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  1. Does Your OL Suck? Your Coaching? How About a Certain DB?

    Panthers Are you satisfied with your OL? OL is actually pretty good so far considering how many injuries piled up during the preseason and the first month... no Daryl Williams, Amini Silatolu, or Matt Kalil who were all expected starters. Team is getting along fine without them. Are you satisfied with your coaching? I think Eric Washington is still getting the hang of being a DC. Front four hasn't lived up to expectations wrt applying pressure. And he doesn't seem to know when to blitz and when not to. I also think Rivera/Turner can be better at managing end of game or end of half offenses. We've always been slow at those. Maybe it's a Cam thing. I dunno. And Norv ran the ball on 3rd and 1 with no timeouts last week which was kinda dumb. But there's been less head-scratching calls compared to the days of Mike Shula. Is there a major leak in your secondary, and if so, who? Donte Jackson is pretty boom or bust. The guy has 3 picks so I can't complain too much. Plus he's a 5'9 rookie playing on the outside. Probably gonna be some bumps along the way. Bradberry has done OK against Julio, Odell, and Green so far. Hasn't shut them down but he hasn't let them roll all over us. Safeties have been pretty crap from injuries but Eric Reid should alleviate that.
  2. Steve Smith. Fastest, strongest, highest-jumping, meanest, and best at showboating among all wideouts throughout the 2000s. At least top five in all those categories at the last. Great playoff performer. Would block. An electric return man. Put up big numbers despite being on the most run-heavy team in the league. Just entertaining as hell to watch. Currently it would be Cam or Luke. Love how Cam loves to just have fun out there and gives it his all. Makes something out of nothing each week. Luke is all over the place making plays. Guy is a freak. Will always remember his 2013 game against the Saints where he had 24 tackles and NO only scored 13 points on 81 plays. Incredible.
  3. Bummer game. Cam played like crap in the second half, defense was horrible in second half as well, so many flags that shouldn't have been thrown and flags that should have been thrown... I couldn't even celebrate the CMC TD because of that stupid unsportsmanlike flag that had just happened. Was also very confused by what happened with that CMC run on 3rd and 1. First, terrible playcall. Second, it didn't look like he got it and the sticks weren't brought out... I thought Cam had spiked it on 4th and 1 and I was about to flip out. I just had no idea what was going on. I thought the refs made a mistake and we had lost. And then I'm seeing Gano line up on the midfield logo thinking "well I guess the game isn't over or whatever, but ain't no way this dude makes a 60+ yarder" but then he made it and I allowed myself to celebrate because holy expletiving expletive, that was incredible. Would have been good from another yard or two back. Also did anyone think Cam was sort of sidearming his passes a bit? Odd. Wonder if something is up with him. Hope we can bounce back against the Slurs next week. Defense really needs to stop being so sloppy. Maybe TD coming back will help with that.
  4. Super Bowls you skipped watching

    I haven't watched the last two. I desperately hate the Falcons, Patriots, and Eagles. Hopefully a team I do not desperately hate plays in this year's game so I can watch.
  5. Used to always be the 2008 Divisional game against the Cardinals where Jake Delhomme imploded. Then we gave him an extension afterward... we were huge favorites at home and just completely blew it to a team who was pretty bad outside of their division. Though it might be SB50 now. I actually went to the game. Had a bad feeling before kickoff even started considering the stadium was 80% orange. Then we were somehow flagged more times than we had been in five years... and then we fumbled more times than we had in more than five years... and then Denver wasn't flagged the entire second half... and then CJ Anderson scored the dagger as his family sat in front of me, who were all on their hands and knees sobbing. Ref later says the Cotchery "drop" would have been ruled a catch after a challenge if it were initially called that way. Very next play is the sack-fumble-TD. Knew the game was over right then even though it was in the first quarter. Just wasn't gonna be our day despite being perhaps the most complete team in years. Oh well.
  6. The NFLPA will get bent over again. Weren't there a handful of Steelers players crapping on Bell for not signing his tag? I mean, c'mon... with players sucking up to owners like that, what can go wrong?
  7. Sirles was part of our preseason trimming, so don't be so sure about that.
  8. The NFL is basically unwatchable as of now

    Too many flags. Bad defense. No more running the ball. For the past few years I pretty much only watch Panthers games. Been watching them on most Sundays since I was 11 years old. But ever since the lockout the game just hasn't been the same. I don't even tune in for primetime games and haven't watched the last two Super Bowls. Just hard to care. Not the same game I watched when I was younger. I imagine if the Panthers luck into winning a Super Bowl in the next couple seasons with Cam and Luke, I'll just stop watching altogether since I'll have hit the high point. Can't imagine caring much anymore once we reach the zenith. Unfortunately that probably won't happen and my emotional investment in the Panthers will ruin me for Sundays to come...
  9. We signed S Eric Reid!

    Sweet. I am worried about his concussions though. He's kinda notable for having a lot, kinda like Luke is. A clear upgrade over Da'Norris Searcy (who also just had a bunch of concussions) imo and especially Colin Jones. Also this is something that never would have happened with JR as owner, so I'm glad we have someone who is a bit more progressive minded like Tepper running the show.
  10. Last time we went up against these guys it was our franchise's only tie. Hoping to avoid the same outcome this week! No Trai Turner still (concussion) or Da'Norris Searcy (IR with second concussion this year) or Curtis Samuel ("minor heart surgery"). Damiere Byrd (knee) and Donte Jackson (hamstring) should be cleared though. Practice squad CB Josh Hawkins replaces Searcy on the roster. Hoping we can contain AJ Green and Geno Atkins. Team did well stopping Julio last week at the expense of letting everyone else get open... however I'm not sure I'd place Cincy's skill players on par with Atlanta's. Greg Van Roten and Tyler Larsen will have their hands full with Atkins and hopefully we can stick with the run game a bit more unlike last week, when we only ran 18 times and had Cam set a personal record for most completions in a game (32). Bengals will be without Joe Mixon and hopefully Gio Bernard won't have a Tevin Coleman-esque game. I have to imagine that the run defense gets back on track and last week was just an anomaly. So yeah I think we probably win this one though it'll be closer than I had imagined before the season began.
  11. Week 3 GDT: Bengals @ Panthers

    Yeah, pass rush has been disappointing these past two weeks. Nice to see Efe Obada have a big first game. Donte Jackson appears to be a ballhawk, though to be fair two of his picks were ducks. Nice to see the team finally let CMC run. 28 carries for 184 yards. Wish we got to see DJ Moore get more to do. I feel like I always see him as a decoy for end arounds and if we target him, it's always some dumb swing pass... can't we just treat him like a normal wideout? Meanwhile, Calvin Ridley has four touchdowns already for Atlanta. Who I wanted us to pick. Sigh. Not that I'm hating on DJ, I just don't know why Norv isn't trying to utilize a guy with his skillset in a more efficient way. It isn't like Wright or Torrey or Funchess are fast, tackle-breaking, agile runners.
  12. Week 2 GDT: Panthers @ Falcons

    We actually have the bye after Cincy. So 2-1 into the bye and hopefully 3-1 after we get to go up against our old pals Shula and Gettleman.
  13. Both teams have been hit pretty hard with injuries this week. Falcons lost SS Keanu Neal for the season as well as LB Deion Jones who might make an appearance later in the season. We've just lost OT Daryl Williams and TE Greg Olsen... Williams is getting surgery and Olsen re-fractured his foot from last year... OG Trai Turner also has a concussion and may not be cleared in time to play. All with Matt Kalil on IR as well. Looking at an OL lineup of Moton / Van Roten / Kalil / Amini or Ty Larsen or Brendan Mahon / Amini or Corey Robinson. We also signed former Texans OL Chris Clark to fill in for Williams' vacated roster spot. Personally I hope Rivera is somehow convinced not to start Amini... he is so bad. I'd rather give Robinson a shot with Larsen at LG. It'll be interesting to see how our run game works with Neal, a box safety, and Deion being out. Hopefully we can just pound the rock all day. We've always been good at that even when our OL isn't particularly talented. Ian Thomas could get the start and he'll likely be covered by DeVondre Campbell who is solid. Not sure I'm expecting much out of Thomas really. Though being with Olsen and Norv gives him a great opportunity to learn a lot and get involved quickly. I'm sure Matt Ryan won't put in another sub 50% completion game. He's back in his dome and our secondary will be tested unlike last week, when Dak just threw the ball in the dirt a bunch and had no one getting open. Julio vs Bradberry or Donte scares the heck outta me. If the Falcons had Keanu and Deion I'd for sure say we lose but if we can sustain some long drives running the ball we might be able to pull off an upset victory.
  14. Week 2 GDT: Panthers @ Falcons

    I do wish we ran the ball more. 18 rushes at nearly 7 yards per. No reason to give up on it so soon. Passing numbers are nice but we're still at a low YPA. Still think we're only at one 20+ yard completion, which was DJ Moore's TD. By the way... why is Moore not seeing snaps? It took an injury to Wright for him to get in there. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to stick with Funchess, Torrey, and Wright only when you have a dynamic first rounder in there who is far the biggest threat with YAC among your guys and probably the fastest too... also not sure why our offense took 20 seconds to lineup on that last drive when we had a TO and we could have, like, spiked the ball or something?? Always been an issue at the end of games in the Rivera/Cam era. No idea why there's a lack of urgency. Defense was awful. That second Ratt rushing TD was probably he most humiliating play our defense has had since Haruki Nakamura let Roddy White get behind him. No pass rush. Missed tackles. Da'Norris Searcy and Donte Jackson both had to leave. Everyone biting on play actions. Just terrible.
  15. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    I'm pretty certain it is universally regarded as a truth that JB Cooter is a better playcaller than Mike Shula. And the same goes for the Panthers running game working because of Cam's ability to run the ball (option, scrambles, best short yard rusher in league, etc). The Panthers (generally) have a good defense and that's about as far as you'll get with Cam having a helpful supporting cast. Let's not forget that one of these QBs had Calvin Johnson and gets to play in a dome while the other did/does not. Anyway, maybe this would be easier if you just got to the point and told me why I, or anyone for that matter, should think Stafford is as good as (or better than) Cam. I can't imagine a scenario where they trade places and Detroit gets worse or Carolina gets better.
  16. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    So... Cam wins in spite of a poor supporting cast while Stafford loses with one? Sounds like you're making my argument for me. Also, Cam doesn't open the season at home and immediately throw four interceptions.
  17. Top 10 General Managers

    Kevin Colbert, Steelers Rick Spielman, Vikings Dave Gettleman, Giants Howie Roseman, Eagles Thomas Dimitroff/Scott Pioli, Falcons Bill Belichick, Patriots Steve Keim, Cardinals Les Snead, Rams Ryan Pace, Bears Dave Caldwell, Jaguars Maybe something like that.
  18. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    You and maybe a handful of Lions/SEC fans. No idea why people like Stafford. Puts up pretty numbers but can't win.
  19. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    Sorry. But also, Matt Stafford is winless against teams with winning records this season.
  20. Week 1 GDT: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

    We win but lose Greg Olsen and Daryl Williams, probably for awhile. Amini Silatolu at RT is gonna be a nightmare. Really just seemed like more of the same old Panthers except throwing the ball deep a lot less. Damiere Byrd, Luke Kuechly, and Mike Adams also had minor injuries.
  21. Kerry Collins started ***180*** games for six different teams and spent maybe one season as a top ten QB if that. Though he did make it to the Super Bowl that one time. Ryan Fitzpatrick has started 119 games for seven different teams and has never started a playoff game.
  22. Rod Woodson for the Panthers. He can either be a shutdown corner or rangy safety. And a good returner. I could say that we need OLine help but our OLine has been subpar for several seasons and we still do pretty well all things considered. However, our secondary has lacked ever since Rivera/Cam got here outside of flashes from players for one or two seasons (Josh Norman, Mike Mitchell, Kurt Coleman) and everyone else is either average (James Bradberry, Mike Adams) or bad (Haruki Nakamura, Antoine Cason). Give me someone elite.
  23. cool. submitted mine.
  24. Week 1 GDT: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

    david tepper GOAT or just, like, doing a normal thing that normal teams do, i guess. but maybe also GOAT
  25. NFL historical oddities, weird facts, stats and trivia

    I remember watching this game. Ty Law had a pick six. Then Otis Smith had a pick six that was called back... then he had a pick six that was not called back. Also, that game was scheduled for week two of the season. It was pushed to week seventeen because of 9/11. So the Patriots' next game was against the Jets and that's when Mo Lewis knocked out Drew Bledsoe. So... if 9/11 hadn't happened we may never have had Brady take over for Bledsoe. In addition to, you know, lots of other more important things.