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  1. Cody Whitehair could diffinally start for GB. Besides Kenny Clark we don't have a DLmen that could sniff a starting job for the Bears. Face it there's no team that's strong at every position. Your OL is bad, our DL is Bad. MN's secondary is bad. Guys just have to stop underachieving and earn their pay checks.
  2. As a Packers fan I think Pace is one of the better GM'S in the league. The only mistake he made was taking Trubisky over Mahomes. His only other bad draft pick was Kevin White. Most of his draft picks were sold picks. He killed it in FA. I still think your roster is better than ours. Your roster has the talent, what i'm seeing is the offense is underperforming for the talent it has. The defense is still solid and SB caliber. Pace has done a way better job than our GM. Remember you guys gave up a lot of draft capital for Mack which was the right move. Foles is a good QB who's won a SB, that was the right move. I just don't get why your offense can't score more points given the talent it has. That's where the problem is, not Pace.
  3. Coming off a long and rested week this team is letting a one win team hang around lol.
  4. Burns and Simmons are making an impact. Thanks Gute!
  5. Pay Bak! Pay Jones! Fire Pattine!!!!!!!!
  6. Tell me about it. No excuse for Metcalf and Queen to not be on this roster.
  7. Of course. The Packers front office are too worried about image over talent. Raiders want to win at any cost. It wouldn't hurt this team one bit to sign the guy. If he's got his head on straight he could be a weapon on our DL. How would Kenny, Irving, Smith, Gary, Z look on passing downs?
  8. He took a couple of years off to smoke weed. But I would at least kick the tires.
  9. Gute seriously needs to go get newly reinstated former Dallas Cowboy DT David Irving. 6'7 295 and only 27. He may be a head case but he's cheap and you don't have to trade for him. I'd rather have him over Snacks. I always wanted him, dude has a 7'4" wingspan.
  10. I don't think there's a such thing as home field advantage this year. You think playing in an empty home stadium in January is really going to benefit us? Brady and Gronk can play good in cold weather.
  11. You have to beat teams like TB to get to the SB. This game was a measuring stick to see if this team is for real and they failed. When they start beating teams like TB and SF I'll get on board. Until then beating up on bad teams won't take this bad taste out of my mouth. To lose the way they did shows they are not for real imo.
  12. This team still has problems with physical teams. They get manhandled by teams like SF and now TB. This beat down is just like both SF beat downs last year. We got whipped in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Rodgers got knocked around all day, Brady barely got touched. I give the OL much of the blame, once Rodgers started getting hit and knocked down he never got comfortable in the pocket. He was constantly running for his life leading to bad decisions and poor throws. The OL was complete garbage today.
  13. What happened to the balance? That drive looked very McCarthy like.
  14. Keep TB's D on that hot field. Another time consuming drive please.
  15. Looks like the Bears D are getting their swagger and confidence back after a shaky start. If they're back to holding teams under 20 with a competent QB like Foles they will be a problem and there at the end. They won that game by making TB kick FG's instead of TD's.
  16. But they actually played good enough to win today, if you hold a team under 20 you should win. The offense still can't score for Chicago, that offense is always terrible in the first half. They seem to always wait until the 4th quarter to heat up to pull out late comeback wins.
  17. Happy this is Robinson's last season in Chicago.
  18. Wouldn't be surprised. Sometimes you need to be in the right system.
  19. Trubisky is one happy camper.
  20. This is what I'm talking about. It's time to unleash Dillon this week. He should get a minimum 15 carries.
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