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  1. RB

    Exactly. They also provide great value to a defense. And to a five mins offense. Imagine if we could have just ran out the clock on a lot of those games instead of relying on our tired defense.
  2. Lions shopping Darius Slay

    Would anyone be down for trading Slay and the number 3 to Miami for all three 1sts, a 2nd and say Rosen?
  3. RB

    There’s going to be a bidding war for that pick. We are getting at least both of their 2nds or maybe 26 and a 2nd. PLUS I bet we get another pick from the chargers to move down one more spot and still nab Simmons or Okudah
  4. The Argument for a 2nd Round WR

    Perhaps this is a topic for another thread but what if instead of trying invest in our defense to make it only a little better we go hard on the offense and try to boat race to victory. Take say Okudah in the first then a WR, RB, OT, and OG in rounds 2-3 ( this is assuming we trade down). If we can just 40 burger teams we don’t need to worry about stopping them if we can out score them. Just think about this last year how many games would we have won if we didn’t have to rely on the defense? Instead let the offense control the clock and out score the other team. Just a thought.

    I think at the senior bowl he weighed in at 6’2 1/2” 240. I think he has room to add weight. His length was a bit concerning. I wonder if he’ll drop weight for the combine as some teams want to view him as an off ball LB. I think he can bulk up 10lbs and not lose spend or flexibility
  6. RB

    I love that dude. He might be RB 1 for me. I would love him too. My only “issue” with him is he doesn’t seem to have breakaway speed. We don’t seem to have a guy (and I’m not including Ty Johnson) that can take it to the house. For that reason I’m jumping back on the Taylor train as well.
  7. Another offseason mock while I'm bored

    I’m not sure I’m a fan of picks 3-6 (other than rolling the dice on Dillion and Adams) but who cares. If we could land Okudah (who I think is the second best player in this draft) and Brown. Sign me up. Sign me way up. Plus I actually think the trades are feasible. If Quinn doesn’t mess this up trades like this could really happen.
  8. 2nd attempt at mocking.

    I’m rather keen to the idea myself. I think Jefferson might be available and he’s a perfect replacement for Jones. Great route runner who’s ready to go. Or if we want speed a guy like Reagor might be there as well
  9. 2nd attempt at mocking.

    I can see there being a trade war with the chargers and panthers for Herbert. I really think we trade down twice when it’s all said and done. Probably from 3 to 5 and from 5 to 6 and still get the guy we want.

    Zach Baun. That is the guy we want. Can play all 3 LB postions. He reminds me of KVN the most. And I was a HUGE KVN fan coming out. Give me Baun over Uche. If you haven’t watched him yet check him out. I bet he’s a guy the Lions really want.
  11. RB

    Am I the only one that thinks we need a RB? This is a pretty good draft for RB and I think we will have to spend a 2nd (we should have multiple) or a third on one of these studs. Our top two guys ok but they aren’t great and they can’t be trusted to stay healthy. Both have been have injury history that includes multiple years in high school, college and pro. What are your thoughts? Who are some of your favorite backs or is there someone via trade or free agency that you like?
  12. Picking #3

    And Amni as the number 4. Yeah it make me ecstatic

    He reminds me too much of Jarrad Davis. He just doesn’t seem like he can process very quickly. I wouldn’t mind him in the 2nd but I th8nk there will be better prospects available.
  14. 2020 Free Agency

    Totally agree.
  15. 2020 Free Agency

    I think Bradbury is primarily a zone CB and Harris is suited for the nickel and with Coleman its sort of redundant. I just don’t know if it would be money well spent.