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  1. Trademark office turned down Washington Football Club as the new name for the former Redskins
  2. Trademark office turned down Washington Football Club as the new name for the former Redskins
  3. This is just my assumption, but with Bills/Vikes/Lions/Seahawks/etc already close-ish to the border, they probably have some roots. Where as all of Europe is more open to fandom.
  4. My guess would be because anyone in Canada that wants to come down for a game can already do it.
  5. Yeah, the OP said he would update the chart before he put it on Twitter. It was a typo.
  6. Its not weighted by position so it is inherently flawed. Still cool to look at as a general reference. Are we able to link to Reddit now? I thought that was a no-no
  7. Ive been brainstorming a "Criminal Minds" mafia. Or even a 'reverse mafia' where the FBI (scum) team is attempting to find the killer out of the masses (town).
  8. Cole retired from the NFL his first week of practice, constantly cussed out fans on twitter and has the worst rap career known to man. The guy has always been an odd duck, though I am not sure he qualifies as a "ginormous piece of crap" based on his stance regarding covid. Idiot would be a better descriptor.
  9. All divisions arent created equal tho. Not when it comes to revenue. Why is this so complicated for you?
  10. Le sigh. I hate this take. And its absolutely false. Aikman had, by far, the worst offensive system for a QB. It was a timing based system that relied on 7 step drops and precision routes for passing, and handing the ball off 25 times when not passing. It was antiquated even by 1990 standards and led to 8 reported concussions. If you switched Aikman and Montana or Young, I guarantee he puts up insane numbers and trophies. Troy was Tom Brady, if Tom Brady was put in a crappy offensive system with crazy coaching turnover. Also - Aikman joined by far the worst team in the NFL and it returne
  11. Ironic, you guys also claim Eagles fans arent a pack of wild animals at times... Cant have it both ways.
  12. At least my opinion is shared by others and at least somewhat backed up by things like DVOA.
  13. When was the last game? Weird that no one will host, has the sign ups and participation been that awful? So he isnt banned or anything? Does he still post here?
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