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  1. Ive never been able to reconcile my image of you as a goth with black bands and also being a largely successful individual who is self made. So I will keep calling you a boomer because the internet has deemed that a no-fault insult.
  2. @bcb1213 => this is the whole jets/pats debacle a second time. Youve been killed. You dirty scum bastige.
  3. @bigbadbuff => youve now be targeted twice, but this time it sticks. You are dead homie
  4. If you think I started studying offensive trends or QB play in 2016, youve missed the mark. Friend.
  5. I too find being lazy and not doing my job is an effective tactic.
  6. I saw an opportunity to both make fun of @Forge while turning the tables into sad-cowboys noises. I had to take my shot.
  7. 7 on 7 is becoming huge. Its always been a thing, but now scouts go to the national champ in college station (source, me, was emailed by a scout after my son played in it lik 3 years ago). The point being, 7 on 7 is all pass. Its a way to recondition the mind from a middle school all-run programing.
  8. And before someone at's me, there is no correlation between YPG or yards per rush and any QB stat. Not even play action. You could play action to a full back or barry sanders and there is no difference in how a defense responds. Largely because most football players are conditioned from 10 years old that if the ball looks like it is going to be ran, you step forward. If it looks like a pass you step back. So the agenda of play action is not dependent on the person toting the rock.
  9. 70 v 40 110 v 90 (Taylor is the lower) 141 v 120 120 v 85 101 v 90 This is by passer rating (very flawed) but the numbers still line up. The QB with the better game won most of them.
  10. He is no longer getting pity likes from all the Cowboys haters. You understand this, its why all of @TheKillerNacho's likes come directly after a pats/phins game.
  11. This is a fair retort and also accurate. I just like saying "the run game doesnt matter" because it makes the boomers mad (looking at you @plan9misfit, still love you bud). The run game is situationally very important and my comments are hyperbole.
  12. By the definition of literal. The run game is simply a way to make sure your QB is able to be better than the other QB. If you have a QB that isnt overly capable, running the ball is a way that you limit his opportunities to mess up - ie Jimmy G. If your QB is capable, then the run game is a tool for 3rd and short + time wasting once youve won... IE Manning, Brady, Mahomes, Brees, etc. This is not to say that situationally running backs and the run game as a whole arent important. They are. But as a whole it doesnt really matter if its King Henry or some scrub, you will win
  13. Gronk and AB following him like a lost puppy were very influential imo. Before that he was a HOFer paired with the GOAT coach. But Manning has always been more capable. After going to TB the doubts were erased. His off the field is just to impressive to debate.
  14. Ive just ran across these post. Lets be open for a hot minute. You are over 40, maybe over 50. I can tell based on your posting habits; the need to try and be right, the need to stick to what you were taught, the inability to adapt to new information. Its all very baby-boomerish. And this isnt your fault, hell, religion has been propagated exclusively by "my mommy told me so" - - so it makes sense that some father/father figure told you when you were 8 that the running back and/or running game decides who wins. Then it was propelled by the announcers echoing that comment time and time ag
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