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  1. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Zettel is just awful at setting the edge. Guy gets sucked in literally every time
  2. Ebron Options

    Trade him to Tennessee for Kevin Dodd
  3. Caldwell re-signs

  4. Lions sign P Jeff Locke

    I liked him the year he came out. Same year as Martin I believe. He also can be the back up kicker.
  5. Laken Tomlinson traded to the 49ers

    We already wasted a pick on him
  6. Week 1 GDT: Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions

    We are going to get destroyed in this game I fear. Lions have no pass rush. I'm afraid palmer will just shred us. On the flip side jones will probably make a turnstile out of Robinson. I'm just afraid that will be the microcosm of the season.
  7. Roster cut down time

    Billingsley waived
  8. Free agents available- 2017

    Tj ward, devin Taylor and will Clarke are a few more guys I'd be interested in.
  9. Free agents available- 2017

    Xavier Cooper. And I'd see if Kevin Dodd is available for trade. We need D line help bad.