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  1. Everyone looks "great" in OTA's. I liked him as a prospect but I still believe Bateman was the right receiver for us.. Moore is a lot like Hollywood
  2. Well he can't get the 9 million with minimal effort, he needs to earn the incentives if not he costs literally nothing and he walks. So your passive aggressive "good luck Ravens" was so much more honorable on this forum? Fact of the matter is that your projecting your dislike for Juwan James onto the Ravens fan base. We are fine, thanks for your concern
  3. Loving the butthurt Broncos fans hating on this deal even though it's pennies for the Ravens. Yall just mad because your team made a crap deal to pay him 51 million in the first place. Hope he wins his grievance.
  4. If he comes in and plays a solid right tackle for the majority of the season then it's absolutely worth it. If not you eat 2.5 million which in the grand scheme of things isn't that much, especially when the cap is ballooning in 22.. Low risk move.
  5. Well your team is the one that gave him a 51 million dollar contract. The Ravens are just paying him 8 million at the most so it's worth the gamble.
  6. It sounds like only 500k in guarantees and 500k roster bonus in 22.
  7. Kelce Waller Kittle Andrews Hockenson
  8. He's only guaranteed 2.5 million next year. He needs to earn the extra 5 million in incentives. Low risk move here.
  9. It sounds like he is only guaranteed 2.5 million for next year but could earn an additional 5 in incentives. It's a low risk good reward type of signing, you can never have enough Oline depth.
  10. Now that I'm seeing more details on the deal the more I like it. He's only guaranteed 2.5 million next year and a possible 5 million extra in incentives. Smart and low risk move for the Ravens
  11. When healthy he has proven to be a solid right tackle in this league. He for sure was a disappointment for the Broncos and didn't earn his 4 year 51 million dollar deal but he obviously had enough skill to earn that contract initially..However for a 8 million dollar gamble next year I think it's worth it for the Ravens.
  12. Actually it makes plenty of sense if you think about it. Villaneuva is a right tackle rental for this year most likely, now they have a quality tackle inked for next season and they are only paying 500k this year for his rehabilitation. Not sure what's so hard to figure out.
  13. How exactly has Watson proved to be a hall of fame talent? All the other guys I agree with obviously but Watson in that tier is questionable.
  14. He is on track to play next season or in 23.. Covid stalled the progress on all the prospects because they didn't play at all last season. He is still on track to be the cornerstone of this franchise
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