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  1. Well that is a game where 4 defensive starters found out they were in the Covid protocol 2 days before the game. I'm definitely not saying the Bengals don't have a shot but I just like the way this undermanned Ravens team is playing.
  2. Definitely not the same Bengals as in the past. I think the Ravens are fully aware of how much better they have gotten and aren't going to overlook their opponent here. Should be a good one but I have a hard time seeing the Ravens losing after last weeks destruction of a good Chargers team.
  3. Not sure if I was trying to provide insight, just my opinion.
  4. Yes I'm hoping we go Oline and linebacker heavy in the draft.
  5. I sure as heck don't because the majority of Browns fans were crowning themselves again before the season started. Plus I'm a Ravens fan so.. 😉
  6. I here what your saying I just think it's way to early to make claims on what young players are possibly going to be pro bowl talents. Oweh is looking like a beast and Bateman was looking like the real deal before his injury. The Ravens also have 9 picks within the first 4 rounds this year so they will be stocking up to begin building within the confines of Lamar's contract. Should be a fun AFC North for years to come.
  7. Ravens have plenty of young talent, the problem is the injuries this year. They do have some reinforcements coming shortly with Bateman, Boyle, Ferguson an hopefully Ronnie Stanley so I actually think they will improve offensively as the year goes on. Lamar is the truth and as long as he's out there balling the Ravens aren't going anywhere, the dude is a winner.
  8. Has Herbert of Josh Allen been elite outside of one season?
  9. As a Ravens fan I can 100% endorse Patrick Queens ranking. Good god he's been awful
  10. Worst list I have ever seen. Dak, Lamar and Kyler are elite.
  11. Well it was pretty obvious to me in this last draft the Ravens coveted the athletic kids that were a bit raw. If he can add an element of explosiveness to his already solid instincts you could really have something. Obviously the Ravens like what they see from him or he wouldn't be out there.
  12. I mean the guy has been playing defensive back for like 3 years, maybe we can give him some time to develop?
  13. He may have had a rough afternoon by his standards but I didn't see anything that bad with my own eyes and PFF seemed to grade him favorably in the matchup as well. In my opinion I think he has done a great job thus far.
  14. I mean what in the world is all this overreaction about Herbert being a future HOF player? Yes he is spectacular but he is only 20 games into his NFL career for goodness sakes.
  15. Completely disagree on Bozeman, I think he has been fantastic thus far!
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