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  1. Wade sounds to good to be true.
  2. I'm actually liking this hire more and more. Stefanski sounds a bit like john Harbaugh. Willing to listen to the people asking him. Willing to listen to the numbers and make mathematically based decisions. That's probably why you don't see him getting very emotional on the sidelines. Stef doesn't seem like the guy who will force his way after agreeing to do things according to the team vision. Which hey, if you have a bunch of really smart people working their tails off is not all about the head coach being a mastermind. Just follow the odds and try to do some things the opposing team ha
  3. Well. Seems like a better HC than OC. Knows how to stick around amidst changes. Hopefully he doesn't have to call plays and can focus his intelligence on maximizing the efficiency of team activities and how players are being used.
  4. Pretty good debate actually. I would put OBJ with AJ Green and hopkins. Guys just slightly below hof players like julio, ab, and looking like michael thomas. Same amount of physical talent, but the have that extra something that makes them unstoppable at all levels. Green and OBJ have never been wrs that feed on short stuff, and if you can limit them to that they get frustrated and have a minimal impact. Still they always be good for one big play a game. Then you can talk about a guy like Jordy nelson. Very talented but not quite obj or green level. Yet playing with arodge he m
  5. Question...is there any articles or rumours about stefanski being analytics oriented? Why is he depods guy?
  6. Don't think creativity is as important of we have the talent. Ravens run the same plays. As well as pit with ab and bell. Rams. Kitchens was too creative if anything. Use your best players and have a set of plays perfected. You watch the Vikings and they capitalized on Cook. That translated into an efficient and explosive pass game. Shouldve been the same with chubb leading the show.
  7. Wonder the impact on Baker this has. Has to have as much confidence as ever in himself to know he is a cornerstone. Mcdaniels or Mccarthy looking like a strong possibility. I'll miss Dorsey because he took a chance on talented players and had good connections within the league. Sheldon Rich and hunt great gets and usually fa's don't play hard for us. Yet i won't miss the vision for the roster. Dependent on myles. Too much money at wr. We will see what happens. Move obj to the 9rs where he belongs. Draft wr and ol in 1st and put it all in the past.
  8. Got shmoozed by Britt. Worst effort I've seen out of a fa signing and there's been plenty whocame to cle just to cash in.
  9. Crazy how quickly Rivera moved on. Only interviewed with one team. Out of the bunch id go with...NO IDEA
  10. This extensive search is unnerving. There's only a couple guys with hc experience and they should be the be the hire. Mccarth or mcd. May already be decided stefanski on a backtrack.
  11. Most of our coaches haven't been given the talent. Most of our gms hadnt had good coaches. Davis and mangini. Heckert, sashi, and dorsey. It seems in each case one or the other wanted complete power. It worked to an extent but never on a level for.sustained success.
  12. Well Mcdaniels would likely run an offense much better suited for Baker and Chubb. That's probably the most important factor for the next hire.
  13. Sometimes you have to figure things out on your own. He'll make more mistakes taking this approach but it shouldn't be the kabosh on his career. Maybe he progresses to a point where he feels good where he's at, but just wants to take that next step to be in the upper tier.
  14. There's so many things he could do right, but he always seems to make the worst choice at the worst times. Loved everything up to the 2 minute. Some quick hitches, sideline throws that both kept the defense guessing and looked like Baker was getting in a rhythm. Good shot to obj. Instead of sticking with calculated shots he pressed. Not only that but he goes hb pass at the worst time. Put it in Baker or Chubbs hands. Basically a shot to Baker's confidence as well as the morale of the defense and team. Baker was off after that and looked to do his own thing instead of trusting t
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