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  1. 1st overall Pick: Jackson or Barkley

    I say take Barkley and its not close. Now if Jackson gets drafted by a team that names him the day 1 starter, sure go ahead and take him if you want him that bad. I am just not sure he is going to be drafted to start from day 1. All the scouting reports have him as a guy who will need time before being ready. Barkley will likely make an impact on day 1 like Zeke or Kareem Hunt. Plus with having Gordon, Ajayi, and CMac adding Barkley gives you four RBs who are all likely to finish top 20 or higher. You can trade one of those guys for a better QB if you want to either before or during the season.
  2. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Wait there are really people who thought Mularkey/Robiskie and staff should've been retained? LMAO how much are these clowns getting paid to call in and how can they do it without laughing.
  3. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I like him because of how respected he appears to be by some of the top offensive minds in the game in Shanahan and McVay. I will give you that the turnaround of Goff was more because of McVay instead of LaFleur and same with Ryan's season last year more because of Shanahan than anything else, but the fact he has been brought with wherever those 2 guys go and been around the development of some of the better young QBs in the game gives me some confidence in him and his abilities. As a lot of people have said so far, there is such a little chance that I will be anything but excited with whoever we hire. The names we are interviewing so far are all names that I can get excited about and give me hope for the future.
  4. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    For me I have LaFleur as my top guy but Wilks is a very close second. All these names we are talking about are names I would be excited about which is incredible with the Titans haha
  5. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Curious as to why you have LaFleur low on that list? Or was it not in any order?
  6. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    He was just that first “vet coach” to pop into my head that would be available and in a position to take a DC position for a year or 2 and help the young coach out.
  7. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Jack del Rio could be that guy for LaFleur
  8. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    The more I look into LaFleur, the more I think he is who I want us to get. Has been around some of the best offensive minds in the game between Shanahan, Gruden, and McVay. He was the QB coach in Washington with RG3/Cousins. He also was the QB coach for Atlanta last year and Matt Ryan had his best season of his career during that season. Yes, Kyle Shanahan played a huge part in that as well, but LaFleur was a part of that and a witness to it. And this season the jump that Goff and the Rams as a whole took was fantastic. It just comes down to that wherever LaFleur has been, he has been around great coaches and the QBs have had solid seasons with him on the staff. He isn’t the sole reason for the early success of RG3/Cousins, Ryan, or Goff but played a part in all 3 and i think he would do a great job in putting the right people around Marcus and the offense.
  9. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I feel like whoever we hire is going to need to hit home run hires as coordinators so that doesn’t scare me off of him. There isn’t a true great candidate for HC this season IMO. Each guy being talked about has some pretty big question marks. It just depends on what question marks the front office feels comfortable taking a chance on.
  10. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I’m not against hiring a defensive minded guy at all. Like you’ve said, it just takes the right OC to pair with him and we will be just fine.
  11. Mularkey Fired

    I don’t think he gets another HC job. I imagine he would get a TE job somewhere but I just can’t see him getting another chance to be HC anywhere.
  12. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I doubt we call him but a guy who intrigues me is David Shaw. Feel like if he is ever gonna make the jump from college to the pros, this is his best chance for it
  13. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Who are some the coaches you guys DONT want? For me it’s the likes of Schwartz, Mike McCoy, John Fox, Fisher, etc. All the guys who have been around the league for a long time and not been overly successful.
  14. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    All very valid points. Definitely going to be an interesting few weeks while this all goes down. All I can say is that I am just excited Mularkey is gone. All the names being thrown around give me more excitement than Mularkey staying. Even if it’s a guy like Reich or someone we aren’t all talking a lot about, I will just be happy it’s not Mularkey and co. back again.
  15. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    If McDaniels wants this job as bad as @KingTitan‘s “guy of the guy” says he does, the Titans job opening changes that I would imagine. Haven’t heard anything from a reliable source that McDaniels to Indy is happening, unlike with Patricia to Detroit. Could Indy and McDaniels be pretty close to being done? Sure. But with the smoke from Schefter about us making a run at McDaniels and JRob’s connection and just the fact that it seems we are the better situation, I’m thinking it will end up being McDaniels for the Titans