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  1. Don't see week 12 in the sheet yet. So here we go posting 'em in here. Formula has Rams dropping a lot after a big loss to Minnesota. Chiefs also lower a bit. Seahawks, Bills, Titans, Cowboys also dropping. Ravens and Chargers on the rise. Lions, Falcons, Panthers all bunched up still. 01. Philadelphia Eagles (9-1) 75.48% 02. New England Patriots (8-2) 71.43% 03. New Orleans Saints (8-2) 71.33% 04. Minnesota Vikings (8-2) 70.85% 05. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-2) 68.43% 06. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3) 66.03% 07. Kansas City Chiefs (6-4) 65.15% 08. Los Angeles Rams (7-3) 64.50% 09. Detroit Lions (6-4) 62.45% 10. Atlanta Falcons (6-4) 62.38% 11. Carolina Panthers (7-3) 61.68% 12. Seattle Seahawks (6-4) 60.53% 13. Baltimore Ravens (5-5) 59.38% 14. Los Angeles Chargers (4-6) 56.13% 15. Dallas Cowboys (5-5) 52.90% 16. Houston Texans (4-6) 52.53% 17. Tennessee Titans (6-4) 52.00% 18. Buffalo Bills (5-5) 50.43% 19. Chicago Bears (3-7) 47.48% 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6) 47.40% 21. New York Jets (4-6) 46.48% 22. Washington Slurs (4-6) 46.43% 23. Green Bay Packers (5-5) 45.75% 24. Oakland Raiders (4-6) 43.78% 25. Cincinnati Bengals (4-6) 43.60% 26. Indianapolis Colts (3-7) 39.88% 27. Miami Dolphins (4-6) 39.60% 28. Arizona Cardinals (4-6) 38.08% 29. San Francisco 49ers (1-9) 37.50% 30. Denver Broncos (3-7) 35.30% 31. New York Giants (2-8) 34.45% 32. Cleveland Browns (0-10) 27.50%
  2. Evaluation of Hurney 2.0

    Yeah, Hurney's issue was being terrible at managing the cap and being unable to build the bottom of the roster - two things Gettleman was phenomenal at. The Benji thing still has to play itself out. We are only two games into not having him. Who knows how the team will handle life without him or Samuel around. Devin Funchess, Russell Shephard, Kaelin Clay, Brenton Bersin, and Damiere Byrd (eventually) is a pretty embarrassing WR corps. Funchess is the only one who other teams would want near their rosters. We will have to wait and see what he does with upcoming free agents Star Lotulelei and Andrew Norwell, along with Greg Olsen (supposedly him wanting an extension is why Gettleman was fired). Not to mention the draft, where Hurney was always trash outside of the 1st round and made awful, horrible trade ups for guys like Everette Brown and Armanti Edwards. Of course, we still have to go through a hiring process to re-hire him with the Rooney Rule and whatnot. Maybe JR will hire Accorsi again, or maybe Ron Wolff, as a consultant, and make sure we hire someone else. But seems like Hurney is at least our guy through the FA period and draft... blech.
  3. How are those Rookies Doing? Mid-Season Edition

    At the bye the Panthers rookies look like this: 1. Christian McCaffrey - Has done really well. He's always there when Cam wants to take a layup. He hasn't run much but neither has Stew until this past week. CMC probably just had his two best games actually. We'll see if Kelvin Benjamin not being on the field actually helps the run game improve like Hurney/Rivera theorize... it is working so far. CMC also draws attention away from defenders and has even thrown a few key blocks. And is an average punt returner. Leads the team in yards from scrimmage, all-purpose yards, and TDs. Not bad. I do wish we would give him more carries though. He's bound to break a couple big ones. 2. Curtis Samuel - Pulled his hammy and basically didn't practice at all during the offseason as he recovered from that. Also twisted his ankle. Then in MNF he broke his other ankle and was placed on IR. Really too bad. Guy didn't get a whole lot of touches since we were still bringing him up to speed with all the time he's missed, but he can run. Hopefully he can come in next year and do well. 3. Taylor Moton - Only comes in on jumbo packages. Played at guard and tackle in preseason and looked fine. 4. Daeshon Hall - Went on IR after the first couple games. Got a couple snaps in Week 1. Obviously you aren't gonna play a ton when you have Julius Peppers, Mario Addison, and Charles Johnson in front of you... 5. Corn Elder - Went on IR before the season. 6. Alex Armah - Healthy scratch for the first few games but has gotten more play time the past two weeks as we are adapting more to a traditional run game. Seems to be doing his job. He played TE in college so I wonder if he will get into the mix with some H-Back stuff. 7. Harrison Butker - Lost the kicker job to Graham Gano and from what I understand has been pretty great for the Chiefs. I think the only UDFA who made the team was Cole Luke but he also got thrown on IR. Really unfortunate we are only looking at CMC and Armah as finishing the year on the squad with a decent amount of playing time.
  4. It's just a formula based on strength of schedule and margin of victory/loss. Loss of 9+: 0 points Loss of 4-8: 0.75 points Loss of 1-3: 1.5 points Tie: 2 points Win of 1-3: 2.25 points Win of 4-8: 2.5 points Win of 9+: 3 points Then you factor in your opponents' win %. For example the Broncos lost to the Giants who, without their victory over Denver, are 0-8. So when doing that game, the Giants have a win % of 0. The Broncos lost by 9+. Therefore, Denver gets 0 points for that game. Denver is 3-5 without the results of that game so the Giants get 3 points for a blowout win and another 0.375 points since that is Denver's win % for a total of 3.38. Similarly, if you get blown out by a team who is undefeated, you get 1 point. If you blow out a winless team you get 3 points. Etc. Anyway I add all this up and do some division and whatnot to get the % points. Highest score is 07 Patriots with 81%. Lowest is 76 Bucs with 19%. Anyway. It isn't perfect since it doesn't take injuries into account, teams benching players late in the season, etc... but it isn't terrible. Buffalo and Dallas really tanked this week. Seahawks, Falcons, Lions, and Panthers all won and are now even closer to each other than they were last week (only 0.46% separates them). Chargers are 3-6 but are higher than the 5-4 Packers... lots of close losses for them.
  5. I'm running a formula to do power rankings. Might as well post it here rather than having my own lame thread. Let me know if the extrua stuff makes it harder to input it into the spreadsheet and I can delete it in later rankings. 01. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) 74.44% 02. New Orleans Saints (7-2) 72.03% 03. Los Angeles Rams (7-2) 69.69% 04. New England Patriots (7-2) 69.50% 05. Minnesota Vikings (7-2) 68.11% 06. Kansas City Chiefs (6-3) 67.78% 07. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-2) 65.56% 08. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3) 64.75% 09. Seattle Seahawks (6-3) 62.06% 10. Detroit Lions (5-4) 61.97% 11. Atlanta Falcons (5-4) 61.83% 12. Carolina Panthers (7-3) 61.60% 13. Dallas Cowboys (5-4) 56.92% 14. Baltimore Ravens (4-5) 55.94% 15. Tennessee Titans (6-3) 55.47% 16. Buffalo Bills (5-4) 54.36% 17. Los Angeles Chargers (3-6) 52.72% 18. Green Bay Packers (5-4) 50.00% 19. Houston Texans (3-6) 49.28% 20. New York Jets (4-6) 47.20% 21. Oakland Raiders (4-5) 47.08% 22. Chicago Bears (3-6) 46.58% 23. Washington Redskins (4-5) 46.08% 24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6) 43.06% 25. Miami Dolphins (4-5) 42.92% 26. Arizona Cardinals (4-5) 41.61% 27. Cincinnati Bengals (3-6) 41.25% 28. Indianapolis Colts (3-7) 40.03% 29. San Francisco 49ers (1-9) 38.10% 30. Denver Broncos (3-6) 33.94% 31. New York Giants (1-8) 30.25% 32. Cleveland Browns (0-9) 27.94%
  6. Panthers Put Rookie WR Samuel on IR

    Panthers since 2014 when they drafted Benji With Benji playing: 19-22-1 With Benji not playing: 19-2 Marty Hurney is a GENIUS for trading him away tbh. All of us thought it was dumb as heck at first but clearly we are not on the same plane as the GOAT GM. He and Rivera said this would allow us to put more speed on the field to get teams to stop stacking the box against us... and whaddya know... 495 rush yards the past two games! Went from averaging 97 rush yards per game to 127 in just two weeks! Of course this makes me wonder: why the hell did we always start Benji and Funchess together instead of rotating them on a constant basis? Whatever. I guess it is better to find a solution later than never.
  7. Panthers Put Rookie WR Samuel on IR

    Devin Funchess Russell Shephard Kaelin Clay Brenton Bersin Quake in fear, mortals. We should sign Smitty back for his swan song.... or, like, promote Mose Frazier from the practice squad I guess.
  8. Monday Night Football - Panthers v Dolphins

    Cam "Life is Art and" Artis-Payne with the big score
  9. I figured we should have a thread about this event since, you know, it is an upcoming football game that our favorite team is participating in. I think we'll win but you never know. We could lose. I wouldn't put it past this team to flub it on national television against a mediocre team.
  10. Here's McCaffrey showing off some upper body strength on a DE https://twitter.com/VeteranScout/status/925714508584062976/video/1 As far as in between the tackle stuff goes, most of what he did against the Falcons yesterday was power running behind rookie FB Alex Armah. His long of 17 was right up the middle.
  11. Top ten defenses

    Panthers defense is on pace for 50 sacks, has the lowest YPG in the league, and is fourth best in points. Y'all need to recognize.
  12. MVP leaders at this point.

    Totally posted in the wrong thread. as far as this one is concerned - has to be Wentz
  13. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

    Blown away we got away with this. Julio's drop scared the life out of me. Also, surprise - offense is still terrible with Benji gone. Didn't help anything. Cam has been our leading rusher for four straight games, which is embarrassing. Funchess and CMC are apparently the only people capable of getting open. Was Dickson even targeted outside of that one overthrow from Cam? Curtis Samuel couldn't get open on that third down towards the end even when covered by a limping Robert Alford... If we didn't have Cam and his will to win + the defense playing pretty good we would be doomed. Also, shoutout to Palardy and Gano who have both been great this year.
  14. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

    Like last week.... I'll be blown away if we win. No Ryan Kalil, no Kelvin Benjamin, no Greg Olsne, maybe no Trai Turner... basically the better half of our offense is all hurt/not on the team. Defense hasn't performed against top tier QBs this year and has instead only feasted on crap QBs.
  15. Biggest Disappointments So Far?

    The Panthers offense. Thought that Cam, CMC, Samuel, Olsen, the big WRs, Stew, etc would make for a dynamic offense. Instead Cam's arm is dead from the rotator cuff surgery, the OLine is so bad that our only consistent rush yards come from Cam's scrambles, Olsen has been out for two months, Samuel's hammy has been acting up so he hasn't done anything, and we traded one of those big WRs away for a 3rd round pick. I thought we'd be exciting to watch but I look forward more to the DLine feasting with Luke and TD cleaning up after them.