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  1. NYC is expecting the situation to only get worse. We had nearly 100 reported deaths today. De Blasio said it will only ramp up over the next month or two and that we will be out of ICU beds in less than 48 hours. Atlanta is already out of ICU beds. Not sure how these large cities are going to host NFL games when everyone is dying or sick and afraid to be around crowds. Fully expecting every sports league to have their season be postponed/canceled.
  2. Packers to sign WR Devin Funchess

    devin boringcheckers GOAT
  3. Redskins overpay a 5th rounder for Kyle Allen

    He wasn't a rookie and he didn't make his first start last season either for that matter.
  4. Redskins overpay a 5th rounder for Kyle Allen

    Kyle Allen is awful. No pocket presence, can't read defenses, doesn't have a strong arm... he can run around and pad stats when the 1st read (CMC or DJ Moore) gets open though. Glad he's off the roster and cannot believe we netted something in return. Rare good move by Hurney.
  5. 2019 Panthers Off-Season Thread

    Not excited about Bridgewater at all. Our god awful defense will need us to score a lot of points quickly and he was a game manager for the Saints, who had a great defense last season along with a great OL and numerous weapons that are superior to ours. Don't see his success there translating to us. This off-season has been a disaster. Not sure how any Panther fan can be inspired. Jettisoned nearly every good player, hired a coach who brought over his entire staff that couldn't even win the Big 12, and now we have Teddy Bridgewater leading the team... ?
  6. Panthers signing QB Teddy Bridgewater (3 years, $60 M)

    he's going to get his leg obliterated again behind our OL
  7. Panthers give permission for QB Cam Newton to seek trade

    god i hate marty hurney and dave tepper
  8. Giants sign CB James Bradberry (3 years, $45 M, $32 M gt'd)

    Another good player the Panthers lost. Sweet!
  9. Chargers trade LT Okung to Panthers for G Trai Turner

    Not his fault but they are important to mention when talking about how doomed this franchise is.
  10. Chargers trade LT Okung to Panthers for G Trai Turner

    Samuel is good. It isn't his fault Kyle Allen and Will Grier (two Hurney additions) are unable to hit him. Guy is constantly open. Funchess and Benji were integral to playoff runs in '14, '15, and '17. My bad on Tolbert and also... Turner is better than Moton. Hurney has always been good at finding elite talent in the 1st round but he simply cannot build through the rest of the draft or with FAs. He has shown this for, like, thirteen years. We have three playoff appearances with him and the most recent one was 2008 (I don't count 2017 since Gettleman built that roster). There is no defending him as a GM. He wasn't interviewed while he was jobless for a reason.
  11. Chargers trade LT Okung to Panthers for G Trai Turner

    Gettleman didn't want to cut them. They both had a year or two on their deals and were already asking for extensions. No GM with a clue would do that. Turner is the best OL the Panthers have and is pretty rock solid, if not a Pro Bowl caliber player. Realistically, not a single football player should be paid $15m per year to play a stupid game but Bradberry is probably the best defender on the team now and we're gonna let him walk. Gettleman drafted or signed Short, Star, Peanut, Coleman, Mitchell, Mikell, CMC, Samuel, Moton, Shaq, Turner, Norwell, Daryl, Benji, Funchess, Ginn, Tolbert, Bradberry, Harper, Palardy, and various other players who led to our playoff run. Hurney built the core nucleus with Cam, Luke, TD, Greg, and Kalil, sure... but... the team never did anything when Hurney ran the team with that nucleus. Gettleman did. No Hurney stan can ever defend this because he is indefensible. Dude doesn't have a clue on how to do anything besides draft 1st rounders.
  12. Chargers trade LT Okung to Panthers for G Trai Turner

    Good players the Panthers had going into this off-season: Cam Newton - might not be on the team next season Christian McCaffrey - a RB whose prime is about to be wasted on a rebuilding team DJ Moore - more than likely won't have a QB worth a damn to throw to him Greg Olsen - cut Trai Turner - traded KK Short - recovering from season ending injury Luke Kuechly - retired Shaq Thompson - signed to gigantic deal, meanwhile... James Bradberry - ... word is we are letting a borderline top ten corner walk lmfao! Marty Hurney is a genius! Reminder that the Panthers traded two picks to jump for Greg Little in last year's draft. And now have traded for Okung. Firing Gettleman is the worst mistake this franchise has ever made, regardless of what he's doing with the Giants. The team was simply one of the best in the NFL when he was running the ship. Hard to even care about this POS team these days.
  13. 2019 Panthers Off-Season Thread

    Trading Trai Turner for a dude who is five years older and is a one year rental is, how should I say... stupid.
  14. 2019 Panthers Off-Season Thread

    @BringinDaPain Our staff is over half Baylor coaches. None of whom had significant experience in the NFL (Rhule was an asst OL coach, Snow was a LB coach, Brady was an asst as well). Hard to be inspired.
  15. Team needs for every team 2020

    Panthers have needs pretty much all over the entire team. QB: Assuming Cam is jettisoned so this is a desperate need. RB: CMC is good and the backups are fine, not really priority but a late round flyer would be fine. WR: DJ Moore is good and Curtis Samuel is OK, no depth and could use a bigger guy to help out the smaller speed options here. TE: We have nothing here. OT: Taylor Moton is okay but Greg Little and Dennis Daley didn't have inspiring rookie campaigns so gonna consider this a major need. OG: Trai Turner is good everyone else is bad. C: Matt Paradis is a huge FA bust. Need depth as well. DE: Brian Burns is only edge player signed for next season I think. Irvin, Addison both FAs, Horton retired. DT: KK Short is only interior guy signed for next season with Dontari Poe being a likely cap casualty. LB: Shaq Thompson is good but the depth is mediocre and not sure we have anyone even 1/5 as good as Luke. CB: Bradberry and Cockrell are FAs. Donte Jackson sucks. Desperate need. S: Eric Reid is OK. Tre Boston will probably re-sign. Could use depth though. K: Graham Gano missed all of last season and was inconsistent in 2018. Joey Slye is bad. P: Palardy is good. LS: Jansen is good. Good thing we have a ton of needs with Marty Hurney still employed as our GM and a Baylor guy with no NFL experience as his new assistant.