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  1. Week prior Mock

  2. 7 Rounds in 7 Days

    If the draft ended up like this I would be ecstatic. I'm not Chubb or Hernandez will be there(I can see Chubb slip or go top of the second) but I would celebrating like I did during the 2013 draft. (The only one I remember being happy about at the time.)
  3. Lions Pick at 20

    Am I the only one who's a bit worried about Davenport? His athleticism pops on film but he is pretty raw. He doesn't seem to have a plan when he rushes. I understand the comparisons to ziggy but with ziggy you could see the instincts on tape. I'm not sure I see that with Davenport
  4. Pre draft workouts

    I read that they met with Guice at his pro day and are bringing the in Kerryon Johnson
  5. All in Mock

    I would normally agree but it depends on who you end up getting. Who are you hoping to get out of the draft? I thought I would try something a little different with this one. Mostly because I wanted to draft all first year starters/contributors (should have put a FB with the last pick) but also because I think it's a realistic possibility that the RBs that we like could get snatched up before we pick in the second and third and I will pissed if we don't come away from the draft with one of the top backs.
  6. All in Mock

    Thought I'd do a quick mock draft that's a bit different. Like most mocks it's hopeful that certain players fall that I'm not sure will be there. This mock is about getting players that can contribute and be impact players right now and making sure Matty P's experiences some success year one. 1(20): Harold Landry DE/LB Boston College I have a feeling will go much higher in real life than what people are expecting but in this case he falls to the Lions and they sprint to the podium. Landry gives us a legit edge rusher who has the versatility to play in a 3 or 4 man front that Patricia loves. -TRADE- The Lions trade their 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 2019 3rd and Ameer Abdullah to New England for their 1st (23) and 7th (219) 1(23): Derrius Guice RB LSU The Lions have 7 RBs that they are targeting. The front office fears that most will be gone buy the time they pick in the 2nd and will have to reach reach for one since they fear one won't be there in the 3rd instead they trade up an take one of the top players on their board. Guice would be the piece this offense has been missing for years to make it a top 5 offense. He can also grind out the yards and clock to help seal games. This pick helps both offense and defensive sides of the ball for the Lions 4(117): Kendrick Norton DT Miami Norton is severely underrated and the depth at DT helps him side to us. Year one he will rotate in and contribute as a run stuffer with a little bit of pass rush. Should end up replacing Williams as the starter next year 7(219): Antonio Callaway WR Miami Callaway is a garbage human being but he's a pretty good football player. As a 7th rounder the Lions roll the dice and pick up a WR that can contribute day one as their starting KR. He will also be rotated in a few snaps a game on offense but the main reason this pick is made is because they get an immediate starter on special teams 7(237): Chris Covington LB Indiana Covington is a player that should be able to play special teams right away and has a chance to develop into a good depth player. What do you think? Would you throw your remote at the tv if it went down like this or start planning your super bowl party? Let me know what you think.
  7. Double dip.

    Is there any position you'd be willing to double dip in this draft? specifically in the first four rounds. For example If we take a rb in the second would you be upset if we spent a 3rd or 4th on another one if a the value was good. Personally I wouldn't be too upset if it means we finally addressed the position.
  8. Who would you trade up for?

    Are there any players that you would be willing to trade up for? specifically in the first two days of the draft. For example is there any player you'd be willing to give up our first and second for?
  9. Who's left

    Whitehead- 3 year $18 million Hayden- 3 year $19 million Fells- 3 years $12 million Ngata- 1 year $3 million/nullified by Williams signing. I think we might get a low pick or two for one of those three guys
  10. Who's left

    I think Quin is intentionally signing the same positions that he is letting go for slightly less. I think his plan is to try and get some comp picks next year while. Filling in depth this year.
  11. Who's left

    Hankins has to be target number one right now. Couple other guys I'd be interested in are Breeland and Bowman. I think if bowman comes fairly cheap could be the vet to help Davis. But Hankins is the guy I think we really need to sign.
  12. Who's left

    At the very least he could be a good depth player with the chance to win the starting LG spot in camp. Think he played OT in college so there's flexibility there. I would take a flyer but I just wonder how healthy he really is.
  13. Lions close to signing frank gore

    If these old backs are our options I'd like to kick the tires on Alfred Morris. He's younger and has been productive. Plus he's a real good guy.
  14. Who's left

    After the first wave of free agency just about in the books there's still a lot of good players available. Who are some of the players you want? Here's my list: Suh Richardson Poe Matthieu Sitton Pugh Jenson ASJ These are some bargain/flyer guys I'd be interested in: Cooper Lattimore Eifert Nikklas Fluker Ebron Like I said there's a lot guys still available.
  15. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    I thought for the longest time that they would use a second on a RB but I kind of get the feeling they will spend a first on Guice if he's there.