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  1. Can we stop calling MVS a number 2 receiver? He's garbage!
  2. I think Rodgers is trying to guarantee he's out of here next season. He's doing his best Favre impression.
  3. Kendricks is a stud. that D is hard to run on.
  4. But their OL is horrible.
  5. The Vikes D is back. They're stout up front.
  6. I look at that Bears front and I'm envious. Going to be hard running against that front. They have some beef with Hicks, Goldman and Tonga plugging the middle and they have good linebackers that can flow to the ball. Good luck running against that. They have grown men, other than Kenny we have Jags plugging the middle. I just hope Slaton can give us something as a rookie.
  7. I want someone to tell me with all sincerity that there's not a better street FA option out there better than Lancaster.
  8. Sorry but I'm still not satisfied with our DL depth. Keke is injury prone, Kenny is getting worn down because of the crazy amount of snaps he has to play, now these groin injuries keep flaring up. Slaton and Heflin are rookies, not looking for them to make a big impact this season. If we're going all in let's do it! At least upgrade Lancaster or Bring someone like Pennel in on a vet minimum.
  9. Still scratching my head they cut Kamal Martin and didn't even offer him a spot on the PS. Can't believe they kept this Tipa guy over a draft pick.
  10. Still have to catch that, those 2 points were huge and would've swung momentum.
  11. No one wanted EQ because every pro scout and GMs last memory of him was dropping that easy crucial 2 point conversion in the NFC championship.
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