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  1. Signing Jones was not foolish at all, that was an undervalue signing. An absolute bargain. I think the Pack were ready to let him go but were happy to work out such a reasonable deal which does not impact them long term. If anyone is worth the money Bak is, and OT's play at a very high level for a very long time when you're in his class. Not the undervalue signing Jones was, but value for sure.
  2. Unrelated directly but I find it interesting 12's agent Dave Dunn is also he agent for Love, LaFleur, and Bak.
  3. Pennies on the dollar? And what has Brady played for? Rodgers has been paid a mountain of cash, and the Packers reportedly offered him a bit more. But on their terms, not his and it needs to stay that way. It would be beyond foolish to bury the team long term in a bloated contract with a 38 year old who has a horrible post season record. Again, you have to look at half way through the contract, will he still be worth the money? And the future dead money on an old man would be even a bigger bite.
  4. Agreed. In that event no doubt they would trade him. Your proposal is indeed value.
  5. Doing "whatever" it takes to make ol Rodg happy should be off the table. That would mean paying the 38 year old much more and burying the team for several years with no way out. A recipe for disaster. Now enhancing his deal a bit without burying us long term sure, and that's what has been offered I would bet. No way you trade him without receiving value, no fire sale here. The team needs to make it clear, he plays for us on our terms, the team receives value for him in a trade which is a pile of treasure, or he retires. Period. The team should be happy with any of the 3.
  6. Cougar. Give these young athletes something they can relate to..
  7. He and Uphoff are the two with most promise as it sits the way I see it. I have had my eye on him. Now to watch one rise from the ashes, one we didn't expect...
  8. First of all Rodgers is worth more than Stafford in todays NFL where it's never been easier to play QB. 5 years older or not. You've got to factor in opportunity cost and the intangibles. Elway wants a Super Bowl. Chuckie Doll wants a Super Bowl. Egos and bromances mixed in. Rodgers gives them multiple years better chance at a ring than any other available option, assuming at some point Rodg is available. The team needs to keep the true stance that he is not going to be traded, unless at some point he is and then only for a haul. A haul that may indeed be overpayment, but it just
  9. From Denver 2 1's, 2 2's, Surtain, Browning, and Jeudy would be a good place to start. San Fran doesn't have the picks. I would want Warner in that package along with a WR from them but they simply don't have the picks. Raiders are a tough one. Waller is the player I want but you have to look at money too. Ruggs? Along with 2 1;s and 2 2's and Moehrig. Fins would want to include Tua. They have a ton of upcoming picks. Two defensive players from the last draft to choose from. Could just be Tua, Holland, and pile o picks. If Tua stays to sit behind Rodg then another top
  10. Agree with Ghost, but let's say we do go for the 2 1's and a 2 and a player of choice. Forget about QB, what player would you want from the Broncs, which from the Raiders, which from the Fins? I know who I'd want from the 9'ers but they're out it seems.
  11. There will be more than two teams interested in trading for Rodg, although Denver would hate the idea of the Raiders getting him and flipped. Broncs and Raiders would indeed be major players. In no way do we ever trade Rodg without getting a haul. Otherwise, let him retire if he so wishes. To sit out would cost him dearly, if we do that we need to immediately claim the 23 million he owes us and of course he doesn't get his roster bonus either. He's apparently talked about retiring, never let a player threaten you. If he wants to retire so be it. Don't talk about it, do it. And then pay
  12. IF the Packers were to actually "cave" and give Rodg a guaranteed long term contract both Murphy and Gute should be fired. They won't be, because they would do this with the blessing of the board but they should be. The Packers need to hold strong here for the betterment of the team, not wimp out for any reason including "public opinion". I think in reality public opinion in the majority is a mix of get Rodg out of here and do not give him this kind of extension. The best case scenario Rodg is back this year with a new contract that the team can move in 2-3 years. I don't believe he w
  13. I prefer Tolstoy to Tolkien, but that's just me. Some want to liken ol Rodge to Boromir. He's actually beginning to be a little too concerned about his precious in reality.
  14. Who doesn't like a good Ork fight? The rest of it put me asleep, especially so the attempts at adding a love story here and there. Being an archer I did take note of supremely good traditional skills though....
  15. "We will take your advice under consideration" but it must be made clear in no way does it carry weight." That covered it. Communication always. Player control never.
  16. Well, that is obvious. If a player chooses to put girlfriend over team then by all means he should go. For more than just that reason.
  17. If you're serious about Woodley..., then Rodg needs to honor her wishes, right? The team should always come after the girlfriend, right? It would truly be a demonstration of his commitment. I don't honestly think it's a factor. If so, then he needs to do what is good for her I guess.
  18. Then it would become similar to the front office influence. NEVER. You never allow a player control involving personnel decisions. You cede that kind of power and you're going down a dark path. "We will take your advice under consideration" but it must be made clear in no way does it carry weight.
  19. One thing is for sure, none of us know the exact demands or the team stand at this point. We've heard Rodg wants Gute canned. That isn't going to happen, and the team I'm sure immediately told Rodg that wasn't going to happen. This might be completely false. If true, he really made some kind of similar demand, it was not only an asinine demand but laughable. Players prom queen or not do not have any input on front office personnel. Ever. We've heard ol Rodg wants some say in free agency and on draft day. Might be completely or mostly false. If true, he should be welcomed to la
  20. Well said. The facts simply are Rodgers is currently under a contract he signed in which he owes 3 more seasons. He is paid an enormous amount of money, and his cap hit really hurts. What, as it sits 20% of total player salary? The biggest thing overlooked, or knowingly ignored, is Rodgers is not a 28 year old QB. He is a 38 year old QB. He is still a great QB, but at 38 it would be a grave mistake for the team to guarantee him even more money and put us in a position where the team can not get out of it for several years. He is not a god and has failed the team in recent post seasons.
  21. Players loyal to only their own money and good old boys union always stick up for each other in contract talks. Retired or not. Adams can beat it too. We've heard from many of them on the various talking head shows, and they all bow down to the player and their shared union. None of them make a whole lot of sense though. Best case scenario for the team is for old Rodg to come back, with a new contract if that's what it takes. But it ONLY makes sense to the team if we can move him not too far down the road. It has to be as cap friendly as possible without burying us in a 40 year ol
  22. Holmgren was an over rated coach and a disaster in the front office
  23. " Lazard is just a product of the MLF offense and Aaron Rodgers. " And if Lazard was in Tampa he'd be a product of Brady. In KC he'd be a product of Mahomes. In Buffalo a product of Allen. In Seattle a product of Wilson. The Packers will be talking to Adams about a new contract, but they won't overpay. WR's are dime a dozen more so than any position on the team. You can always draft them, you can always find good ones in FA if needed. That being said the Packers have always had plenty of talent at WR. What's far more important is talent in the O-Line. They've been real good
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