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  1. The dude is a quack. A fraudulent one, at that. The injury is concerning, but anything coming from Chao is just speculation. Could be right, but no reason to give that d-bag the clicks.
  2. Week 2 GDT - Texans @ Titans

    A. This dude has little to no credibility, has had an insane amount of sketchy incidents in his past. B. He's basing this all off of what's in the news, no direct examination. Honestly his whole shtick is questionable at best. C. Please heal quick, Marcus. Otherwise we may need Byard to throw for 2,000 yards this year.
  3. Week 1 GDT: Titans vs. Dolphins

    Buddy, give me some of what you are drinking. I have faith that they'll get it together at some point, I just worry it may not be until we've already dug a decent hole for ourselves by mid-October. I doubt it given Mularkey & Co. did it maybe once a game (I've tried to delete the Whiz period from memory). I've always thought we should start out up-tempo, try to get a lead, then lean on the run. Kind of like starting the first inning with your closer, getting Marcus in a rhythm early is hugely important, but none of our coaches have really done much to take advantage of his abilities there.
  4. Training Camp Thread

    Still doubtful, we'll be a home dog unless we start out 3-0.
  5. Week 1 GDT: Titans vs. Dolphins

    I'm probably being super irrational, but I have a weird feeling that Sharif Finch could have a Carlos Hall circa 2002 season this year. Mostly ignored guy with some physical skills and a good set of moves playing behind better talent. I'm hoping to see him get some run on 3rd downs this first month and surprise some people.
  6. Week 1, Titans @ Dolphins

    That's probably not the case. Mariota hasn't been a big runner/scrambler in the NFL. Part of that was the way offenses were called with previous OCs, the other part concerns around his durability. He makes big runs when needed, but generally not on the reg. More than likely Miami loses if they can't stop the run. Even with the new offense we are generally built to run and play solid D. Turnovers are going to be key, and Mariota has been a bit conservative this preaseson so lots of Delanie, Dion and short stuff (death by 1,000 cuts over big plays).
  7. Week 1 GDT: Titans vs. Dolphins

    Based off of preseason, I'm expecting us to have a slow start. Not that we'll suck, but it's hard to equate what we just saw to coming out of the gates fast. Maybe we can get lucky while we knock off the rust the first month, but I don't feel great about anything at this point. Hoping for the best but being realistic that this is likely to be an up and down year.
  8. Training Camp Thread

    We are pretty filled up at ILB, and Correa can technically fill that role as well. I just think Finch has higher upside and value as a situational pass rusher than Wallace brings at anything.
  9. Training Camp Thread

    I'd rather keep Finch over Wallace. He showed more in a few weeks than Wallace and Carraway have to date.
  10. Training Camp Thread

    Would rather have Davis Webb honestly.
  11. Training Camp Thread

    Gonna be tough to find much there. Anyone worthwhile we'd have to hope 20-something other teams pass on a guy we'd want.
  12. Training Camp Thread

    Any underdogs you guys are especially hoping to see make the initial roster? Given our small draft class seems like we have a lot more of those than usual - TE Firkser, RB Wadley, handful of WR's including Burnett, OLB Finch and ILB Spillane. Think they all have a good shot, though Firkser doesn't strike me as more than PS for the time being. Would be a bummer to lose him but given injuries elsewhere that may be the route they have to take. Hoping Spillane replaces Bates though. Seems like a higher ceiling at LB, and probably like for like on ST's. Wouldn't be surprised to see Williams start out on IR with the option to come off later, giving Burnett a shot to audition this first part of the season (think he could catch on somewhere if cut). Wadley hasn't shown a ton but think he may make the 53 to start, could be cut before week 1 and go PS. Think Finch should be a lock based on his play.
  13. Training Camp Thread

    Pretty cool article on Spillane here. Think he has a shot to make it over Bates. Maybe a higher upside at ILB and a solid STs guy. So far liking Haney over at The Athletic. Has some good stuff.
  14. Titans trade for Kamalei Correa

    Think the bigger concern is Morgan. Coming off knee surgery, wondering if he could start the year on IR. As this guy has ST value, wondering if they expect bigger roles for some of the current depth guys if Rak, Landry and Morgan are all banged up.
  15. Yea get Robiskie back or maybe Whiz...🙄 Injuries are the primary concern, hopefully our big names get back. But week 3 of preseason is just a bit early to get so worked up. I agree there need to be major improvements, but would rather have a clunker now to hopefully wake some guys up. Need to at least see a few real games before going full Chicken Little.