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  1. Week 6 GDT: Which QB will have the most swagger?

    Any affection I once felt for that team evaporated when they relocated to that trash city. Relocation. Single most disgusting concept in American sports. Alongside refs screwing the Browns on purpose. still... I’ll take an induction into the san diego chargers hof if there’s one going around. I can’t catch a break with the Browns hof. I would say it’s xenophobia stopping me from getting in but you guys seem to love Mega Ron. Just because he he flew for about 42 hours out of a 48 trip to watch the Browns... big deal I might just start a Darnold hof to get you all back. Thick, trunky coastal kids allowed only.
  2. The Overrated, Irrelevant Measurement

    6’2 is fine. I consider that tall.
  3. The Overrated, Irrelevant Measurement

    Mattering less and less now though as we move to a glorified college offense era and get the ball out fast to playmakers on quick hitters and let them make the yards.
  4. The Overrated, Irrelevant Measurement

    QB Height is very important in my opinion. Brady is pretty much elite in every aspect of quarterbacking but it’s his height that often isn’t spoken about I think. The sheer number of passes he is able to complete from within the pocket when the rush comes around him and he steps up into it is hugely helped by the size of the guy. You see him standing in there taller than everyone else and able to see and deliver. It’s absolutely a positive factor. That being said, if you can play, you can play. But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the GOAT QB is pushing 6’5.
  5. We Found Our Man

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m sort of on that fine line between being super hyped and losing my mind just because we can actually win a game now, and at the same time trying to remain calm enough to see that we have only played a few games in what will hopefully be a career of hundreds of games for these guys.
  6. We Found Our Man

    That’s fair. I respect your opinion, that’s for sure. For me, I think Mayfield and Darnold have had the best moments but even they have made mistakes and had growing pains. Darnold vs us in that second half couldn’t do anything. Baker vs Oakland turned the ball over too much and made a bad decision in overtime. But then they’ve shown real promise. Darnold vs Detroit and the poise on his debut to comeback from that first throw. Darnold vs Denver yesterday with a couple of brilliant bombs in a difficult game. Baker vs Jets with the epic debut and command of the offense. Baker vs Ravens with the key overtime clutch play in a difficult game. Statistically there isn’t a great deal between them either way. They’re both showing they can win and make plays. It’s early though. I don’t even want to say Josh Allen sucks at this point. Even if the eyeball test and his stats would suggest so.
  7. We Found Our Man

    @Mind Character I wasn’t calling you out exclusively bro. I just meant more your general point about Year 1, 2, 3 and other qb ‘struggles’. More so I meant that in general it’s way too early, and I felt your post had a few elements in it that are perhaps a bit too early to declare in the grand scheme of things.
  8. We Found Our Man

    I’m not judging any of them in a particularly major way yet, that’s my point. They’ve played a few games. Read my post again Thomas. I am not using his completing percentage against him. I’m simply bringing up that if I have a primary worry about Baker, it’s his play vs the blitz. I only brought up one stat about his numbers vs that category yesterday to bring light to my slight worry. We have to be allowed to be objective in here, even if it’s about the qb we all love. I think it’s a stretch to say any of the rookie qbs have been “the best by a wide margin”. Though I would say Mayfield and Darnold have been the two best. Allen has been the worst.
  9. We Found Our Man

    Chill. It’s a quarter of the way through a rookie season. You’re writing as if you’ve seen the future. Darnold has a better TD:INT ratio than Mayfield currently. They’ve both had games with multiple turnovers. They’re all going through good moments growing pains. Except Josh Allen, who looks utterly lost out there (take snap. bail right. heave it late out of bounds or into hands of db). I have always maintained what my biggest worry with Baker was/is. Versus blitz or collapsing pocket. I never doubted his ability to zip it in when he has time. I doubted how that would translate when facing tougher pressure where his lack of height might show up in the pocket. He was 42% vs the blitz yesterday. I feel very good about him being our franchise QB because I’ve seen a lot of nice things, primarily accuracy and a great demeanour. But let’s not act like he’s perfect, the other guys suck and it’s set in stone. It’s been a few games. Not even Josh Allen is a guaranteed bust at this point, even if that seems quite likely.
  10. Week 5 GDT: Browns vs. Get Your Own Team

    Watching it live at the time I thought Baker got tricked and thought they were playing press man but the corner bailed late. I think Mayfield decided before the play when he saw the corner come down that he had a 1 on 1 and predetermined he was going for the big ball. Rookie error with predetermining where the ball is going to go regardless is a fairly common mistake and I think that was the case with Baker there. Might be wrong though, that was just my thoughts as it unfolded in real time.
  11. Denzel Ward

    Dude is an animal
  12. We Found Our Man

    He’s doing well and is bringing a spark to us that no other QB was able to for a long time. I do think he needs to improve vs the blitz and pressure. I think he completed 42% against that yesterday. That was always my main worry with Baker, how he does against pressure when his lack of height means he can get enveloped a bit. There were a couple of sacks he took where he didn’t seem to cope well with the pressure collapsing the pocket. With time, he is really nice. I’d say he’s doing about as well as we could hope for at this early stage. Expecting a 2:1 TD:INT ratio as many were always felt a bit too lofty. 59% and a 1:1 TD:INT ratio isn’t great but it’s doing the job because the team is performing really nicely with complimentary football in the most part and doing a good job of hitting key moments.
  13. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Very deep dynasty league with absolutely nothing on the waivers unfortunately. Thankfully Callaway/Drake will only be the last flex option of a big lineup.
  14. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Kupp and Brown for me. Non ppr, pick two of: Will Fuller vs Dallas Antonio Callaway vs Baltimore Kenyan Drake at Cincinnati