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  1. LOLOLOLOLOL. Right. Just like you thinking Toronto hasn't benefited at all this playoffs from the refs. Kawhi just has to fling his head back and he gets a whistle every time. Clown.
  2. No Durant. No Klay. No Looney. Refs in pocket all playoffs. If Toronto wins the Finals, it'll have a giant asterisk next to it.
  3. Where all the Buck fans scatter to?
  4. You sure about that? Giannis' insane work ethic is well documented. After games where he would play bad, he would leave the arena (still in his uniform) and drive to the Bucks' practice facility, which was x amount of miles away, and work on his game until 2 in the morning.
  5. No, he doesn't. Pay closer attention instead of listening to what the commentators say or how the opposing crowd reacts.
  6. What's obnoxious is clueless fans thinking certain plays are travels, when they are not. Take yesterday's game for example. That crazy Giannis Euro step. EVERYBODY cried "TRAVELLLLL", when it clearly was not.
  7. What movie are you watching?

    Thrill and anyone else who does what I described.
  8. What movie are you watching?

    Question. What's the point in posting what movie you watched if you're not gonna give your opinion on it?
  9. Mark Murphy must go!!

    I won't argue that.
  10. Mark Murphy must go!!

    They almost did. Should have cut the head off the snake (Murphy), though. And no trolling here. How am I trolling? Murphy is a meddler who doesn't let others do their jobs. Huge power tripper. Don't be so blind, people.
  11. Mark Murphy must go!!

    I looked, didn't see anything. Thanks for the help tho.