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  1. Yeah. 1. Fire Gettleman. 2. Re-hire Hurney. 3. Keep Hurney... ? 4. Back to back seasons of bad drafting and 7+ game losing streaks. 5. Hire Matt Rhule and his entire coaching staff. 6. Through cuts, trades, or retirement, lose Greg Olsen, Luke Kuechly, Cam Newton, James Bradberry, Eric Reid, Mario Addison... you know, all the good players basically. I don't know why anyone would be excited unless you think Hurney and a college coaching staff are good ideas.
  2. Trading up for a small school safety (in the second round) doesn't make me that happy actually! Athletic freak for sure though. Compares physically to Simmons and, according to mockdraftable... his top comparison is Boss Bailey. Hope he works out. PFF said his worst game was against Arkansas St, also the best team he faced (the other FBS team he faced was UMass), and he did poorly in the Senior Bowl. Hard to get excited.
  3. First round picks Marty Hurney has drafted: Julius Peppers, Jordan Gross, Chris Gamble, Thomas Davis, DeAngelo Williams, Jon Beason, Jonathan Stewart, Jeff Otah, Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, DJ Moore, Brian Burns Second round picks Marty Hurney has drafted: DeShaun Foster, Bruce Nelson, Keary Colbert, Eric Shelton, Richard Marshall, Dwayne Jarrett, Ryan Kalil, Everette Brown, Sherrod Martin, Jimmy Clausen, Amini Silatolu, Donte Jackson, Greg Little I don't think any GM has been as good at drafting in the 1st as Hurney. I also don't think any GM has been as bad in the 2nd as Hurney. Lo
  4. It is truly, truly bizarre how he might legitimately be the greatest GM in the history of the NFL at drafting 1st rounders and completely whiffs on 2nd rounders every time except that one time we got Ryan Kalil. And I guess Richard Marshall who was good enough to start for four years.
  5. A valid point but I feel like good LBs have longer shelf lives than good DTs, if you want to look at it as a long game. And this class is supposed to be pretty deep along the DLine. Elliott, Epenesa, Madabuike, Weaver (built like our old friend Charles Johnson), Gallimore, Greenard, Lynch, etc. are all still on the board and would be improvements over Stacey McGee or Woodrow Hamilton or whoever our backup DEs are. But there's only so much talent for off-ball LBs or swiss army knife guys in a draft. Also I'm now remembering that our 2nd round pick doesn't matter because Hurney cannot draft
  6. Really wanted Isaiah Simmons. Derrick Brown is supposed to be an elite run stopper but we don't really see that much running in our division. Atlanta, New Orleans, and Tampa all love passing. Would be nice to have two rangy LBs with Shaq and Simmons to stop the flats and Gronk and Cook and Hurst... And Simmons can even probably cover some slot guys really well or help bracket receivers out wide as a safety. Tahir Whitehead is worthless in coverage and we don't have a SS or nickel (or any corners?) for that matter. Simmons would have solved a lot of problems at once.
  7. Isaiah Simmons and Jeff Gladney would be great. Drafting a Temple/Baylor player is a huge meme at this point for the Panthers but we do have a desperate need for interior help and Hennessey can kick out like Ryan Kalil used to and help pave the way for CMC. Would really need to binge on DL in later rounds though. Our depth chart is absolutely brutal.
  8. dude's career is gonna be wasted on this garbage fire team. guess he values money over playoff success.
  9. NYC is expecting the situation to only get worse. We had nearly 100 reported deaths today. De Blasio said it will only ramp up over the next month or two and that we will be out of ICU beds in less than 48 hours. Atlanta is already out of ICU beds. Not sure how these large cities are going to host NFL games when everyone is dying or sick and afraid to be around crowds. Fully expecting every sports league to have their season be postponed/canceled.
  10. He wasn't a rookie and he didn't make his first start last season either for that matter.
  11. Kyle Allen is awful. No pocket presence, can't read defenses, doesn't have a strong arm... he can run around and pad stats when the 1st read (CMC or DJ Moore) gets open though. Glad he's off the roster and cannot believe we netted something in return. Rare good move by Hurney.
  12. Not excited about Bridgewater at all. Our god awful defense will need us to score a lot of points quickly and he was a game manager for the Saints, who had a great defense last season along with a great OL and numerous weapons that are superior to ours. Don't see his success there translating to us. This off-season has been a disaster. Not sure how any Panther fan can be inspired. Jettisoned nearly every good player, hired a coach who brought over his entire staff that couldn't even win the Big 12, and now we have Teddy Bridgewater leading the team... ?
  13. he's going to get his leg obliterated again behind our OL
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