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  1. Barring the same misfortune the 49er's had with injuries the Buc's may go undefeated this season. That roster will be ridiculous after they add another solid draft.
  2. Man I'm shocked that there's still some big names available and their price tags are dropping by the day. The problem is we're working with a Goodwill budget while others have Macy's and Bloomingdale's budgets. I really have no Idea what the front office wants to do. It's looking more and more like they're just gonna to bite the bullet and absorb Rodgers humongous cap hit in 21 instead of kicking the can down the road.
  3. Something has to be up. Either Rodgers wouldn't accept a restructure and just want's to play out his contract and move on or it's Love or bust for Gute. I can't believe they're just sitting around doing nothing while everyone else is getting better. This is very frustrating. For the last two days I've been checking my phone at work for news and crickets.
  4. Just bought a new galaxy note Phone. It makes a lot of mistakes when you use the voice texting feature. My old galaxy 7 didn't make many errors. Not trying to derail the topic so you're free to believe what you want sir.
  5. I'm at work sometimes you overlook things when you're real busy and multi tasking. But I hear you.
  6. Mods ban my phone for voice texting mute instead moot. Thats what happens when you're working and trying to text.
  7. Just thought about it. No way the Rams would've been stupid enough to ship him to playoff rival anyways. Shipping him to Detroit was smarter so it's a mute point.
  8. Detroit getting Brockers for a 7th rounder is a gut punch I'll feel the rest of the day.
  9. Hoping today someone signs fournette away from TB. That's team has zero weaknesses.
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