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  1. So are we going with MCDC, Danimal, Dantallica, Kneecap Dan, The Dude of Motor City? I feel like I'm missing one but I think we need to come to a consensus here.
  2. I do too. I wasn't a fan of the hire but I'm going to be rooting for him so hard to succeed. Love to shove it in their faces.
  3. Part of me thinks we should just let all of our FAs go and have the down year then collect the comp picks and start the process. Take your lumps and when Holmes has his front office/staff he will have extra ammo. Okwara, Jones, Golladay. That would net us 3 3rd round picks most likely.
  4. Also am I the only one who what's to extend Tracy Walker to an extension? I know he had a bad year but I also think he was out of position and Patricia totally made everyone worse somehow. It would be a roll of the dice but if we can buy low, move him back to FS and hope he becomes a steal for us.
  5. I know this is concentrating on defense but Josh Reynolds is a guy I hope we go after. I think he could be a Marvin Jones type signing.
  6. I'm no the record for not wanting Campbell; having said that now that he's our guy it is fun to root for him. What's done is done and now I'm able to get excited to like him. I still have my doubts that he will be successful but I think even if he's not you will still root for him because he's not a dummy like Marinelli and he's not a jerk like Patricia.
  7. Haha. Sorry I meant THAT bad. Like everything he touched turned to S***.
  8. I think if/when Campbell is the guy and he starts talking its going to be easy to route for him. It all comes down to winning and honestly I think anyone that comes in is going to have a little bit of instant success. I’ve come to think that Patricia was that bad. Like honestly he made players and play callers worse. The thing with the new HC is can he continue to elevate the play. Getting guys to rally is one thing, and I think Campbell will be able to do that, it’s finding ways to win whether that’s through scheme or play calling. I really hope we get this right.
  9. Yeah that's the one i was thinking of...
  10. Yeah I had really come around to him and was really on board over the past few weeks. He's going to bomb but only because it's the Jets and we will think we dodged that bullet.
  11. I saw that Philips was wanting to return and figured he's be an option. 1st time head coach with extremely old DC who has HC experience...I feel like I've seen this played out before but where...?
  12. I'm warming up to the idea/inevitable. It just makes me uneasy that this is how i've felt the past few hires outside of Schwartz.
  13. If Campbell is indeed the hire, am I the only one that is glad we hired a guy who is in shape? I know it's superficial but it's hard watch a guy who's going to teach and train elite athletes that gets winded taking the escalator to the facility.
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