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  1. 2011 was an incredible entertaining season for the Panthers because we had just suffered through John Fox and Jimmy Clausen. Then we got Cam Newton and had the biggest offensive turnaround in history. Scored three times as many touchdowns. It was exciting to see we had a franchise QB. Of course, it was still frustrating to see that we had a bottom ten defense and the worst special teams in the league... I still remember freaking out in week one against the Cardinals. Cam had 200 yards and 2 TDs at halftime. Finished with another 200+ yards and one more TD in the second half. Cam even got us to the ten yardline or so and misfired a slant to Mike Goodson iirc on 4th down that ended the game. Probably the best I've ever felt after a loss tbh. Cam exceeded all expectations.
  2. I would like for the Panthers and Patriots to have a SB38 rematch since I'm a Panthers fan and this is supposedly the last year of playing for long-time Panthers Julius Peppers (who played in SB38), Thomas Davis, and Ryan Kalil. Getting revenge on Belichick and Brady would be great. Though I think the Super Bowl will probably wind up being the Patriots/Steelers and Eagles or something boring like that.
  3. Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton

    Well they both got kinda close to winning by way of actually being in the game. In fact, Ratt got extremely close to winning. Anyway, I'd take Cam. Of course, I'm a Panthers fan. I'm not sure there's a single QB that could perform better than he has with his surrounding cast outside of Brady, Brees, Rodgers, then maybe Ben and Rivers who are all HOFers or borderline. No way would Myan have been as good. Cam has willed that offense to score many, many times. Was the team's leading rusher twice and outside of Olsen (who spent most of last year injured), he hasn't had a reliable receiver for the past few seasons.
  4. 4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    1. Rivera said he thinks CMC can get 25-30 touches per game, which would put him over 400 touches. That seems a bit overboard, but it seems reasonable to suggest he will get the ball a lot more than he did last year. I'd bet the over on 270. 2. Hard to say. We were slinging it a lot in '15. We don't have someone in taking the Ted Ginn mantle as "Guy who runs in a straight line past everyone else for a TD" yet. Norv also might reduce the amount of option runs to take away Cam's longer rushing scores. So to answer you question, I doubt we see Cam score 45 TDs again. 3. Olsen. Almost certainly going to get more catches and yards. I think we do go back to more of a '15 offense where love is distributed equally among wideouts while Olsen is the steady #1. 4. As someone who isn't following fantasy all that closely, I have no idea! I think if people are expecting Funchess to become a 70/1000/7 type player they'd be mistaken. CMC, Moore, Samuel, Byrd, Wright, Smith, and Thomas are all going to be active in the receiving game too much for that to happen I think.
  5. Grade Your Draft

    Panthers. TL;DR at end. DJ Moore, WR, Maryland - Gives us a well-rounded wideout to go with Devin Funchess and Curtis Samuel. Could very easily be a day one starter. By far our best pick. Donte Jackson, CB, LSU - Not a big fan of this one. Would have preferred getting bigger guys like Isaiah Oliver or Carlton Davis who went to our division rivals. I like that he plays with attitude. But in a division with Julio, Evans, Thomas, now Ridley... I'd rather go with bigger corners. Of course there's also Ted Ginn, D-Jax, and other speedsters out there he can maybe cover but I'm less concerned with them, really. Rashaan Gaulden, DB, Tennessee - Sounds like he might be a chesspiece we move around to nickel, safety, and maybe even outside corner. Lord knows we need secondary help and he has the length I prefer in our DB prospects. Also plays with some attitude and gets an A+ for giving Bama fans the finger. Ian Thomas, TE, Indiana - Extremely raw but will come in and probably be our second TE right away due to how weak we are at the position outside of Olsen. Hopefully develops into his eventual replacement. Can block, catch, and run. Just a matter of whether or not he can learn more. Had a big game against the Buckeyes. Marquis Haynes, DE, Ole Miss - Not a fan of this pick. Guy isn't even 240 lbs and Rivera is saying they won't have him add weight. Compared him to Mario Addison, but Addison has got to be at least 260 by now and was never that small... Supposedly he has an extremely quick first step and hopefully he does pan out as a pass-rush specialist. Jermaine Carter, LB, Maryland - Rivera seemed to really like him as a MIKE or WILL. He also did well on special teams in college and forced seven fumbles, so there's that. We really don't need more LBs though between Kuechly, Shaq, TD (who hinted he may not retire), Mayo, Norris, Jacobs... all of whom are either already good special teamers or are good/great starters. Not even sure he'd make the team if TD weren't gonna be suspended the first four games. Andre Smith, LB, UNC - Another LB. Won't make the team. I guess he was super productive at UNC before hurting his knee but there just isn't much to be excited about here. Good PS candidate I guess. Kendrick Norton, DT, Miami - A very large NT who has a slim shot at making the team to backup Dontari Poe. Unlikely he beats out Kyle Love though. Another PS candidate. Overall, I mean, our first four picks will probably all be dressed for week one, so that's good I guess. Just gotta hope they're used and coached correctly. Wish we would have packaged our last three picks to move up for someone instead of spending them on three guys who might not stick around for very long. Haynes is an interesting project to see how he fits in with a team that has a bunch of DEs that are all 260-280.
  6. What's special about D.J. Moore?

    Curtis Samuel barely played with us last year but I think he's meant to be more of a Ted Ginn replacement in that he's gonna be there to scare defenses into thinking he'll run a go route (which will open up space for the other receivers). And will occasionally run one. He's also supposed to be the slot guy for us and can maybe do a gadget play every now and then a la Tyreek Hill or Percy Harvin. DJ Moore is meant to be the prototypical #1 wideout who is probably gonna be lining up outside most of the time. He also runs way harder than Samuel. He's got an inch or two on him and an extra 15 or 20 lbs. They don't seem to play similar to me.
  7. Panthers Draft '18

    The point that he is doing things like rebuilding their needs (the trenches) and getting proven playmakers to give the team an identity. We are trying to get "favorable matchups" by drafting a 5'10 180 corner who is described as "okay" in coverage by basically every analyst I can find. Then we spent two or three picks on guys who probably won't make the team instead of trying to trade up for someone who has a good chance of doing it (which would have been a major Gettleman move - plus two of those picks were LBs which is pretty much the absolute last thing we need). Rivera said in the presser that they won't make Haynes gain weight, so we're gonna be seeing a 240 lb DE in the near future, or maybe we'll be doing more 3-4 looks or something... dunno, hard for me to get too excited about this one. Hurney said his evaluation process didn't change and his evaluation process SUCKS if his last few drafts are anything to go off of. Of course, I hope I'm extremely wrong about all of this. I really like the DJ Moore pick though and Ian Thomas will probably be our second TE right away, so that's cool.
  8. Panthers Draft '18

    WR DJ Moore - Really good pick. Has a great chance of being a starter across from Devin Funchess week one. CB Donte Jackson - Not sure how I feel about this one. I like that he has an attitude. But he's really small in a division loaded with huge receivers and Bradberry isn't exactly lighting it up so far. Rivera also implied we could play more man with him due to his speed but man-to-man worked out horribly for us last year. Also, larger corners Isaiah Oliver and Carlton Davis went right after him to our division rivals... S Rashaan Gaulden - Another guy with attitude. I guess the plan is to put him at SS. Rivera mentioned he can cover TEs and play well in the box. Think he might need to gain some weight, sub-200 at 6'1 right now. TE Ian Thomas - Super raw but the ceiling is high. Hopefully he pans out better than Chris Manhertz, Brandon Williams, Scott Simonson... DE Marquis Haynes - Not even 240 lbs. Just a weird pick to me unless we do some uneven fronts a la Hawks/Jaguars or put him at SAM to blitz a ton a la Von Miller or Bruce Irvin. He needs to bulk up a lot if he ever wants to play on non-third downs. LB Jermaine Carter - Good STer which is always something we can look to improve. Also forced a lot of fumbles. Could be a reserve LB. LB Andre Smith - Probably a PSer. DT Kendrick Norton - Also probably a PSer. I dunno. Seems like a mixed bag to me. We got a probable starting WR, two DBs who have a lot of question marks surrounding them, a tweener rusher, a project TE, two LBs where only one, maybe both don't make the team, and a DT who won't make the team. Meanwhile, Dave Gettleman had a great draft with the Giants, rebuilding them from the inside out and getting Barkley... sigh. I hate you, Jerry Richardson, you perverted racist POS. Can't wait for the team to be sold to someone who cares about winning and gets us a real GM.
  9. Could be a special teamer. Sounds like a two-down guy at best. Was teammates with our other seventh round pick, Kendrick Norton, in high school.
  10. Probably not making the team. Maybe he can be on the practice squad for a year and then replace Kyle Love as Poe's backup in the future. NFL.com profile says he is the son of Ken Norton, former LB, but this is false.
  11. Nickname is "Pee Wee" which gives him some points in my book. Was a team captain along with DJ Moore. Had double digit ST tackles in his first two seasons at Maryland before becoming a productive starter. Also forced seven fumbles in his career. Maybe he can battle Ben Jacobs and Jared Norris for a spot.
  12. He's not even 240 lbs. Seems like a pure pass-rush specialist unless he puts on a lot of weight. Hopefully he's more Mario Addison than Eric Norwood...
  13. Raw and also a high character guy. Lost both his parents as a kid and was raised by his oldest brother. Only had 28 catches in Indiana but he had a big game against the Buckeyes. Also looks the part. Has some mass on him and doesn't just look like a tall wideout. Hopefully he can learn over the next season or two and if he does it earlier, great. Crossing fingers that he pans out.
  14. Rookie Numbers

    Yeah, wasn't really sure how to respond to that... More Panthers updates: Donte Jackson is gonna wear 26 and Rashaan Gaulden will be sporting J-Stew's 28. Wonder if Shogun has a problem with those names or not.
  15. Rookie Numbers

    Two sort of recent draft picks isn't really a trend. Also I guess I was more specifically talking about the Panthers who haven't had a WR in the 80s since... Cotchery? Every new wideout we've had in the past six years or so has been in the teens outside of him and Jason Avant, who we had for about two games.