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  1. This is how I felt most of the year as well. I felt that some of the “being a year away” feeling was due to injuries and a lack of quality depth at key areas moreso than Vrabel and LaFleur being first time HC & OC. They both were certainly learning and had some growing pains, but I thought our lack of quality depth was a bigger issue. That being said, I don’t recall a time I have been more optimistic heading into in offseason in a long time. The fact they turned this season into 9-7 and a win away from the playoffs has me excited. I think we need to make some improvements to the roster and obviously have guys continue to develop before we can take another step forward, but I can’t remember the last time I felt that the coaching staff was capable of leading this team to great heights.
  2. Unfortunately I feel that we are stuck with Marcus. I know it would be a polarizing signing, but go after Kaepernick. If Marcus goes down, turn the offense into what the Ravens have done with being a 60-40 run team. Another option I would love to consider would be a guy like Teddy Bridgewater. Bring him in on a 2 year prove it deal to be the starter kind of like Denver did with Keenum. If he sucks after year one, we likely have a top pick in the draft and can get a 2020 prospect to be the face going forward.
  3. That, and the fact that the team thought Blaine effing Gabbert as the backup QB to a guy who is soft as tissue paper was a good idea. Not saying there a ton of better options out there, but no one will ever convince me that Gabbert is better than guys on the streets right now. He is absolutely atrocious.
  4. I think I would go with Luck. Only had 1 bad game since week 4. It’s tempting to go with Dak for the reasons you mentioned and also because Indy’s defense is a little weaker than Dallas’. But I think Luck has the higher floor.
  5. .5 PPR, struggling on my 2nd flex. Elijah McGuire or Corey Davis?
  6. Alright fellas, need some advice here. .5PPR league. I am sitting at 1-5, but only 2 wins out of the playoffs currently so I’m not giving up yet. Here is my roster currently: QB- Matt Ryan RB-CMac RB-Mixon WR-Kenny G WR-Josh Gordon TE- David Njoku W/R/T- John Brown W/R/T- Sterling Shepard bench: Jameis Winston Aaron Jones Corey Davis Christian Kirk Mostert Cooper Kupp The guy who has Fournette in our league is decimated by injuries and also has Nuk. He offered me Nuk and Fournette for CMac and Kupp. I know that if I make the deal, I am hurting at RB for at least this week. I have some other fliers out to upgrade another RB2 to hold me over until fournette is back. I love Nuk over Kupp long term just because Kupp’s effeciency has been other worldly so far. And Fournette when healthy makes a fine RB. Is it worth making this trade though? I figure if I have to, I could flip Nuk for an RB1 but just can’t decide if it’s worth it. Thanks for the advice!
  7. To hopefully keep the magic alive: Bills 20 Titans 13
  8. So I picked us to win against Miami and lose to houston and Jags. Guess I gotta fall on the sword for everyone going forward: Eagles- 20 Titans-10
  9. With Marcus- Jags 27 Titans 21 Wirh Gabbert- Jags 35 Titans 10
  10. Looks like we all were sipping the Kool-Aid a little too much. Week 2- Texans 34 Titans 17
  11. My keepers: Aaron Rodgers (2nd) AJ Green (1st) Alvin Kamara (11th) Devonta Freeman (7th or 6th, was technically my 8th rounder last year) also, AJ Green is on the block for anyone interested
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