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  1. Indianapolis Colts aren't SB Contenders

    Interesting thread. While i have always expected Luck to ein a SB or couple of em imo the league is too balanced right now for anything other than the most experienced qbs to win. Brady brees and Rivers all have teams just as good. Ben will have pitt in it without the drama queens this season. Plenty of other teams just as talented as well.
  2. What’s the realistic aim this year?

    We potentially have the best QB, DE, WR, and CB in the league on one team and plenty of youth and depth behind them. Jobi may be one of the best DT's! Expectations?!?! There isn't as much pressure as compared to team that feels the need to perpetually win. We've been beaten down, we're more hungry than anyone else, and now all the sudden we've got all the fire power. Pray and spray!!!!!!! The prayers will work. Just as the heavy, bad vibes kept this team down, the positive, optimistic vibes I've been getting from people I interact with every day are going to lift this team to heights I could've only imagined standing in the Cavs championship parade watching Tristan swig whiskey and some burly guy eat horse ****. Listen, it's not going to be easy for us to beat teams. But for the first time it's not going to be easy for them to beat us either. Lay some bills on the Browns worst to first! Next 10 years is a Baker vs Mahomes debate...
  3. Nostalgia Browns

    Vickers cribbs hillis winslow were some of my faves. Jamir miller and dq on D. Haden will be forgotten one day but he joe and dawsob were all we had. Kaluka maiava and owen marecic. Sound lime mangini guys not sure though...
  4. Browns sign OT Kendall Lamm

    Good beers. Good thread. That woman would go well with those mentioned. Pumking and warlock are great. If a fan of belgian monk beers like wits, trips, and quads st.bernardus is very good. New belgium triple surprised me with how good it was. Flying dog double ipa will knock ya off. Too many good beers in this world...
  5. The Awakening! Hyping for the 2019 season

    The team will be on fire from the get go. I don't think any team has more reason to be pumped when the season starts. Sometimes I fall into the trap of eh maybe we'll come back down to earth. Then I realize Myles Garrett is a generational talent and that Baker already defied all odds just having the success he has had.
  6. Id like to see what Dorsey can continue to do when it comes to finding some gems. If we could sign a good cb or pass rusher though thatd be hard to pass up.
  7. Mayfield Snubbed for Offensive Rookie or the Year

    Seems like this award was less about stats, wins, and value of player and more about raw ability compared to other players. Baker is always going to be the underdog because of his stature. Barkley has the skillset of HOF RB's. It's easy to say, look HOF type RB, def deserves the award.
  8. I feel we have a bunch of guys who are really good in some areas and deficient in others. I'd love to see am all around wr. A true no 1 would be amazing but a player on the level of courtland sutton or calvin ridley could really excel with baker and the other players we have. Perhaps an undersized player like a hilton or another callaway may be there in round 2 or 3 as well.

    Lots of concern about the DC or OC. Bout the only thing you can do wrong with these players is put peppers 25 yards back and keep the corners way off. Otherwise its fairly straightforward. Lean on myles, ogunjobi and a 3rd rusher be that avery or a fa. Have denzel go 1 v 1. That'll be enough to give Bakera shot at winning every game.
  10. For me its that other than Peppers we have no one that can really defend an athletic te or the better backs in the league in space and getting to the edge. Guarding TE's has been our greatest weakness for several seasons now. RBs we have been able to keep in check playing team defense. Dont think you'd need to draft one high or pay up big. Im thinking a Todd Davis or Danny Trevathan
  11. As honorable as they've been, to go to the next level the defense needs speed at the group. Schobert can't get outside without giving it 150%. Long overdue to follow the trend of the NFL such as Eagles, Bears, Broncos, Vikings etc..
  12. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    The Saints have invested so much on the OL to protect Brees. The same should be done for Baker considering his stature. He has shown like Brees that he can make the skill players around him look better by showing it around and being accurate. If we had an injury to any of our OL Baker's results may have been a good bit different. Keep adding depth even it these high round picks are on the bench.
  13. Who stays on the Browns in 2019

    Id also like to see what the results would be in a traditional defense. Have Ward go 1 on 1 all the time and let peppers roam double or shift coverage. The occasional blitz or zone. Play Myles inside sometimes. He's gotten more pressure and caused more to's than sacks would indicate. Without the wide open zones that seem to happen though he could do a good bit more damage.
  14. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    Wouldnt be surprised if kitchens ends up the guy. Would likely lose greg if that were the case but we could probably run a simple but effective defense.
  15. The greatness of Saquon Barkley

    I don't think the Giants made a mistake in drafting Barkley. He reminded me of Ladanian and his season reaffirmed that for me. Clearly the best rb. Now they probably will have to lose Odell to find a way to grab their QB. Baker could regress, but really it just looks like he's scratching the surface. Once he has full grasp and control of the game...he can approach the passing game in any way which has kept defenses unbalanced. Broncos did a good job blitzing but Baker didnt take the check downs as he should have. Texans did a great job dropping everyone but then baker wasn't looking deep bc of Watt and Clowney. Did well in the 2nd half though. Why Derwin fell to the Chargers is the only thing i don't understand.