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  1. Hiring an assistant GM and saying Hurney is a "great evaluator of college talent" sure seems like a "Hurney is staying" move/comment. He was a far bigger issue than Rivera.
  2. How does this affect Cam?

    Let's see... Pay a lot of money to Cam in his final year to see if he can play again and if not, jettison him and hope we get a high pick with our bad record. Trade him for a crap haul and pray he sucks so that we don't look like idiots, then roll with Kyle Allen or pay a lot of money to a stopgap like Teddy or Foles or something. Or we could draft someone with our pick at ~10 which would be, uh... Jake Fromm? Justin Herbert? BLECH. Personally I prefer the first option.
  3. We kept Marty Hurney so I don't see the point in this firing. Team will continue to be mediocre.
  4. 2019 Panthers Season Thread

    So... Greg Roman? Robert Saleh? Kellen Moore? Lincoln Riley??????
  5. 2019 Panthers Season Thread

    Our run defense being so bad despite the pedigree Poe (I realize he was out today), McCoy, Luke, Shaq, Addison, Burns, Irvin.... erm... RON RIVERA.... how is this happening? Kyle Allen is also horrific. He reminds me of a less wimpy Clausen. He has a weak arm and rolls out to the right CONSTANTLY. We gave up on the run even though we were up or tied for 2.5 quarters (I think - I missed a lot after Olsen's injury and until the final drive). Last play was comical. I was actually laughing out loud. I'm sure we'll somehow manage to go 7-9 like usual and ruin our pick slot. Not that I mind seeing us winning, mind you. Just pointing it out. At this point I'm fine with us picking literally any position besides RB and ILB, provided we re-sign Shaq obviously. We need help everywhere. Roster is barren. Need a WR, Olsen is getting old, OL is not good except for Trai Turner, DL needs a 5-tech and nose if we stick with a 3-4, we need beefier edge guys instead of Bruce Irvin, we need a good safety for once, Donte and Cockrell are average at best and we need to keep Bradberry... also need a kicker and returner. Of course we need to find a GM before all that. Ugh.
  6. 2019 Panthers Season Thread

    Well, Kyle did a lot better today. OL was horrific and the redzone playcalling leaves a lot to be desired... sure would be nice if we had #1 toting the rock on the goalline. Joey Slye needs to make a Kyle Allen-esque bounce back next week or he's done. Eric Reid getting picked on and us having no answer for Thomas/Kamara lining up together didn't help either. Hadn't seen Reid do that poorly tbh until today. DJ Moore seems like he's beginning to have things click for him despite two injuries today... Rashan Gaulden is awful/a bust. Moore is now top five in recs and rec yds. CMC also had a solid statpad day as he tries to chase after the YFS record.
  7. 2019 Panthers Season Thread

    Yeah, Kyle's got more turnovers than touchdowns now. Might as well put Grier in. We burned a 3rd on him and were hoping he'd be the primary backup. Might as well try it out. I actually don't think the gameplan was all that bad today. Kyle just made a lot of mistakes. Walked into sacks. Missed throws. Bad decisions. Run defense did well and considering like 75% of our defensive snaps were in our own territory, it's a small miracle we only gave up 29 points. CMC did some statpadding which is about all I can root for going forward. I guess this is what we get for rushing Cam back from a foot injury and letting his backups be a mid-round rookie and 2nd year UDFA. I don't know what the solution is but at minimum we need to dump Hurney. And I don't see how Hurney is getting dumped without Rivera also heading out, really... I don't even really think Rivera is that bad of a coach but we have been average with this duo for several years now dating back to pre-Hurney firing and we might as well see if we can do it with someone else. Our only extended success was when Gettleman was building a roster for Rivera. Maybe we'll bring Dan Morgan in as GM and he'll hire Greg Roman as our new HC. That'd be cool.
  8. Can we name every team's best player ever?

    Panthers is Julius Peppers or Steve Smith... or Luke Kuechly. Personally I'd probably go Smitty.
  9. I can't believe McClain managed to have a decent career. Dude was atrocious for two years in Carolina after we drafted him. Good for him on turning it around.
  10. Since we don't get GDTs anymore! And now a survey! Are we going to sit Cam for the rest of the season? Should we? What will our final record be? Who should we prioritize in free agency? Addison, Butler, Shaq, Bradberry, Poe, Irvin, Daryl, and McCoy are all free agents. What positions should we target in the draft? Do you think Rivera and Hurney will survive another mediocre (7-9 to 9-7) record? Which coaches or GMs do you like? Should we dump Cam? If not, should we shop Kyle Allen for a monster ransom and rely on Will Grier as a backup? Do you REALLY think we are about to beat the Titans?
  11. hey i was right!! gg guys. maybe there will be less controversy if cam comes back now!!!
  12. burns played with a cast on his wrist the past one or two games, just fyi. didn't hurt his play too bad. not expecting a win out of this one though. kyle allen is gonna fumble multiple times with your DL probably overflowing into the backfield.
  13. Fascinating insight. I wonder if coaches give a **** about what a QB's passer rating is? Do you think they scan box score stats and base their gameplan on that? Or do you think they focus on tape? Because Cam allows the Panthers to have one of the most complex run games in the history of the NFL, in addition to being able to throw a football well enough for him to be the QB of a team that scored 500 points.
  14. Yeah, the guy who is 5-0 when his defense has something like 25+ sacks in those games and has a RB who is so good that people are saying he's the MVP is the answer at QB despite having nearly as many fumbles as touchdowns... Why don't we wait and see Cam play healthy first before crowning Kyle Allen as a savior? Jesus. The Panthers are a year removed from making the playoffs and were 6-2 before he hurt his shoulder and was incapable of throwing more than 10 yards. Every Panther fan wanted him benched so he could heal but the staff wouldn't do it for some reason. And obviously if you're someone like Cam who loves the game, you aren't going to take yourself out unless you literally cannot get on the field. Dude even didn't disclose a foot injury in week 2 that prevented him from planting and making throws. Obviously that was a primetime game so EVERYONE saw it and assumed that's just who he is now. And that leads to this stupid narrative that he's washed. He even outplayed Goff in week one when he was healthy (which may not be a big deal considering Goff is crashing into earth's core but whatever). Anyway, the whole situation is stupid. Kyle Allen is a better Derek Anderson or Matt Moore at this point. He hasn't been very good the past three games and is just playing mistake free ball. He's not winning us anything with his arm. People just look at the wins and assume it's all the QB though, I guess.
  15. Panthers vs Bucs... in London!

    Wish the offense had a better day. Couldn't get anything going on the ground and only scoring 20 points off 7 turnovers isn't that great. Even if you say there's 6 turnovers because of the game-ending pick, you would have liked to see us score well over 40 points. Of course, the entire booth was gagging on Kyle Allen even though he was only average today. The media's narrative about him being better than Cam is going to be a nightmare to deal with when Cam is healthy. Defense did their job for the most part. Bradberry lost a rare battle to Mike Evans. Usually clamps him down well. Joey Slye and especially Ray Ray McCloud are making me nervous now. Anyway, 4-2 heading into the bye isn't too shabby considering we don't have Cam, Turner, Donte, Short, or Gano around for a majority of the season.