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  1. Trade deadline

    Quinn still thinks Jarrad Davis is a good player so I doubt it.
  2. Trade deadline

    Saw the stat line for Drake. Good thing we didn’t waste a conditional 6th round pick on a 100 yard rusher...oh wait.
  3. Trade deadline

    Lions never make a move. This is why we are always a mediocre team. Even last year when we traded for snacks we followed that up by getting rid of Tate.
  4. Trade deadline

    If they offer a1, 2 and like a 5 and a player would you do it?
  5. Trade deadline

    I think we should swing a trade for Brandon Scherff. Just make him the highest paid OG. I think that will do more for our run game than any RB. But maybe swing a trade for Penny while we are at it.
  6. Lions VS Packers Takeaways

    Here’s a take away that I’ve noticed so far this season: Hock has to learn to secure the catch. I feel like he’s dropped a few TDS already. Maybe he just needs to get stronger but he really needs to not have drops in the end zone. Oh and the refs screwed us again. You know. The usual.
  7. Is the NFL rigged?

    Detroit never forgets, dude. It’s such a regular occurrence.
  8. Lions @ Packers GDT

    What sucks is after the game to watch the espn crew ball wash Rogers. They should ask him how does it feel to have to refs bail you out of yet another game you should have lost?
  9. Is the NFL rigged?

    Having just watched the Lions get jobbed AGAIN, does anyone think that perhaps the NFL is rigged? Why is it that certain franchises always and I mean ALWAYS have the bad luck of blown calls? Call it the Jordan effect or whatever but if you’re a Lions fan and it happens repeatedly how can you come away with any other thought than the league doesn’t want you to win? If your franchise is snakebiten what are your thoughts?
  10. I don’t think there is any way he would come back here. And I loved him coming out. I thought we would play him exactly like the patriots do but we didn’t. Because the Lions basically wasted his first few years I just don’t see him wanting to come back. He made it seem like it was a s*** show when he was here.

    I am still laughing uncontrollably and I don’t know why
  12. I am too. I have no idea why he wasn’t more sought after. Dude is going crazy right now. He’s about to get paid
  13. Lions VS Eagles Takeaways

    Penalties and poor special teams. Can’t keep winning if we don’t clear this up.

    We need to fire ou special teams coordinator....again. Yikes.
  15. I’d give up the two firsts and some change and get a 2nd back (Mack type deal). We only have a window with Stafford for like 4-5 years. Let’s make the run. Minnesota is flaming out with cousins and Rogers is old and trubiski isn’t very good. This is our chance to take the division for the next few years. I think he makes that big of a difference. I say do it. Be aggressive play to win for once instead of trying to not lose.