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  1. We are a Crayton Catch. A Dez Catch. A murray fumble. A Finley show stopper. A Defense collapsing. away from being listed among these teams.
  2. Quick reminder that Bradys second contract was the highest in NFL history.
  3. no dumb dumb, until you understand AVV, you dont get it. Figure out how the Cap works, and try again.
  4. I wouldn't. But I would rather have those players over Zeke, Poe, McCoy, Jaylon and possibly Cooper/DLaw. Injuries can hurt you.
  5. Scum chat me. GG Racks. I guess. I was moving stuff most of the day and not paying full attention. Maybe post game someone can explain the mechanics. Most likely I just needed to read more thoroughly - - - As I said like 10 times.
  6. ^^^^^^^ 30 QBs taken in the 1st. Exactly 1 of them is clearly head and shoulders above Dak. A couple on Daks level. And about 25 of them who are worse.^^^^^
  7. To take it back 10 years: 2014: Bortle, Manziel, Bridgewater 2013: Manuel 2012: Luck, RG3, Tanny, Weeden 2011: Newton, Locker, Gabbert, Ponder 2010: Bradford, Teebow Again... Excellent transition from the college ranks... 🤣
  8. lmao..... This is such a dumb take. But let me prove you silly once again. 2019: Murray, Jones, Haskins 2018: Mayfield, Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Jackson 2017: Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson 2016: Goff, Wentz, Lynch 2015: Winston, Mariota That is 5 years of first round QBs. 16 QBs total. 2 of them have won a playoff game. Which is your standard of this "new formula" - right? ....... You are wrong.
  9. So your magical timeframe only 5-6 years now? Because your OP kept referring to the "80's and 90's" - - not 9 years ago... Changing your point already? I didnt prove your point, I gave you an example of a QB who was paid and then won a superbowl. In fact, he won two of them. And who gives a flying efe if its "sustainable". Most of us would be super happy just getting to the big dance. lmao - you completely skipped this *post* didnt you? It address this point. Jimmy was 7th in AVV No, thank you for proving my point. That you do not understand the cap, numbers, accounting or contracts in general. Did you even read what I said? I was referring to this year. That Goff is on pace to go to the playoffs in 2020. Smith was in the MVP discussion in 2017. He led a successful team. He was on a contract that was near top 10. They went from being a good team, not fringe good team, to one of the best when they drafted arguably the most successful young QB in the history of the NFL. Thats not repeatable. LMAO. You really are this bad at understading contracts. In 2021 the 10 place contract is $30m AAV. The #1 contract is $45m AAV. And no, I am not saying Dak should be in the Alex Smith range (he should be higher). I was just giving you an example that contradicts your OP. Luck signed the 2016 season, missed the 2017 season with injury and did well in 2018 before retiring. Wrong contract smart guy. I was referring to the $100m deal he signed in 2013. Then proceeded to go on to an MVP and almost superbowl. Rivers second contract was in 2009...... You still have proven diddly squat. As I said, and will say again: The bottom line is: Most playoff teams have a QB on a second contract. Most Conference champ games have QBs on a second contract Most Superbowl teams have a QB on a second contract. Many QBs have played in or won superbowls after getting a contract that is (or near) the "largest contract in NFL history". The only QBs that meet your qualifications of "win a superbowl with a rookie" argument that make any sense are likely HOF players; IE - Wilson, Mahomes. Romo signed big deals in 2007 and 2013. Then proceeded to have big years. Again, your argument is stupid for the response I gave you this morning. You are attempting to use cap hit in one single year as the bases of your (ridiculous) stance. SMH - really Slam. Learn how to follow the cap. Not sure how this is applicable. 1. I source peoples material. I never pretend something is mine if it isnt. 2. I only share intelligent stances by credible posters. Not useless dribble. Your post is safe. Nah. And nothing youve said yet backs up your stance. Unless you happen to think we will magically draft the next Mahomes or Wilson. But there is a significant likelihood we get the next Trubisky.
  10. You should change your title to ventapprentice
  11. It worked. Following Malfy like a lost puppy. skip. me too.
  12. @rackcs - can you update the thread title to tell us when night is?
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