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  1. I just heard TO say the best QB he ever played with was Romo. Dude played with Steve Young...
  2. https://firstwefeast.com/eat/2019/10/paul-rudd-hot-ones just so you all have to join me in being a nerd
  3. Thats from first we feast. I am embarrassed to know that...
  4. You knew I was going to give you hell. Don't take it personal.
  5. SA is underrated because Charles Barkley made it seem like only fat people live there. Its part of the hill country, there is a lot of beauty in SA. Pwny is a total Austinite. Dallas is to red for him.
  6. People forget that we could have been our own country.
  7. You are letting week 1 cloud your judgement.
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