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  1. Is a QB "elevating talent" a myth?

    I think QBs can elevate their WRs and help their OLs. Romo for years made no-name WRs look good in spurts. Im sure every great QB has done that with someone. As for the OL, good pocket awareness, ability to read a defense and a quick release greatly helps in pass protection.
  2. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Dak had an incredible game against Minny - The #5 scoring def. You just hate Dak/Cowboys and it is abundantly clear you cant view us without supreme bias.
  3. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    lol. Okay Rammy. Whatever you say. I really think you struggle to read and comprehend things. My argument has been that he is a borderline top 10 QB (playing more like top 5 this year). I said that he, Wentz and Goff were the same tier for literally years. I think many people would agree with me. This is the most stupid take I have seen on FF in quite a while. Its horrendous and you should be ashamed of yourself for even stating it. Translation? And what happens if he shows out? PS - Where is that proof? Or are you just lying, again?
  4. W12 News and Notes - B Broaddus leaves Cowboys

    Beat you to it I wonder what happened. He has been gone for like 2 weeks due to "personal issues". I wonder if this was his choice or ours?
  5. Dak or Wentz

  6. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

  7. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Funny as I almost never, ever make big claims and you are making all this up. But please, show me an example.
  8. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    lol, wtf are you talking about? speaking out of your rear.
  9. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Dont think anyone said that. You guys had one of the best records in the league, it was always going to be a tough game.
  10. Notable Stats and Observations

    Obviously for non NFCN players, right? He wouldn't be doing better in 4 games versus divisional guys in 6. Correct, it would be for a non-divisional player.
  11. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Man I hope we crush you guys in a couple weeks.
  12. Draft watch 2020

    Cause you looking in the wrong place silly . Jamal Adams Not for their asking price this season. It was absurd.
  13. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Im worried about Dak this week. He has been throwing some very high risk/reward passes this season. You can get away with those against the Lions. But against the #1 group of DBs led by the #1 coach of all time? It could be a long day.
  14. How good is Carson Wentz

    Im not disagreeing with you. If you remember during this summer, when your entire forum was bashing me, I predicted this. I said the Eagles roster is old which leads to injuries. Which has hurt you. I said Pederson had an incredible staff before and doesnt now, which could hurt you. And I said Wentz is a top 10ish QB but not a top 5/elite guy. Wentz is going through the samething that Dak did at then end of '17/start of 18. His surrounding cast and coaching are hurting his individual performance. And due to their ineptness, Wentz is not playing with confidence.