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  1. Fascinating insight. I wonder if coaches give a **** about what a QB's passer rating is? Do you think they scan box score stats and base their gameplan on that? Or do you think they focus on tape? Because Cam allows the Panthers to have one of the most complex run games in the history of the NFL, in addition to being able to throw a football well enough for him to be the QB of a team that scored 500 points.
  2. Yeah, the guy who is 5-0 when his defense has something like 25+ sacks in those games and has a RB who is so good that people are saying he's the MVP is the answer at QB despite having nearly as many fumbles as touchdowns... Why don't we wait and see Cam play healthy first before crowning Kyle Allen as a savior? Jesus. The Panthers are a year removed from making the playoffs and were 6-2 before he hurt his shoulder and was incapable of throwing more than 10 yards. Every Panther fan wanted him benched so he could heal but the staff wouldn't do it for some reason. And obviously if you're someone like Cam who loves the game, you aren't going to take yourself out unless you literally cannot get on the field. Dude even didn't disclose a foot injury in week 2 that prevented him from planting and making throws. Obviously that was a primetime game so EVERYONE saw it and assumed that's just who he is now. And that leads to this stupid narrative that he's washed. He even outplayed Goff in week one when he was healthy (which may not be a big deal considering Goff is crashing into earth's core but whatever). Anyway, the whole situation is stupid. Kyle Allen is a better Derek Anderson or Matt Moore at this point. He hasn't been very good the past three games and is just playing mistake free ball. He's not winning us anything with his arm. People just look at the wins and assume it's all the QB though, I guess.
  3. Panthers vs Bucs... in London!

    Wish the offense had a better day. Couldn't get anything going on the ground and only scoring 20 points off 7 turnovers isn't that great. Even if you say there's 6 turnovers because of the game-ending pick, you would have liked to see us score well over 40 points. Of course, the entire booth was gagging on Kyle Allen even though he was only average today. The media's narrative about him being better than Cam is going to be a nightmare to deal with when Cam is healthy. Defense did their job for the most part. Bradberry lost a rare battle to Mike Evans. Usually clamps him down well. Joey Slye and especially Ray Ray McCloud are making me nervous now. Anyway, 4-2 heading into the bye isn't too shabby considering we don't have Cam, Turner, Donte, Short, or Gano around for a majority of the season.
  4. Panthers vs Bucs... in London!

    Cam Newton, Natrell Jamerson, Christian Miller, Trai Turner, Greg Little all ruled out. Dennis Daley and Donte Jackson questionable. No clue who our backup guards are, honestly. If Daryl has to go at LT in place of Daley, no idea who goes at RG. Do we still have Ty Larsen?
  5. I don't want to wake up at 9am on a Sunday. Hope Kyle Allen and newfound beast Reggie Bonnafon, along with England's finest, Efe Obada, have good games and get us a win. Need to redeem ourselves after that garbage TNF game.
  6. What’s wrong with the Browns?

    nothing is wrong. they're the browns. this is just how it's meant to be. offseason champs are never, ever the actual champs. look at the florida teams who are always about to "take the next step" since they sign the biggest and best FAs (because of no income tax). no idea why anyone would crown them.
  7. christian mccaffrey + panthers OL 866 yards through five games, second most in NFL history. only behind jim brown who had 988. got cramps in towards end of the game and backup reggie bonnafon busted a 60 yard TD as well.
  8. would be pretty interested in more x's and o's discussion from players or analysts whether in articles or on video. of course most people don't care and just read headlines. you can see it in this thread considering people are just responding to what they think of deadspin or deshaun watson's reaction instead of reading your entire OP. lol! great work everyone! julius peppers just started a weekly video series with the panthers where he breaks down the opposing offense, which is kinda nifty, though he isn't a great orator. i like some of baldinger's analysis on twitter. really the only places i know of to get more serious x's and o's chatter.
  9. Dave Gettleman and the Giants rebuild

    I think Gettleman realized he made a mistake by taking Benji/Funchess when he started going for faster guys like CMC and Samuel in his last draft. And calling Greg Little a franchise LT is a bit rich for me considering he has one start. In any case, Gettleman built rosters for the Panthers from 2013-2017 who went to the playoffs four times in five seasons. Obviously last season is another dark mark under the Hurney regime, after having several during his first tenure. His teams have made the playoffs just three times in twelve years.
  10. Dave Gettleman and the Giants rebuild

    Big Gettleman fan. The Panthers firing him is maybe the worst mistake in franchise history, which is compounded by the fact that we re-hired that idiot Marty Hurney. This is probably the most disconnected I've been from the Panthers because it's hard to root for them when it's so clear that they do not care about winning and care more about loyalty (something Gettleman doesn't care about at all). He did a great job making the team competitive despite having no cap to work with. And now with Hurney back, we are back to having bottom ten cap space and also bottom ten in players signed for next season. So depressing. There's so much work to be done on the roster and we have a guy who didn't even get an interview for three seasons while he was jobless. Embarrassing Browns-tier management. Hope Gettleman finds success with Danny Dimes, Saquon, and the new-look defense he's creating.
  11. Notable Stats and Observations

    https://twitter.com/PanthersBill/status/1178469567590535173 think this is the first time the panthers won when he went 10+
  12. It’s times for Danny Dimes!

    Dave GOATtleman knows what's up. Panthers made a huge mistake firing him for that bum Marty Hurney. Hard for me to even root for the team after that.
  13. Week 3 GDT: Panthers @ Cardinals

    Yeah, Allen beat the Cardinals and a Saints defense that was only half trying. Cam's worst enemy is himself, since he insists on playing through injuries. We gotta keep him on the bench until he's healthy. Another 2-4 games of Allen will let him heal and also let us know if Allen is potentially worth starting long-term once Cam's deal is up.
  14. Week 3 GDT: Panthers @ Cardinals

    Watching the Chiefs game. I don't know why we can't try and emulate these guys. We have fast receivers with Samuel and, to a lesser speed extent, Moore. Olsen = Kelce. CMC = Hunt/Williams/Whoever. Cam's arm isn't as powerful as Mahomes but... we can at least TRY to get these dudes blowing down the field and throwing dragons to them. Hopefully Cam is able to get his arm back, we lose Rivera/Hurney, and then hire... I dunno... Eric Bienemy, Kellen Moore, or Greg Roman. Not so sure about the GM thing.
  15. Notable Stats and Observations

    After his big game on TNF, Greg Olsen got into the top 100 in all-time receiving yardage. He also managed to surpass three TEs in career yardage during the game: Rob Gronkowski, Jackie Smith, and Ozzie Newsome. He's 5th all-time at the position behind Shannon Sharpe, Jason Witten, Antonio Gates, and Tony Gonzalez. If he gets another 800 or so receiving yards this year he can get into the top 75 all-time. But he's 2,000 yards behind Sharpe so he probably won't catch him for two more years (if he even plays that long).