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  1. Should Kyle Shanahan have went for a tie?

    It comes down to the analytics versus feel in this one. I believe in trusting the guys and the feel in the moment. A guy can miss all day from 40-49, if he has been good in game I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I get the analytic part of it, but I'm a little old school in the trust your guys mantra. Either way imo no real damage done in the long run.
  2. Should Kyle Shanahan have went for a tie?

    Just a firm believer of taking your shot to win when you get it. Too many things can happen that can negate positive outcome. You get the first and get stuffed on al three runs and lose yardage is was all for nothing. They strip a ball and its disaster. You had a kicker who had been great all night and his warm ups were good. Take that shot.
  3. Arizona is a competitive team, but I fully expect the 49ers to scheme this one up. Defense will play much better this time around and I look for the offense to get back on track. 34-13 SF
  4. Should Kyle Shanahan have went for a tie?

    It's time to make him inactive. GIve RJ JR more opportunities
  5. Should Kyle Shanahan have went for a tie?

    But this still does not guarantee any extra net yards to make the kick any easier. You get the first down and on the next play take a sack and are out of FG distance then what? You had the shot to win. Take it.
  6. Everyone calm down.......lots of outrage after last night on the interwebs. It's 1 game, still a lot of football left to be played and there is a couple bright spots. QB Jimmy was not good. This is not news. However, he had zero help. No Kittle, no Sanders after the first half, drops upon drops upon drops and porous O-Line play. There were plenty of throws that Jimmy made that were not good decisions, but he had plenty that were as well. He hit Bourne 2 times for what would be big time gains in crucial situations that were abysmal drops. He hit Sanders in the first half on a nearly blind throw on an out route for a first down and he had Goodwin on a big 3rd down with a nice throw that would have put them inside the 10 if he doesn't inexplicably fall as he tries to catch the ball and drop it. When the time came, Jimmy made good enough decisions to put the team in a position to win. The ball security was a concern on the first fumble that Clowney returned for a TD. His accuracy was not at it's best in this game either. I lost zero sleep over this performance. Jimmy stat for stat was on par with Russ and with a couple of those drops being caught he has a better statistical game, but all the narrative will be is that he isn't good enough to win games when he is called upon. Don't buy into it. Drew Brees played terribly this weekend as well in a loss, but he is the Jesus Christ of QBs so he gets the pass. Jimmy will be fine, his demeanor was great after the game and the team will follow. Grade: C RB The running backs in this game were just mediocre, but I cant help but feel like they didn't get enough opportunities. Seattle did a great job of making it hard to run the ball. However, it felt like the run game was abandoned. There were a couple of big plays that showed that they were able to run the ball and Mostert looked really good in his limited touches. Also, it seemed that the RB's were not looked to enough in the pass game. Late they got it going to Coleman on a check down, a third down conversion and a screen. Just didn't see enough of that during the game. Coleman was nice in the limited receiving opportunities that he had, but was not good in the run game minus the one big carry. Breida may be out for the foreseeable future after re-aggravating his ankle and he is going to see a specialist. Raheem Mostert and Jeff WIlson step right up. Still not concerned here. Juice looked fine and opened up some nice holes on the better run plays the team had. Would have loved to see him used more in the pass game as well to mitigate the loss of Kittle. Grade: Coleman (C), Breida (inc), Mostert (B-), Juice (B) WR We saw what this group's low end baseline can be tonight. I am on record as liking Bourne, but man are his drops brutal. He has real splash moments and then erases them away with inexcusable drops. Dante Pettis is a waste of a roster spot at this point imo. I don't know if he isn't getting open or if Jimmy is just not looking his way, but when you are out Kittle and then Sanders you have to step up as a WR. I am more than likely being too hard on him, but Deebo went out there and balled. I know he had more opportunities, but that is because Deebo does something when the ball comes to him. Deebo is a smaller Anquan Boldin. The guy fights for everything he gets and he is so explosive when he has the ball in his hands with time to see the field. He was the lone bright spot in the WR corps last night. Goodwin is a specialist, but what does that mean at this point? The Niners do not throw downfield often enough to warrant this guy being on the roster either. I'm not saying they need to go, but next season it is time to move on. Also not too sure why we didn't get the ball in Richie's hands either. Grade: Deebo (A), Sanders (B-), Pettis (D-), Goodwin (D), Bourne (C-) TE No Kittle means no TE production. Dwelley appeared open multiple times, but Jimmy passed on him for other open receivers down field. Nice to see Celek back, but he was really a non factor. TE's failed a couple of times on Clowney, hard to hold that against them though. Just a meh night for this group. Grade: Dwelley (C-), Celek (C-), Toilolo (C), Kittle (A+).........he was still the best TE in the world in the luxury suite. OL Holy cow was this unit atrocious......Person and Richburg were the best of the group and they were just ok. Tomlinson once again is getting shoved into the backfield on run plays and when asked to move laterally is struggling. Kudos to Richburg for leaving and coming back. I thought he played ok. Time to address the elephants in the room. Staley was bad. He looked overmatched and not ready. I cannot remember a time where he has been abused at this level in his career. All of that being said, it's his first game back in a month plus and as it turns out, he played with a fracture and dislocation of his finger. I am not worried about Staley long term. A lot of people out there thinking that suddenly he has lost a step etc. Don't buy it one bit. Fans for whatever reason cannot understand that guys usually have rust. My concern for McGlinchey is at a much higher level. He was mediocre before his injury and didn't help his stock in this one. My concern with him is that he consistently has looked overwhelmed by good pass rushers. It's almost like when he gets overwhelmed he loses his fundamentals and all goes to hell. He whiffed on Clowney on one play and it resulted in a sack. Just a bad showing from these guys and now we have news that Staley could require surgery and may miss more time. Good news is that Skule has looked more than ok in his time out there. I am not overly concerned overall and I expect these guys to get back on track this week. Grade: Staley (D), Tomlinson (C-), Richburg (C), Person (C), McGlinchey (D) DL Another solid night for this group. Bosa wont show up a ton on the stat sheet, but he was still very effective. Armstead was again solid. Unfortunately for him he got pushed inside on the final scramble by Wilson and that opened up the running lane. Buckner was solid as well. For the most part the D line just continues to do what they have done all year. Ronald Blair going down is going to hurt the depth. but guys like Moore are still out there and they can bring in for a look. DJ Jones has played so well this season. Hopefully the groin is just a week long deal and he can get back, but considering that it is a re-aggravation odds are not good there. Still not worried about this group, but the starters may be asked to do a little more in terms of snap count which may tax them late in games. Grade: Bosa (B), Buckner (B-), Armstead (B+), Ford (C+), Blair (B-), Jones (C+), Day (C), Thomas (B-) LB Fred Warner was an absolute beast in this game. I loved how fast this group played. Dre looked more than ready for the moment. HE played very well. The INT in OT was a really good play. I know during the broadcast they mentioned that he dropped off of his man in the flat, but when I watched it over he was beat by the TE Hollister and Warner was covering the underneath. Dre just made an elite level play. I'm less worried about the loss of Kwon going forward. Grade: Warner (B+), Greenlaw (A-) DB Moseley with a very nice bounce back game. Very physical play by he and Sherman all night long. Moseley had a couple very nice PBU's where he was physical and grabby, which is what I like to see from DBs. Moseley plays like he is one of the best in the league. He plays with a lot of confidence. K'Waun was solid as well. Really showed up a lot on the screen and was involved a lot. Lockett was held in check and that is due to K'waun's effectiveness. Really strong night for this group. Grade: Sherman (B), Moseley (A-), K'Waun (A-) S Tartt was better than Ward, but both were more than good. A lot of the success that this secondary has is due to the security they have on the back end. Tartt had the game altering strip before the half. It was just an effort play. They were very physical and it has been nice to see Ward finally play at the level that was expected of him. Grade: Ward (B), Tartt (B+) ST Big time shout out to the rookie for making some big kicks. I know he missed the game winner, but he looked good all night and clearly had the confidence of the staff to put him in that situation. Punting and long snapping was fine all night. Not much to go over here. Grade: McGlaughlin (B+), Wishnowsky (B) Tough loss on all fronts. I really like the mentality of the team after the loss. I don't see any hangover for these guys going forward. Where I do have concern is the physical toll that this game took on the roster as a whole. The injuries are starting to pile up a bit and there is only so much depth one team can have. Onto Arizona and a short week, but I fully expect the game plan to be ready for the Cardinals and I think we will see a totally different result from the Halloween game. I am in the minority of people who isn't concerned with this loss. This team kept up with Seattle and had a chance to win after being down by 11 in the 4th without their two best receivers on offense. Seattle is not as good as people thought and although they won this game I have zero doubt that a healthier Niners team wins this game going away. A lot to be discussed about Shanahan and his decision. I am on his side on the decisions he made. You get the chance to win the game with a FG you take that shot. 47 yards FGs are made every week in the NFL and by NFL standards is not that tough of a kick. He had seen the kids ability to make the kick previously and he looked good in warm ups too. There is more to lose by trying the QB sneak and not getting it then taking a shot to win. I also stand with him on the last drive. A lot of people want to second guess and say he should have ran twice to bleed the clock and limit Russ' time to make plays. Shanahan believes in his guys. If you run two times and get a couple of decent runs, let's say 20 yards in total, you are sitting at your 40 yards line with maybe 40 seconds and a time out. You now have put yourself in a tough spot trying to rush to the line to clock it. In that moment you would be staring at needing another 25-30 yards and would need to work the sidelines with a chance to win. TO me these guys prepare every week to win or lose. Go for the win and believe in your guys, which is what he did. Trust the defense to make a play, which they almost did. I see a lot of people referring to his play calling in the Super Bowl. First, this game was not the Super Bowl........it's not comparable. The situations were completely different as well. As a human I would always rather have someone believe in me in tough moments and Shanahan did that with his guys. Going forward that will pay dividends. Onward and Upward.
  7. Should Kyle Shanahan have went for a tie?

    To be fair it is a kick that is made every week in the NFL. It is missed as well, but he had just made one close to that distance to tie the game. I have zero issues in going for that kick. The entire defense would expect the sneak. A lot to risk on that one single play for no guarantee that the next three plays nets any yards anyway. Take the shot at the W when you have it.
  8. Should Kyle Shanahan have went for a tie?

    Absolutely not. Play to win and be aggressive. Trust that one of the best defenses in the league can get you one more stop. They almost did. Lots of panic and second guessing today over a very minor loss.
  9. I love the love for the only Punter in the league with a personal foul!!!!!!
  10. Carson is their third leading receiver at 24 receptions and targets 30. People forget this is a run first offense as well so your target share and volume is much lower, but no matter how you cut it he is a guy they look to throw to. In regards to running down the clock, obviously you aren't going to go into run mode and clock mode without a decent lead. The formula for this game should be no different than any other they have played. Get up early by exposing the defense of Seattle and then go into clock mode in the second half once you have a big enough lead. I too complete disagree with the idea of going three wide when you run 21 personnel as much as the Niners do.
  11. They just need to keep the plays in front of them and tackle well. Don't allow for the big play and just play the bend but don't break style of defense. Seattle is not really that good. It's a lot of Wilson winning shootouts. Keep everything in front and let the 49ers offense go to work on the extremely sub par Seattle defense.
  12. I think this game is pretty simple in nature. Expose the Seattle defense, grow the lead and then run the clock out. Seattle as a team is not scary. Wilson carries the team. The running lanes should be there, the passing opportunities should be there. Win first down and control the down and distance game. Carson is an option in the pass game. They will check down to him, but really a lot of what they do on offense is Wilson moving and taking shots. Secondary needs to hold up and limit the Seattle WR's downfield. I agree with J that a quarters look on defense isn't a terrible idea. IT helps against the spread because you are more athletic with only 1 LB on the field. Niners get out in front early and never look back 37-17
  13. Not the biggest fan of dark chocolate. However, if it is dark chocolate chips, ya boy stay crushing those!
  14. This one was a tough one to do because I didn't watch it live due to being out with the kid and then I sat on my thoughts for a few days, which allowed for me to forget what I saw. However, I did get to sit and watch the game in peace while gorging myself with Twix and Skittles.......The chocolate to sweet, fruit flavored candy was not a good transition.
  15. NN21's Mid-Season 49ers Superlatives

    I would give the surprising offensive player to Skule for taking on the left side, but can't complain about Brunskill either. Maybe a Co award there. I would also give Witherspoon the defensive most improved. He was pretty much jettisoned off the roster by a lot of people and he has come back and really made an impact in such a short time. Again, can't complain about Armstead either Most disappointing defensive player for me would go to Travarious Moore. He had an opportunity to take the FS job and was not very good.