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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Probably coming down to Clay or Mo for that last 5M.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    With Sweat's heart ailment is he now guaranteed to be there at #12? If so would some of you feel comfortable taking him at 12?
  3. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I wouldn't doubt it one bit if Gute trades or cuts him. Gute has a type, he loves big humans based on all his draft and FA transactions. He believes in the old adage it's a big man's game. Mike is only 6'0. He's a decent player but not great. He's made more than Richardson the past 3 seasons which is criminal, he's nowhere as talented as Richardson who I really wanted. This is suppose to be one of the deepest DL classes ever, if they draft a guy they really like I believe Daniel's will be a post draft casualty.
  4. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Wouldn't mind but who do we cut to get him?
  5. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Wow are you Jimmy Graham's agent? I'm not here to argue I'm a Jimmy Graham fan. I was pounding my chest like King Kong when we signed him. I actually like him as a player and person and I'm rooting for him to be much better in 2019. Mac and Rodgers are some of the blame because Rodgers was always looking deep for big plays. We now have a coach that will hopefully reign him in and make him play within the the system. My biggest pet peeve is the money vs production, hopefully that won't be an issue in 2019.
  6. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    What was our record? He was brought here to help us get to the playoffs and he didn't. I don't know what Jimmy Graham you saw but I saw a man who's a shell of his former self. He looked slow, stiff, couldn't jump, couldn't separate and old. Hardly the weapon we hoped for even before he broke his thumb. The big red zone threat was a big red zone disappointment.
  7. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Now go research to see if those great stats were during garbage time or when the game still on the line. The games I saw Jimmy was M.I.A when we needed him. Stats can be deceiving. If you seriously think Jimmy earned what he was paid last season you're being disingenuous.
  8. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    That Graham contract is a big F for me. I'm sick of these washed up TE's like Bennett and Graham robbing us every year. Thank God we have two 1sts. Just grab the best available at 30 and be done already. Can't believe in 8 years we still haven't found a replacement for Finley's production.
  9. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Wow in one off season went from bare to surplus on edge rushers. We'll have the Smith's, 2 draft picks, Fack and Fadol Brown. Not too shabby, Brown is my sleeper, hell end up beating out Gilbert for a roster spot. He's a big man at 6'4 280. He was very disruptive in that Chicago game, he showed more in that one game than Gilbert has shown his entire career here including preseason.
  10. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Yeah like when the board freaked out when Shawn Merriman tweeted about getting cheddar during his workout. Thinking he was on his way to GB. They made a 15 page thread over that tweet lol. I miss the good old days.
  11. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Not a big Daniels fan I'd just take that money to extend big Kenny and resign Breeland or another corner.
  12. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I did hear 20. If they cut Tramon and Daniels they could pickup an extra 17 to add to that.
  13. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    How in the heck do they still have money? Thought they blew it all last offseason. I was really hoping to get that guy, seems like we haven't had a KR in decades.
  14. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Arrigo just tweeted Mo Wilks and Packers working on one or two year deal.