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  1. Lol the Bares are proving why they are the dumbest organization in the league. They just paired a defensive minded head coach with their young QB. Thanks Chicago!
  2. Cold is very overrated. Working in the Chicagoland area most of my life I remember back in 1988 all my former Bears fan co-workers were bragging and running their mouths about how Cold it will be at soldier field during the NFC championship game with SF coming to town and this happened.
  3. Lol this guy couldn't beat Jimmy G at home in the playoffs, what makes you think he's going to be successful in that division? No Bears or Lions in that division. Trade them all there.
  4. Not talking about Russell Wilson. The last rookie class has potential to be good also. Baker is not elite but he's good enough to get a team to the SB. He played injured this year with a bad shoulder, that's hurt his production. Rather you like it or not the AFC has way more QB talent than the NFC. When Rodgers is traded the top QBs in the NFC will be Wilson, Stafford and Jimmy G.
  5. We'll still have to face at least two to get to the playoffs. Wait until we play the AFC W. Guaranteed 4 losses.
  6. Looking forward I don't see the NFC winning a SB in the foreseeable future. The AFC is loaded with good to great QBs. Mahomes Allen Burrow Watson Rodgers Mayfield Herbert Jackson Carr Lawrence M Jones Wilson AFC will be a QB blood bath for the next 10 years. These last two seasons were our last legitimate opportunity to get to a SB. Love hasn't shown me anything to give me hope to make it to the playoffs yet alone beat one of the elite AFC QBs in a SB. I really hate football.
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