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  1. Sleeping on Seattle

    From a Seahawks fan: this never felt like a Super Bowl season like 2013 or 2014. Not even the biggest homer. Seahawks have been shaky as hell and it seems like every week we have a significant injury coming up. This team got old and the injuries are just symptoms of that.
  2. Week 15: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    I don't think the Seahawks can stop Gurley without Bobby and KJ. That said, I'm wary of this game.
  3. Week 14: Seattle Seahawks vs Jacksonville Jaguars

    The season is over. Russell gives us hope, but it's impossible to beat elite defenses with no shade of a running game. When Mike Davis got something going there you could see the relieve in Russell's face by not having to make 50 throws on that secondary. The defense was already banged up and now Wagner and Wright. Season over guys. There are two obvious priorities in this offseason: rebuild the running game and rejuvenate the defense.
  4. Team Needs?

    What about some little self scouting to gauge the early draft needs for the Seahawks? OFFENSE QB: Excellent. Wilson is an elite QB and iron man. We do need some insurance by drafting and developing a QB behind him. His past three seasons are the QB equivalent of a 400 carry RB season. This is a great draft for QBs, and I see the Seahawks wanting pick one in day three. RB: Poor. Of our current stable of RBs, Lacy and Rawls are playing their way to a 2018 departure. We have tons of club control over Carson and Prosise have potential to be top 10 RBs, but their tape is very thin, because of injuries, and no team should rely on non-durable players. Davis and McKissic are decent players and the Seahawks have club control over their 2018 season, but the fact that they see consistent snaps on this offense just show how bad our talent available at RB is. This should be a priority position. JD McKissic also shows that a back that can line up at WR is extremely valuable in the way Seahawks set up their cap strategy. Very good three down backs that can run WR routes are expensive commodities at the draft, but this class of RBs is extremely deep and the Seahawks can choose from two strategies: (1) draft a close to a blue chip RB prospect with the first pick (like Damien Harris, Kerryon Johnson or Nick Chubb); (2) scout the hell out of the second or third wave of RBs and find the RB version of Shaquill Griffin mid round. First is safer. FB: Good. Tre Madden is under strong club control and is one of the better, if not the best young FBs in the league imo. Durability is unfortunately a concern, but this is a low priority position. No pick. WR: Very good. Baldwin and Lockett are under contract until 2020 and 2019 respectively and this is probably a top 10-15 1-2 WR punch. Amara Darboh (who is having a tough time trying to get snaps given our excellent WR #1 to WR #3 perfomance) and David Moore (his addition to 53 is telling that Carroll and Schneider are taking him in consideration for the long term) are under club control for three seasons beyond 2017, and, while I'm not in love with McEvoy, we have club control over him through 2019. The only FA is the very good Paul Richardson, but he's gonna be a cap casualty, unfortunately, given other priority extensions (Sheldon Richardson, Frank Clark, Earl Thomas, Duane Brown and Jimmy Graham, all FA in 2018 or priority FA in 2019 that should not be allowed to hit open market). The key to understang this logjam is how the Seahawks evaluate Darboh and Moore's development. I can see the Seahawks picking a WR on day two or three, but it'll largely depend on how this team views the prospect of Darboh and Moore being quality WR #3 or #4 in 2018. TE: Bad. Wilson to Graham in the redzone is almost as stoppable as Brady to Gronk. Graham is a FA and it might be really, really difficult to keep without making significant roster moves. Luke Willson is a solid #2 TE, half decent starting TE, that should be signed if Graham has to go. Nick Vannett is slowly developing into "everything you want in a #2 TE". He's a very good blocker, runs very good routes, is showing great improvement in his chemistry with Wilson's scrambles and has legit hands. All of which is great. Seahawks has also strong club control over former QB, athletic TE Tyrone Swoopes and is definitely part of the equation moving forward. FA decision making on Graham and Willson will decide on the Seahawks approach on the TE position at the draft. If both leave, the Seahawks should be in for a TE in day two or three. OT: Very good (!!). First, Fire Cable. The Seahawks control where Duane Brown plays until 2019, and I think he's gonna get an extension this offseason. Seahawks have club control over George Fant is a RFA in 2019 and is in a great position to be extended and cheaply develop under Brown and take over when he retires. Germain Ifedi would be a good RT in this league if he just cut down his penalties, and has all the untapped potential in the world. Given he does have penalties issues, he falls below average. I'm a believer that Ifedi is going to be one of the best RTs in the league with added experience, he's extremely young and is going to have from 2 to 3 years beyond 2017 to solidify his play in Seattle. In addition to that, Pocic's second best position in the NFL might be OT and we have club control over him through the end of 2020. Seahawks have a combo of starting quality (Brown, Ifedi), techinique (Brown, Pocic), untapped potential (Ifedi and Fant) and depth (Fant and Pocic) at both OT spots. No pick before day three. OG: Poor. Joeckel and Aboushi are FA in the next offseason and should be goners. Both are decent pass protectors but are liabilities in the run game. We'll have Glowinski for one more season but his performance this season was horrible and he's a prime candidate for a cut. Odhiambo, Pocic and Roos are locked in long term, but I don't think any of them inspire any confidence. Pocic is showing himself to be a decent pass blocker and a technician, but he sucks in blocking for the run, like every other OG for the Seahawks, and his physical profile (way too tall and light) doesn't inspite confidence in his improvement. Much of our total lack of running game is imo on the lack of strong guard play imo. This is the OL position to target in the draft, from day one to three. C: Set. Britt is what he is: excellent pass blocking center, below average run blocking center. He is a team leader and locked long term. We'll roll with him for a long time and the combo of Hunt and Pocic inspires me confidence in the depth. I don't understand well the rationale behind drafting Pocic and extending Britt, given the amazing talent pool available at the Seahawks 2nd pick last season. No need for a pick. DEFENSE DT: Set. Sheldon Richardson (who is a mandatory extension) and Jarran Reed play for the Seahawks, that alone makes the Seahawks defensive interior legit. They are definitely a top 10 DI duo, arguably top 5, with clear room to develop, specially as pass rushers. Along them we have Nazair Jones and Quinton Jefferson, who have been surprisingly good options as pass rushing DTs this season, all of which the Seahawks own great club control. Bennett should also be on the equation, because of his nickel DT play. If McDowell ever returns, he's a bonus, but he should be viewed as a 5T that can play 3T on nickel downs, imo. Others like Garrison Smith and Rodney Coe are replacement level players. To conclude this piece, the Seahawks will be set at DT for a long time as soon as Richardson inks that paper, but can't have too many defensive linemen, to the point that DT should be considered in the day three. DE: Good, but delicate. Frank Clark should not be allowed to hit FA. He's very close to the upper tier of EDGE defenders, just need to find more discipline and cut down the penalties. Outside that, Bennett is declining, but still well above average for the position. Cliff Avril might not play football ever again, and even if he comes back for 2018, he might become cap casualty given the Seahawks limited cap situation and other priorities. Outside of those three, we only have club control over Branden Jackson's and Dion Jordan's future, and I doubt relying on them as future starters is a good thing. The nickel EDGE rusher position is a position of increasing value, and in my honest opinion, drafting someone to play the 2016 Frank Clark role is a high priority need, imo, and an early prime candidate for a day one or two pick. The fifth year option is extremely valuable at EDGE. LB: Very Good. Bobby Wagner is currently the best Seahawk, is having an impecable season, and is only 27. Okay. But he shouldn't be played 97% of the snaps like he's playing, and neither should KJ Wright, who is also having a season below his own standards, and is gonna be 30 by the time he hits FA next season. Wilhoite is our first option at SAM, and is not good, neither is the depth behind Wright and Wagner. The Seahawks should make another KPL type of pick to develop a high quality depth option behind WW and take over if we part ways with Wright, imo. Day 2 or 3 pick need. CB: Very Good. Richard Sherman is coming back next season extremely motivated, to play for another millionaire contract. We all know he's been elite for a long time and will probably come back to that form after the injury because his game relies on smarts. Shaquill Griffin was one of the best picks made by the Seahawks in a long time and he's here to stay, and the apparent heir to the Sheman's throne. Justin Coleman is playing at a high level as a pure slot CB, is a great fit mentality-wise and the Seahawks have club control over him, and should be in the Tyler Lockett/Duane Brown group of players that should see an early extension, but it might not be possible due to cap limitations. Outside of them, there's the group A, of Jeremy Lane, Byron Maxwell and DeShawn Shead, who are probably going to leave next offseson, and the Seahawks should prepare for those losses; and the group B, of DeAndre Elliott, Mike Tyson (all of which the Seahawks have extensive club control) and Neiko Thorpe, who should all be kept around on the cheap. There's a need, given Sherman's health and contract, and the imminent departure of significant depth, but not that pressing, and 2017 taught us that picking DBs higher when you are the best DB evaluator in the league is valuable. Day two or three. S: Good, but delicate. Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Bradley McDougald is EXCELLENT on paper, but what if Chancellor never comes back? I doubt the Seahawks will be able to extend McDougald. Can't rule out the potential decline of Thomas and Chancellor, too. Luckily we have Tristan Thompson and Delano Hill, who have great college tape developing under them. I think the Seahawks should draft some insurance in for the scenario Kam retires/is not good anymore, McDougald leaves and Delano Hill can't handle the job - the chances are not that low at all. A player in the same mould as McDougald would be ideal (his versatility is showing up to be extremely valuable for this team), as TT and Hill looks more one-dimensional (one centerfielder, one box safety). Day two, but more likely day three. K and P: Poor. Jon Ryan is great, but has a HUGE, unnecessary cap hit. Blair Walsh is not good. Seahawks could Draft one but UDFA is more likely. TL;DR: IMO, there are early draft needs. QB: day three level of need; RB: day one or two level of need; TE: depends on FA; WR: day two or three need; OT: no need or day three need; OG: every day need; OC: no need; DT: day three or no need; EDGE: day one or day two need; LB: day two or three need; CB: day two or three need; S: day two or three need; K and P: UDFA or day three need.
  5. MVP leaders at this point.

    Zimmer COTY imo.
  6. Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks

    Watching this game again and seeing how valuable JD McKissic have been, and how explosive this offense's been with a healthy CJ Prosise, I can only look at the "what ifs" of the scenario where the Seahawks had drafted Alvin Kamara instead of Ethan Pocic. Oh, man, the Seahawks should scout the heck out of RBs in the next draft, it's CLEAR we need that 3 down back that can impact the passing game by lining up as WR, no matter what cost, and should stack up RBs with potential to be the one.
  7. Week 14: Seattle Seahawks vs Jacksonville Jaguars

    The Jags secondary has an edge if Ramsey and Bouye are healthy. BUUUT they've had limited participation in practice this week which is great news. and there's the Wilson to Graham connection in the redzone that nobody in the league showed an appropriate answer yeat. The Seahawks should be more focused in shutting Jaguars' offense, have field position advantage, protecting the ball and getting to Graham in the redzone when we have the opportinity, than trying to find favorable matchups WR vs CB. Ramsey has an immense athletic edge over Baldwin. He's gonna play to that edge for sure. Richardson could be a strong WR option if he sees Bouye 1 on 1. A thing to watch in the game is how often Graham will drag Telvin Smith out of the box, and how aggressive they are going to be with their edges. Calais Campbell can't run behind Wilson, so if he doesn't play contain a lot, Russell Wilson could have tons of space to scramble and/or run. Which is also a reason for Bevell to go with empty sets, than zone read/read option often. This is gonna be a tough and ugly game. Carroll and Russ have consistently thrived in those games throughout the year. That's our best hopes.
  8. MVP leaders at this point.

    For good reason. The Seahawks took two straight losses at home, being the one against the Redskins a reflect of the Seahawks (and Wilson's) clumsy play vs underwhelming competition (paired with Walsh's inconsistencies). But Wilson is having a historical season in terms of decisiveness. His fourth quarter performance, his efficiency when throwing into tight windowns and his participation on the Seahawks overall offensive production, and wins generated by his individual performance is just too unique in the history of the NFL for him not to be the Most Valuable Player in the NFL, being lauded as one of the greatest individual single season QB performances of all time. He accounts for 29 of the Seahawks 30 TDs scored this season, for god's sake. He at least, at least should be neck to neck with Brady, who is in my opinion his only peer. Brady's QB play has been flawless (also one of the GOAT QB seasons in its own merit) and is paired with the consistent excellence of Patriots throughout the season in winning every game they should win (and I'll say that again, the Seahawks and Wilson have lost several winnable games, by their own clumsyness). Carson Wentz is having an elite season, but barring a meltdown of both Brady and Wilson in the next four games, he doesn't belong in this tier of greatness. Also, just remembering everybody that December is the 12th mont of the season.
  9. Week 14: Seattle Seahawks vs Jacksonville Jaguars

    Key matchups: Russell Wilson leads the league in passer rating vs tight windows. Jags pass defense holds the league's best passer rating when defending passes into tight windows. Seahawks pass blocking efficiency is top 10 after the Duane Brown trade per PFF and just came from the best performance you could ask them to have vs the defensive line leader in pressures forced, the Eagles. Jags defensive line leads the league in sacks. Keys to win the game: Create tons of 3 and outs from Jags offense. Wagner vs Fournette is key. Eat time of possession with short passes and Russell Wilson's scrambling, not by running. Seahawks' 5WR, empty sets have been successful at that. Tons of JD McKissic and Graham split wide. Contain penalties. Keep the scoreboard low. Give a gassed Jags defense for Wilson to work in the 4th quarter.
  10. MVP leaders at this point.

    Russell Wilson also leads the league in passer rating when throwing into tight windows, @showtime.
  11. MVP leaders at this point.

    Russell Wilson tied 2011 Eli Manning's record for most passes for a TD in the 4th quarter with a quarter season left to go. Right now he sits on 15 TDs, 1 interception, 114 pass attempts, 70% completion percentage, 2 sacks, over 1k passing yards and a 134 passer rating, 141 rushing yards on 4th quarter. 83% of total offensive production. Should the Seahawks beat the Jaguars and Rams and he's gotta be the MVP in my eyes. His season is more impressive than Brady and Wentz's season, given how bad his protection was in the first half of the season, the total absence of a running game and the critical defensive losses (1st pick McDowell, Cliff Avril, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas and Michael Bennett, who doesn't look like his former self, missing games)
  12. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    Russell Wilson tied 2011 Eli Manning's record for most passes for a TD in the 4th quarter with a quarter season left to go. Right now he sits on 15 TDs, 1 interception, 114 pass attempts, 70% completion percentage, 2 sacks, over 1k passing yards and a 134 passer rating, 141 rushing yards on 4th quarter. 83% of total offensive production. Should the Seahawks beat the Jaguars and Rams and he's gotta be the MVP in my eyes.
  13. Your Team is Granted 1 Wish....

    Really torn between automatic kicker, punts inside 5 yards and injury immunity to Wilson. I guess we have enough of a defense to win every game the opposing offense's drives starts at the 5 yard line...
  14. Week 11: Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

    The signing is a no brainer if he's on the minimum.
  15. Seahawks sign CB Byron Maxwell