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  1. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    LT: 3rd round pick LG: 8 million dollars FA C: 2nd highest paid center in the league. RG: 4th round pick RT: 1st round pick Compare to what the GB packers have. Seattle has been among the teams with most draft capital spent on OL in the past few seasons. I think the Seahawks offensive line problems are related to the complexity of ZBS and negligence of our coaching staff (namely Cable) regarding pass pro fundamentals. We can't run and cant protect the pass by philosophy Regarding to JS: he is the best GM in the league, hands down.
  2. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    And agreed, Seahawks should use Wilson's legs more often. Probably more if the OL keeps sucking. To have one of the most OL-proof QB in the league and not use him properly is criminal. Rough game for Odhiambo, Ifedi and Glowinski. I think Griffin earned his starting spot today and Carson is on his way, played better than Lacy.
  3. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    Griffin was really impressive. Was picked on by some of the best in the bussiness and notbonly held his own but actually looked good. Good debut. High hopes.
  4. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    Offense looks horrible sans occasional Wilson magic. Defense looks amazing. Death Row is a befitting name.
  5. Would make me happy: SB appearance Very happy: SB win Happier: 2017 Seahawks D > 2013 Seahawks D. Happiest: SB win v Patriots or Steelers.
  6. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    I don't think there's any other franchise in the NFL that values draft picks as much as Seattle, and they never dealt a pick this high without a long term plan. I think they're just hoping for Sheldon to earn himself his money and they'll gladly pay or franchise him. Cap space ain't no problem. They are trying to ship Lane (saves 4.5 m next year) and they could easily trade Avril next season (creating 7.5m cap space). Add that to the 30-ish millions in cap we'll have available, plus the 2017 cap roll over, plus minor deals (like restructuring Russ similarly to what they did with Baldwin)... They'll make it work. The thing is: if he plays out an all pro, dpoy candidate performance and demands 100m/5 years, then franchise him and pick a first round pick from a team.
  7. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    Reasons the Packers can win: - Their DL is great against the run and Mike Daniels is going to line up against the right side of our OL, the weaker side. - Bakhtiari and Bulaga (if he plays) will probably hold their own against our EDGE rush. - TEs always gives the Seahawks troube and the Packers probably will play tons of 2 TE sets to counter our improved pass rush. - Aaron Rodgers will probably have no trouble dink and dunking against a Griffin and Lane, with his very strong cast of wide receivers. - Michael Bennett's offsides: we have all the reasons to be scared of the prospect of giving free plays for Rodgers scares me. - Green Bay has been outstanding against the Seahawks at Lambeau. Reasons why the Seahawks can win - Packers secondary is very exploitable. Expect Richardson and whoever lines up opposite to him to run a lot of go routes to make big plays happen and oppen the middle of the field for Graham and Baldwin do their things in quick passing. - Russell's evolution when it comes to getting the ball quick out of the pocket to mask our OL difficulties. - We might have a reliable running game. - With Clark and Avril consistently rushing the edges, they wont be able to cheat Bennett and Richardson inside. Expect Rodgers to be running for his life often. - DAT defense in general. With improved pass rushing comes more turnover opportunity. Seahawks should have a massive edge in the turnover department. As inconsistent as Griffin and Lane will likely be, these two have knack for making the plays on the ball. - We've been the healthiest since maybe the 2015 NFCCG . Imo, Seahawks are a slight favorite due to superior roster and improvements all across the board. This offensive line was so bad and young last season that they seem like a lock to improve. They are just slight favourites because the Packers trench play is no joke and their QB/WR combo might be the best in the league, and home field, even though the Lambeau is far less scary in week 1 than week 14. This is gonna be a good one.
  8. Who Wins the NFC East?

    I think the Giants have assembled the second best roster in the league, winning 12 or 13 games is not out of their reach imo. Legit top 5 defense, legit pass catching group. What can sabotage them is Eli's wild inconsistency and OL inconsistency. Dallas is due for regression, imo. They lost OL continuity, they'll miss Zeke badly in the first six games and their defense is overly reliant on rookies to make a solid output. I have a hard time thinking about scenarios where they'll get over 10 wins, but that's very achievable if Prescott and theit WR corps play to 2016 performances. I have them losing straight out of the gate at least 3 games in the absence od Eliott. If Philly continues to build on their 2016 defense and their OL plays as good as expected, they have a chance of upsetting tons of better teams. Wentz develoment from his rookie season is key here too. They did look like the best defensive unit at some point last season and they did look a very competitive group with key OL absences and a still very green QB. I'd put them around 10-6, but the variance is way too big since we have now idea how Wentz is going to look. No idea how the Redskins defense will look, but it's pretty safe to say that their offense will look good, but this is safe for me to say they are the worst looking NFCE team right now. NFCE looks really the strongest and most competitive division in football besides maybe NFCS and AFCW. 1- Giants - 11-5 to 13-3 2- Eagles - 8-8 to 11-5 3 - Cowboys - 7-9 to 10-6 4 Redskins - 7-9 to 9-7
  9. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    I wouldn't be so sure of that. I think John Scneider and Pete Carroll wanted Sheldon Richardson anyway. Now, if the extension talks get serious, that's some serious indicative that McDonald's state is career threatening. Honestly, PC/JS dealt tons of high picks in their regimen, but only two of those deals were for established NFL players: Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham, neither of which were rentals. They straight out gave Harvin a huge deal and Graham had 3 seasons in his deal at that point. I think they are just holding the extension talks to make this decision when they have better info on Malik's health and Sheldon's chemistry with the locker room. Seahawks has 10m in cap space for 2017, and is desperate for finding more capspace. Indication of that is that they tried shopping Lane this offseason, and I'll think they'll do it again as soon as DeShawn Shead is fit to play. For 2018, they'll have around 35 mil available plus whatever carry over they get from 2017, when Jimmy Graham, Luke Joeckel, Sheldon Richardson, Eddie Lacy, DeShawn Shead, Luke Willson and Paul Richardson's contracts are up. As of now, if you ask me if this Sheldon Richardson, 26 year-old, All-Pro talent, every down defensive tackle, is worth one of those 16m APY deals, the answer would be yes. IF You ask me if they have the flexibility to do so, the answer would also be yes. The problems are: after 2018, Richard Sherman, Frank Clark, KJ Wright, Cliff Avril, Tyler Lockett, Thomas Rawls and Mark Glowinski (all starters or borderline) contracts are up, and some of them, specially the first four, are gonna be really expensive. Also, the Seahawks won't have info on LT George Fant's development before deciding on keeping Joeckel or letting him go and this is ******* pain in the *** for cap strategy. At the end of the day, these are good problems to have.
  10. Best and Worst Offensive Lines

    This is a prime candidate for most improved OL.
  11. Best and Worst Offensive Lines

    PFF had Britt graded at 79 in the C position and Joeckel at 72 in the LG position last season. Glowinski had ups and downs last season and his ovaerall grade was below average but quite not bad, and now he's back to his natural RG position. The Seahawks interior OL might actually look solid given the reports of good communication between Britt and Joeckel and the exhisting chemistry betwenn Britt and Glowinski. I expect Ifedi and Odhiambo to be the worst or close to the worst OT tandem in the NFL next season. Ifedi is legit at run blocking but sucks at pass blocking and Odhiambo seems out of place in the NFL at LT but his pass blocking is passable. Seahawks might not have the worst offensive line in football next season again. It's gonna be up there in the bottom thrid, but at least this was already a young group (the oldest of the starting OL is Britt, 26), with some continuity. They are a lock, imo for improvement. Unfortunately for Wilson, the upside is almost all for run blocking, as this is the only thing Cable cares about. The Vikings for instance, after the releasing of Alex Boone, confirmed 5 new starters from 2016 to 2017. That can't work out well.
  12. Sammie Coates traded to Browns

    That doesn't add up with popular knowledge that the receiving positions are some of the harder to transition to the NFL (route tree intrincacies) and the fact of a lot of highly rated WR recruits tends to be converted to CB way more often than the opposite. Specially for zone type of coverages. See Sherman who translates the best his WR background to his CB zone cover play.
  13. Sammie Coates traded to Browns

    The Steelers should've tried to convert him to CB the moment they drafted him.
  14. Players You're Excited About

    QBs Jared Goff Carson Wentz Dak Prescott Marcus Mariota Derek Carr Russell Wilson RBs David Johnson Le'Veon Bell Todd Gurley Leonard Fournette Christian Mcaffrey Seahawks RBs (specially Rawls, Prosise and Carson) Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson OL Seahawks OL EDGE Joey Bosa Danielle Hunter Jadaveon Clowney Frank Clark Myles Garrett LBs Haason Reddick Jarrad Davis Reuben Foster Myles Jack Jaylon Smith CB Shaquill Griffin Kevin King Marlon Humphrey S Jamal Adams Jabrill Peppers Malik Hooker Bradley McDougald and Delano Hill
  15. Which UDFAs Are Making Your Team?

    OG/C project Jordan Roos.