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  1. I thought they spent a first on that RB out of Minnesota a few years back
  2. 2019 Draftable RBs--Who Would You Take

    I'm torn on the type of RB we need. Part of me thinks we need the power back that can break some tackles like Chubb, since none of our backs can. but I also think we have not had a burner in so long where the defense would have to crowd the line in fear of a rb taking it to the house which makes me think a back like jones or love would be good. Make the safeties choose how ey want to get beat.
  3. Caldwell fired

    Here's a press conference with Wilks. Dude seems like a head coach
  4. Where We Go From Here

    You are definitely in the minority.
  5. Where We Go From Here

    Haven't the Pats primarily played a 4-3 with some 3-4 fronts the last few years?
  6. Season over?

    Yes. I'd take either. Would prefer John. But I think it was a good hire if we got one.
  7. Season over?

    Here is my list of candidates I'd be interested in(including possible fired coaches): Josh Mcdaniels Bill O'Brien David Shaw Mike Vrabel Bruce Arians Chris Peterson Matt Campbell (Wild card)
  8. Jalston Fowler

    Saw he was just released. Was a fan of his in the draft a couple years back. I really wish we would pick him and commit to a run game. What are your thoughts?
  9. GDT DET @ balt

    I said we should try Diggs at safety evidently the coaches agreed with me. He wasn't great but I'm curious to see if he develops.
  10. GDT DET @ balt

    Maybe it would have been. But they needed to waste a time out on the play anyways because of the terrible coaching of only having 9 players on the field at the most critical time of the game so you might as we roll the dice and at the same time get the right players on the field. At the very least the right amount.
  11. Season over?

    Yes talent is lacking. But the play calling and the coaching is not very good. It's a combination of those factors.
  12. GDT DET @ balt

    Caldwell again is gunshy with the challenge flag and the team is standing around. He is just a crappy head coach.
  13. Draft a Runningback!

    He doesn't have breakaway speed. I think he ran a 4.6 40. He fumbles. Has small hands. Doesn't have speed. Can't break tackles. He's just quick which is why he never gets the long run. I mean the dude got caught on a 100 yard kick return.
  14. Season over?

    Have you ever run a business or held a management position? In the end your employees follow the direction you set in place. If it's not working then that is on you as the man at the top to dictate that change. If not then it's a failure at the top. It's management 101 set expectations and hold your employees accountable. If they can't get the job done get someone else. But trying the same failed plans over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.
  15. Season over?

    We are down at the half (again) this time 20-0. Does anyone still want to try to make the argument that Caldwell is a good coach? Anyone?