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  1. Titans OC Search

    Looking through the teams still in, there's no obvious choices. Nobody that I'm seeing that really crosses over with Vrabel (Ohio State, Steelers, Pats, Chiefs) or Robinson (Pats, Bucs) in any significant way. Even the Pats guys seem to be more post-Vrabel. Obviously not getting McDaniels or Bienemy to make lateral moves. Even looking at staffs there's just not many guys that jump out - lot of "long in the tooth" guys as well as inexperienced. Based off of what's there, could just as well be them trying to lure someone from college. Pats: O'Shea (WR) Chiefs: Andy Heck (OL), Deland McCaullough (RB), Greg Lewis (WR), Tom Melvin (TE) Rams: Aaron Kromer (Run Game Coordinator), Shane Waldron (Pass game coordinator, time w/the Pats crosses over w/JR & MV), Skip Peete (RB) Saints: Joe Lombardi (QB)
  2. Offseason Thread

    We are due to hit on one of these big DL guys some day. Haynesworth, Mario Williams, Suh, we've missed out on some big ones. Clowney and Jurrell would be a nasty mix with the young guys. Still could use some beef at NT.
  3. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Any player that's inactive but physically can get some kind of work out. It may be no more than that, and Paul's source is just trying to butter it up a bit.
  4. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Because clapping is the same as having a 300 pound d-lineman is the same? That's delusional. Agree with most that at this point we can't count on him being the guy. But hand-clapping seriously... 🙄
  5. BOLD Predictions

    I agree, but also in terms of 2019 planning waiting doesn't seem like the best option. Conklin's ceiling could be the next Bruce. Talented enough to move around the line, but ultimately better-suited inside. Having that kind of lineman during Bruce's heyday was so invaluable. You can build depth at any position across the line, keep whoever is best at the end of camp for depth. Having a back-up / swing tackle being a starting guard gives you a lot of flexibility. It's not as if it was just this year Conklin was shaky, last year was a noticeable drop-off from his rookie year. We have to figure out his 5th year option next year, and he's been pretty inconsistent (all-pro to a liability this year). Even his all-pro year there was a bunch of chatter on how much TE help he got from Fasano. In the spirit of this thread, that could be a bold prediction, moving him inside.
  6. Week 16 Redskins vs. Titans

    Literally the last time we played them it was the same deal. Though - JFC - Charlie Whitehurst started for us that game. The 2009-2017 Titans would easily drop this game. Facing the worst run defense the last 5 weeks? They'd hold us under 50 yards if it's the "same ol'"... No reason we should lose, and if we start out strong and make them have to pass we should be good. Pees will have to get even more creative w/pressure w/OLB injuries. These next two weeks could be big stepping stone weeks.
  7. BOLD Predictions

    Back up the dump truck (or high draft pick) for a guard. Normally I've felt we've burned a lot of capital on the line, but the past two seasons we've seen inconsistent play plague us. More steady performance - especially in the interior line - and we probably have another win or two this season. I still think Conklin moving to OG may be worth a look with how well Kelly has showed at RT. My bold prediction would be J-Rob making a splash at WR. With Delanie and then Jonnu going down, the passing game has fallen off a cliff. Davis is the only guy a defense needs to worry about, and the rest of our crew is too inexperienced or lacks something to step up more than one-offs. Free agency looks a bit weak, so will have to try something creative to upgrade there.
  8. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Same. The past two games we haven't really needed to pass. Marcus has been less than stellar, but with injuries and drops... lot of excuses but he's had moments this year.
  9. Playoff Picture

    Logan is a big loss for that game. Sims is capable of playing well enough, but imagine we are going to see more points given up with him out. Even worse if Vaccaro is out too. Still have a shot, but need a lot more pass rush help. Hopefully our run game keeps Andrew off the field for 35+ minutes.
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    That doesn't honestly bother me as much as the run game. We need those front 3 to do better in that department. A complementary 3-4 DE/DT like him is not usually going to be rolling in sacks. But imagine at what he's being paid, we could find relatively similar production at a much lower cost.
  11. Week 14 Jags vs. Titans

    Not great to see Jonnu out. I haven't paid much attention to Firkser's blocking ability, but given he's becoming a reliable pass catcher, hopefully he can do enough there to stay on the field. Firkser is making his case to be on the roster past this year, hopefully Delanie and Jonnu are healthy next year.
  12. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    This thread to be changed to an "is it time for Conklin to move to guard" thread... Honestly, Marcus has to be the guy. There's no magic fix that wouldn't take 3-4 years to develop. Fix the line this offseason, and pray these other WR's develop behind Corey.
  13. In general no armchair doctor is credible. Injuries - whether in sports or otherwise - are unique to each person. Anyone speaking in anything other than generalities can't possibly know the specifics for a certain player as they haven't seen x-rays, reports, etc. But yea this was the sketchy Chargers doc who has been sued into submission.
  14. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    We've been so crap in the AFC aside from our division, we almost have to go at least 5-1 in the division to have a shot to win it. It's a weird dynamic to have just creamed NE, and have most of the talk around the league be more focused on the Colts rising. They've beat the teams that they should (aside from maybe Redskins), and stumbled against some pretty subpar ones as well. Hopefully we are getting this game at the right time for LaFluer & Co.
  15. Week 10 GDT: Patriots @ Titans

    If the d line can create pressure, I have a feeling his sack streak is going to end. Woodyard, Jayon, Logan, etc have been effective in delayed blitzes, think they'll get after him if Pees keeps it up. Colts line has been way improved so far this year, good challenge.