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  1. Arguments? Id say more like debates.
  2. https://streamable.com/ha2nl Somebody knocked Jaylons play saying he just made it through untouched. Which is true. But if you look at it, he blitzes the 0 (directly over center) and then jump cuts to what appears to be the 4 hole. (between tackle and guard). Its pretty impressive.
  3. Your GDT? Ive probably posted less than 20 times in my life in your game day threads. Id say: 50% Cowboys forum 25% TAST 20% Here 5% All the rest.
  4. Im pretty sure the entire NFC E banded together in a fight against Webby to argue this particular thread is forum independent. It doesnt belong to you, its bigger than the Eagles alone.
  5. Where? You cant be talking about in this thread. Cause I literally havent said 1 word about the 9ers or the score....
  6. I think the teams are closer together than the huge gap in records. We'll see what it looks like by Thanksgiving.
  7. Because this isnt your thread? The NFC East Discussion Thread : Zeke Suspension Carousel
  8. LP's and DF's: Dallas at Niners

    I hate him at safety, but props to Heath for not completely screwing us on the kickoffs. Plus it provided a fun side drama.
  9. Did yall see Orange C.Rush just now? He runs with the grace and speed of a ginger cheetah. The throws with the accuracy and arm strength of a poo flinging ginger monkey. Watchout, he's gunning for you Wentz.
  10. Who remembers this post?
  11. Were about to play prevent for the rest of the game and give up like 10-14 points, if I had to venture a guess. Final score - 40 - 17 ish.
  12. That was a great route and a very good throw. The little hesitation on the slant to get behind him was spectacular. The ball was a tad high, but put in a spot where only his double covered man could get it.
  13. We score here, we pull the starters. Agreed?