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  1. I feel your pain and frustration but don't leave. At the end of the day sports is just entertainment. Although sending Brady packing would've been sweet i think if we're honest this team had nothing for Mahomes. Rodgers gave us a punchers chance but they likely have scored every possession and just embarrassed us. I hate SB loses more. I've learned from 2014 not to get too emotionally invested in this team and sports in general. That game sent me into a deep depression and I vowed to never let that happen. I'm not getting my hopes up until they put a great defense around Aaron with a comp
  2. It was because of what Julio Jones did to our CB's in the 2016 NFC championship. I'm sure that's what influenced Ted to take King over Watt. In hindsight it was a bad decision. I'm taking pass rush talent over DB's all day.
  3. Aaron Jones had a good career here but yesterday proved he's not worth Cook, Kamara money. King is a typical bad TT CB pick. Should've just paid Breeland and let this clown walk. I just don't know how this team completes next season. No money key cuts coming.
  4. That's fine but you have to agree their front 7 is far better. The Smiths didn’t do much and neither did Gary. Kenny was the stud yesterday. We have nothing next to Clark. I know Adam's is great but as a unit I'm taking TB receiving core over ours.
  5. Throw in AB for good measure. You're right, down right disgrace by our front office. With QB's like Rodgers and Brady you have to go all in. Future doesn't guarantee anything. TB has an all in roster.
  6. I'm very confused. You bring in Tramon but you play Redmond? Am I the only one that thinks Tramon would've made that pick before half? Thats why you bring in a T Williams in the first place. Also why did we cut whitehead? Big mistake he came back to bite us.
  7. Winfield sure made an impact for TB. Yes I think some rookies should contribute in some capacity. Jenkins was a stud his rookie season.
  8. The only contributor from the 2020 draft class was Dillon. Totally unacceptable.
  9. Clark earned his money today, the rest of the D line can be cut or traded.
  10. Thing is we still don't know because we never seen him play in a real NFL game. Can we at least see him in a real game before we put the Winston label on him?
  11. Thing is we don't really know what we have in Love. He may be better than we think. Putting real talent around him will make him successful.
  12. I think we should just trade Rodgers to the highest bidder and get the max return. Suck for a few years while loading up on high draft picks. The league is getting harder every year, Rodgers will never get this far again in GB. let the guy go compete for a ring elsewhere. Let's take full advantage of Loves rookie deal while building a stellar defense and getting him real weapons like KC. You're not going to get that picking in the late 30's every year. Rodgers is a blessing and a curse. He will take you deep in the playoffs every year but he can't get you to the promise land. His salary
  13. Yep, people saying he wouldn't make an impact were just being in denial. That position you're not cutting or running full speed. Vea's job was just collapsing the pocket and flushing Rodgers. He made an impact in the pass and ground game.
  14. I wanted Barrett but they went with P Smith!!! That was a bad move!!! I knew Barrett was way better than P. Smith.
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