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  1. Predicting New Lions' Jersey Numbers

    I hope Swift doesn’t wear 34. Isn’t that like the opposite of #20 for the Lions? Like every player that wears 20 is awesome and 34 is bustville?
  2. Lions Still Sitting On $30 Million In Cap Space

    Jones is the far superior player no doubt. He would also cost a 1st and probably become one of the top 3 highest paid defensive players in NFL history.
  3. Lions Still Sitting On $30 Million In Cap Space

    What do you think about exploring a trade for Corey Davis? I’d have to check how many years he has left but maybe we can flip a mid round pick and get our WR 2 of the future and let him conribute now.
  4. Lions Still Sitting On $30 Million In Cap Space

    I’d say you resign Golladay. You can always Tag Decker next year if you have to. If we can extend him now then I say go for it. But I would absolutely use that money for this year. If you are Quinn or Patricia you have to compete this year or it’s over. Need to play like there is no tomorrow. I would love Clowney. I think we need a another DT maybe Dareus. I’d maybe kick the tires on Ansah. If he’s cheap why not.
  5. 2020 Free Agency

    Here are the guys I’d be interested in: Clowney Dareus Griffen Sheard Ansah Golden Clay Mathews Daniels Too bad our CBs are as deep as they are or I would like to kick the tires on one of the CB still out there.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft

    I think you meant high floor WR. He does not have a high Ceiling. If he does not ball out in camp, if there is one, he won’t make the team unless their plan is a big slot. I don’t think their is much development for him, but I think that was Quinn’s plan. Other than Okwara he didn’t want to grab guys that don’t have a chance to contribute this year with the unknown status of camp/OTAs/etc. So no big upside developmental players.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft

    Do you think there’s any chance we are changing our blocking scheme to more a zone blocking scheme? I just think that both Swift and Kerryon are more suited for it. But especially Swift. I think Jackson would probably be good in a ZBS but Stenberg I think doesn’t have the agility to play in one.
  8. Post-Draft roster, depth chart, etc.

    I’m worried about the WR core (Among other positions). We have our top three but Amendola is old and usually gets injured. Marvin is getting old and I don’t think he’s been able to finish the last two seasons. Not to mention all three of them are free agents next year. Allison is decent depth but I don’t really think there’s anyone on the roster that makes any other team but the Lions. Really wish we would have been able to take advantage of the depth of this draft but it didn’t really fall that way.
  9. Round 4, Pick 121: Logan Stenberg

    I think Stenberg will put more people in the dirt but I also think he’ll miss more blocks on passing downs.
  10. 2020 NFL Draft

    I think the pattern is they wanted kids from big schools that are more ready to play day one. With the chance that mini camp and OTAs being cancel and their jobs on the line I don’t think they wanted to take a chance on a player that you need to coach up cause that player isn’t going to make the team. I don’t expect a lot “stash” players with upside this year on the roster.
  11. 2020 NFL Draft

    I think WR is a big concern as after our top 3 it’s pretty bad and we have no one on the roster next year. Also if we could sign Clowney I would actually think we’ve got something.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft

    Tackle/end player. Maybe a 5 tech
  13. Round 4, Pick 121: Logan Stenberg

    Pick is in who do you think it’s going to be?
  14. Round 5, Pick 172: Jason Huntley

    Yep. Man hopefully those guards pan out.
  15. Round 5, Pick 172: Jason Huntley

    When I watch this guy (his highlights) he looks fast but not 4.3 fast. I don’t see a guy that is head and shoulder faster than everyone he plays. He does look good on KR though and I’m always down for having a weapon for the 3rd phase.