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  1. Norv Turner

    I'm willing to give anyone a chance after Shula. Definition of uncreative and unwilling to change. I mean, we've been running variants of a Norv offense all this time anyway considering Chud was a disciple of his and Shula basically made Chud's offense a bit more power-oriented in the run game. Maybe having the real thing will rejuvenate us. Hopefully he's a hardass on Cam since, from what I understand, Dorsey and Shula were not. Bit being optimistic as a Panthers fan has never worked out... oh well.
  2. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    We'll still probably draft a WR. Devin Funchess Curtis Samuel Torrey Smith Jarius Wright Draft Pick Then maybe Damiere Byrd... Anyway, we signed S Da'Norris Searcy (Titans), CB Ross Cockrell, (Giants) and OG Jeremiah Sirles (Vikings). Cockrell would be in line to start. Sirles and Moton will fight for LG spot. Searcy is probably just safety depth... As far as the draft goes, we also met with RB Nick Chubb, S Justin Reid, and RB Rashaad Penny.
  3. Mid-FA Period Mock Draft (Jets Trade)

    We have Shaq Thompson, who has improved each season. He'll be TD's replacement. Short moving to DE would be dumb as heck. Having his interior pressure and soaking up double teams is what allows our DEs to pick up more sacks. Maybe the best 3T in the NFL after Aaron Donald. Why would we get rid of that advantage... ?
  4. Mid-FA Period Mock Draft (Jets Trade)

    I'd be pretty blown away if the Panthers took a LB and NT considering we're pretty stacked at both positions. Think they'll also avoid big wideouts for awhile after Benji and Funchess weren't a great duo. It is something they'll likely target though. Not sure Falk would fit into an offense that revolves around throwing it deep most of the time. Again, a position we'll have to address in the draft more than likely.
  5. Draft Rumors

    Most reliable Panthers beat writer says 1. Panthers will skip on the free agent RB pool and probably draft someone to replace Jonathan Stewart. 2. Despite almost picking Hunter Henry and OJ Howard, team is probably now looking to sign a TE to replace Ed Dickson rather than draft a rookie. 3. Depending on what happens with FA Derek Anderson, team is probably going for a day 3 QB to develop as Cam's new backup. 4. Will probably continue adding to WR corps in draft. 5. Will probably target a safety in the draft. 6. Not interested in any LBs or DTs given the depth at both spots. So for any mockers.... RB, WR, S, and QB seem like near-certainties.
  6. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Cam at QB, Poe at FB, CMC at RB. Mismatch nightmares!!! We're meeting with Eric Ebron but I would rather go with Luke Willson... Voth says we were talking about a trade for Ebron with Detroit. Blech. Every Lions fan I know hates his guts.
  7. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Breeland is a nice pickup. A large improvement over Worley and Seymour at least. Peppers coming back is of course great. Sad but not surprised to see Stew, Star, and Norwell leave. Teddy Williams is also a Giant now. I expect we will still target a safety (Ron Parker?), guard/center, nose, TE (Luke Willson?), and maybe another WR in free agency. Derek Anderson is a big question mark. If he retires or signs elsewhere, we'll have to draft a QB since there's no way we're going into the season with Garrett Gilbert as Cam's backup... I figure we'll look at a McCaffrey compliment in the draft in addition to more WR, DB, and DE help. Voth seemed to hint that we aren't looking for a rookie TE to pair with Olsen and that LBs are essentially off the board.
  8. Worley is bad. Lost playing time to some dude named Kevon Seymour. Complained on twitter about it. Had more flags than anyone else on our defense. Not gonna miss him. Trading him for Torrey seems kinda dumb tho since we could have just waited for him to be released.
  9. Panthers officially named Marty Hurney their GM.

    harrison butker was a 70% kicker in college. i don't think a single person on earth, except for butker i guess, would have anticipated him becoming so good. and graham gano has arguably been a top five kicker since we signed him. 2016 was his only not great season. he led the NFL in fg% and touchback % last year. i don't get why some fans hate gano so much. anyway this hire sucks.
  10. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Our LB coach is the former DC for Air Force. Forgot his name. Too lazy to look up. We also interviewed Lake Dawson a second time. Hopefully we hire him. Done with Hurney. Was done with him several years ago, actually.
  11. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Yeah, Cardinals poaching LB coach Al Holcomb to be DC. And OL coach Ray Brown to have the same position. I imagine Sammy Mills becomes the new DL coach. John Matsko could be "demoted" from Run Game Coordinator to OL coach, though I'm not sure there was a big difference between the two. No clue who could become LB coach.
  12. Would cry tears of joy if Carolina managed to get Ridley. Not a fan of Harrison in the second but whatever, doesn't matter, we got Ridley.
  13. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    He wasn't fired. His contract was up. He was mostly just hired because we had no other options at STC last year. Probably didn't get along all that well with Rivera. He'll probably latch on with a new HC.
  14. Offseason Prediction

    I would rather gamble on Taylor Moton succeeding Norwell than have lord knows how much guaranteed money tied up in our interior. Back in 2014 Rivera even said Norwell was on the verge of being cut until he got to play with the 1s and suddenly looked better when surrounded by stronger talent. I don't trust it. We don't have an NT to replace Star. His backup is Kyle Love. The market is probably not great (Dontari Poe is a possibility I guess but it isn't like he'd be cheaper than Star). If we don't have a good NT our defense will be horrific. Star soaks up a lot of double teams that allow KK, Mario, and Peppers to feast. Gano just led the NFL in FG%. He also consistently leads the league in touchback %. He's been a top five or ten kicker since joining the team outside of the 2016 season where he stank for whatever reason.