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  1. Week 10 GDT: Patriots @ Titans

    If the d line can create pressure, I have a feeling his sack streak is going to end. Woodyard, Jayon, Logan, etc have been effective in delayed blitzes, think they'll get after him if Pees keeps it up. Colts line has been way improved so far this year, good challenge.
  2. Week 10 GDT: Patriots @ Titans

    Jonnu's TD a good example of this. Especially late motion right before the snap, at the very least you see front 7 defenders struggling (even if only a .5 second) to make reads. LaFleur is definitely finding his groove, let's hope he keeps it up. The Chiefs are really good at that as well.
  3. Week 10 GDT: Patriots @ Titans

    I'm not gonna lie, Dennis Kelly has looked good the past two weeks (2nd half of MNF and all game today). Would be interested to see Conklin take a try at guard though not sure that's something they'll do in-season.
  4. Potentially, missed the entire 2nd half vs the Cowboys. For the first few drives he replaced him, I thought Kelly looked better anyhow. But Lawrence is a tough matchup for anyone. Guessing Devin Ross gets called up, Jalston an obvious candidate to go.
  5. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    Very least he moves to safety. He's been solid this year though.
  6. Is it Time ??

    There's nobody we are going to get that's going to be better, and his ceiling is still high. The interior line needs to be fixed, and hopefully in LaFleur's offense that will allow Mariota to flourish and Davis and Co to do work. Frankly Mariota has to be the guy we stick it out with, even if it's by franchise tag. Otherwise we are facing another rebuild.
  7. Week 5 GDT - Titans @ Bills

    Can't wait to see the Super Bowl prediction in February when we play the Rams again.
  8. Week 5 GDT - Titans @ Bills

    He's got a pick and a sack. Dude makes plays. Coverage hasn't been great, but he also hasn't had great help from Kenny V or whoever else is behind him. Going against Kenny Stills, Hopkins/Fuller, and Alshon you'd expect some struggles. The big plays need to stop, but the scheming could be better. You can't ask a dude who isn't known for speed to go against some of these guys without help over the top. The long TD vs the Eagles Vaccaro blew right by him when he probably should've stayed over the top (even for a beat more to make Wentz think). I think Pees will try to put him in better positions going forward, but they've been pretty aggressive this first quarter of the season putting these guys on islands.
  9. He's an interesting developmental guy for sure. Doubt anything comes from it but has more potential than some of the other guys we've had on PS lately. Crazy that there hasn't really be anything developing Rishard. Guessing he's regretting being so hard-headed.
  10. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    That, plus Marcus looking pretty much 100% healthy, staff can focus on a full compliment of playcalling. Not in a preventative mode. Hard to explain how this month has felt knowing how behind the 8 ball we were with injuries. Super impressed today.
  11. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Hot damn. What a game. Players have shown so much already 4 games into the season. The most impressive thing to me is the coaching, though. Every game they've had to make adjustments at half time, and it's actually been working. Haven't had that since the early Fisher days (even then they weren't the most creative). How they've cobbled together a 3-1 after all these injuries is absolute batpoo insane. Looking at the 2nd quarter of the season - @BUF, BAL, @LAC (London), @DAL - we have every chance of going 3-1 again (or better) if we can stay healthy. Running game is still a concern but today was never going to be the day we had that go off. The next four weeks, things should come together there. Davis is a beast, Taywan is growing, but the rest of the crew need to step up and stop the drops. I don't see why we can't win 10 or 11 looking ahead (which is dangerous)... I like Vrabel & Co's mindset to make that happen.
  12. Conklin says he feels great, hope that's the case. Will be huge for the run game if he's back. Agree on Mariota. You at least need to have the threat of the long ball to keep them honest, but it's not as if we've been dependent on long passes really ever in Tennessee. He's got enough arm (I think) to take a few shots, just has to be a well-schemed route or a jump ball where it's Corey Davis or incomplete/out of bounds. We'll want to keep Wentz & Co. off the field anyhow, so short stuff and some semblance of a running game will be crucial.
  13. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Keep that negativity rolling, worked last week maybe it'll work again this week. I expected to lose last week, honestly with the injuries I'm surprised the betting line wasn't Bills-esque. What we've seen the last two weeks from the defense and the coaching, they'll at least be competitive. Sure, we may lose to the defending SB champs. At full health/strength there'd be no shame in that. But I wouldn't be surprised if we got a W either. Get after Wentz, contain Ajayi an we have a shot. Iggles have a tough run D but I have a feeling this will be a better showing for Henry with Conklin back. After week 1 in Miami, not sure anyone wouldn't take 2-2 at the quarter mark. To go 3-1 with all they've gone through so far would be insane. I think they have a shot, hopefully they surprise us.
  14. Rishard Matthews released

    Especially with Gabbert and Gimpy Mariota throwing to him. Once the offense gets it together and Marcus is healthy, I figure he'd see an uptick in production. Therein lies the problem I think. He bet on himself to hit certain numbers, and it's clear he's already way behind pace to get the major bonuses he had targeted. He signed a bad deal for himself that was going to hit probably the minimum of what he had agreed. If he had kept good help around him, they'd caution him that on the open market he's not going to make that lost $ up in 2018. Play it out, move on next year after showing up to work and putting in effort. He's essentially making another bet on himself that he'll be able to at least make more $ going somewhere new than sticking it out in Nashville. It's a bad bet, one he may regret pretty quickly. Whatever he's been paid this year he will likely have to give some back. Since he wants the release, not us trying to cut him, he will have to negotiate himself out of this mess unless we luck into a trade (doubtful not only because of the perceived quitting, but the contract now probably isn't viable as he'll have to sign for vet min). He has no leverage in this situation. We likely would go get another OL, TE, etc before another WR at this point. So we could be content to just make him inactive while he misses out on all bonuses. My guess is he pays back some of what he's already made and gets his release. Moral of the story: have people who understand contracts on your side, kids. Even if it's just a lawyer and not an agent.
  15. Rishard Matthews released

    Yea I mean he'd be a decent insurance policy but would still be the 3rd WR at best. Now's the time to start getting more Taywan. I will say Dez seemed in a good headspace on Hard Knocks, so maybe he could be realistic given where we are in the season. Help where you can, step up when needed. Couldn't hurt to bring in some experience with this group, especially with Delanie out and TE such a huge question mark. I guess I'd rather get him now than go through 2 more games and see huge struggles. Can't imagine the $ would be much.