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  1. I actually think there is much truth in this. Especially so after listening to James Jones, AJ Hawk, and John Kuhn. There doesn't seem to be any truth in Rodg demanding Gute's head. It doesn't sound like money was the issue. It sounds like Rodg wants to pin the team to a timeline contract wise. Still unknown if he's asking for more insight in regards to draft picks and FA. Insight in a small way may be one thing, you never give any player front office direction. In no way should the team bury themselves in a contract they can't get out of long term. Not with a soon to be 38 ye
  2. Rodg has played with loads of talent. There is nothing to debate there. He is a great QB. He seems to have a real ego problem and is insecure in his own identity. He also has illusions of grandeur, thinking HE should be making draft picks and controlling FA. IF what we have heard is mostly true he simply needs to go. Go on the teams timetable, not his. 1-4 in NFC Championship games, 1-7 in playoff games when behind at halftime. These are not the post season numbers of the likes of Brady and Montana. Big time QB's need to win big time games. He left 3 TD's sitting on the field in
  3. "What would Washington and that owner, Snyder, give up? Probably more than he is worth." And that is the key. More than he is worth. THAT's what we're after. If Rodgers couldn't block that trade he would be left with staying and playing or going there if the WTF we're truly offering far more than anyone else would. I don't believe he wants to retire or would.
  4. Who knows what kind of packages will be talked about in the event of, but the Denver situation is interesting. They need a QB, and yet pass on two with a top ten pick and draft the top CB. Knowing of course we want a CB at some point soon in the draft. We then take a CB at 29. The teams know more about this situation than we do, it does look like the Broncs were positioning. There are 3 clear teams with desire to make a trade, leaving San Fran out. There may be more. GB has a lot of time to sift through this, and I'd bet they are now at least listening to offers just so they know where
  5. And I almost bought. Timid on this play I know so little about
  6. I agree with Packrule, not only here was there failure Rodg left 3 TD’s on the field, plays sitting there waiting for him to make them. Epic fail
  7. You take care of your QB, any QB, starting with the O-Line. Check. Running back talent. Check. WR’s are dime a dozen, and we have one of the best in the NFL right now and always had talent at that position. Rodgers has failed in post season games and he has succeeded. He’s just a player, a real good player at a very important position. He also wants to be GM, and he’s wetting himself publicly to prove it. Let him sit, shut him out, and if the right deal comes around then just maybe we’ll move him. The team needs to keep complete control here.
  8. I would caution we don’t necessarily know how much of what we’ve heard is absolute truth, and who knows what went on that we haven’t heard. But if it really is as it appears then no doubt this punk needs to go, and he goes on the teams timetable. He can retire and the team will move on. He sits out the year and wants back in the team moves on. He demands a trade and the team moves on. Meaning we will trade him to who we want to trade him to IF we so decide to trade him whether it be this year or next. He will only be traded for what the team deems fair value. Or he can sit and rot.
  9. It is easier to play QB in the NFL than ever before, that's why they can now play so long and be effective. Some desperate team (Raiders, Broncs) will be willing to bury themselves in an extension with jolly Rodger giving them a long term with him. Giving us a booty call of treasure. Minimum of the value of 2 1's and 2 2's picks and or players.
  10. Denver and Miami may want but I think Chuckie doll outbids anyone. Choice of one O player and one D player. Ruggs or Waller on O, and a lesser value D player more than likely. (Crosby, Hankins?) Along with 2 1's and 2 2's. That would be overpaying by my take, which I expect them to do to keep him out of Denver.
  11. Solid B+ grade from me. I see Rodgers (the new guy) playing as much as Ervin initially but produce much better. And then he'll play more.
  12. Any talk of Mr. Kumerow is all in jest, no?
  13. " when an athlete wants to treat a contract in exactly the same manner a team does." You keep adding to your confusion. They both signed the contract, they both know what's in it. It already has been agreed on. Contracts are always mutually agreed on and treated accordingly...
  14. "It's ONLY players that get destroyed for not honoring contracts." And that clinches it. You don't understand how contracts work. That explains the confusion.
  15. You don't seem to understand how contracts work. It is in the contract that the team can cut a player with no further treasure owed, both sides sign to that fact. THAT is the reason nobody chides the team when a player is cut. Both sides signed to that fact. Rodgers is being paid piles of money to produce. He is the 6th highest paid at his position in the league at age 38 in the coming season. He is 1-4 in NFC Championship games and 1-7 in playoff games where we are behind at halftime. Games great QB's find a way to win more. He has a pretty QB rating in his last game, and he lost it.
  16. I haven't heard what Hawk said, but regardless. You don't do long term guaranteed contracts with 38 year old players, or any player in my opinion. Let's say Gute isn't at issue. The team needs to stand strong, we don't bury ourselves long term in an aging QB. We have him under a contract he signed that pays him piles of money for another 3 seasons.
  17. Oh I'm all for trading him if we capture value. The team needs to willing to let him sit and put him on the retirement did not show list otherwise. Rodg not only wanted to be paid more money, I'll bet he wanted guaranteed money. What a joke.
  18. If we would can Gute because a player wants us to then I guess that player would need to have the power to hire the next one. Or maybe Rodg wants to be anointed King and GM too. Maybe not all we are hearing is true, I would hope that’s the case and not just for the sake of football. IF most all of what we’re hearing is true well then Rodg has indeed become a cancer. You either cure cancer, or you cut it out. If you cut it out that doesn’t mean you do it on cancers timetable. He certainly can sit and rot if he so wishes. Near all retired QB’s wish they could have played longer, or wish t
  19. The team has to be willing to let him sit. He plays or you sell high, at our leisure. No way do you have a fire sale, he’ll sit before that happens. Broncos, Dolphins, Raiders or whoever. He will be moved after this year if he so desires but only for top payload and I’m more than fine with any and all of that.
  20. What you’re saying is a combination of inaccurate on every count and senseless.
  21. Because he is a baby that needs to be babied. not the first time front office brass makes a call, and that goes for every team in the NFL. A courtesy that should have been appreciated. The brass needs to stand by their decision and not let a player dictate policy.
  22. Brady restructured contracts many times over the years, and his security was confidence in his own play. That continues. If it is true Rodg is only concerned about security then he must be insecure in his own confidence concerning future level of play. Dog chasing tail, tail chasing dog. This isn’t a 28 year old QB we’re talking about. I know it’s never been easier to play QB in the NFL, that’s why they can now play so long. The team would be foolish to bury themselves with this guy well into his 40’s with no way to get out. We have him signed for 3 more years. Brady restructur
  23. The difference is twofold. Number one they’re not whining about it like a schoolgirl. Secondly, they are more than willing to honor that very contract.
  24. Yes, 3 years left on his contract, and he was a big boy when he signed it. What he wants now is even more money yet and in essence to bury us in a contract we can’t get out of with a 40 something year old QB. Pass. The Packers wanted exactly what they should have wanted, a re-structure which would have protected the team, paid ol Rodg more money up front, and put the team in a position to add talent around him. The front office not only has to warrant value in a contract for today, but for the future. Gute and the front office owes this ego starved 38 year old soon to be entertainer absol
  25. The front office of ANY team NEVER owes ANY player an explanation or a need to seek advice from before or after any pick. Gute owed and owes Rodg absolutely nothing. You’re paid huge piles of money to play football. Shut up and play football. my vote being obvious
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