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  1. I think he was beat by Ross a couple of times in the slot. I have a hard time killing a guy for that with Ross' speed. He ended up with 7 total tackles including three in run support that were on 3 , 1 and 0 yard gains.
  2. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Week 3 Chicago over Washington
  3. Here is my review of the game: QB: This was prime Jimmy. He was put into positions to be successful and he did not disappoint. Shanahan did a great job of using his mobility and exposing a limited Bengals defense. He looked as good as he did in 2017. I really liked the touch he put on his balls and I stand by the statement that we will see Jimmy do things that are amazing and others that are head scratchers. RB: As a unit they were effective top to bottom. The 49ers are proof that you should never pay a RB top level money. The right offense and scheme will create running lanes and the 49ers have top level, elite athletes playing the positon. Breida has incredible vision, Mostert has incredible burst and Wilson is different with the physical nature he runs with. WR: Still a lot left to be desired at the position. Deebo reminds me of Anquan Boldin so much. There was a pass play yesterday where he came into motion and chipped the DE with a vicious chip block and then sprung free out the back for a big gain. He also looks for contact and refuses to run out of bounds. Goodwin is a very special runner, but is limited with what he can do in regards to routes. However, all of this is getting done without Taylor(who I think will be special in this offense) or Hurd who seems like a legit threat to high point the ball. TE: Kittle is the best TE in the league. He has a ability to create after the catch unlike anyone else. He was an absolute beast in the run game this weekend as well. Teams are going to try to take him out of the gameplan so it is important to continue to get him the ball in space as they have been. OL: The Offensive Line was very good all around in the game. The run blocking was superb and they really ramped it up in the second half and allowed for Shanahan to limit the passing in the second half. Staley's injury sucks and he is an irreplaceable player, but I'm for letting the youth get a shot as opposed to trading draft capital for a Trent Williams type that you wont know what to do with after Joe gets back. After all, they drafted Skule for a reason. Time to step up. DL: D line showcased their depth, in particular Ronald Blair and Sheldon Day. I noticed Boas getting chipped a lot, which means teams are game planning for him. One small critique I have of Bosa is that he seems to go 100 mph without much adjustment. When he is out of a play he is pretty much done. I would like to see him begin to learn to be more controlled and more versatile, but even the way he is, he impacts the game. LB: Kwon Alexander is going to be the Carlos Rogers signing of this regime. He was much aligned because he missed too many tackles and was coming off of injury, but he plays with an energy that is infectious and is a difference maker. Good all around adjustment for the LB corps in the run game. Albeit, they made the Bengals one dimensional. DB: This is slowly becoming Akhello's secondary. He was once again fantastic. K'Waun played well also. The Bengals receivers are a tough cover. They have some speed nd some size and when Dalton gets time he can spin as good as anyone. I don't recall too many penalties in the secondary so that is a nice adjustment as well. S: I heard someone on the radio say that the safeties were not making plays yet. I look at that as a good thing. Your safeties are in most cases your last line of defense. I would rather they not have to make plays. I like Tartt in the Box and we saw the youth in Moore on a play where he had his ankle broke by the elite speed of Ross, but outside of that no complaints. Just a really good team win start to finish. It's time to start believing in the team fellas. It is for real. This team is still missing the defining win, but that will come. I think of the Harbaugh team that beat Detroit and look back to that game as the moment we realized they were for real. I predict that game ends up being the Monday Nighter against Cleveland. Pittsburgh comes in without Ben next week. There is no reason why the 49ers shouldn't win that game. That would send them into the bye and then week 4 against the most over hyped team in football. If this team can get to 4-0 to start the season they will make the playoffs.
  4. I said at the beginning of the gameday thread that this game should be a route and that the offense needed to get back on track by using misdirection in the pass game. This is exactly what this game should have been. There are still things to clean up, but this team is headed to 2-0 with a home opener against a wounded Big Ben and Pittsburgh.
  5. I see a ton of respect for what the Bengals showed against Seattle, but I believe it to be a mirage. Seattle has a very poor offensive line which only helped Cincinnati's D-Line. The John Ross TD, as stated before was a fluke play where the safety judged the flight of the ball terribly. Cincy does not have an explosive offense and they have a banged up RB who isn't practicing and will more than likely be a game time decision with an ankle sprain. I get that the idea of winning is somewhat new to this era of the 49ers, but I just do not see a scenario where they leave with a loss. I see Jimmy taking another step to looking more like a proficient thrower and the run game will be more impactful. I also see a couple of explosives helping in a relatively dominant win. Look for Mostert to have an impact and look for the 49ers D-Line to wreak havoc. 27-9 49ers
  6. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Week 2 Houston Texans
  7. The Niners have to neutralize Atkins. Stretch runs and boots need to be used to get the pocket moving. I would really like to see the offense get into a flow where they can start to use plays to set up future plays. An example being running some stretch runs to set up boots and RPO's as well as a boot with a misdirection back across the field. I feel like when the offense is doing these things they are at their peak effectiveness. All of this being said the Seattle Offensive Line is horrendous and the play calling was abysmal for them. A team that wants to run the ball 65% of the time failed to utilize Carson the way that they should have. Also, as I was watching that game closely, Cincy did a great job of dominating TOP 35 minutes to 24 minutes. Something else to consider is that the Niners are coming off a brutal game in the heat and recovery is going to be very important. I expect Cincy to try and dominate the TOP again in an effort to expose early season conditioning.
  8. Just my thoughts on the game. Jimmy: He wasn't good. He flashed a couple of times and those are the moments where you think they have something with him. I still think he is similar to Brett Favre where he will do things that make your mouth drop, but he will in turn throw that pick 6 to the DB on the far sideline. He believes in his talent and sometimes it appears he gets to fixated on one thing and that hurts him. I also think that yesterday he looked like he was trying not to lose the game. He plays better when he just let's it fly. I'm not concerned with him at this point. RBs: The run game was just ok. Coleman injury sucks because of his ability in the pass game. That little crosser he ran that went for about 20+ was nice. He is an elite pass catcher out of the backfield. Mostert looked very effective and has a violent tendency to how he runs. IOL is going to be a concern all year in the run game especially when dealing with elite level DTs. WRs: Deebo showed he will be a factor. Outside of his day the rest is just underwhelming, but the offense never really found a rhythm. The entire game was marred by flags so there was never a flow to the game. Can't wait to get Hurd back and see how Shanny uses him. Kittle: He is just a stud. OL: Looked really good in pass pro. and just average at best in run blocking. Might be the story of the year. However, as the offense starts to get on track the run game should follow. Richburg looked pretty good for not playing at all. I think I remember one time where he allowed Suh to get across his face and stuff a run play. DL: I mean this is where this team will win and lose games. Armstead, Buckner, Boas and Ford all looked really good. I really like how Bosa was used. I like the rotation to keep guys fresh as well. I'm not worried about the run d at all. They were consistent in generating pocket pressure on passing downs and showed pretty decent discipline on boots. Bosa is special and will only get better. There are times where he gets absolutely flattened and then is right back in the backfield being disruptive. A lot has been made about his demeanor and I think it really helps him. He really seems to take it 1 play at a time and doesn't get too high or too low. LBs: Love this group. Dre is only going to get better and better and as he starts to not have think as much he will play faster. Warner is a future Pro Bowl LB. Kwon is going to be the heartbeat of this defense. He plays on a razor thin edge, but it helps his game. He will end of being a difference maker for this team. DBs/S: Loved what I saw from this group. I have zero issues with Sherman's penalties. He has always been a grabby DB and with the rule changes and the ability to review PI I expect to see more calls on him. Witherspoon looked every bit like a very good DB. The diving pass breakup on the sideline he made in the second half was about as good as it gets. I got more hyped about that play than any other play all day. Ka'Waun Williams played a nice quiet game as well. He was very consistent and had a great PBU on a play where Sherman got called for a hold. The safety position is going to be fun. Moore is going to force his way onto the field even with Ward healthy. He often times looks like he is the fastest guy on the field and he plays so sure of himself and his decisions. He is a thumper as well which is nice, but is also part of why he misses tackles. Sky is the limit for him. Overall it was a sloppy win, but one of those games where I never really felt like they were not going to win. I like that they are in Youngstown so early in the season. Often times back to back roadies to start and the week together and really forge a bond for a team. I expect big things on Sunday in Cincy.
  9. 49ers Survivor Pool

  10. Another thing to remember is that this will a bit of a homecoming for Kwon. He is a pretty fired up dude already. I would imagine he will be double amped for opening day and then triple amped to be back in Tampa. Just has to control it because he tends to play on a razor thin edge. They cannot make a ton of mental mistakes and allow the Buccs to hang around.
  11. Best Stadiums to Experience?

    Not a Falcons fan, but my 8 year old Son is and we traveled out to the ATL last season because we love the South and to take my Soon to his first football game. The entire facility is incredible. I really love the vibe of the city. They captured it inside the stadium so well. It is hands down the best facility for sports that I have ever seen. It is a massive place too. I loved the Home Depot backyard party where the old Georgia Dome was, the drumlines, the outside party. The sea of people swaying to the music. I was watching ushers dance to the music. I love a place that turns into a party.
  12. Weather shows 93 with no precipitation as of now. As for the game the cross country trip is a tough one and cramping is always a thing early in the year especially in hot and humid conditions. I am just not scared of the Tampa defense or their run game. Arians is a definite boost to the passing game and I expect Evans and Godwin to give the defense some problems. I'm still confident in Shanahan's ability to scheme up enough offense to win the game. Niners 24 Tampa 13
  13. Best Stadiums to Experience?

    Went to Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta last season and it is amazing. Great vibe inside, sight lines are awesome, live DJ throughout the game really captures the vibe of the city. Food is amazing and incredibly affordable. People were awesome. In and out was super easy and the party outside was going. Just a very cool area and atmosphere. People out with people having a great time. Side note: If you go you have to seek out the Kool Aid Pickles and if you have kids or drink soda only, take advantage of the souvenir cup for $5 with free refills along the corridors at the drink fountains.
  14. Niners have to waive their territorial rights before the deal is completed. They have not done I yet and I would love for them to not do it.
  15. Absolutely the bolded part. It absolutely kills me that they have not allowed Witherspoon to go through the growing pains on the field. They keep bringing up confidence. Get him his confidence on the field. No excuse for that kid to not be on the field covering Adams opposite of Sherman. He is the next best cover corner they have and a better potential playmaker.