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  1. I wish I had, My one move was getting the host to tell you I was a good guy.
  2. Plano has a great mall and good food. As far as I know, Malf offers none of that.
  3. Thats not even a legit question. I would hug josh 10 out of 10.
  4. I will do anything you tell me. Unless Ted overrides you. He is my #1 on this site, but you are really close.
  5. I have a really wild story I want to share. But I need @Glens permission, because it takes some backstory that is intimate in nature. And he said I am gross arse for ever going there. But this story is off the rails to me.
  6. This is one of those self brags that you got me to PM you "idle". As if every didnt know exactly who that 10th person was.
  7. I gotta tell you, your gif game the last month or so is off the charts. Probably best on the entire site tbh.
  8. As you know, I am trying to play this game with no effort at all. So whatever Ted did, I copy that.
  9. Do you have the ability to delete my post. If so, I think I over stepped my bounds the last 2. Please erase them. If you cant, maybe @Webmaster can throw me a bone.
  10. For the record, I would date the hell out of des if that was my jam. He is really good looking. But I am plus 1ing you for this.
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