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  1. I like Horn as well but I just think he's in another tier. To me those first 6 players picked and Chase are blue chip prospects. Then the next tier for me consists of Slater, Surtain, Waddle, Parsons and maybe Horn. If we stay at 7 and don't pick someone from that top tier I'll be pretty disappointed. Less so from that second tier but still a bit disappointed.
  2. A trade down is always tempting but I think Chase is a plug and play WR1 and a top 5 player in this draft. Unless an offer blows you away you take the cornerstone player that will step on the field day one and make the QB, RB, and WR2 better.
  3. This is the all upside draft. This seems like a total boom or bust draft. It’s welcome change from the drafts we had under Quinn, having said that if it went down like this in real life I’d be a bit nervous. Having said THAT i like almost all the players you picked so I’m not sure how to feel about it. Haha. Good job.
  4. Sign me up for pretty much all of this. I love the double dip at WR. Lock up the position on the cheap for like 4-5 years totally down. I like the other players you selected too. Good job.
  5. What do you like about it? Just curious as I know nothing about him. Do you think he'll be a starter?
  6. I haven't watched any of Williams yet but he's name has been popping up a lot. If we take a WR in the 5th I like Shi Smith. I think he is a similar player to St. Brown in that he is tough and can man the slot. I think in this draft we really have to take talent and not care about positions. I also think because the draft is deep at WR you are going to find better talent later that will be better than most other positions available. Wouldn't be surprised if we double dip a bit at O-line and WR; two of the deepest positions in the draft.
  7. I'm with you. Normally I'm all about adding Defensive players. We are devoid of talent and I still think our Pass Rush is the most lacking thing on this team. Having said that this is not a good draft for defense. It's just not in my opinion. All of the top defensive talent in this draft have questions, either with injury or off field or both. This isn't necessarily what I would do but I will say I do like the philosophy of creating a strength of a team. I think a lot of teams spread their resources around a lot and never get an identity. While we rebuild I'd rather we be good on
  8. Can't solve all the problems in one offseason. This mock is just about create a strength and seeing what Goff has and/or setting the next QB for success. Having said that as much as we need D-Line help (and we need it bad) I don't want to reach in this draft. We have so many holes and we are just starting to build this roster for the long haul I don't want to reach to fill need. I also am not that high on the DT class. I think teams with reach to get one and I don't think the Lions are in a place to do that. They just need to add talent.
  9. 4.48 is a decent time for Wallace.
  10. I believe Brad Holmes will fire most of the scouting staff right after the draft and bring in more of his team. Because of this, this draft is about acquiring future draft capital and players with an eye for the future. I think a lot of GMs (other than Quin) are more aggressive with trades in their first year and in this mock I have Holmes and the Lions doing the same. FA: Nick Easton, G: Easton signs a 2 year deal to give the Lions a cheap depth player on the inside. Trades: 2021 1st (7th overall) and 2023 3rd to Denver for 2021 1st (9th overall) and a 2022
  11. This Mock is all about giving Goff and honest chance to succeed and at the same time setting it up for a future QB to be dropped in and find success. Trades: 2022 3rd to the Chargers for Mike Williams. – Rumor has it he’s available for trade as the Chargers can’t afford to extend him. Lynn is familiar with him and he gives us a big bodied WR to be our #1 FA: Malik Hooker, S: We sign Hooker to a one year deal after the draft. He knows if he stays healthy he should be able to parlay it into a big contract. Gareon Conley, CB: Another former first rounder in need of a f
  12. I guess for me I want nothing to do with Jones (or at least not at 7 or in the first). If he goes at 3 that’s just a better chance for a player want to fall. The more I think about it the more I think if Fields or Lance are there they have to be the pick.
  13. I agree. I think this is all a lot of smoke for the sake of smoke. Having said that there is a lot of trusted news people reporting this. If it’s true it certainly seems like a bad move for the San Fran, but i think it’s a great deal for Detroit.
  14. Not sure if this needed it's own thread but I thought it was worth a discussion as it would completely alter the draft and affect who's there for the Lions at 7. There is a ton of smoke around Mac Jones going to the 49ers at 3. Here are a few of the people reporting they believe/have sources that Jones will be the pick: Chris Simms (Shanahan's college roommate) believes Jones is the pick. Daniel Jeremiah says everything he is hearing is Jones is the pick and is mocking him there. Todd McShay says he is "hearing a lot of noise that Jones is their preference." Adam Schefter
  15. I'm starting to think that the top 4 players might be QBs. I also think this Mac Jones smoke is just that. I bet he falls to 19 and Washington takes him. I also think our pick will come down to Chase, Pitts, Sewell if that happens. I really don't want Waddle or Smith at 7.
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