plays having great passblockers isnt as much a necessity.
  7. Was it a mistake to trade Kevin Zeitler?

    Erving basically lost the Chiefs the game. Got Mahomes injured and brought the whole offense down with his play. I don't believe any of our players are as bad as Erving. The difference between last season is the scheme. It was my concern with picking up OBJ. Both the QB and coaches focus on finding ways to get him the ball instead of finding ways to dissect the defense and win the game. As a result we have long developing plays and a QB holding on to the ball. Find the weaknesses of the defense, scheme other guys open, get in a rhythm.
  8. The mistakes are obvious, it is what it is. The positives: Penalties were not a big problem. Despite coming out flat and the 9ers making some big plays we did respond but did not capitalize in the red zone trips. Another case of beating ourselves. Inexperience showed and it's something to learn from. Its been said expect ups and downs. Its frustrating that the downs are this lopsided but that's the way it is with new coaches and players on both sides of the ball. Team is just as impatient as we are and will be driving for consistency. Especially with these teams running their mouths after the fact. They should be running them beforehand if they really think Baker sucks, but we all saw how that worked out for Rex Ryan.
  9. Laying this one on coaching....again. Couldnt watch first half but sure looks like a half thought through gameplan. Vanilla route designs. Baker is not a big qb, he is a Brees type even if he thinks he is Favre. So don't even try the deep crap unless it's been set up because he's going to get rattled easily and can't see. Bake needs a rb we can lean on in the pass game aka Hunt. Since Kitchens basically took this game off hopefully he brings it against either sea or ne. Win one of those and the enthusiasm well be right back where it was.
  10. NFL called it in during the game. Prob just trying take take Landry out so we wouldn't win as easily. Then Chubb busted a big one anyway.
  11. Lol. Landry, Callaway, and Higgins?! I feel a little too excited.
  12. I think this one does come down to to's, penalties, and coaching. I think our DL matches really well for ogunjobi and richardson to crash the outside runs but theirs does too against Baker. Kittle could be a headache but the db play has been impressive. Breida is impressive. But JG can be rattled, and if we are able to get pressure with only four we'll have a good chance at a to or two. One area we need to succeed is callaway or whoever against verrett. If we can get them to send help his way OBJ can be schemed open out of slot or take some risks 1 v 1 sherman. Chubb would benefit as well. Above poster brought up a good point about dl height. So i think we focus on runs intermediate play action and screens. Chubb's big game should make our p.a. more effective. Higgins could feast in the middle of the field if he is back. They have good rushers but they dont get their quick unless they blitz. And if they blitz I'm feeling confident our rbs will pick up the lbs well like last week and baker will hit receivers in the middle field.
  13. Marlon Humphrey is a fraud

    OBJ did good job of getting Humphrey to bite. IMO he went down on purpose then was like scooting back with his foot to make it all look worse. Play before is where he set him up. Humphrey and Ravens knows he can't guard him, that's why he was being held and doubled all game. Might as well try to force a penalty if you know the ball won't be coming your way.
  14. Is Nick Chubb the next Lebron James???

    Hilliard is solid as well. He and Chubb had some key blitz pickups leading to big plays for Bake.
  15. You know one thing that surprised me was that the te's weren't used much against us. With how far off we were of brown no or few screens to him. I think this is a game Ravens should and will just forget. However you see some 2nd half tendencies continuing from kc to this game. Thomas, Smith, Humphrey n Carr and then an explosive offense with threats at every position. That's a championship roster. The deciding factor will be if Lamar improves his play on critical downs in the 4th qtrs. Which he will with experience. I can't really say i hate teams anymore so i do kind of root for everyone in a way. After watching so much losing football my focus switched to the journeys of players, teams, and organizational growth and structures rather than the results of wins and losses. The Ravens and Steelers have been able to rinse and repeat the same type of success year after year. This game for the Browns was an affirmation that it wasn't all talk or just names on paper. They slipped the leash and just took off. They won't be looking at doubters for fuel anymore and that's a good thing.