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  1. quaint seaside village mafia sign-ups

    Well when you put it like that...... I have a feeling @Malfatron wont be happy with me though.
  2. Coaching Staff

    I speculated that on the last page. It seems like a huge contradiction for MM to say his biggest mistake ever was giving up play calling.... only to give up playcalling again. This doesnt pass the sniff test.
  3. quaint seaside village mafia sign-ups

    Risky move putting me in the game. I am 100% pming ET80 first thing. Modkill incoming.
  4. @AZ_Eaglesfan remember when I very clearly pointed this out to you, and you said I was doing "mental gymnastics"? Maybe stop being a homer broseph. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/16/jon-runyan-defends-decision-not-to-fine-jadeveon-clowney/ It feels good to have an Eagles player cosign.
  5. quaint seaside village mafia sign-ups

    I want to sign up exclusively to troll @ET80. Game ethics be damned, I am pming him.
  6. Coaching Staff

    I wonder if Kellen forced the issue. Like he wouldnt comeback if he couldnt call plays.
  7. Coaching Staff

    This is shocking. Also happy bday
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I take it back. I dont love you.
  9. Do you not remember D1 of star trek mafia when I made this same complaint? I nailed Swag and no one would listen.
  10. If you need a cohost, I am happy to help. I don't think I can dedicate time to playing right now.