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  1. Kidding, A-Rod won’t get traded until next year
  2. Well, we will have Rodgers in GB this year
  3. Jenkins would have been if we hadn’t made a move
  4. Great pick, but I thought Creed was better
  5. Trade back with someone zeroing in on a QB?
  6. Love the Saints pick. Was silently hoping for Werner if it wasn’t going to be Creed
  7. If not right away he’d be starting before season end. Then for a decade plus
  8. Or Eskridge, or Tufele. But ai prefer the Center
  9. With JOK gone I’m wanting a O-Lineman or LB at 62. It will likely be a WR, Eskridge or Rodgers my guess. I think Marshall is about to go
  10. Watching the OT’s fall but could a top Center make it to us? Humphrey or Myers or the Whitewater wonder?
  11. Hoping for a certain CB to be there, O-Line options will be there, still a LB
  12. See no reason for trade, a number of equal value players at a variety of positions available
  13. This would be better than watching Dan Volgelbach play center field or shortstop 9 innings for the Brewers
  14. No denying that, which they could do with a restructure. No need to extend with a big pay raise ( which Rog no doubt whined about ) and bury us long term in a contract with an aging QB
  15. Excuse the echo. The only difference between 1978 and 2021 is it’s a ton easier to play QB now..
  16. Packers should tell him to pound sand. No way do you give him an extension with a big pay raise making it impossible to move a 40 something QB. We have him locked for 3 seasons. Get your dumb backside out there and play. And play better than you did in your last game.
  17. Never have I wanted the Packers to NOT draft a WR more in Round 1 in my life...
  18. 1. Is there some truth to this, sure. Blown out of proportion, definitely. 2. The truth is a negotiating ploy. I hope the Packers stand strong. 3. Rodgers was a big boy when he signed his last contract and we hold that paper for 3 coming seasons. 4. This was not the Green Bay Favre’s and it’s not the Green Bay A-Rods. It’s the Green Bay Packers, Gute’s job is to look out for the team for the day and for tomorrow. 5. Rodgers has had multiple chances at another ring. 1-4 in NFC Championship games and 1-7 in playoff games when behind at halftime. And he wants to be paid
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