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  1. Week 14 Games

    You're gonna get their best shot even if they're winless.
  2. Fire Pettine

    Only if Thompson drafted better.
  3. Fire Pettine

    Fire Kevin King!!!! But seriously this team needs a boost in talent at ILB and DL. We're getting zero production from the DL. Lowry, Adams, Lancaster, and even Clark are all playing below expectations. Lowry was a waste of an extension, Adams still hasn't taken that next step, Lancaster is pretty much what he is, JAG. Just imagine how much better this defense would be if we had a inside pass rush and stout run defenders. Just imagine how better we'd be if we had a Luke Kuechly in the middle. I think one more year of the Thompson roster purge will bring better results next season. Gute has to start hitting on his draft picks. So far he's struck out on his 2018 draft class. You have to start hitting on your 2nd and 3rd rounders. Both Jackson and Burks are busts. All the receivers he took are not panning out. Moore is out the league, MVS is a one trick pony and St. Brown is pretty much Lazard, a big possession receiver but not a homerun threat. Constantly missing on 2nd and 3rd round talent has set this team back. 2015 Rollins/Montgomery Fackrell/2016 Jones/Adams 2017. Jackson/Burks 2018. That's a lot of misses that set us back. When you invest that much draft capital on defense and strike out at that rate there's your problem. We've drafted so bad on defense that we had to ignore the offensive side of the ball for years causing our offense to become subpar on talent because we're constantly redrafting draft mistakes on defense.
  4. Week 13 GDT: Packers at NY (Football) Giants

    Had to fix that.
  5. Week 13 GDT: Packers at NY (Football) Giants

    Rodgers attacked the middle!!!!!
  6. Week 13 GDT: Packers at NY (Football) Giants

    I wish Rodgers would stop throwing deep on 3rd and 2.
  7. Week 13 GDT: Packers at NY (Football) Giants

    This teams not winning in Minnesota.
  8. Week 13 Games

    Yes Bears win!!! Give Mitch that huge extension ASAP!!!
  9. NFL Week 13 GDT

    The offense has been so bad they're constantly on the field. Their defense is worn down.
  10. NFL Week 13 GDT

    I'll take their's over ours in a heartbeat.
  11. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Bears taking a page out of the Packers defense, bending but unlike Packers breaking.
  12. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Digging the Lions destroyer grey uniforms.
  13. I'm done with Rodgers. He's uncoachable and set in his ways. Whenever you think you're smarter than the play callers and head coaches you need to go. I'm down with trading Rodgers for draft capital, getting rid of that contract and building a stellar defense. Then we bring in a smart game manager who will execute the game plan. I'd flip SF a 3rd for their backup. Kid almost beat Rodgers in GB last year. This team has too many holes and Rodgers contract makes it impossible to fill those holes. You don't need a super star QB in this day to win SB's. You need defense, Run game and a decent QB ala Bridgewater, Flacco to win a SB.