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  1. Week 11: Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

    The signing is a no brainer if he's on the minimum.
  2. Seahawks sign CB Byron Maxwell

  3. Week 9: Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks

    24-13 Seahawks. Seahawks are going to make an uncharacteristic score on the first couple of drives. The rain gets tighter, the Redskins start to force the pass, but sees the best pass rushing perfoance of this D in the year, Cousins gets picked off by Griffin on the last drive. 10-3 to the second half. Seahawks will get the ball quickly and score twice in the third quarter. Cousins will get a TD in 4th quarter. McDougald will look good, McKissic will be our most utilized back. Our receiving corps will have another big game as a whole.
  4. Texans OT Duane Brown and pick traded to Seattle for picks

    3 of the top 5 pass rush performances per PFF were against the Texans. Frank Clark in week 8 (1st), Calais Campbell in week 1 (4th) and Justin Houston in week 5 (5th). Brian Orakpo week 3 (9th) recorded this game against the Seahawks.
  5. Trade Deadline News

    That'd be really bad for Colts. More picks to Colts needed.
  6. Jimmy Garoppolo traded to Niners

    “The 49ers are now presented with an interesting opportunity. They can offer Garoppolo a large contract extension now and use up a ton of their 2017 cap room in the process making things much easier down the line if he becomes Rob Johnson. The 49ers haven’t signed a premier player contract since Colin Kaepernick a few years ago and in general are one of the tougher organizations with contracts. I’m not sure if they can do that with him given what they just moved for him.” (https://overthecap.com/49ers-trade-garoppolo) They should pull the trigger. They already made their gamble, now they need to pay him a lot of money to count against the 2017 cap room, to have him for 2 or 3 more seasons on basically rookie deal type of numbers.
  7. Texans OT Duane Brown and pick traded to Seattle for picks

    Frank Clark went off as he had the best Pass Rush Productivity score in a single game this season against the Texans last Sunday, with a ton of snaps played vs Duane Brown, and Duane Brown still didn't look all that bad, stoning him in some of those. Good signing. This is an important addition to the Seahawks OL, as they patch up our weakest link in pass protection, shift money away from the defense to the offense, specifically to the offensive line, protect Wilson's blindside more aptly as the Seahawks set themselves for a spread offense for the rest of the season, and buy us time to recover and develop George Fant one year further.
  8. MVP leaders at this point.

    In honesty, I think this is the best WR corps he ever had, Kearse leaving was addition by substraction (because Lockett and Richardson, more explosive receivers, are eating his snaps) and 2015 and 2016 OLs were worse in pass blocking (they are no good currently, but still). The deal breaker is the total lack of running game. Russell Wilson is on pace for leading the Seahawks in rushing yards ATM.
  9. Duane Brown?

  10. Alex Collins

    Alex Collins was our worst running back in the preseason, quite clearly. He got outplayed by our PS guy Mike Davis and fumbled away his shot at making himself worth a roster spot. He's playing well, but I honestly believe that our OL execution on the run game has been the low of the Seahawks season until now. You just don't pass on Prosise's playmaking ability. No team in the league. 0. Even if he has durability issues.
  11. Jimmy Garoppolo traded to Niners

    They can now extend him by injecting new money on his 2017 earnings.
  12. Jimmy Garoppolo traded to Niners

    They should extend him ASAP with a very front loaded deal to exploit their cap space surplus.
  13. Texans OT Duane Brown and pick traded to Seattle for picks

    Yes, and they did that while upgrading the roster.
  14. Texans OT Duane Brown and pick traded to Seattle for picks

    Yeah, but with a major improvement over our most net negative position, amidst our championship window.
  15. Texans OT Duane Brown and pick traded to Seattle for picks

    Thank god John Schneider is a boss and recognizes the poison it means to eat so much unnecessary dead money.