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  1. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    THis is more of a “trade up” scenario but I think there’s a chance Josh Allen falls to us. Or at the very least he falls to 5, 6, or 7. I’d be willling to trade our 1st and 3rd for him.
  2. 4 for 4

    I thought it would be interesting to see what prospects we all think are possiblities for the Lions in the first 4 rounds. So list 4 players per round that you think could be realistic possibilities/think the Lions will take in each of the first 4 rounds. And if you want you can also list 4 per round that you want in each round. 1. Montez Sweat, T.J. Hockenson, Christian Wilkins, Ed Oliver 2. Elgton Jenkins, Debo Samuel, Juan Thornhill, Lonnie Johnson 3. Kahale Warring, Isaiah Johnson, Nate Davis, Michale Deiter 4. Justice Hill, Bryce Love, Jalen Hurd, Terry McLaurin
  3. Under-Rated Draft Prospects

    I’m not sure if I’m there yet but for this team I’m starting to get there.
  4. Under-Rated Draft Prospects

    Juan Thornhill. The more I watch of this guy the more I like him. I think he might be able to switch to CB and be a press man CB and would fit our scheme as that long number two CB we’ve been looking for. Or leave him at Safety and play the 3 safety looks we like to play as well. I think he’s a real possibility in round two
  5. If Allen is there they better be sprinting to the turn in that card. In fact it would take a lot to trade down if Oliver is there too.
  6. Under-Rated Draft Prospects

    I don’t think he has a position in the nfl. I don’t even think he’ll work out as a big slot. And I bet he goes undrafted.
  7. Should Josh Rosen be an option for the Lions

    If he’s not a total cancer I’d give up or 3rd. I think you could flip him for a 2 or a 1 in a year or at the deadline if a playoff bound team needs a QB because if injury.
  8. Polarizing Prospects

    If we take him do you think he plays will or would Davis move over?
  9. Under-Rated Draft Prospects

    I agree with you about Lawrence and McCoy. If either are somehow there in the second I don’t see how they can pass on them.
  10. Polarizing Prospects

    Yes because the NFL community has never been wrong about a player before. I guess you have never heard the term bust before. Also I’m seriously asking what I’m missing. I told you the flaws that I saw in the admittedly limit viewing but do you not see those flaws? Do you think he can over come them? It’s called a forum for discussion sheesh. It’s like a college campus on here you can’t even have a diverging opinion. If there is a chance we take this guy I want some one on here to explain why it’s a good pick and what I should be looking at when I go back to watch some tape on the guy.
  11. Polarizing Prospects

    He’s definitely a guy that I don’t get the hype. I guess you’ll have to tell me what I’m missing. While I think he’s good I don’t see a top 10 pick. He has too many flaws for me to view him that high. He seems to tackle high. Takes bad angles more often than I’d like. Doesn’t seem to have great instincts and picks the wrong gaps at times. Also over runs quite a few tackles. To be honest he just seems like Jarrad Davis 2.0. I’ve only seen a little so you’ll have to tell me what I’m missing.
  12. LB/S Darron Lee Might Be Available--Worth A Look?

    I wasn’t a big fan of his coming out but if it prevents us from taking White at 8 than yes I’d definitely do it.

    Next time lead with that
  14. Bob Quin Is Really Good At 3rd Rd Draft Picks

    I would love to get Harris. I think he’s the best back in the draft. I did t see how he tested but He’s steady. He’s pretty well rounded and I think he would make a good number one and a great number two. I also really like Weber as a rotational back and would love to get Love in the 5th or later. He has an element we don’t have: speed. And lots of it.
  15. Bob Quin Is Really Good At 3rd Rd Draft Picks

    I really like Warring. I’m not sure if he’ll still be there but I think him and Knox are two of the more underrated TEs in the draft. I also think it’s a good spot to snag a RB. I think they will probably start to fly off the board right before pick in the 3rd though.