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  1. I just assumed. Texas 9s was written, ya know.
  2. The NFC East Thread

    I was in Houston all weekend. Throw your stones if you must, but Ive already read the last few pages. Congrats to you all. I hope the Vikes beat you by 50.
  3. Boondock Saints Mafia

    I agree with this. But I will play. I just think you would have more activity if perhaps you waited until a week or two
  4. Boondock Saints Mafia

    its done
  5. TBF - the almighty Billy B/Brady combination also have not made a single NFC Championship game.
  6. Dude, just last year we lost our starting QB, won 13 games had the best record in the NFC and almost beat the best QB in the NFL.
  7. Speed Mafia: Sword => Shotgun => Zombie

    Did yall even use your guns?
  8. Speed Mafia: Sword => Shotgun => Zombie

    Well, the final tie breaker just passed... and seeing as your a saints fan.... @EliteTexan80 Wins!!! BTW - - sorry for disappearing. I left for Houston and forgot my laptop.
  9. https://phillyviews.com/hate-the-philadelphia-eagles/
  10. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

  11. Speed Mafia: Sword => Shotgun => Zombie

    Only for sword fights.
  12. Speed Mafia: Sword => Shotgun => Zombie

    Clarification => You can only change weapons with someone after you kill them. So say I am a zombie and I kill someone with a sword. I can take that persons sword and then go kill someone I know that has a shotgun. Im running this on the honor system. Though lets run with the idea you must tell the person you killed that you are taking their weapon. that way theres no cheating.
  13. Speed Mafia: Sword => Shotgun => Zombie

    I think you are in battle with UNT right now.