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  1. Awful matchup for the Niners. Everything they did was built off running the ball and minimising Garoppolo. The Bucs have a truly lethal run stopping unit with unreal speed. Vea, Suh and Gholston would have shut that down early. White and David would have had field days. Garoppolo being forced to win the game would have been a disaster against that unit with at least a couple of easy picks, probably to Linebackers dropping into coverage. Meanwhile, Brady would have no problem identifying what kind of game he needs to play to win. He is the best at that and will always play to the situation
  2. Brady coming out of the Bye was pretty much a zero turnover QB for about 8 games, if you remove the INT flurry in the NFCC, which SBLIII has contextualised. The only other pick was against ATL on a perfect pass to Scotty Miller which is one of the strangest INTs you'll ever see. I still don't know how the ball never touched the ground and popped up the way it did.
  3. 97. 54 Total TDs, took a 7-9 team with a losing culture to a Super Bowl championship in Year 1. His only real struggles at any point came via natural bedding-in and adaptation problems due to everything new and covid, in the first half of the year. Out of the Bye, through to the end of the Super Bowl, he was the best QB in the league and typical Brady. Never looked like throwing a pick outside of that second half NFCC flurry, which even then, if you really analyse a couple of the picks, were the result of a tipped catch and then a blown protection/3rd down anyway that were self-prese
  4. Perhaps, but they also only scored 10 points in the final three quarters in the first game against the Bucs, with Eric Fisher, once the Bucs realised it might not be an idea to play one-Cover. That game was also one in which the Bucs were without Vita Vea and Jamel Dean on the D, and Ali Marpet on the OL. Vita arguably being the single most important player on that unit, Dean being the fastest DB, and Marpet being their best interior OL. I think the Bucs just figured out how to slow down the Chiefs during that first game, and thankfully had a second shot at them in the Super Bowl to show
  5. Every post of yours seems to resort to 'Brady fangirls' or 'Mahomes haters'. It's a bit strange, as it almost reads as if you can't understand why someone would choose Brady as a favourite over Mahomes. Strange, because they've met twice now in huge playoff games and Brady has won both. But one thing I can't disagree with, Chiefs sure sleepwalked to the Super Bowl, as they are a great side. They just got smacked about when they got there by the better one. Historical trends and the odds make it unlikely, but I personally wouldn't be that surprised to see a rematch next season.
  6. You say it as if it's a lazy take. It's a team with a new QB that won the Super Bowl in Year 1, during a pandemic, entering Year 2. That QB being the greatest to play, Tom Brady, who has not missed the playoffs in nearly 20 years, and been to the Super Bowl in over half of the seasons that he has played in. Of course it's unlikely that any team goes undefeated, but I'd argue it's more likely than Brady and this absolutely loaded Buccaneer team missing the playoffs in a division with a Brees-less Saints, underwhelming Falcons, and a rebuilding QB-less Panthers. Consider what the Bucca
  7. Indeed. The ultimate irony being that Peyton Manning was actually the one who had to bring his system to Denver because he couldn't run Kubiak's boot action stuff. Meanwhile TB12 is tops in the league in 20+ yard completions. But that's just something I mention for a bit of banter. In reality it's no indictment at all on Peyton, I would never expect nor want him to run a rollout offense. Just find it funny when you consider the system QB narrative launched against Brady for two decades.
  8. Bill's a very good coach. But he has over 100 games without Brady and has a losing record. He was 5-11 and then 0-2 and about to lose his job before Brady changed everything. He's also the GM of the Pats and responsible for the trash roster they have, because he flopped on numerous 1st and 2nd round picks, and neglected the offense knowing that Tom is the ultimate cure-all. But it's not even about Brady vs Bill really. My issue is more with those who just can't acknowledge the obvious. That the Player is always more important than the Coach, or more specifically, that the Quarterback is a
  9. Was always obvious that it was Brady. I didn't know why people fought it back then, and I don't know why they still do now.
  10. People hate because he's the greatest, has crushed their teams for twenty years and they are sick of his dominance. I find it weird personally, but it's pretty obvious. I've always thought he was a pretty humble guy and the epitome of a team guy. Especially when compared to some QBs in this league.
  11. Wills. Best tackle on current ability in the class imo. Thomas. I think Kinlaw is a little bit better but not so much that taking the Tackle is wrong. Becton. Mammoth size is hugely appealing. Wills. More ready than Wirfs and experienced playing RT because Tua is a leftie. Ruggs. Chaisson reminds me of Mingo (physically weak tweener) and Ruggs’ pure speed is tantalising in the offense. Ceedee. He’s the better player. Evans and Ceedee outside, Godwin slot. Unstoppable. Becton. Both are freakish projects but I’ll take the monster. Taylor. Special back. Though p
  12. What’s the future contract situation like with Evans and Godwin? Is there a general feeling in Tampa that both guys will be locked into being long term Bucs? Is there any possibility that signing Godwin could mean Evans is moved on a couple of years down the line? I might be going after Evans in Dynasty to stack with TB12 and would appreciate some knowledge from you guys!
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