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  1. most accurate passer in nfl history? i’ll take that
  2. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Njoku is a specimen. If the offensive talent on this team comes together, it’s a seriously frightening offense. Juice is an unbelievable signing. Njoku is a nightmare. Callaway is a real talent but unfortunately he looks on the verge of throwing it all away, I hope he can get himself together as a person and be a professional. Higgins has ability. And then obviously Flash... the ultimate wildcard. We could use an outside threat that is a stable personality, but if Callaway/Gordon can stay on the field, or even just one of them, we have the ability to do damage against any defense. Need to get the running game going but there should be talent there.
  3. Elite franchise qb? the idea of a Browns qb being in that tier is almost too good to be true. it would be incredible to go into every game with the belief that our qb is one of the best players on the entire field.
  4. Hard Knocks Discussion

    But that genius Jimmy Haslam chose to keep him around, what do I know?
  5. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Haha. Relax with the ad hominem arguments fella. Why don’t we look at this objectively? 1-31. That’s a good start. An offensive coordinator with a better HC record than Hue biting his tongue because he can clearly see mismanagement of the players. Who’s much smarter than me? Jimmy Haslam? Ha. Ok then. Because that’s who decided to keep him around. A ringing endorsement if ever there was one. Basically I see it like that ex Colts punter does. What a surprise eh, not everyone sees it like you do.
  6. Hard Knocks Discussion

    JJ is a 3x DPOY. Nassib has 5.5 career sacks. Hue... every interaction with the coaches and players, basically I see it how that’s colts Punter with the radio show sees it.
  7. Hard Knocks Discussion

    hmm, Hawkins went from 113 targets before Flip to 44 with him. Probably just a personal beef. He did a superb job with Wentz and Foles and they gave him glowing refs on the way out. Whether it's Flip or some other young, innovative mind, I think it's important for Mayfield that he is paired up with someone fresh next year. Hue gives me zero confidence in everything he does.
  8. Hard Knocks Discussion

    I think Baker will be coached in 2019 by someone like DeFilippo. I hope so. Hue is clearly inept.
  9. Hard Knocks Discussion

    grow up you chump. aren't you the guy who thought osweiller would be our QB for the next decade lol.
  10. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Be as condescending as you like. If you can’t see that the coaches on this team are another in a long line of cheese balls to be exposed as inept on Hard Knocks, that’s on you. Defend Hue if you want and pretend he didn’t look like a clown for an hour straight. Maybe he’ll win another game at some point in the next two years to validate it.
  11. Hard Knocks Discussion

    All I know is we got some cheesy coaches for a 1-31 team and some attention seeking bum players that ain’t done a thing in two years. At least we got rid of Coleman. What a loser that guy is.
  12. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Carl Nassib was the most annoying character in the show and that says a lot considering we came across like a bunch of disorganised, try-hares (except the QBs and Landry). This bum has 5.5 sacks in two years. Talking all this bro nonsense about investing and he went to a Taylor swift concert and lined up for a photo, wooaaah. Top banter there. Really funny. These guys don’t respect Hue, not really. You got Jamie Collins rolling his eyes at Gregg Williams. A recently traded for DB and a 1st round rookie stood there basically pissing around in front of Hue. Todd Haley is the only one who seems to both command respect and have a genuine understanding of how far behind this 1-31 team is. He’ll be the coach by midseason.
  13. You’re missing my entire point. Preseason means almost nothing to me. It’s not like the real thing. Making judgments on Mayfield, Darnold and Kizer (the reason I brought him up) is pretty redundant when it comes to Week 1 of preseason.
  14. Comparing the avg ypa on the back of a preseason game against vanilla non-gameplanning defenses as some kind of evidence for I don’t know what. That Mayfield is a downfield machine and Darnold is a checkdown master? And finding it funny that in your opinion, the opposite of what ‘Darnold fans’ thought is what happened. All I’m saying is it was 20 snaps for both of them against bums in the first preseason game. Kizer was throwing bombs last year at this point. It’s pretty meaningless. I don’t even mind the crowning of Mayfield as I just see that as fanatic support which I suppose is what the game is all about. But every post seems to have some kind of dig at Darnold and those that liked him. I made a positive post about Baker and mistake tells me he’s surprised by my change of opinion. My opinion of his talent and potential hasn’t really changed. But him being a Brown has. Yet it’s almost as if I can’t support the dude now! I’ll be honest - this is what I think. I think he will be ok at best but I lean towards him being unable to overcome the high level pass rush and elite defenders of the nfl. Particularly interior pressure. I worry about his reliance on certain template moves often which I think work against basic athletes but won’t against top tier defenders. I thought before the draft that a 23 year old four year college starter #1 pick should be ready to play and excel straight away. I also think I don’t care about all of that stuff now because he is a Brown.
  15. One preseason game. I don’t think it really says anything about either one, other than they both handled any nerves well. You can call out the Darnold fans as much as you want but imo it’s only coming across as a bit insecure to be honest. Would it help if I wrote in capital letters that I want Baker to succeed more than I do Darnold. Quite frankly I don’t really care about what happens with Darnold now. Like the guy so I would prefer if he doesn’t fail but he’s a Jet so it’s really not important. Just want Baker to succeed. What Mind said is probably the most accurate post I’ve seen in here since the preseason game. I would like to see him do well against a-gap pressure and genuine starting level pass rush pressure. I expect we will only see that in the regular season, which again, is exactly why preseason is pretty irrelevant to me.