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  1. NFL Draft Event Talk

    Wait... what? That's a wildly optimistic number to expect, even if you are using some kind of loose economics that any future travel to the area is due solely to this event. I think the hubbub is more about a city bending over for a private corporation's 3 day event. Sure the trees are only 15-20 years old or whatever, but the draft is a one weekend deal. Make them conform to the location. The city would be just fine without the draft. Also the initial plan was to cut the trees down, any other plan was just CYA after the fact. If some tech company wanted to host a product reveal or a country music award show wanted to build a stage, we'd say it was ridiculous to make a permanent change for a temporary event. NFL shouldn't be any different.
  2. Yes, focus on the important things in all of this.
  3. Titans release Josh Kline

    Or Kelly takes over as a starter. Maybe Conklin bounces back but there's no doubt we were better with Kelly last year. Injuries or not if you're out there, no excuses.
  4. Titans trade for Tannehill

    Solid upgrade. Hopefully won't need him but would be a (good) surprise if we didn't here and there. Lot of solid moves so far, now just need some existing guys to step it up consistently - Mariota, Davis and Henry.
  5. Titans release Josh Kline

    Maybe he prefers tackle but he'll never be the LT on this team unless there's a major injury to 77. Also, guessing that his bank account will weigh more than his pride if he moves to guard and does well. Whether it's with us or elsewhere, he could make more at guard than right tackle potentially. The FA market for premiere guards the last few years has been hot. RT's not so much.
  6. Titans release Josh Kline

    We could be playing with 4 OTs on one line - Lewan, Saffold, Conklin and Kelly. Saffold and Conklin as guards would be a terror for opposing D's.
  7. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    Regardless of his age, he's still a guy to watch out for when he's on the field. I don't think any OT looks forward to lining up against him. Hopefully the young guys grow up a lot this year but Wake should be a good rotational guy.
  8. Offseason Thread

    Not to be negative just trying to be realistic, at best we're just holding serve. A lot of questions still on how the offense runs under a new OC, how the line gels and if the passing game takes a step forward. All the moves are positive (and seem to be good value), but I'm tempering expectations until we at least see some preseason.
  9. Offseason Thread

    Fitzy, Griffin, maybe Josh Johnson the only vet options that seem like upgrades. Think we may have to come to terms that it's Gabbert again.
  10. Titans sign Rodger Saffold

    Major upgrade. Hopefully can help anchor the interior and help Jones and Kline improve. Think this solidifies edge as draft and later wave FA now.
  11. Offseason Thread

    Honestly the 2nd tier edge guys are likely to be a much better value than this initial crop. Of these monster deals, how many will even make it half way through? Guessing a lot of frontloading and outs after a couple years. Maybe we find a Babin-like guy in the next wave.
  12. Offseason Thread

    That's about right though. The Vaccaro's contract is good value for how he fits in and good to have some consistency in the back end. Byard will get a monster deal and be worth it, we have Adoree locked in for awhile. Butler is probably done after his deal, Logan could be too if his number doesn't drop. Not sure what the average cost is of an above average secondary, but Vaccaro's contract should put us at a good value.
  13. Titans Officially Sign Adam Humphries

    https://mobile.twitter.com/travhaney/status/1105240597365952513 Don't think this solves the "help Marcus" talk. He could work out but this was still a safe play. The odds are against him being the missing piece. But hopefully he pans out nicely. Hard to see how he's more than a 40 catch guy based on our history, maybe the new OC changes that.
  14. Offseason Thread

    Absolutely not. At this point with the guys we have, DK Metcalf makes more sense in terms of a burner that could take the top off. Is he worth a first I dunno, but would rather take Humphries + Metcalf than Tyrell at that price. Lordy.
  15. Titans Officially Sign Adam Humphries

    Under $10M/year seems like a win. But probably done there aside from the draft and/or late wave FA.