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  1. I think it most likely Rodg does come back by camp, I just hope it's not with a new deal that buries the team in guaranteed money. I'd stick with play or retire on your current or slightly enhanced deal. I would also fine him every dollar I could. His majesty should not be treated any different than a lowly guard in that regard. To do so is a true demonstration of a lack of respect for all players and sets a very negative precedent.
  2. You are wrong on every count, but let's examine the best two. " Doesn't matter how the OL plays? " As I said, 3 TD's sitting there waiting for the play to be made. "You saw Mahomes fail similarly when the pressure was extreme." Yes, Mahomes was missing multiple starters. The difference is Mahomes was playing on one leg. Different outcome had Mahomes been healthy. As healthy as ol Rodg was..
  3. Rodgers stunk in the NFC Championship game. He left 3 TD's on the field, plays sitting there waiting to be made. Put up a pretty QB rating but who won the game? Throwing picks that end up to be nothing more than punts cost you rating but do not lose you football games. Brady wins games. Rodg has had many, many chances and has failed. 1-4 in NFC Championship games, 1-7 in playoff games when behind at half time. He simply has not been a clutch player. How many Super Bowls in the last 29 won by a QB named Rodgers or Favre?
  4. The Packers presently own a bunch of dead money with 12. A new team would not have that dead money to start with. It's always about the money to a degree in the least. A new team is going to be more likely to bury themselves in this 38 year old QB with a 150 million dollar contract. Burying themselves in eventual mountains of dead money far beyond what we have with him. Most teams are less concerned about long term winning than this one to boot. They are fine with the crash and burn management.
  5. We do not know if Rodg has asked for a trade or not. It is speculation to think he has, and equal speculation to think he hasn't. Supposedly he has said he wants out. Supposedly he has said the team promised to trade him. The only thing we really know is he isn't happy with the front office.
  6. In my opinion the team should be open to anything except for a deal that would bury the team long term in guaranteed money creating a dead cap monster in the waiting. Any deal must give the Packers a way out sooner than later. Any trade must be on teams terms, meaning big compensation wise.
  7. It is not leverage. It is a consideration. Rodgers if he decides to show and play under his current contract or a slightly enhanced one that does not give him long term binders would have every incentive to play his guts out. For his teammates, his coaches, his fans, the franchise, and mostly for himself. To accomplish great things under tense circumstances would only speak great things of him. He would be in a favorable position to then quietly demand a trade after the season if he so wishes and the team in a better position to quickly act. This is what it is. The team needs to not
  8. Not only do I think we would have a "winning" season next year with Ol Rodg at QB with his current deal I think we likely have one with 10 at QB. 12 has had many years to get us to a Super Bowl and has failed save 1 year. 1-4 in NFC Championship games, 1-7 in playoff games when behind at half time and he left 3 TD's on the field in his last attempt that were just sitting there waiting for him to make the play. There's nothing saying he'd do any better with the guaranteed money long term contract he wants. Do not bend front office. Do not bury the team in a long term no way out deal
  9. Ol Rodg has absolutely zero leverage. Again, not only would any attempt to scuttle the ship fail but to attempt to would be to crap on the franchise, crap on the fans, crap on his own mates. He would be making the move of a perverted childish fool. He's a lot of thing but he's not that. Either the two sides will come to an agreement, and hopefully one that does not bury the team in guaranteed money, he will retire and write the team a very large check in a couple of installments, or he will be traded on the teams terms. He needs to honor his signature in the meantime.
  10. There have been sane thoughts RT, but I agree with you the one you highlited is laughable. As I said earlier in another thread, ol Rodg would be a perverted childish fool if he did that. To his credit, he would never do that to his mates or the fans he proclaims to love. His ego would never allow it on top of that. He has nothing but his whining. He will show up and play or he will retire. His only choices. Now also as I said before the team has another choice, and that is to trade him. Only on the teams terms which means a boatload of return. If they don’t get that boatload, they w
  11. Rodg playing next year without having a new contract that buries the team long term is no doubt the best case scenario. But there is nothing saying we would get appreciably more in a trade in a year, and we could possibly get that top 10 pick now. My demand from Denver remains 2 1's, 2 2's, Surtain and Jeudy. Maybe King thrown in. Maybe a bit less, but not much less. Less would be the pciks, Surtain and Browning. With maybe King thrown back. Something like that.
  12. This is correct, from both Bucky and Leader. I have said before, the only power Rodg has is the power the team cedes to him. It is vital for the team and for the franchise that they do not cede any power to him. Play or retire. Now that being said it may be in the best interest of the team to trade him if enough compensation can be had. If it can't, play or retire is what he will do.
  13. IF that is what ol Rodg will do then he will sit on pine during the game AND be given a special area all to himself on the far side of the locker room. Also called out publicly. There is no way he does this, his ego wouldn't allow it and to his credit he won't do that to his mates. This would paint ol Rodge as a perverted childish fool. So be it if so. No, what ol Rodge can do is honor his signature, sign on to an enhanced deal if offered that is on the teams terms, or retire. THAT is what he can do. The card the team holds that ol Rodg has no control over is a trade. I do believe
  14. "He has the MVP bargaining chip. As he himself said, the MVP award is the "wrench in the system" (or something to that effect) -" I don't know why this is important. He in no way should have won the MVP, it shouldn't be given out until March. Brady clearly was the MVP over him. Having pretty QB ratings are nice but winning games is or should be king. Triple that post season. Rodgers had every opportunity to win that last very important game. But to write a whole new contract the most important issue is whether or not the guy will be worth it as you near the end. He's a Hall of Fam
  15. I think you nailed it. Guaranteed money has nothing to do with "philosophical" differences. Rodgers is either lying about that and it IS about guaranteed money or no new contract can fix this. The philosophical or cultural differences must have to do with his version of playing nice, which means informing his majesty of player moves before they're made. Sending Nelson and Cobb packing was bad enough. The kicker to this all, cutting TD Kumerow the day after Rod said he has essentially made the team really spanked his behind.
  16. The Packers will have to eat his dead cap someday. The key is not to corner yourself further in guaranteed money for a 38 year old so that dead cap money triples farther down the road.
  17. I get why the team wanted him back for at least one more year. At the same time, even if Love isn't ready or isn't the guy with the treasure they would get for 12 in a trade they could move up and draft that guy. I really do not believe this is the primary motivator for the team. It's all about timing. I do think the team has time, but as late July approaches that time slowly begins to dwindle.
  18. Tail is beginning to chase dog, and the team needs to prevent that. If traded I for many do not believe it will be anytime this month. If you can believe what is said about both sides, the team won't trade him and Rodgers wants out. For now. I believe the team would be doing a great dis-service to itself if it weren't listening to trade offers at this point. You can continue to say you're not trading him, but at least know what is on the table from each and any team. I don't think they want this bleeding into the July camp.
  19. Murphy nor Gute are going anywhere Rodg or no Rodg. Rodg is the one who may need to go...
  20. If that would be the case it is epic fail for the front office. I expect less, but not near a fraction. If we don't get clear value +, Rodg can play for us or retire. Period.
  21. The Packers front office would be foolish to not trade Rodgers if he wasn't going to play for us on our terms IF an equitable trade was at hand. For a great bounty. An AFC team, with Denver and LAV the most likely candidates. I would ask for 2 1's, 2 2's, Surtain and Jeudy from Denver. Settle for a bit less.
  22. Norm, you are worth the price of admission....!
  23. "Tight end Robert Tonyan has signed his RFA tender. No surprise considering he’s been at OTAs this week. /// When asked why he signed - given AR's "holdout" - Tonyan replied: "To hell with AR. I'm here to win football games" Is it true Tonyan said that and if he did, was it a Kenny Mayne dry wit reach out to Rodg? I hold no stock in it
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