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  1. 2019 Offseason/Draft

    Horrified by the rumors that we may trade up for an OT or draft a DT. Honestly I think the dude I want most right now is Cody Ford. Let Moton and Williams duke it out for LT. Moton/Williams - Ford - Paradis - Turner - Moton/Williams That's potentially a very good OLine. Of course we are assuming Paradis and Williams are healthy... and that Daryl and Moton aren't one year wonders... and that Ford is not a bust. Still. There's potential. Not a big fan of Clelin Ferrell who constantly gets mocked to us. My only reasoning is that I do not like his name. Clelin. How do you even pronounce that? Would rather have Brian Burns. Alliteration is always a good thing. Montez Sweat even sounds like a scary dude who is gonna terrorize QBs. Joe Jackson is a classic football name. Chase Winovich sounds like an old school name too, possibly also the name of an All-Pro TE or OL. But Clelin Ferrell? I can't deal with that. Other players with good names: Dexter Lawrence, Darnell Savage, Rodney Anderson, Lonnie Johnson, Irv Smith Other players with bad names: Elgton Jenkins, Nasir Adderley, Taylor Rapp, Germaine Pratt, Yodny Cajuste Thank you for attending my seminar on judging prospects by their names.
  2. RB Jonathan Stewart retires

    Dude ran with a mean streak. Always falling forward and shrugging off defenders. Also had some mean stiff arms in his day. Dude basically never practiced on account of always being injured but he showed up on Sundays and did some great work. Too bad he never got a chance to be a workhorse because he could have put up some massive numbers. Wish he got more involved in the screen game. For whatever reason we only had him catch passes in 2011. Glad he came back to sign the one day deal with us. Great Panther. Anyway, hope he enjoys the rest of his life chilling with all that money. Seems like a good dude.

    Panthers' most reliable beat writer did an article saying we could take Christian Wilkins or Dexter Lawrence... even though we have KK Short, Dontari Poe, Vernon Butler, Kyle Love... think the team will just take whoever the best trenches player is at 16. Praying we don't trade up. For whatever reason, lots of major reporters are hinting that we could do that. I would die inside.
  4. What are the smartest moves made to build your team?

    Drafting Jimmy Clausen to tank so that we could draft Cam Newton. Trading a 3rd rounder for Greg Olsen. Ignoring understood philosophies such as "you don't need four starting linebackers in a 4-3" by drafting Luke Kuechly anyway (the other three being Thomas Davis, Jon Beason, and James Anderson). Gettleman not being afraid to double dip on DTs back in 2013 by drafting KK Short in the second round, nor being afraid to go against conventional wisdom by drafting a RB, Christian McCaffrey, in the top ten. Gettleman also drafted/signed 4/5 of our OLine so that's cool. Glad we fired him for Marty Hurney so that we no longer have any cap space and horrible depth.
  5. Put one in for the first time since the beginning of the year. Not my personal rankings actually but using a formula.
  6. I liked how the coaches spent all offseason saying CMC would get 25+ touches a game and then today he had just 8 carries, with most of those being in the first quarter. CJ Anderson played one snap. Curtis Samuel played three snaps. Chris Manhertz played more snaps over Ian Thomas, including a genius TE bubble screen that went for three yards. There was no hustle at all to get down the field at the end of the game (as usual). I get that we had timeouts but... we didn't even use them. So it was just like any other two minute drill that we totally suck at. Of course DJ fumbling was awful as well as just letting them run all over us. AP looked like he was young again. Really wondering if Eric Washington can cut it as a DC. We're getting gashed constantly. Defense just looked miserable outside of a couple sacks, which was nice, though the Slurs were starting a backup on the interior which helped us. We won't be as lucky when we face the defending champs this week. Probably an embarrassing loss that brings us down to 500.
  7. Does Your OL Suck? Your Coaching? How About a Certain DB?

    Panthers Are you satisfied with your OL? OL is actually pretty good so far considering how many injuries piled up during the preseason and the first month... no Daryl Williams, Amini Silatolu, or Matt Kalil who were all expected starters. Team is getting along fine without them. Are you satisfied with your coaching? I think Eric Washington is still getting the hang of being a DC. Front four hasn't lived up to expectations wrt applying pressure. And he doesn't seem to know when to blitz and when not to. I also think Rivera/Turner can be better at managing end of game or end of half offenses. We've always been slow at those. Maybe it's a Cam thing. I dunno. And Norv ran the ball on 3rd and 1 with no timeouts last week which was kinda dumb. But there's been less head-scratching calls compared to the days of Mike Shula. Is there a major leak in your secondary, and if so, who? Donte Jackson is pretty boom or bust. The guy has 3 picks so I can't complain too much. Plus he's a 5'9 rookie playing on the outside. Probably gonna be some bumps along the way. Bradberry has done OK against Julio, Odell, and Green so far. Hasn't shut them down but he hasn't let them roll all over us. Safeties have been pretty crap from injuries but Eric Reid should alleviate that.
  8. Steve Smith. Fastest, strongest, highest-jumping, meanest, and best at showboating among all wideouts throughout the 2000s. At least top five in all those categories at the last. Great playoff performer. Would block. An electric return man. Put up big numbers despite being on the most run-heavy team in the league. Just entertaining as hell to watch. Currently it would be Cam or Luke. Love how Cam loves to just have fun out there and gives it his all. Makes something out of nothing each week. Luke is all over the place making plays. Guy is a freak. Will always remember his 2013 game against the Saints where he had 24 tackles and NO only scored 13 points on 81 plays. Incredible.
  9. Bummer game. Cam played like crap in the second half, defense was horrible in second half as well, so many flags that shouldn't have been thrown and flags that should have been thrown... I couldn't even celebrate the CMC TD because of that stupid unsportsmanlike flag that had just happened. Was also very confused by what happened with that CMC run on 3rd and 1. First, terrible playcall. Second, it didn't look like he got it and the sticks weren't brought out... I thought Cam had spiked it on 4th and 1 and I was about to flip out. I just had no idea what was going on. I thought the refs made a mistake and we had lost. And then I'm seeing Gano line up on the midfield logo thinking "well I guess the game isn't over or whatever, but ain't no way this dude makes a 60+ yarder" but then he made it and I allowed myself to celebrate because holy expletiving expletive, that was incredible. Would have been good from another yard or two back. Also did anyone think Cam was sort of sidearming his passes a bit? Odd. Wonder if something is up with him. Hope we can bounce back against the Slurs next week. Defense really needs to stop being so sloppy. Maybe TD coming back will help with that.
  10. Super Bowls you skipped watching

    I haven't watched the last two. I desperately hate the Falcons, Patriots, and Eagles. Hopefully a team I do not desperately hate plays in this year's game so I can watch.
  11. Used to always be the 2008 Divisional game against the Cardinals where Jake Delhomme imploded. Then we gave him an extension afterward... we were huge favorites at home and just completely blew it to a team who was pretty bad outside of their division. Though it might be SB50 now. I actually went to the game. Had a bad feeling before kickoff even started considering the stadium was 80% orange. Then we were somehow flagged more times than we had been in five years... and then we fumbled more times than we had in more than five years... and then Denver wasn't flagged the entire second half... and then CJ Anderson scored the dagger as his family sat in front of me, who were all on their hands and knees sobbing. Ref later says the Cotchery "drop" would have been ruled a catch after a challenge if it were initially called that way. Very next play is the sack-fumble-TD. Knew the game was over right then even though it was in the first quarter. Just wasn't gonna be our day despite being perhaps the most complete team in years. Oh well.
  12. The NFLPA will get bent over again. Weren't there a handful of Steelers players crapping on Bell for not signing his tag? I mean, c'mon... with players sucking up to owners like that, what can go wrong?
  13. Sirles was part of our preseason trimming, so don't be so sure about that.
  14. The NFL is basically unwatchable as of now

    Too many flags. Bad defense. No more running the ball. For the past few years I pretty much only watch Panthers games. Been watching them on most Sundays since I was 11 years old. But ever since the lockout the game just hasn't been the same. I don't even tune in for primetime games and haven't watched the last two Super Bowls. Just hard to care. Not the same game I watched when I was younger. I imagine if the Panthers luck into winning a Super Bowl in the next couple seasons with Cam and Luke, I'll just stop watching altogether since I'll have hit the high point. Can't imagine caring much anymore once we reach the zenith. Unfortunately that probably won't happen and my emotional investment in the Panthers will ruin me for Sundays to come...
  15. We signed S Eric Reid!

    Sweet. I am worried about his concussions though. He's kinda notable for having a lot, kinda like Luke is. A clear upgrade over Da'Norris Searcy (who also just had a bunch of concussions) imo and especially Colin Jones. Also this is something that never would have happened with JR as owner, so I'm glad we have someone who is a bit more progressive minded like Tepper running the show.