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  1. Our D-Line Is Terrible--If You Had to Make A Trade...

    Brown from the pats.
  2. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers

    Bosa or Oliver?
  3. TJ Lang

    Will move on from him after this season. Simple as that. He frees up like 5 mil in cap space too I believe.
  4. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    And why was kerryon not the RB for most of the game?? It's obvious to the rest of the world that he's the only rb who can run the ball. What is going on in Allen park???
  5. Week 1: MNF Jets @ Lions

    Look Stafford will not play anywhere near this bad again this season. Having said that this team is bad. Real bad. Like bad enough despite the extensions Quin and Patricia could be fired after this year bad. Quinn picks are not panning out. Patricia seems over his head. This is really bad. Preseason is exactly what we saw tonight. Why they don't value a pass rush is beyond me. This team is bad. We can only hope that it's bosa/Oliver bad.
  6. 2018 NFL Redraft

    1. Harold Landry 2 Darius Guice 3. Arden Key (Total roll of the dice but this would be a toss up between Tyrell Crosby, Arden Key, &Ronnie Harrison) 4. Josh Sweat 5. Tryell Crosby (I'm cheating since I would have taken him in the third) 7. Nick Bawden honestly on draft weekend if we have landed those first two picks I would have been ecstatic. And I would still have next years 3rd.
  7. Round 4, Pick 114: Da'Shawn Hand DE

    I get that he was two gapping and wasn't necessarily asked to do that it just I don't like the player. And I don't think he excels at anything.
  8. Offseason trades and signings

    Shane Ray may be available for trade would anyone be interested? Perhaps Kevin Dodd as well for next to nothing.
  9. Offseason trades and signings

    I say flip as much stuff as we can for draft capital for next years stacked draft and get one of those stud dlineman.
  10. Round 4, Pick 114: Da'Shawn Hand DE

    I'd be pissed. Again I don't think he's a good player. He has like 9 sacks in 4 years. And watch his sacks they are only when he is completely unblocked. And even then he seems to hesitate attack. If they just want a guy to occupy blocks I just don't know if what he can bring to the team is worth a 3rd. Man I really hope I'm wrong on him.

    We were 9-7 by barely beating bad teams who's combined record was barely over 9 games. And Rogers was injured most of the year and that was two of our wins. I agree and think that we have talent. If our line and run game can actually be a force we can be formidable similar to the Cowboys a couple years ago but with a better QB. I'm really excited to see how we do but last years success is not a reason for optimism in my option. And you are correct about next years class. Wow is it stacked. I wouldn't mind jettisoning off talent for picks and going all in on next years draft as the final piece(s)

    Bears top 3 picks are really good. Packer same thing.
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Yeah probably about a B-. Johnson was at the bottom of my list of acceptable RB that the Lions had to take in the draft. Walker is a plan for the future pick so we are not left with our pants down would provides depth now at the FS spot and probably has some packages set up for him now so not bad. The hand pick still sucks in my opinion. If I'm trading a third next year I would have preferred it would be to trade up to grab a dline player in next years insanley stacked class. In the end I love when a GM at least has a plan and is either going to make a strength stronger or just finish off a side of the ball. In this draft they did that for the offense. And I love that train of thought. Again if we drafted Guice we wouldn't have to trade our third and we would have gotten the superior player at RB in my opinion. If we did that I might even give this draft an A
  14. Round 4, Pick 114: Da'Shawn Hand DE

    Great point
  15. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    Love this pick. I love having a draft strategy and this was one last piece of it that makes the other picks look better. This guy owns as a lead blocker. He's awesome. Oddly enough I watched a bit of him and was telling a buddy that I really hope we get this guy and decide to fully commit to the run game so I love love this pick.