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  1. Lions @ Bears

    So glover Quin is down. He's slow as dirt and he's just mailing it in. I've seen him pull up instead of making tackles and it looked like he even pulled up instead if going for an int. He sucks. I think we should bench him and start getting walker the express needs for next year.
  2. Week 9: Lions @ Vikings

    This team is garbage. Slay has not been great this year. Good but not great and Quin has lost it. Zero speed from him. And Tabor is trash and has completely lost all confidence it's a bad combo back there. Stafford looked shell shocked. Time to concentrate on next year. Time to get the young guys like walker some reps.
  3. Week 9: Lions @ Vikings

    I think he stubbed his p*ssy on his way out on to the field.
  4. I think I know what’s happening.... prolly not tho

    Haha. Yep. Shocker he's finally healthy following the trade deadline
  5. I think I know what’s happening.... prolly not tho

    Yeah I don't think he's in their plans. I think he hasn't played this year because they didn't want to risk him getting hurt as I bet they were trying to trade him and it didn't work out. Bet he plays this week or next.
  6. Bruce Irvin Cut--Is He Worth A Look?

    Yeah I agree. He's never really been that good to begin with and now he's old. No thanks.
  7. I think I know what’s happening.... prolly not tho

    I think we can roll the cap space for next year. I'm pretty sure Quinn is all in on next year. Lang and Quin are most likely gone. Probably trade Riddick. They are going to have like $60 million for FA. and no pressing FA to resign. I think they are setting themselves up for a HUGE offseason. ...at least I hope so...
  8. Trade!

    Love this trade. LOVE IT!!
  9. Potential Personnel Moves

    If we are going to move a player it should be riddick. Love Theo but it's time to get some value for him.
  10. Potential Personnel Moves

    Here are the guys I'd make some calls about: PP Riddick Beasley Joseph Conley
  11. Potential Personnel Moves

    Patrick Peterson is on the block. Thoughts?
  12. Potential Personnel Moves

    Hassan riddick is available. Depending on the price I'd love to go after him. Think he fits our d perfectly
  13. Our D-Line Is Terrible--If You Had to Make A Trade...

    Brown from the pats.
  14. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers

    Bosa or Oliver?
  15. TJ Lang

    Will move on from him after this season. Simple as that. He frees up like 5 mil in cap space too I believe.