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  1. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I heard about this last night on the radio driving home lol. This is just plain hilarious. First the reporter just being an idiot in even asking the question and Bortles responding how he did was so comical
  2. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Thank you Dish Network for screwing something up to the point that you did! Wound up getting the MultiSport pack with RedZone for free for a year!! And we closed on our house today, what a great Tuesday!
  3. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    Figure it will be one drive with 2-3 throws and all of them being quick throws just to get him back in the feel of game action without having to stand back there in the pocket in this first game. I am curious to see how many touches Henry gets before the yank him. No sense in him taking a bunch of hits so early IMO.
  4. AFC South Discussion Thread

    This is hilarious. I saw that he wants back now partly because the Jags were going to make him payback $3.4 million of his bonus. Latest I read was that the Jags don't want him back so this will be crazy to watch unfold.
  5. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    That will be the best part of this game, IMO. While the Jets don't have a lot of top end talent, it is a great chance for some journeyman guys or younger guys to get a chance to stick on a squad. I think it will be a competitive game throughout in terms of effort. None of the "ole" stuff you get in some preseason action.
  6. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    I think this is going to be a tough game to judge where some of our guys truly stand just because the lack of talent we will be facing. It should be great for confidence for a lot of the young guys if they perform. No reason to play any of the starters more than one series, if at all. Will be curious to see how much we see of Henry and some of the other 2nd stringers who we think will have bigger roles this season.
  7. AFC South Discussion Thread

    This Luck deal is very interesting. I feel like there is just too much smoke to all this for him to start from week 1. I think some of the PUP talk might be overblown, but if he does start on the PUP and we get to see the Colts in the first game without him, it could turn into an advantage for us as we would be the only division opponent to face Indy without Luck.
  8. Titans Release First Unofficial Depth Chart

    I was surprised to see Davis ahead of Decker as well on this first one. Think it just shows how great Davis has been and hopefully will continue to be once he gets back from injury. Think it shows how much more talent we have now though that Davis over a guy like Decker is something that we actually discuss. In years past, the WR depth chart I don't feel was much for debate except for maybe the last spot or 2.
  9. Eddie George's "A Football Life" To Air In November

    I really like this docu-series and can't wait to see Eddie's! Should be a great piece.
  10. Corey Davis limps off field, needs MRI on hamstring

    I'm having the same thoughts. After so many years of this happening, its almost impossible to be anything but pessimistic in regards to injuries and time tables for them
  11. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    For you guys who have been on the new site for a little while, is there a way to quick jump to other forums instead of heading back to the forum list page?
  12. Titania Keeper League - Year 5 - When to draft?

    27th works perfectly for me!
  13. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    First time logging on from a computer and this new update continues to be awesome! Love both the mobile and desktop.
  14. Corey Davis limps off field, needs MRI on hamstring

    This was my exact thought when I saw the news. We finally get a WR that, while still early, looks like he could be a true #1 and he lasts less than a week before being injured. Your other post is spot on though in regards to still being very solid at the position. It just goes to show the job the front office has done in making this team, on paper, a true contender in the division and a team that could win a playoff game. It just sucks losing a guy like Davis who could truly be a game changing weapon for us on offense.
  15. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Yeah it's definitely going to increase my posting because I am mobile most of the time and it was just such a pain on the old forum that I wouldn't post frequently