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  1. How many teams have won more Super Bowls than the Packers in the last 20 years? dozen years more to the point
  2. No, this whole thing started with he wanting a long term extension that the Packers were hesitant in giving him based on what his production would be in his 40's and our cap situation. We already had him on the books for 3 more years at that point. Now that it's only 1 more year the team certainly should be hesitant to kick the 50 gallon barrel down the road with a 5 year deal. It is time.
  3. You pay it, you cap it. All they would be doing is kicking the can down the road. Imploding our cap when the aged QB is done or should be. The Packers philosophy for a very long time has been to remain competitive at the highest of levels. That isn't going to change.
  4. I think both parties directly involved know the answer to that. The answer is no. Rodg isn't going to accept a team friendly reduced deal, and even if he did we'd have to sit him down and tell them who won't be with us next year. Cobb, 1 or both starting Edges named Smith, likely Adams, possibly Tonyan, possibly Turner, and so on. Cap is king and we have guys like Alexander and Jenkins who are on the very young side of their perennial All Pro careers. They are the priority, they are the now, they are the future. Of course, much of it also hinges on what the Packers re
  5. The other signings so far this year I found interesting. This one I find exciting...
  6. I really think he may have enough in the tank to be more than just depth
  7. I hope this is true. When I saw his release I was hoping he had game left, because the game he's had in the past would fit here nicely. A position of greatest need to boot
  8. Man, that's even better than Succop. The Packers are going to handily win this game. It would be a major failure of coaching if this team is not ready to play. Then it gets interesting for a bit...
  9. I don't think the team will be pounding the pavement looking to make offers. I think they will quietly inquire about thrift sale bargains with low risk and pass by quickly when none are found.
  10. Depending on and beyond the health of our DB's where they could play a part I think Edge is the most obvious. D-Line a possibility, along with what other positions pop up because of injury. No trade needed, I wonder if Whitney Mercilus has enough left to help us?
  11. We would be forced at some point to face the same reality no matter what. As it is, based on cap and age of player, we are faced with it now. It is what it is. Nobody said it's an automatic but with that being said I think our FO is a tad better than most. We will come up with another QB who is capable of high level play one way or another. The QB will have a fine young O-Line to begin that journey with along with a stable of RB's. Sure would be nice to also have the best WR in the NFL imo with us as well, not sure that is possible.
  12. I see no way Rodg is back, but if Love fails I think fans as a whole know more than to blame Gute for it in any way. The numbers dictate reality, cap wise and age wise. It is time. If Rodg is traded and Love fails we will do what the Cards did, draft another QB.
  13. Makes sense, but I believe if we tag him he will be traded when we can't get that "reasonable" deal. I'd be all for the alternative though as you offer.
  14. I know mathematically you can make it work as you accurately pointed out. There are probably other options to make it work as well. But in the big picture, the long term picture, does it really make sense? If so, by all means sign all three. Adams is in my mind the best WR in the league and the highest of class acts. If you're going to stretch for a WR, this is indeed the man. I just more highly value O-Lineman and elite corners more so than signing WR's to monster long term contracts, more so yet as they approach age 30.
  15. I don't think you can make Adams, Jenkins, and Alexander work cap wise. I do agree the Pack should not let Adams walk. Tag him.
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