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  1. Sean McVay vs Doug Pederson

    unilike you, I knew we well blues
  2. Jesus effin Christ. You support his back to back RB strat? I knew I should have banned you from this website.
  3. I think they should be the Norte Americano Federales
  4. How would you rank the QBs in each division?

    Are you wanting us to rank them as which division is best or which QB in the division is best? 1. If Jones/Haskins pan out the East is going to have a really good QB division for ~10 years. 2. Dak, Wentz, Jones/Haskins is the order.
  5. Full Team Fantasy Draft (Discussion Thread)

    Boom. And with that I have the only defense that can play every single defense there is.
  6. Full Team Fantasy Draft Draft Thread (eagles suck OTC)

    Jadeveon Clowney - Edge/LB/DE Jarvis Landry - WR @mike23md
  7. Gross. Dont give that filthy foreigner credit. @Shady Slim is literally talking about soccer right now.
  8. Protien, caffeine, Creatine, Fish pills, a great multi.... And then 3-5x more protein.
  9. I literally had no knowledge whatsoever of your size. I was just d*cking around for a joke. But my god to do need to add some weight homie. By 15 I was 5'11, 155, and the 3rd strongest person in central texas based on powerlifting. I had 6 pack also. You could easily add 30#'s my friend.