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  1. The front office is likely doing what they should be doing at this point.  They have offered all they're going to offer to sweeten the present deal.  At least I hope so.  From here you expect him to show up first day of training camp.  In the meantime you prepare your team in the event he does not, until then Jordan Love is the man.  I also believe and hope they have discussed compensation with suitors.  

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  2. 18 minutes ago, {Family Ghost} said:

    I don't see retirement as an option unless he "retires" to keep from getting fined during training camp and then returns at week 13 to get credited for a season of play.  

    I don't see him doing that.  To give up millions and then come in and sit on the bench is not something he would do.  I believe he either shows up day 1 of camp (after giving the FO a taste of their own medicine...hmpff!) or he retires at least for this year.  That's why it's foolish in my mind for the team to not entertain a loaded trade so that move can be made if necessary before camp.

  3. Rodg has whined about culture and character but in the end it is and always has been about money.  Guaranteed long term money.  Now he may have not liked how the FO office told him no, but in the end it is about the money.  The cash he can extract in a guaranteed fashion.  He being a 38 year old QB at the start of such a guaranteed money extension is the main consideration here.  In terms of a trade the team should do absolutely nothing to accommodate him, but I don't think they're doing due diligence if they don't know exactly what can be had in compensation.  In other words, having very private but open conversation among teams.  I can't imagine they haven't even listened.  A loaded trade could be very advantageous to the team and long term.

  4. 2 hours ago, CriminalMind said:

    GB is better off with him retiring, but the worst case scenario for GB, is AR gets frustrated enough to show up and perform badly (very badly at training camp). He is put on a path to get all his money/bonus, to have a lower injury risk, and still keeps GB in a position where they should look to trade him.

    I know you think Rodg might do what you imply, but he won’t.  His ego wouldn’t allow that and to his credit he would never do that to his mates or the fans.  Of course if he did the simple solution would be for the team to let him swim in his own waste, but again, he won’t do that.  If he comes in he will play his guts out.

  5. 15 hours ago, Sasquatch said:

    Like I said, you’ve prolly logged 100 posts in this thread bitching about ol’ Rodg.  My question stands, when he suits up, will you kiss and make up without a grudge in your heart, or will you stay bitter?  Just wondering.

    My position stands, I haven’t bitched about Ol Rodg anywhere.  That’s where your confusion lies.  I have simply pointed out the facts concerning his contract and my opinion on how it should be handled.  Along with my hopes that the team does handle it in a similar matter.  So there is no “making up”.  If he is a Packer great, we like good players, I just hope we’re not buried in a no way out bad contract.  You see, I’m a Packer fan.  Long term.  Not a fan of any one player.  Team above player and franchise above team.

  6. 2 hours ago, Sasquatch said:

    So are you prepared to kiss and make up with “Rodg” this season when he inevitably comes back?  Or are you going to continue to loathe everything about him, like you’ve been pining on for the past 324 pages?  Just wondering - you’re welcome to go on hating if it makes you feel better.

    There is no hate for ol Rodg and read back, I’ve not only said it’s likely he’s back but I’ve said it would be the best outcome.  On the teams terms that is with a reasonable deal if not the present one.  What he is doing is self defeating and pathetic, unless he truly is willing to retire.  If that is the case he should come out and admit it.  I have simply pointed out what I think the team should be and/or is doing.  What we don’t know is the exact issue, and ol Rodg’s exact intentions.  So, we go with what we have.

    The team can not fold here and take it up the dark alley with this 38 year old QB who has failed us post season for a number of seasons behind some very good teams.  Hold him to his honor, his signature which gives us 3 more seasons.  Play Rodg, or retire.  Retire and pay us back an 8 digit check.  Make it clear there will never be a fire sale.  If there were to be a trade it will be on team terms with a ton of return.  Really pretty simple.

    Suit up and play or retire.

  7. You always start high in negotiations of such, and I know I'm asking for a lot.  That's because in the end he's not getting traded, unless I get a lot.  The Stafford deal even with a little age differential is indeed a stepping stone example.  Bottom line is the team does not want to trade him.  To change their mind somebody is going to step up big time.  AKA Chuckie Doll.

    Such a trade is indeed possible.  Otherwise, this: packfanfb

    "1. Rodgers isn't going anywhere, except maybe his couch, this season. If he plays, it'll be making another run with us."

  8. 23 minutes ago, OneTwoSixFive said:

    That doesn't mean much unless we know what you consider reduced value. Batter than a third rounder comp pick, sure..................but how much better ?

    I have stated many times what I consider value.  I want 2 1's, 2 2's, and a player or two.  If it's Denver I ask for Jeudy and Surtain, and maybe settle for Surtain and Browning along with the picks.  The team should do him no favors trade wise, if we can't get a haul then no trade.  Ever.  He can suit up on reasonable terms or retire.

  9. I would never trade him at a reduced value.  We're better off with him retiring, and that should be made clear to him.   

    He plays on terms the team can live with (that means no long term guaranteed deal) or he retires and pays the team 8 digits.  With the team option of trading him but only on the teams terms, which means our choice of team and return.  That return can only be giant.  Otherwise, play or stay retired and never play the game again.

  10. It's a mess in the media, the media loves messes!

    It's only a mess for the team if they allow it to become a mess.  The attitude they have to have is that this is the Green Bay Packers.  It wasn't the GB Favre's then and it's not the GB Arods now.  Suit up on terms we both can live with or retire.  The team will be just fine either way.  THAT'S the attitude the team should have and keep.  Of course, a trade on the teams terms bringing a real haul I believe should be considered at some point as well.

  11. Again, we do not know his intention or his commitment. 

    I think the greatest possibility is he wants a new contract and the Packers are trying to accommodate.

    BUT for all we know he really is never going to play again for GB.  A lot easier to do that than to ignore your family for years.  That is a possibility 16-1 or not.

  12. In ol Rodg's twisted mind he may indeed see it as a win, holding the team hostage since April, if he strolls in first day of camp and gets to work.  He may not any longer care to have long term security with the team, he'll play his guts out this year and then they can trade me to a team that will give him that security if they so wish may be his attitude.

    Or, it's 100% about trying to force a long term deal with the Pack that will bury us with looming dead cap and debt.  The Packers above all must not let anything like that happen.  If that's the case the team needs to tell him to suit up or retire.  Unless they get that boatload deal, and then I'd move him.  If that's what it's about.

    It's really as simple as that.   When Chuck Noll was asked about Franco's holdout the response to the media was, "Franco who"?   There is no Franco here".  The Packers need to move forward, not bend over and take it up the alley.

  13. It would be best if he is back, but not so if the team is buried in guaranteed money long term with no way out.


    Nobody really knows exactly what the issues are, or ol Rodg's intentions.


    Maybe, just maybe, he intends to keep quiet and then 1st day of camp in July he shows up like nothing happened.  Ready to go.  Just his way in his twisted mind of showing the brass what players like Nelson and Cobb and himself etc etc feel like when slighted.   He'd be wrong of course, nobody was slighted, but something along those lines might be how his mind works.                 Who really knows.


  14. None of us know what exact issues Rodgers has or his intentions.  I believe Rodgers really doesn't care about what's going on at mini-camp.  It's mini-camp.  He might miss his friends, his mates, but that's a socializing thing.

    Training camp is what looms.  

    It is imperative that the team does nothing to lock us long term in guaranteed money with this 38 year old to be when he is already costing us approx 20% of team salary.  We've got enough dead money to deal with as it is, we don't need it tripled down the road with an aging and declining QB.  He's sure not going to give us the Brady deal in his old age, nor the Brady post season wins is my bet.

  15. He has to play at an MVP level throughout the post season to begin to justify a salary percentile close to the present.  He's about to be 38 years old, if you're going to give him an extension with guaranteed money that cornholes the team he had better be worth it throughout that very contract.  Not just right now.  On top of it all.

    Make him decide.  Play, or retire.  

    At the same time the team needs to at least explore the idea of trading him.  They need to know what that option gives them and they wouldn't be doing the due diligence if they don't.

  16. Yes, show up and get to work.  Ol Rodg won't retire, he really can't.  He has no other choice.  He owes the Packers 3 more seasons.  He has no leverage at all.  Now one bullet the Packers have of course is to trade him, but that's completely on the teams terms.  I believe the team should indeed be looking into that, but again, that's up to the team and only the team.

  17. Nothing has changed, it’s still just a matter of his majesty Ol Rodg not wanting to honor his signature after the Packers two different times made him the highest paid QB in the NFL and have paid him mountains of money.  They are willing to continue to pay him, mountains of money.  He owes us 3 seasons in return.  He wants to instead bury the team in a guaranteed money long term deal which will leave us with disaster laden future dead money.  He is a 38 to be player who no doubt is beginning to decline and has led us to a 1-4 NFC Championship record going 1-7 in playoff games when behind at the half to boot.  The moves the team made his majesty apparently is not happy about were the right moves.  Players in their situations at the time.  Nelson, Cobb, Matthews, Kumerow, Hawk, Graham etc etc?  Play or retire, Rodg.  Maybe Hollyweird needs you more than the NFL does.

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