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  1. Its crazy the rate our players are getting covid post vaccine as opposed to pre-vaccine. The loose standards are giving false confidence. Plus side is that they recoveries seem to be quick.
  2. In Dallas, bold! Or a glutton for punishment. 👍 Have fun. He isnt going to get anything more than some ribbing and "eagles suck" chants, most likely. But this is Daks first game back in a year so chances are some people are going to be completely hammered beyond reason.
  3. As opposed to every other QB that racks up W's against bad teams? I mean, its pretty common knowledge that most all QBs have a losing record against teams with winning records, right? I remember a few years ago I think Brady and Big Ben were the only 2 QBs in the entire NFL that had a winning record against winning teams.
  4. Ok, I asked Nacho Killer. He wasnt confused. Thanks for playing along.
  5. Where you confused on who would be the starting QB on Sunday after reading the title, NachoKiller? 🙃
  6. Which part of Bears announcing Fields as the starting QB deceived you? Did you not understand that, ya know, when Sunday rolls around Justin is going to be on the Field?
  7. The intent is different though. Misleading title would be "Fields wins the starting job" with an intent to deceive. This has no intent to deceive or mislead, its just making you open the article to find out about Dalton. Either way - people complaining about titles is one of lifes oddities to me. Its funny to watch.
  8. TBF - the title is completely accurate. Its just a bit click-baity.
  9. Will we see more Baker or OSU Fields jerseys at the game, brownie fans?
  10. Oh my. The irony here.... Your wink is much more spot on than you can imagine. Lets just say I made the bet with an old flame.
  11. Since gambling is illegal in Texas and @MikeT14 wont let me venmo him to place bet on my behalf (joke), I had to find a local Eagles fan to make a wager with. Ive go 1U (+ extra) on this game Heyoo, look at me using the terminology 1u. Im a pro.
  12. This is wrong by the way. Its missing 16 TDs. (issa joke reference to pick 6's)
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