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  1. Looks like we may get a new owner sooner than expected. Being reported by ESPN and the Panthers made a statement that a legal firm is doing an investigation... led by a minority team owner (who is a former White House Chief of Staff). Awful to hear that there may have been any of this happening in BOFA. Probably good for the franchise if Richardson is forced to sell though. His sentimentality with firing Gettleman to bring back Hurney was going to ruin the team's future. I hope we can get a progressive owner who cares about winning and isn't a complete ****** in CBA matters.
  2. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    Congrats on the gig! And yeah, we need to root against Atlanta and Seattle every week, not just this week...
  3. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    Run game was noticeably better with Ryan Kalil in there. And we had some inside runs for CMC which was good to see. Defense was still playing aggressive when we were up big. Keenum was killing us with his scrambles though and we did get lucky on the non-catch (again, similar to ASJ's drop against the Jets). I feel like we should just bench Olsen until week 17 and let his foot rest. His limp scared the crap outta me.
  4. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    I've been posting on FF for seven or eight years and never had an issue with anyone. Any Panther fans here can vouch for me. I've talked crap to plenty of users before. Only one has cried to mods about it. Maybe someone else needs to take a good look at themselves. And that is my final post on the issue!
  5. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    I have said "***" several times on this board and the old one and never got into trouble. Wasn't aware it was an issue. Won't do it again. And don't protect @vike daddy's feelings. If he can dish it out, he can take it.
  6. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    Yeah. Hey @vike daddy nice loss today dude. Case "No Neck" Keenum is gonna get clowned on in the playoffs and the Vikings will end their season once again as a ringless franchise. Best of luck in your future endeavors!!!
  7. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    where's that one vikings fan who said they weren't tired and were gonna beat the crap out of us LOL that dude
  8. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    Well their interior OLine is being shuffled around since Pat Eflein or w/e his name isn't playing. So that might be useful. [removed]
  9. Game starts in a couple hours. We need somewhere to complain about losing. Looks like no Greg Olsen today but we will be seeing Marshon Lattimore. Expecting a pretty big loss to be honest. Late game + Superdome = bad news
  10. Bottom 5 starters for your team, last 10 years

    OT Byron Bell - Started from 2011 thru 2014 OT Mike Remmers - Started from 2014 thru 2016 WR Legedu Naanee - Started in 2011 (eventually Brandon LaFell took over) DT Sione Fua - Started in 2011 K Olindo Mare - Started in 2011 and 2012 (replaced by Justin Medlock) HMs: WR Legedu Naanee, FS Haruki Nakamura, OT Matt Kalil, DT Terrell McClain I didn't include Jimmy Clausen or Nate Chandler since they were backups. I would love if, one day, we didn't have complete garbage starting at OT.
  11. Commissioner you.

    1. Get rid of the national anthem before games and any other jingoistic and/or corporate colluding horse ****. 2. Fire Nike from designing uniforms. 3. End TNF except for the opener and Thanksgiving. 4. Three division games in first eight games and three in last eight games. 5. You will rotate opening at home and on the road each season as well as closing at home and on the road. 6. Marijuana is legalized. 7. End international games. 8. Bring back the unique Super Bowl logos. 9. Move kickoffs back to the 30 and touchbacks back to the 20. 10. Let coaches challenge penalties. 11. Get rid of the Ty Law rule. 12. Defensive holding is no longer an auto first down. 13. Bring back 5 and 15 yard facemask penalty distinction. 14. Donate half my salary to CTE research. 15. Let teams wear their throwbacks again. 16. Work on the CBA to bring back more padded practices. 17. Only get to use the franchise tag on someone once. 18. Get Metallica to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. 19. End the color rush eye sore uniforms. 20. Any DV incident results in a year suspension. His salary will be donated to his team's local women's shelters, Planned Parenthood, etc. 21. Ban Vontaze Burfict and Gregg Wiliams from the NFL.
  12. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    Same issues though. Playcalling sucks. No run game. Matt Kalil. Except you have to throw in "terrible defense" for this past game. Which isn't going to help when we face three top ten offenses/QBs in the next four weeks. In fact, we haven't exactly performed well against good QBs this year at all. Even with the Falcons game, Julio straight up torched the defense and if not for his drop, we would have lost the game. And without Benji or Samuel I don't think we have it in us to win a shootout. Our receivers are terrible. Shepard has like four or five drops in the past three games. Even Funchess suffers from drops. Then Kaelin Clay, Brenton Bersin, and Damiere Byrd ain't much to work with either. Olsen is a question mark. I just know better than to have faith.
  13. Week 13: Panthers @ Saints

    I suggested that they MIGHT be tired. Thankfully you came in to clarify that they are indeed, NOT tired. I would prefer the forum be dead than to have it poisoned with your "insight" if you don't mind.
  14. Week 13: Panthers @ Saints

    You're walking into our team forum and trying to talk crap about how tough the Vikings are. Please spare us.
  15. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    Panthers probably lose everything except Bucs game. We could be seeing us, the Falcons (two games against Saints, us, and Tampa), and the Packers (Browns, us, Lions, Vikings) all going 9-7. And the Panthers would own the tiebreaker should that happen, shockingly.
  16. Week 13: Panthers @ Saints

    Don't get your little feelings hurt. I don't actually think we're going to win next week.
  17. Week 13: Panthers @ Saints

    Yeah, I was really rooting for Tampa to beat Green Bay, but no... now we're probably facing Rodgers. Today sucked. Kamara must have grease all over his body or something. Dude isn't even big and people just fall off him. On offense, I had no idea what Shula was doing several times. QB draw on 2nd and long? Stupid triple option on 2nd and long? 4th down and 6... nobody goes 7 yards past the sticks. 3rd and 4, Funchess and Bersin are standing next to each other 20 yards down the field. Why? And it doesn't help of course when we have 3 or 4 drops. Or Palardy just straight up dropping a clean snap. At least the Vikings are on a 3 game road trip (game 3 being us next week) so maybe they'll be worn out?
  18. Best Practice Squad Player?

    Probably Zack Sanchez... ? Definitely not Robert Aguayo.
  19. Your Team's Success vs Busts in the Last 5 Drafts

    2013 Star Lotulelei - Pretty great. KK Short - Even pretty greater. AJ Klein - Solid 3rd/4th LB for us, became a traitor and starts for the Saints now Edmund Kugbila - never played a snap, not even the preseason Kenjon Barner - didn't do anything with us but Chip Kelly was obsessed and he's stuck around in Philly 3/5... two starting DTs and a role player turned spot starter, not terrible.... Bonus: UDFAs included Melvin White who started a season and a half for us and Robert Lester, who picked off Tom Brady on MNF 2014 Kelvin Benjamin - pretty solid when he isn't giving up on routes but it turns out we do better without him, so... Kony Ealy - had a memorable SB50 performance but was pretty streaky otherwise... traded Trai Turner - pretty good! Bene Benwikere - had a solid two seasons before getting cut and hasn't landed anywhere Tre Boston - decent spot starter, bad starter... now looking OK with Chargers as far as I can tell Tyler Gaffney - injury issues have stopped his career from amounting to much Like... 3/6? All of these guys are gone and/or suck now except Turner but we wouldn't have made the playoffs in 14 and 15 without their help Bonus: UDFAs include current starter Andrew Norwell, Wes Horton who is a rotational DE, and former WR Philly Brown 2015 Shaq Thompson - not starting over TD but he's become a great blitzer this year and draped himself over Larry Fitzgerald in the 15 NFCCG Devin Funchess - morphing into our #1 wideout Daryl Williams - spent two years on the bench and is a large improvement over Byron Bell and Mike Remmers who had been our RTs the previous seven years David Mayo - appears to be filling in the AJ Klein role nicely Cam Artis-Payne - looks to be the future J-Stew 5/5... all of these guys are contributors in their third seasons and will probably complete their rookie contracts Bonus: UDFAs include Damiere Byrd who is probably going to get a large amount of snaps in today's game 2016 Vernon Butler - hard to say since he isn't getting a ton of PT over KK and Star, but he's made a couple splash plays this season James Bradberry - gonna be a starting corner for us for awhile Daryl Worley - really not a fan so far Zack Sanchez - on and off the roster Beau Sandland - great name but didn't even last on the PS I'll go 2/5 but really it is too early to tell on the first three picks. Bonus: UDFAs include Jared Norris, who is a key special teamer 2017 Christian McCaffrey - gonna be a focal point for the offense for years to come Curtis Samuel - hammy issues kept him from practicing much and getting up to speed but boy is he fast and made a few nice plays when he got the chance Taylor Moton - only comes in for jumbo packages so can't say much about him at this point Daeshon Hall - went to IR after playing in a game or two Corn Elder - went on IR before season began Alex Armah - didn't begin season on 53 but made his way there, is a solid blocker, was a healthy scratch last week with Olsen active Harrison Butker - lost kicking job to Gano but is doing great in Kansas City I dunno.... 4/7? Hard to say. I would say a 7th round FB playing in two games where we ran for 495 combined yards is a success. Moton being our 6th OL as a rookie is good, right? Bonus: UDFAs include Bryan Cox Jr. who is gonna get a lot of snaps over the next month with Charles Johnson being suspended So that's 17/28 which is higher than 50%. Not bad! Good thing we fired the guy who made all of these picks!
  20. New rankings! 01. Philadelphia Eagles (10-1) 76.30% 02. New England Patriots (9-2) 72.39% 03. Minnesota Vikings (9-2) 71.18% 04. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-2) 68.18% 05. New Orleans Saints (8-3) 67.95% 06. Los Angeles Rams (8-3) 66.02% 07. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-4) 64.66% 08. Atlanta Falcons (7-4) 64.09% 09. Carolina Panthers (8-3) 62.50% 10. Seattle Seahawks (7-4) 62.32% 11. Kansas City Chiefs (6-5) 62.05% 12. Baltimore Ravens (6-5) 60.34% 13. Los Angeles Chargers (5-6) 58.73% 14. Detroit Lions (6-5) 57.45% 15. Tennesee Titans (7-4) 53.89% 16. Buffalo Bills (6-5) 52.52% 17. Houston Texans (4-7) 50.80% 18. Washington Slurs (5-6) 49.49% 19. Dallas Cowboys (5-6) 49.32% 20. Green Bay Packers (5-6) 46.41% 21. Cincinnati Bengals (5-6) 46.36% 22. Oakland Raiders (5-6) 46.34% 23. New York Jets (4-7) 46.09% 24. Chicago Bears (3-8) 44.91% 25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) 44.43% 26. Arizona Cardinals (5-6) 40.96% 27. Indianapolis Colts (3-8) 39.48% 28. Miami Dolphins (4-7) 37.98% 29. San Francisco 49ers (1-10) 35.86% 30. Denver Broncos (3-8) 35.14% 31. New York Giants (2-9) 32.05% 32. Cleveland Browns (0-11) 25.82%
  21. Week 12: Panthers @ Jets

    Have a chance to tie the Saints record-wise here against a team that simply isn't as good as we are and with the Saints playing the Rams... Some injury notes: Looking like Captain Munnerlyn isn't gonna play. Has an illness (flu?) that has kept him out for three straight days. I imagine Shaq could get a lot of his snaps... who is our fourth corner? I have no idea. Oh yeah, Ladarius Gunter... or Colin Jones. Greg Olsen is probably starting but it isn't clear how many snaps he'll play. Ryan Kalil is probably gonna get some snaps but doesn't seem like he'll start. Ty Larsen is also still recovering from an injury from MNF. Makes our center situation tricky... Very possible we see Greg Van Roten out there on the first snap. As long as we don't screw up on offense and turn the ball over I think we will win. Jets only have 19 sacks on the year (7 in one game against Buffalo) so hopefully the OLine can hold up. Their offense doesn't really frighten me at all. But we lost to the Bears so I guess anything can happen...
  22. Kelvin Benjamin trade to the bills was a good thing

    Panthers with Kelvin Benjamin: 19-22-1 Panthers without Kelvin Benjamin: 20-2 I blame Shula. Also... Funchess in 3 games without Benji: 17-286-2 Stew in 3 games without Benji: 43-157-1 CMC in 3 games without Benji: 27-151-2 // 10-90-1 Run game has been much better without him. And Funchess is playing the best ball of his career.
  23. Week 12: Panthers @ Jets

    Cam's thumb must be really screwed up (was limited in practice because of it this week). Dude was off big time today. Worley looked like crap, still. Captain Munnerlyn needs to feel better. Our secondary depth is just trash. Good to see Luke and Clay come up with the big time touchdowns though. We dodged a lot of bullets (dropped picks, the ASJ drops, Stew's fumble). No Armah was a bummer today and the run game was pretty anemic for the most part outside of CMC's big run. I wish we'd keep him active. Annoying that we're 8-3 and have the Saints, Falcons, Seahawks, and Lions to still compete with, but also cool that the Saints just went on an 8 game win streak and we have the same record. Pretty much a must-win game next week. Rams gave us a blueprint... Hopefully Olsen, Munnerlyn, TD, Funchess, and the good Kalil are ready to suit up.
  24. Units with the most depth

    Panthers DLine: KK Short, Star Lotulelei, Mario Addison, Julius Peppers, Charles Johnson, Wes Horton, Kyle Love, Vernon Butler
  25. Don't see week 12 in the sheet yet. So here we go posting 'em in here. Formula has Rams dropping a lot after a big loss to Minnesota. Chiefs also lower a bit. Seahawks, Bills, Titans, Cowboys also dropping. Ravens and Chargers on the rise. Lions, Falcons, Panthers all bunched up still. 01. Philadelphia Eagles (9-1) 75.48% 02. New England Patriots (8-2) 71.43% 03. New Orleans Saints (8-2) 71.33% 04. Minnesota Vikings (8-2) 70.85% 05. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-2) 68.43% 06. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3) 66.03% 07. Kansas City Chiefs (6-4) 65.15% 08. Los Angeles Rams (7-3) 64.50% 09. Detroit Lions (6-4) 62.45% 10. Atlanta Falcons (6-4) 62.38% 11. Carolina Panthers (7-3) 61.68% 12. Seattle Seahawks (6-4) 60.53% 13. Baltimore Ravens (5-5) 59.38% 14. Los Angeles Chargers (4-6) 56.13% 15. Dallas Cowboys (5-5) 52.90% 16. Houston Texans (4-6) 52.53% 17. Tennessee Titans (6-4) 52.00% 18. Buffalo Bills (5-5) 50.43% 19. Chicago Bears (3-7) 47.48% 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6) 47.40% 21. New York Jets (4-6) 46.48% 22. Washington Slurs (4-6) 46.43% 23. Green Bay Packers (5-5) 45.75% 24. Oakland Raiders (4-6) 43.78% 25. Cincinnati Bengals (4-6) 43.60% 26. Indianapolis Colts (3-7) 39.88% 27. Miami Dolphins (4-6) 39.60% 28. Arizona Cardinals (4-6) 38.08% 29. San Francisco 49ers (1-9) 37.50% 30. Denver Broncos (3-7) 35.30% 31. New York Giants (2-8) 34.45% 32. Cleveland Browns (0-10) 27.50%