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  1. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Well boys, I'm going to miss you all. I said a while back that if the Eagles win the 'bowl, Im out. And I am sticking to it. Ive had a blast the last ~15 (?) years I have been posting here with you all. I have considered you all buddies and some of you have actually become real life friends (especially those that I text/know on facebook). I am not going to tag anyone from this forum as I know I will leave someone out. Just know that if you spent any amount of time posting with me, I will miss the camaraderie, the debates and the endless trash talk. It's been a daily part of my routine for a really long time. If any of you ever want to touch base, my info is pretty well known (Get in touch for Fantasy Football next year!!). If you ever see this name on any social media/gaming/etc, its me. Say hi. @Kiltman @ianlewis16 => I'll let you disseminate the information to the Eagles posters. Tell them congrats. As friends I know they are experiencing immense joy tonight. Savor it. Many fans never see one in their life, so the magnitude of the victory should be enjoyed. I will miss you bunch of whackos as well. As a Cowboys fan, I hate you all. B60 Ill see you in the post FF.com afterlife soon. #gainz @EliteTexan80 @iPwn @The LBC @bucsfan333 @MathMan => My Mod/TAST bros. Ill miss following all the wonky adventures of that subforum. Not to mention destroying you all in mafia. Its been an awesome run. Tell the homies there I'll miss them and to check in sometime, im not that hard to find. @domepatrol91 - feel free to sign me up for the next game. Without me being here to play, you scrubs might actually be able to lynch me . And with that, I leave you with this: -Matts4313
  2. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    With your passion for subtle hints, if there is every a game with a dreamer and you start posting John Lennon quotes, Ill clear ya!
  3. Blackshore Mafia - Nurses Win!

    Youre right. Its not quite a fair fight. It would be pointless. And humiliating for you.
  4. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    All the investigations were balanced by there being 5 others and the vig coming up as scum.
  5. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    I wouldnt have said anything about my role. I probably would not have used it N1 and waited till people started getting cleared via investigation or in this case revives.
  6. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    I planned my claim early and breadcrumbed the hell out of it with all the "enhanced" stuff. I think Bucs gave me drunk cop or something other as a cover, but I knew that wouldnt work. I figured I could last at least a few nights and draw attention off the other scum. When you all bought in, I legit lost my ish thinking ET80 had won. I was so mad. I was like "not again. I did gud and I lost. AAAAHAHHH!!". I was effing irate in Chat. But Seriously, I got the roles that LTBF and Sanchez pretended in Fallout Mafia in the next two games. I think that says something to how much we all enjoyed @Whickers game. I absolutely trust both host and believe they are of the highest integrity. But I would be lying if both times I opened the PM i thought "Jesus man, WTF am I going to do with this role? Host did this ish to me on purpose". But thanks for the compliment tho!
  7. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    He should have been lynched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We moved your vote on to him in OT to create a double OT. We owned your vote that night.
  8. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    Which made me super paranoid because you later made a comment that "maybe mafia has enhanced hits on odd nights".. And I was like... "oh crap, there is another watcher who saw me hit someone".
  9. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    I thought you were the SK and an other. But we wanted to keep you around because you were killing off the others.
  10. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    This is like if the Eagles win tomorrow, saying Foles is better than Brady.
  11. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    Its really didnt. He just thinks it did because I said "dont kill me I wont kill you" in an offhanded remark. And then later said "Here are 3 options I can do with my hit, if we want to discuss". He took the first one way, way too literal and ignored the rest of the commentary that day.
  12. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    UNT and I had the same conversation after he died. At that time there was 0 pressure on me/hockey/mookie and I made the comment "It makes it really easy when everyone else claims for no reason.
  13. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    Oh my god. I had one story and I posted it during the OT. I said "THERE IS A VOTE DOUBLER, THATS A MAFIA MOVE, EVERYONE TO UA". .......uuuuhhhhhh I am getting frustrated that you cant understand this. And as an other with no win con, you shouldnt care if I am mafia. Even if you found me, its irrelevant to you.
  14. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    1. First, thats just UNTs opinion. The way I would state it, is you better have a "complete" story. And on top of that, I am a much better player than that scrub @theuntouchable, so I dont follow his stupid advice anyways. 2. You would be wrong about thinking I played it terribly. And no one will agree with that stance (aside from your brother). So if every vet/knowledgeable player/etc all disagree with you... maybe your opinion is wrong? Have you considered maybe your opinion is wrong? The host even confirmed that the way I played kept the mafia from hitting me. Which allowed me to relay all of TK3s and Hockeys information.
  15. A Chaotic Mafia - jfinley88 WINS!!

    1. If you didnt have a win condition and didnt care if it meant I could be civ... then why did you care so much if it meant I was mafia. As @Tk3 always says, leave the games in the past. You arent going to be productive if you want revenge. 2. LOL. I played that way because *I WAS A CIV SPECIAL IN CHATY WITH A CIV SPECIAL*. I was trying to avoid a hit. It worked, beautifully. Nothing you did effected me at all aside from being annoyed. You did nothing to help town during that. Literally it was completely a bad play and like 5 people told you that after the game. This is a prime example of how you are not able to look past your own thoughts. You never, ever once considered that there maybe a reason for me to play my hand that way... and that it could be protown. It never crossed your mind. And you were dead wrong. Thats exact point I made above. You get an idea in your head (every single time wrong so far) and you pound the table with it. And your brother follows along. If there is one thing I could stress - just learn to open your mind a bit. Im done. It just doesnt matter.