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  1. I wish I had, My one move was getting the host to tell you I was a good guy.
  2. Plano has a great mall and good food. As far as I know, Malf offers none of that.
  3. Thats not even a legit question. I would hug josh 10 out of 10.
  4. I will do anything you tell me. Unless Ted overrides you. He is my #1 on this site, but you are really close.
  5. I have a really wild story I want to share. But I need @Glens permission, because it takes some backstory that is intimate in nature. And he said I am gross arse for ever going there. But this story is off the rails to me.
  6. This is one of those self brags that you got me to PM you "idle". As if every didnt know exactly who that 10th person was.
  7. I gotta tell you, your gif game the last month or so is off the charts. Probably best on the entire site tbh.
  8. As you know, I am trying to play this game with no effort at all. So whatever Ted did, I copy that.
  9. Do you have the ability to delete my post. If so, I think I over stepped my bounds the last 2. Please erase them. If you cant, maybe @Webmaster can throw me a bone.
  10. For the record, I would date the hell out of des if that was my jam. He is really good looking. But I am plus 1ing you for this.
  11. There is a really solid chance that after this crap ends that I will be back in houston for some fancy dinner. And I am going to invite you with the sole intent to tell you that you are wrong and it pains him at night to lose. Tell your dude its not a date, I am just taking out my bro to eat shrimp and get drunk.
  12. So become a london Jags fan like @Uncle Buck. No thanks.
  13. Thats where you are wrong. And I know you know this story. I literally went to dinner with McClay, Garrett and Rod. Will said he was offered the GM spot at Houston. Jerry matched it to keep him. Obvi also he was divorced and his kids lived in Dallas, but he wanted to stay.
  14. While I am on it, I want to point out the reason I defend Jerry. When he said he would write a check for $250m if it would win the big game, I truly believe he means that. Does that make him a great owner and GM. No. Clearly not. But there is no doubt in my mind that he wants it just like we do.
  15. I know you crap on him as a fan. Deservedly. I dont hate Jerry like you do, but I get it. Now lets put your thinking cap on. A guy who is crap at his job and wasted the most talented roster (2007) in maybe, just maybe, nfl history.... yet at the same time quads his net worth. He might have a secret we arent privy to. Before anyone shoots me, I admit that the roster is being super hyped. But there was legit multi people who should/are going to be HOF if we didnt hire wades dumbbutt.
  16. I cant jump on board with this. A good hero needs a heel. You have to have a bad guy. For me, thats easy. I hate the entire NFCE + the 9ers and steelers. If I had no team I wouldnt know who to hate. You could say Brady, but he went on Kimmel and was sweet as could be. Then rodgers went on Pats show and he is so loveable and charming. So what are you going to do? Hate the frog in Kansas? He is a texas boy and also really nice. All of these players have entered the frat of really enjoyable. Its not the days of Ray Lewis and Irvin, where they are obnoxious. But somebody has to
  17. seriously, lets just off swag now. Saves the debate on n3
  18. I am a super fan. I am the highest post Cowboys fan on this site, and outside of @plan9misfit, the longest tenured. This extension is a pivotal moment on if I even watch football next season. And as an Austinite I could just deflect to H town, but they are ish also. The whole state decided to just efe it up. This is depressing.
  19. I can see where that would be misinterpreted. By landing haymakers, I meant on its own fans. We are the punching bags.
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