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  1. Damarious Randall re-signing with the Seahawks. They stated they will utilize him as a corner back, not safety. Interesting. The best chance the Packers have as I see it at this point of adding a vet who could come in and help right away is someone who presently has a team and will be cut. There just isn't much out there anymore at positions of need within a money slot that would work for us. Something likely to still happen, but most interesting for the Packers so far this year is the lack of movement with 12's contract.
  2. Colorful. Creative. I don't like it. Too much gravy and not enough meat and potato.
  3. Love your picks where you have then after Round 2, although a couple highly unlikely they last that long. Absolutely loathe your first 2 picks...not the players...the picks
  4. Bolton is indeed a really good prospect and a bargain at that point in your mock. I am a big fan of drafting the big guys first offense and defense, but value is king. You can talk about the two young guys we have at the position all you want, they are still young guys with reason they went undrafted and 5th round. Bolton would fit in nicely and push for a starting spot right away. Quality depth is needed at all positions to boot. I've run these simulators too and it's fun. You can really rip some unbalanced trades. I look forward to seeing the disparity between pretend and realism ever
  5. What drives the debate into being a debate is 12's age. If he were 30 there would be no conversation. We do not want to bury ourselves in a long term contract with a guy who will be 38 this season. 2-3 years where we couldn't move him sure, but let's not dig deeper than that. Trading him for multiple treasure chests after this year has merit and is worthy of conversation. 4 or 5 high picks is a recipe to build your team in a quick hurry and for the long term. 3 years from now 12 may still have worth if we extend him. My hope is by extending him we aren't tied down for more than that man
  6. After the first trade I'm hopping happy if a Fins fan and hopping mad if a 9'ers. After the 2nd trade I'm hopping happy if a Eagles fan and a little verklempt if a Fins fan.
  7. The loss was a team loss, as I had stated before after that game. If you wanted to pin it on one guy though, that guy wears #12.
  8. This is an excellent move, a no brainer. It takes a little desperation away from the concern at the position. We will add 1 or 2 in the draft to boot and maybe a cheap vet. This is a very talented corner who has indeed had some injury issues. He is not the reason we lost against the Bucs. Now we await the Adams and Rodgers extensions....
  9. They no doubt need to do something with Rodgers. In the least it would have been accelerating bonus money but now it's going to be an extension. Makes total sense, but I don't feel the need to pay the 38 year old any more money and I hope they don't bury us to the point where in 3-4 years we can't get out of it. He's not going to be getting any better and neither should the money. We're already paying him elite money, and at least post season wise we haven't always seen elite play including this last post season. Keep kicking the can down the road and the bus will blow up after it runs ov
  10. What type of re-structures? With each player it's a different situation. With some we expect them to be here 2 years or longer. With some we are in a position to cut them in 1 or 2 years. We must be careful with 12, we better not bury ourselves in a contract re-structure with him that would make him impossible to move in that 1-2 year time span.
  11. Tonyan now with the official 2nd round designation. Does he even get a sniff?
  12. I like drafting big guys. I like this draft. I also like the surrounding party of talent. I like drafting big guys. (although trade thru me)
  13. Tagging Jones creates issues the moment you do it. It is not exactly OK with the NFL brass to tag a player with intent to trade him. No team would trade for Jones if they think they can wait to sign him when he's cut free. No team will trade for him without a long term deal done with him and that takes some time. I think it very unlikely this would all be hashed out by the 17th, we would have to clear room for the tag. He was apparently offered a very lucrative and fair deal by the Packers and he turned it down. Time to move on.
  14. It's about to get real interesting. Team wise, but also league wise. Lots of movement about to happen on many facets. Almost as good as the rookie draft!
  15. Barry was willing to come in while retaining the current staff. Jim Leonhard was not is my bet. Yes, time to give Coordinator Barry every chance.
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