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  1. Is it concussion related? Scary stuff.
  2. A trade for Jamaal Williams would be ideal case scenario. Not sure if that's been mentioned yet.
  3. I agree with Foreman becoming something, but the age old trope of RB with a past achilles injury is a concern. Do we have some more modern examples of players who've come back to shine after that?
  4. Draft a guy with injury concerns, guess what he’s gonna have!? Injuries!
  5. Sucks to see for him. He was a baller at Wisconsin and it was obvious that he could do someithing in the NFL, I hope he can come back full strength next year and show he belongs.
  6. Favorite team: Titans Week 1 pick: Seattle I have read all the rules and have agreed to them.
  7. Ok? lol What a mean offense. That’s just a bunch of straight up dawgs!
  8. Eyeing opposing RB’s with bad intents
  9. That highlight tape got me hyped. Future Cortland Finnegan?
  10. ESPN guys seem to like him but maybe a slight reach. Couldn't have gotten a WR or DL there???
  11. We should definitely be trying to package our 3rd rounders to move up into the early third to get a WR now.
  12. I'm not too mad. Good to have good grinders on the OL.
  13. I'm sure thats what just happened
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