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  1. Chiefs extend K Harrison Butker (5 year, $20M)

    Drafted by awesome GM Dave Gettleman. Cut by terrible GM Marty Hurney.
  2. Panthers QB Cam Newton - 3 TE Greg Olsen - 3 OG Trai Turner - 4 DL KK Short - 2 DL Dontari Poe - 2 DL Gerald McCoy - 6 LB Luke Kuechly - 6 S Eric Reid - 1 I.... don't think there are any others? 8 players, 27 Pro Bowls
  3. Julio Jones on the Panthers would be nice. Runner up would probably be Cam Jordan.
  4. Best players to overcome bad odds

    Going to homer it up in here: Thomas Davis returned from tearing the same ACL three times to become an elite LB. Not really what you're asking but I'm gonna mention it anyway since he is, as far as I know, the only athlete to do this... though I want to say Terrell Thomas did it too but didn't have a good career after it. 2015 Cam Newton had a bunch of garbage around him outside of Olsen, a sometimes injured J-Stew, Ryan Kalil, and Trai Turner. Dude put up 45 TDs. His WRs were Philly Brown, Jerricho Cotchery, Devin Funchess, and Ted Ginn... Charles Johnson in 2010 was an absolute monster with zero help from the DLine. Derek Landri and Nick Hayden sucked. Taylor Brayton, the other DE, had zero sacks if I'm not mistaken. Steve Smith was considered a returner only after being a third round pick in 2011. Team had no interest in developing him as a receiver. Only 5'9 in a league dominated by Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. Goes on to become a borderline HOFer.
  5. Be a man, make a homer prediction.

    I'm a terrible homer. I think the best I can come up with is the Panthers being a top five defense. Front seven is gonna be pretty nasty.
  6. Gerald McCoy to sign with Carolina Panthers

    There's nothing to suggest Cam is going to miss any portion of the season. He's already throwing. That said I wish we'd signed a free safety with that money. Having a good free safety would be fun. Remember those two seasons from Mike Mitchell and Kurt Coleman in 13 and 15? Good times. Poe, McCoy, Short, Love, Butler... it seems just a tiny bit excessive. That's a lot of money that's gonna be sitting on the bench when we dip into a 4-3, assuming we don't have Short line up at DE (which he has done a handful of times in the past).
  7. I just don't trust the guy's talent evaluation. Over the years his 2nd round picks include Jimmy Clausen, Dwayne Jarrett, Eric Shelton, Everette Brown, Keary Colbert, etc. His best 2nd rounder is Richard Marshall or Donte Jackson with over 10 drafts under his belt. Trying to trade up for Greg Little reeks of desperation. He probably wanted Dillard and then got sniped by Philly. Then made a desperate trade-up for Little (who even Houston passed on, in addition to various other teams in need of a decent tackle). Don't trust it. Christian Miller is a "name player" who fell, being the leader in sacks for Alabama, similar to Duke Robinson or Dan Connor or one of the aforementioned second rounders. No real reason to draft him besides that. 3rd round pick spent on a dude who hopefully never plays even though our depth across the board is crippled since Gettleman left. Just hard to root for the team after getting this guy back in the front office and have no reason to expect him to get better. Guy was unemployed for four years without even getting an interview. We're doomed and wasting the final years of prime Luke/Cam.
  8. Blown away you have the Panthers ranked 9th. I'm not convinced anyone will be worth a damn besides Burns. Hurney is a curse to this organization.
  9. Can I pick 2015 Cam? If not, prime Julius Peppers would be nice. Other options would be Jordan Gross and Steve Smith.
  10. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    Brian Burns - Incredible pick. We really needed a pass rusher. Hurney always nails his first rounders and this guy somehow fell to us. Should be a major franchise cornerstone for the next decade. Greg Little - Terrible pick. Hurney is a nightmare in the 2nd round. Look up his history in it. We tried trading up for this guy as early as the 21st pick to try and snipe the Texans. Then the Texans, a team desperate for OL help, opted for some guy from Alabama State. Then we traded up for him anyway in the 2nd. I just don't trust Hurney's judgement here. He's never drafted a good player in the 2nd round. Gave up pick 77 to get to this spot too. The Bills, who picked directly after us, traded up by only giving up their 158th pick. Embarrassing. Fun fact: the Bills are run by Brandon Beane, who was Gettleman's protege and could have been our GM instead of this idiot. Thanks a lot, Jerry Richardson, you racist sexist piece of garbage. I hope you rot. Firing Gettleman without a replacement was the dumbest move in our franchise's history. Will Grier - We drafted a guy who hopefully never plays. Awesome. Hurney said "teams had a first round grade on him" and yet nobody took him until we did at pick 100. Christian Miller - Another day three tweener from Hurney. Members of this group also include Hilee Taylor, Eric Norwood, and Marquis Haynes. They have a combined two sacks over five seasons of play. Reeks of a "name player" slipping which Hurney always liked (Greg Hardy, Duke Robinson, Dan Connor, Dwayne Jarrett, Jimmy Clausen, etc). Jordan Scarlett - A RB who can't catch and was busted for credit card fraud AND weed possession (less of an issue for me personally but the NFL will get mad about it). Dope. Just what we need considering our horrific RB depth behind CMC. Dennis Daley - Some random OL who will only make the team on account of how trash our OL depth is. Played LT a lot though and has decent tape against Clelin Ferrell, so there's that I guess. Terry Godwin - Tiny slot receiver who might be able to do some returning. Shrug. So sick of this moron running the team.
  11. So how do teams know this stuff?

    GMs know a lot more than we do. Gettleman said in his first presser as Panthers GM after the 2013 draft that he knew Star Lotulelei would be available for us at 13 (or 14?) if one team skipped him (probably the Eagles), which they did. He said that despite the Jets picking in front of us, who were in desperate need for interior DL help at the time, and he added Sheldon Richardson was an incredible fit for what they do on defense. And this was back when everybody thought Sharrif Floyd would be the first DT off the board! There's just all sorts of schematic stuff we don't understand.
  12. The entire NFC South had awful drafts, including my Panthers. If only we had the GM behind the 32nd ranked draft class instead of Marty Hurney. Sigh.
  13. Called this happening as we were getting closer. Hopefully it solidifies the backup QB spot for the future and he's possibly an option if/when Cam leaves. Something we really need with Derek Anderson being gone. I did like Kyle Allen a lot in that game against the Saints to end the season though. Not so big a fan of Taylor Heinicke. First time we've taken a QB since Cam so it was really about time to stick with our own guy instead of journey men and UDFAs.
  14. Which gm put themselves on the hot seat?

    I hope the Giants fire Dave Gettleman so that the Panthers can re-hire him. He ruled as our GM. Just please get Marty Hurney away from the front office.
  15. Hurney was trying to trade up at 21 last night to try and get Little. We gave up 77. The next pick, Buffalo traded up by giving up 158... wtf is Hurney thinking? Awful trade. I guess the pick is fine though. I guess Moton will probably wind up at LG and could kick back to RT if Daryl Williams runs off in free agency.