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  1. he’s never gonna play for us.
  2. I'm super bummed because I came back to Wisconsin for the holidays and I was ready to pay any amount to be at this game. But I'm still pumped
  3. down in madison two hours south it's already starting to snow. I can only imagine the conditions up. there. TITAN UP BABY
  4. Heard his Bussin With The Boys interview he did over the offseason, before all his issues. Seemed like a good guy but things have really unraveled for him since. Now I just hope he gets it figured out and is ready to play next year.
  5. A strength of his for sure. Defenders don't wanna touch that stuff.
  6. this season is going to end up ruined by injuries, isn’t it?
  7. How will this impact their ability to bring back Aaron Jones?
  8. Maybe not though if he's a locker room cancer. Gotta get those players out of the squad ASAP.
  9. Who knows man. Guys come out the woodwork every year on every team to be great contributors. All he's gotta do is play well on the field, and if he's doing that then he's getting the job done. We can only hope he keeps up the good work.
  10. Hopefully we can make a fool of Rivers. Still hold hate for him because of our losses to the Chargers a decade ago.
  11. I just started a Twitter to try and interact with more of Titans Twitter and build a platform, if anyone wants to follow me the @ is @AirMcNairTT9. Send me a message if you end up following and we can talk some football!
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