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  1. UDFA Signings Thread

    Tom Moore had a quote about this and why Peyton Manning got all the practice reps over Jim Sorgi. I can’t quote it but perhaps that’s the Lions philosophy this year.
  2. UDFA Signings Thread

    I think 2 or 3 guys will make the roster and another 2 guys make the practice squad.
  3. Day 3 Discussion

    I have a feeling Will Harris and Jarad Davis are going to be blitzing a lot this year.
  4. Day 3 Discussion

    A lot of the catches I saw he wasn’t getting crazy separation. But i’ll Have to watch some more. It’s a 6th round WR so it’s not like I think it was a make or break pick. I like that we took some at the position in a deep WR class because we still got value. Quinn has been pretty good at finding WRs so I’m going to trust him on the pick.
  5. Day 3 Discussion

    I’ll have to check it out. I’ve seen a bit of him. He’s not bad. I just wish would have added some speed at the WR position. He is a pretty good blocker from what I saw. Drops a little bit of a problem but not too bad. Oh well he’s a Lion now so I hope it works out.
  6. RG

    Chance Warmack Jeff Allen Stephen Wisnieski are still available.
  7. Day 3 Discussion

    Is Darrell Henderson still available? I’d take a chance on him as well.
  8. RG

    Even if end up taking one in the 7th I think we have a serious need at RG. What do you think we’ll do or should do? Who’s starting week one at RG?
  9. Day 3 Discussion

    I wouldn’t mind it. I also like the Ole Miss QB. Lot of tools there.
  10. Day 3 Discussion

    I’d like to take a flyer on Rodney Anderson. I’d also like to take Kelvin Harmon or Jimmy Moreland. Quinn talked about playmakers. Moreland is straight up ball hawk that could be our dime right now
  11. Day 3 Discussion

    Two picks left who are you hoping for?
  12. Lions Select LB Jahlani Tavai #43 Overall

    I’ve heard of him. I just don’t think he’s a good player and I don’t think he was close to BPA. Dane Brugler has been big on him for awhile. I just have a hard time with limited athletic player that don’t dominate against lesser talent. I’ve been wrong before I just think it’s a waste when we have Davis and we play nickel as much as we do.
  13. Day 3 Discussion

    Ty Johnson probably means the Theo Riddick days are numbered.
  14. Day 3 Discussion

    They took two players at positions I wanted them to take. But just like earlier in the draft they took inferior talent. Sigh...The WR does not sperate at in Conference USA I doubt he will be able to in the NFL.
  15. Lions Select LB Jahlani Tavai #43 Overall

    Not to keep piling on this pick but has there EVER been a successful/impactful player selected from Hawaii?