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  1. Gute told it like it is and it's good he did. Question asked and it was answered honestly. Cobb is back and happy he is, and he should be. He's got one more year with GB, hopefully he gets healthy and stays that way. Hopefully Rodg doesn't over focus on him in the snaps he gets.
  2. Elgton and Jaire absolute must and for sure signings. Savage near so too. Future looks bright.
  3. Cross between Bak and Chris Cornell. Two of my very favorites..... But really, this was a great signing all things considered. In vet moves so far it's Gute 1, Rodg 0. (Hope Cobb proves me wrong. Hope Rodg doesn't over focus on him..)
  4. Ol Rodg needs to worry more about his play in clutch post season situations. The team would benefit if he did so. We really need to see Love in pre-season games, one way or another it will be telling to a degree.
  5. If this was young Cobb he would bring a lot. It isn't. He also comes with a significant turf toe injury he's still trying to recover from. He may be at the point where he can play with it, but better if he didn't right now. As Gute admitted, it was a move they made to satisfy Rodg and wouldn't have been made otherwise. I already miss the 6th round pick and cap room. Again, only a 6th and a check to Cobb for far too much money over the two years, but a good deal is good deal and a bad deal is bad deal. This is a bad deal. The bad deals need to end right here.
  6. This is obviously a trade you do not make except to appease Rodg. It is simply a bad deal for the Packers. Not a big deal with it being a 6th round pick but a bad deal. The best question at the Rodg presser was when he was told by a reporter that most of the “moves” he wanted to make in the past would have been bad moves based on that players then performance. Which is true. Rodg of course blubbered something about, we’ll they would have been better here. Pathetic.
  7. We can only hope. Offer vet minimum and in trade comp a choice of one of 3 players we will cut anyway. We tried. Then trade Ol Rodg if he doesn't like it to the highest bidder. Let him find out when his parking pass doesn't work.
  8. Update, Gute not only reports to Ol Rodg now but from his car....Shefty about to break that one
  9. Ol Rodg making cuts. Gute now reports to him..
  10. Let's bring Greg Jennings back too. I'd at least let Rodg think we were going to just to get his hair bun to tighten up a bit. If we give next to nothing for Cobb AND he agrees to re-negotiate his contract to a reasonable number no big deal I guess. If that's not the case Murph and Gute made an idiot move. Allow a player to dictate personnel moves is bad enough, but to dictate and obviously bad one for the team crazy stupid.
  11. "You do know that one can be an esteemed expert at one point in their career and then lose credibility because of, oh, let's say, working for extremely partisan think tanks that throws their objectivity completely into question, right?" Dr. Lindzen has lost credibility nowhere except the leftist media and their faithful sheep. "Tell me you're likely a racist and definitely a xenophobe without telling me you are either of those things." Ahhh, a leftist playing the race card. The final example of sheep surrendering whatever dignity they once had. If you saw me, you'd
  12. How many years have you spent in a government school and buying into leftist indoctrination? Legal immigrants by a vast majority are 100% against allowing this illegal invasion to take place. Perhaps you should ask your laughable question to them...
  13. Ahhh, we're talking about illegal invaders here. Are you illegally here?
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