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  1. I cant do meme mafia because I am about to go on vacay for a couple weeks. But I can do a short game if its need be. But I think dome has like 5 games waiting.
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    So here is a true story several years ago. I am taking the kids to school early AM, I turn onto the road right in front of the school and there is blinding sun. I cant see anything. So I decide to pull over and just walk with the kids. This was stop and go (which if you have ever been in front of a school in the morning, you know what I mean). As I go to park on the side of the road my front left bumper grazes the back right of the person in front of me. Was parking at less than 3 mph. I get out and give them insurance paperwork telling them sorry. Notice that there is no damage at all to either car (not even paint scraped), dont think anything of it and walk kids to school. Like 6 months later I find out they sued my insurance company for like $70k and won some sort of settlement. I was shocked.
  3. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    You are right. I was gullible for figuring out a scum D2 w/minimal effort. I am so terrible. You are awesome, all bow down to UNT the almighty asshat.
  4. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    Touch, you are such an argumentative asshat sometimes. I was pointing out that I properly had a scum read on all the remaining mafia when I died. Thats it. You are are the one that decided to make this all about you. And hint, if you were "trying" to make it obvious D1 - you failed. Because it was only obvious to me. Now can we move on? Its to early on a Sat. morning to be debating you over stupid crap.
  5. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    That makes sense. tbh I didnt really read the roles stringently, which is odd for me. But I also didnt pick my character.
  6. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    Not sure if this is directed towards me, but I never claimed that I got anyone lynched. What about the SoL references a vig? And I dont think you understand the word obvious. If 20 people are playing and 1.5 of them pick up on something, its not obvious. Its the opposite of obvious. Now, you clearly made more of a spectacle as the game went on. But not before D2 you didnt.
  7. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    How? So obvi that I was the only person to vote you. Well, Hockey did for like 4 seconds and switched back. Super obvi lol so obvi
  8. Trade Zeke

    We went from a 4th rounder (murray) being the leading leader to... A castoff in Run DMC being a 1k yard rusher in ~12 games starting to.... Zeke being the rushing leader to... Alfred Morris being a 4.5 YPC/nearly 100 yards a game rusher Silly. Rush game has an extremely low correlation to winning. Also silly. Zeke hovers around league average for teams stacking the box against him. Teams dont try harder to stop Zeke than any other "legit" RB. Did you read the article? Zeke is mediocre in situational football. And teams are already coming after Dak. No he isnt.
  9. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    I pushed you D2 before you were obvi scum. And it was more pounding my chest on nailing all of you.
  10. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    I dont get a shout out for getting all the scum correct(ish) once I was killed? I think I said it was UNT and a combo of Mookie/squire/BCB (Swag was still dead). I aaid my strongest town reads were Hockey, Forge and Pickle.
  11. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Ive owned one in the past. Ive used it plenty of times.
  12. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    I know the author. He is the same dude who made all the waves with his ideas on cooking steaks. I know the ingredients. I know how to cook. You are making it sound like the difference between a ford pinto and a rolls royce. Its more the difference between a toyota and a lexus. You are full of hyperbole when it comes to discussing food.
  13. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    You are greatly exaggerating the quality difference. Ive eaten and made a both - its not nearly as dramatic as you are making it.
  14. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Well of course. But thats the point isnt it? Crockpot is a cheap inbetween of the other two options.