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  1. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    There are always areas where players maybe could find improvement but the NFL overall needs to hold strong on things like cap and parity. I'm not just talking about this CBA but future ones.. Look at the pathetic mess MLB has with the rich TV contract big city teams having extreme advantage over the small market teams. The NFL has done it right.
  2. You put a lot of work in this, and I like a lot of that work. I also don't like a lot of that work. Let me start with I don't like losing Bulaga or Linsley. I hate losing both beyond words. I also do not like moving Jenkins. Begelton and Sharpe at WR? I don't really like Dye, but you won't get him that late. Makes me dizzy, a lot of moving parts that aren't supposed to move....
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    You can try Richardson out to see what's left if curious. Won't cost anything but a plane ticket and lunch. Might as well re-sign Ryan Grant. We will sign a mid and/or lower range veteran WR, with no guarantee they will make the team. Our improvement will come from present bodies and through the draft more than likely.

    Not fun for me. So disturbing on so many levels.....
  5. Mock Draft Godfather V3

    Two things I liked. Re-signing the white whale foremost, and about time someone gave us Cephus. That's it.
  6. Initially as I began to read it down I was hating it, but in total if you could pull this off it makes total sense. A couple players I do not like in the draft but that's par for the course. A couple of moves highly unlikely, and I don't have to tell you which ones. Beyond highly unlikely....
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I like Delpit a lot, but is he clearly the best prospect at 30? Worthy more than likely yes, but the most worthy? I just don't know about that. I only brought up Fromm because of how high he was once thought of and how low he might drop. Limitations are obvious, but there just may be a surprise there at some point.
  8. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    One could start a new thread just about prospects liked that aren't locks to be 1st Round picks, concentration on later round picks. I guess here is good enough. I like Justin Madubuike. He could go Round 1 late, but likely not Ross Blacklock probably more likely 1, but could tumble to round 2. We need a D-lineman to not only quickly develop but who could help immediately. While signing a veteran is likely, I still like one like these two. LB Malik Harrison, DL, Davon Hamilton, TE's like Adam Trautman and Hunter Bryant, WR's like Gabriel Davis, Van Jefferson, Quintez Cephus. Be interesting to see where they go. How far can QB Jake Fromm fall? At what point do we take him? What I'm asking is at what point would he clearly be the best prospect on the board and too good to pass on?
  9. rbens06 Feb 7 2020 Mock Draft

    I think you are optimistic on what Watkins will take. He concerns me, for a number of reasons. He will want a longer term deal with the big up front money. I find it difficult to believe he would settle for the contract you offer. Regardless, like I said, he concerns me. Ability to stay healthy, desire to play and perform. Potential head case when it doesn't happen for him. Lee also concerns me for very different reasons. Losing Bulaga concerns me. Veldheer is a nice signing and I hope that does happen. Not enough done to replace the white whale. OT becomes my numero uno draft need with him gone. To get Reagor with our 2nd would be a windfall. Even in this deep WR class, I don't like the odds. No doubt if you allow Martinez to walk we need to replace him, you have with Lee and Queen. But the cost is no OT until the late 3rd and a vet who likely will not hold up as a starter for the majority of the season. I'm also not sold on Queen this high. I like the D-Linemen you added in FA, but again not sure they will tip for those contracts. We definitely need to improve here, and you've drafted nobody. Very concerning for me....
  10. Packers Regression

    I haven't seen every one of their games over the years, but I don't remember Brees ever looking terrible. Not on a consistent basis anyway. He's the little engine that could. And does. Yes, he has played on some terrible teams.
  11. Packers Regression

    As I said he's a good NFL QB. He at times is really, really good. Elite QB's are consistently really, really good and slant the weight of every game their way. We are paying him to be elite. Rodgers does a lot of things right, obviously. That doesn't excuse him for when he doesn't. I don't think anyone is ready to bail on him, I agree. If he doesn't improve at all next year he still is a good NFL QB. We obviously can win with him. Odds are though we will not be as healthy next year as we were last year, we need every play we can get. He left too many on the field.
  12. Packers Regression

    This along with seemingly increasing inaccuracy. What bothers me worse though is when he ignores a quick move the chains 5 yard gain looking for the bigger play and then takes a hit or throws it away or (maddening scream) throws it deep to a covered receiver running a low percentage go route. He at times is his own worse enemy, but how it's affecting the team is what is at issue here.
  13. Packers Regression

    "Allison, MVS and Kumerow were not NFL quality options in 2019. " True at least to a point. Nobody questions adding quality receivers would be a good thing, of course it would. Adding quality at any position is a good idea. But with Rodgers I'm talking about the plays that were sitting there waiting to be made. And weren't.
  14. Packers Regression

    And you can claim his injuries shortened some years but some of those have been exactly part of what I am talking about. Hold the ball a little longer maybe and get the other collar bone busted on a legit hit. There are a whole number of decision making fails from ignoring open receivers and poor check down reads and other low percentage decision making at hand here. Take what is there and move the chains is the definition of an efficient offense. And leave the ego trip at home.
  15. Packers Regression

    This is not the first year ol' Rodgers has been lacking. I've witnessed this for a few years now. Of course before it was all MM's fault, or at least their relationship. Rodgers is still a good NFL QB. He is not elite and we are paying for elite.