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  1. No I do not think there are 20 "good" QBs in the league. I figured that would be obvious with my placing of Jimmy in the 10-12 range and calling him good. Im not saying he is top 5 or in the upper 3 tiers, but you dont get to ignore the results he has that others do not. We have obviously seen the talent, so if you are denying the talent, then why are we even discussing it? Now, the consistency it takes to be upper tier is what is lacking. In thoday's current setting which is what you have to go off of, you wont take Brees, Brady or Ben due to longevity. Now if you want to get into a window to win a Super Bowl, Brees and Brady, but no way is anyone sensibly taking Ben over Jimmy. In regards to the system, any good QB that has success is always going to have the he is in a good system label. Nobody ever says he is in a good system, but he isn't good. If the QB is good the system is good. If the QB is bad the system is bad. Andy Reid has had long term solid options at QB, when he has had to go to guys like Moore or Kolb they had talent stacked around them. Let's not sit here and act like Andy Reid has been trotting out bottom of the barrel options for a good portion of his career. We both know that systems, QBs, skill players go hand in hand. Success is limited without each of them. It's absurd for you to discount Jimmy and his part in it. In regards to fans.......there are plenty of people out there that are fans that are objective and not overtly stupid in logic. We both know that, there are loads of us in here. This fan base has longed for years for the next "great QB", those are generational talents, they don't just show up and yeah, we were spoiled for essentially 20 years with great QBs, but it's flat out idiotic to ignore the talent that we have seen and discount their ability because you are a "fan." That is my gripe. If anyone thought for a seond that the backup is a better option then the #1 here they are dumb and it's okay to say that. Jimmy isn't a generational guy, so no he isnt Brees, Brady, Ben or Mahomes, but he is more then average. The results show that, the talent shows that. 13-3 and a Super Bowl trip and he is considered average. He isn't the entire reason this team was a great as they were last season, but he deserves as much credit as any aspect. He isn't Trent Dilfer on the Ravens either.
  2. I vehemently disagree. There are maybe 10-12 QBs that I would take right now over Jimmy. There are guys like Stafford that appear to have more talent, but have the mental and physical limitations that you dont want similar to Jimmy. Then you have the guys like Teddy and Herbert in the league that have a small sample size. I don't think we are even splitting hairs here I would say he is top 12 which is essentially top 3rd in the league and you are talking about him like he is back half. Obviously its preference and opinion, but the results are there as well. We can say its a great system for a QB, but isnt every system for good QBs? Nobody looks at a bad or average QB and says they have a great system when its clearly not working. This fan base has a sick obsession with this idea that Joe or Steve are coming.....they didn't appreciate the likes of Garcia, Smith and now we are starting to see it with Jimmy.
  3. If you don't think Jimmy is a good QB then we may have to fight this one out. Lol. Jimmy is good. He has flaws and is nowhere close to elite nor great, but he is good. When you look at the landscape of the position across the league I think we would be hard pressed to find more then 10 QBs we would rather have today.
  4. Let the fire begin...... QB Mullens was horrible. Lots of ridiculous talk about a QB controversy in San Francisco by idiotic people. One thing that has frustrated me with this fan base has been the unwillingness to acknowledge a good QB when they see one and appreciate him. Jimmy G is a more than a good QB. He wins. Tonight everyone got to see why Nick Mullens is exactly what many of us here know he is. A very good backup plan. These types of games will happen with all QBs, but Mullens never got it figured out tonight and it is in large part due to his own mistakes, the O line and a lack of a run game. His flaws were exposed. The misses to start the game were brutal and it only gets worse from there. The two interceptions are completely inexcusable in both instances. He throws a 50/50 ball in plus territory and because the throw is so bad turns it into a 0/100 ball. He stares down a stick route and gift wraps a pick 6 with the game on the line. I will give him the fact that he was hit 15 times in the game and we will definitely get to that, but it's hard to tell how much is on him for holding the ball. Either way Jimmy needs to come back. I hope we see him next week because I would like to see any rust shook off before the season deciding stretch starts. I thought Bethard came in and looked good, but it's easy to do so when the defense is giving you soft zones and the middle of the field. He is also a different QB then Mullens which plays a role in his effectiveness and possible lack of preparation by the defense. Granted, his ability to come in and be ready is commendable. I still believe Mullens is the #2 here and have seen enough of CJ to not want him in that role. Grades: Mullens (D), Bethard (B) RB Just no get off from these guys. Jet is not a 3 down back, but I don't think anyone really thought he was. I know holes were limited, but he danced a lot behind the LOS. Sometimes you need to lower the pads and just get 3 like he did on the goal line. The offense seemed to lack creativity in the pass game to get the RBs involved. I know with Kittle back targets would lessen, but getting Jet in space is important. I also would have liked to see more of Wilson earlier in the game. In a game where holes are limited Wilson seems to be a better option between the tackles. Just a total lack of explosiveness from this group. Grade: McKinnon (C), Wilson (C), Juice (C) WR There is some optimism with this group. Deebo looked really fast and had the explosiveness we have grown accustomed to seeing. I know he was on a snap count, but it would have been nice to see more from him. It always amazes me how Shanahan tends to go away from things like the reverses and screens to get Deebo the ball. Aiyuk is a freak athlete. It looks like he is going to be really special. An offense with Deebo, Aiyuk and Kittle along side Mostert could be dynamic and really allows the QB to get the ball to these guys near the LOS, limiting risk and allowing them to have space to create. Bourne made a really nice catch at the goal line and made a great attempt to get it. With any sort of QB effectiveness this could have been a massive game for the WR group. Grade: Deebo (B+), Aiyuk (A-), Bourne (B+), Taylor (INC), Pettis (INC), Sanu (INC) TE Kittle is the best TE in the game. Kelce isn't even close to as good as he is. He was the focal point, they knew it and they couldn't stop him. We are watching an extremely special player who is one of the few players in the game that can will his way to success. There really isn't more to say about how incredible he was and is. Grade: Kittle (A+) OL I'm in a bad mood today because of this group. This group has 3 NFL starting caliber players. Left to right. Trent Williams was embarrassing last night. He looked uninspired. When they acquired him I was concerned with this aspect. I have seen him appear to quit on the field multiple times in Washington. Now, that could just be that situation, but it was a concern. Last night, he got his lunch money taken by Derek Barnett. Barnett is by no means worthy of the 14th overall pick he was taken at, but last night he made Williams look terrible. Williams was pushed around all night and quit on the play where Tomlinson appeared to knock the DE down. Just a piss poor effort from him last night. Tomlinson, all things considered was the best lineman last night. He has his flaws, but he is relatively consistent. He wont be great at anything , but he is reliable and was the least of concerns last night. Ben Garland has no business starting and I am starting to wonder if he should even be a back up at this point. I just will never understand any professional thinking it is okay to take a play off, especially when you are a fringe type player like Garland against a guy like Fletcher Cox. The swiping of the hands and the lack of overall effort is inexcusable. Dan Brusnkill was really bad. The thing with Brunskill is that he isn't a guard. He was a converted TE that was a solid option at the T spot because he is athletic. While the athleticism will help with pulling from the G position, when he is asked to stand in and push people around he simply can't. He was driven back 3 yards almost every pass play. He missed the blitz pickup on the S after releasing the LB resulting in a sack. If you are going to let one blitzer go for the RB to pickup, you have to get the other one. Mike McGlinchey has this moment every year. He wasn't terrible until late, but this is becoming a routine for him. He just has these stretches of really bad blocking in the pass game. The final drive he became a turn style. I get that the end knows its a pass, but he has to hold up. He will never be what he was drafted to be and he will never be anything more then a decent option. The IOL needs severe help. I don't know where that comes from, but it needs to be addressed because Aaron Donald is coming two times and he is going to destroy this group. Grade: Williams (D-), Tomlinson (C+), Garland (D), Brunskill (D-), McG (D) DL The rush seemed to be there, but just never could bring Wentz down. Armstead played really well. He was in on a lot of pressure, had 6 QBH's and wrecked many plays. Kerry Hyder continues to show why he is there. Super smart player and made a nice read on the Wentz QB pass play. The rest was just okay. Jones got good push consistently. Ansah is now out for the year, Dion Jordan is not effective, Street and Givens were non factors. Just an average game from this group. Kinlaw was really not a factor either. Grade: Armstead (A), Jones (B), Hyder (B), Jones (C+), Street (C), Givens (C-), Jordan (D), Ansah (INC), KInlaw (C) LB I liked Kwon's game in regards to his speed and energy. However, he was really bad in the read option game. The whole team has been all season. It is not a hard play to decipher, it just takes discipline. Kwon has one job, take the outside run. On the Wentz TD run he allowed himself to peak inside two steps and got sealed off by the tackle. The DE's job is to crash inside, Jordan did that and Kwon cheated. Just really bad discipline from him on these plays. He did it twice. Warner was a victim as well. He shuffled twice to his right on a outside run from Sanders off the R/O. He shuffled because he didn't trust what he was seeing. Instead he looks inside even though the DE is crashing and has it covered, hesitates, shuffles twice and then is beat to the edge. It's inexcusable for these guys to continue to be undisciplined on this play considering they have seen it every single week. Azeez made a nice play for the INT, but he is a liability out there. He was beat badly by Sanders on an angle route that if Sanders catches it he is still running. Grade: Kwon (C+), Warner (C+), Azeez (C+) DB I don't really know how to even judge this group. They are so depleted and a team with any real WR group would have destroyed these guys. Verrett was decent from what I saw. His coverage still looks good. We all know what Dontae Johnson is. On the deep ball he had the coverage, but he was terrible at running and finding the ball and gave up a step while doing so. He just doesn't compete. I don't understand why he still gets a chance here. Webster and Taylor did not appear to be factors in the game. Grade: Verrett (C+), Johnson (D), K'Waun (C+), Webster (INC), Taylor (INC) S Just an average night from these guys. Tartt played hard and fast. Ward took a terrible angle on the Wentz TD run. He moved laterally for some reason as opposed to attacking down hill on Wentz's inside hip. It caused him to overrun the play and allowed Wentz to cut inside and score. Still the coverage was good throughout the night by these guys and they really kept Ertz under wraps. Grade: Tartt (B), Ward (C+) ST This team has no return game whatsoever and I know it is a bit of a thing of the past, but to have a guy like Aiyuk back there with an ability to blow one open would be nice. Taylor and Pettis are not going to accomplish anything. Wish had a really bad punt, which is rare for him and the new LS looked fine. Grade: Gould (A), Wish (C+) Conclusion This game was embarrassing. The Eagles are really bad and really banged up and the Niners came out and made them look like they were on the same level. From the start of the game they played down to their level and just like in the Arizona game paid the price. This loss is inexcusable for this team. These are games they cannot give away. Until this team addresses the IOL issues they will continue to have problems. Sadly, the answer isn't in the room. Obviously getting Richburg back would be huge. Sherman should come off the 3 week IR list this week so hopefully he gets back because this team needs him. Getting Moseley/Sherman/Spoon back should really help the secondary. The offense really needs to get Mostert back as well. His explosiveness and ability to hit the hole before it closes is paramount. It isn't the end of the world that they dropped this game, but it makes the Dolphins game a must win when it should not have been that way. Looking ahead, they should be 3-2 going into weeks 6-12. In my opinion this team needs to be 8-4 after week 12 to have a shot this season. After week 12 the only gimme game is Washington. They will still need to beat Dallas, Arizona and Seattle. Realistically, I see this happening..... MIA (W), LAR (L), NE (W), SEA (L), GB (L), NO (W), LAR (W).....which makes them 7-5 heading into Buffalo......The Niners are going to need to make an amazing run. They still have the talent, but they need it to get back and get back now. 11-5 or 10-6 should get them into the playoffs. I don't think 11-5 gets them the division, but they just need to worry about stacking wins right now. Maybe I'm just incredibly frustrated by the effort and the inability to be consistent, but 4-1 with the upcoming stretch is a lot better than 3-2.....
  5. QB Nick Mullens was very good. He was clearly prepared and once again showed that he is a top backup in the league. He started out a little inaccurate and the offense seemed to lack creativity, but about three drives in he started to find his footing. Once he did, it was curtains. Clearly he has developed a solid rapport with KB and Reed. I was most impressed with his poise. Even with pressure around him and honestly lack of an efficient running game he showed the ability to create time and was pretty accurate on some tough throws. The ball isn't always in the best place and there were some clock issues in regards to getting out of the huddle on time, but that may be on the play caller as well. Mullens completed balls to 10 different receivers. This is what it is going to take as they approach the tougher teams in the schedule. Grade: Mullens (A) RB Just an inefficient day for this group on the ground, but the impact that they had in the receiving game is something you can quantify. the Giants have a solid run defense and it showed. I don't have a whole lot to talk about in the run game. With the injuries I think we learned that Jet is not a 3 down back, but that is fine because it's not the role he needs to play. In the pass game we saw impacts across the board. McKinnon made a really nice catch down in the red zone. Jeff WIlson continues to show his ability to be reliable when called upon even when he doesn't see the field a ton. I was really intrigued by Hasty. He looks like he could really be a tool in the tool box. The ability to line him up as a receiver ala Kareem Hunt could really turn into something. He will learn quickly that he cannot cut everything back in the run game at the NFL level. Juice was his normal very good self. He had an incredible block on WIlson's screen that went for a TD. Shout out on the blitz pick ups as well. Grade: McKinnon (B), Wilson (B+), Hasty (B), Juice (B+) WR Nice day from these guys. I'm really liking the reliability that KB brings. I want more usage of him. Taylor and Sanu with small cameos. The real story is Brandon Aiyuk. He looked bigger and stronger then all the other players on the field. He really jumped off the screen. His speed when he turned up the reverse was noticeable and deceptive. Pairing he and Deebo has deadly potential. They seem to be very similar players, with Deebo being more polished. Taylor made a great catch over the middle on one of the first few drives. The ball was at his face and a rocket and he snatched out of the blue and was able to keep running. It just stood out to me. Grade: Aiyuk (A), Taylor (B), KB (B+), Sanu (C+) TE Solid all around effort from both guys here. Huge on 3rd downs and just overall a great ability to make up for the loss of Kittle and then the loss of Reed. Hopefully for Reed it's minor, but they called it an ankle and a knee which may indicate a high ankle sprain. He was clearly the game plan before he got hurt and pairing him with Kittle when healthy just adds another dimension to the pass game. Dwelley is severely underrated as a pass catcher. He gets open, makes sure handed catches and then has the ability to run with the ball after the catch. He is often referred to as a blocking TE, but that seems like just his role, not his ability. Grade: Reed (B+), Dwelley (B), Woerner (C) OL A much better showing from this group from the previous two weeks. The Giants have a really good front 4 and they really stuffed the running lanes. I will continue to say that the IOL is going to be a problem all year especially when you face guys like Donald. Garland was pushed back a lot, although he had a great block in the open field on a screen pass. McG was good. I actually didn't even see or hear his name much which is always good news. Still lots of work to do here as these guys have yet to really face off against a solid pass rush team. Grade: Trent (B), Tomlinson (C+), Garland (C+), Brunskill (D+), McG (B) DL Pressure by committee. The depth and talent that Lynch and co. have put together is beginning to show. A far, far contrast from 2017. I am really enjoying watching the guys that we normally wouldn't see with the full group available. Kerry Hyder is a force. He is an interesting case because I don't know that he does anything in particular extremely well. Obviously, he is a high motor guy and I think he really utilizes leverage. On his 3rd quarter sack he did a really nice job of dipping and hand fighting. Love watching him have success. Im officially providing my stamp of approval on Kinlaw. He is going to wreck things in every game. He is so stout and still has so much to learn. Deceptively quick for his size and I can see why the org. made the decision they did on Buckner. Armstead looked good and really did a nice job of exhibiting his length and taking advantage of it. Dion Jordan showed up a couple times had the fumble recovery as well and showed he still had some speed off the edge. Ziggy, didn't show me much. He just seemed to run into a OT wall every single time. Grade: Hyder (A-), Jones (B), Armstead (B+), Jordan (B), Ansah (C), Givens (C+), Street (B-) LB No weakness seen with Greenlaw out of the lineup. Warner was his usual self. He made a heck of a play on the INT. He said after the game that Tartt called out the route to him. It's good to see that he trusts his guys out there on the field. If Warner starts to add this to his game he will be the best in the game. Nothing to complain about for Kwon, thought he looked fast and was moving well. Just never really showed up with any splash plays. I was worried about Aziz, he didn't get exposed which is a good thing, but I question how many snaps he had. Seemed to be a ton of Nickle. Grade: Aziz (C+), Kwon (B), Warner (A) DB This was a fun watch for me. This group is depleted already and then lost Moseley. I will never feel comfortable with Dontae Johnson on the field. I really watched Verrett in this game. He looked really good. Even on the plays that he gave up a catch he was in good coverage. The Giants are not a deadly receiving group, but Slayton is a very good skill player and they kept him quiet all day long. Looking forward to more from Verrett, hoping that Moseley isn't bad and that these guys can get healthy soon. Grade: Verrett (B+), Moseley (INC), Johnson (B) S Tartt and Ward were flying around doing their thing. Tartt missed the INT on a ball he makes the play on more then half the time. Harris forced 2 fumbles and looked fast. Games like this only serve to help this group out. Harris and Moore need snaps and in games like this they can get a good amount of snap count. Solid production from the back end. Grade: Tartt (B+), Ward (B+), Harris (A), Moore (B) ST Gould looks to be in mid season form, Kyle Nelson turned into Chuck Knoblauch with a serious case of the yips. Hopefully that works itself out. Grade: Gould (A), Nelson (F) Conclusion They did what they needed to do. They attacked the Giants on 3rd down, stayed with the run even though it wasn't efficient and let Nick throw. I like that Kyle has confidence in his guys and the ability to get them ready. I didn't see a glaring difference in the offensive play calling. 2-1 headed home with an abysmal Philly team with a terrible O-Line and a QB who can't find his confidence in a dumpster should result in a 3-1 record. It will be interesting to see if they decide to hold Jimmy out 1 more week just to allow for full healing if he isnt 90% or better. Hopefully Mostert will be back because the offense is missing the explosive nature he brings. However, Deebo sounds like he may be back so he will bring an element to the offense they have not had. This team is on pace to be 4-1 before the murderer's row of games and it may be best to get guys rest over the next two weeks to have them ready for that stretch. I think seeing what we have seen will help ease the nerves a bit when it comes to life away from Bosa/Thomas etc. It's odd because it felt like the World was falling in on the team, but then you realize that the team is really deep and really well coached and just really good. This team is going to be fine. It may not end up in a Championship season, but you cant tell anyone in the organization that because they don't believe you. I am pretty sure this team can beat Philly at home without Jimmy so here is to hoping they give him another week and let Mullens lead the way one more week. I just value that stretch leading into the Bye week so much more then these first 5 games. The best part of the weekend is the Cardinals and Rams came back to the Niners, just like I said they would. The Seahawks will as well. That defense is atrocious. Onto week 4!
  6. Week 2 @ Jets QB I want to preface this by saying that it is easy to see why Jimmy has command of the locker room and true belief from his teammates. Obviously, the high ankle sprain hampered him very early. After the injury he was unbelievably good. Nothing pushed too far down the filed, but he was accurate and was setting up for a very good day. The second TD throw was Jimmy giving Reed a chance. He put it there and showed off his arm talent once again. In fact, I would say throughout this whole game he was showing off his arm. He clearly wasn't able to drive off the back leg and was willing the ball to the receivers with his arm. The guy competes, which is what we tend to say all the time. They say 4-6 for the injury. My best guess here would be that he misses NY, PHI and MIA and they find a way to have him back for the season deciding stretch against the Rams, Pats, Seahawks, Packers, Saints, Rams and Bills. Mullens did what he needed to do coming into the game with a three score lead. I can't fault him for some of the mistakes. Shanny stated with real confidence that Nick will be ready and more prepared next week. Grade: Jimmy G(A+), Mullens(C) RB Explosive output from Mostert and it should have been so much more. He took the same play to the house a second time if not for the penalty. Not sure if the McG hold broke that for him or not as the replay was an awful angle. Mostert is going to explode like this one time every game. McKinnon looked good again. On the 3rd down run he showed very good vision to cut it back. I noticed that he didn't seem to have the same check out type speed that he used to have. This makes sense with the rash of knee issues over two seasons. Coleman was terribly inefficient in the run game. Nothing new from him, but I will say that a lot of his volume came with the defense already knowing that the run was coming. I continue to like this group as receivers. Each guy provides something different and I love the idea of having fresh legs late in games. These guys are going to play an important role going forward. Grade: Mostert(A+), McKinnon(A), Coleman(C), Wilson(INC) WR I thought the WR group played well. It wont show up statistically though. This group is limited without Deebo. Aiyuk looked like a rookie, but you can see the talent when the ball is in his hands. KB was very good in this game in my opinion. He had 4 catches, but more importantly he had a really good block on Mostert's TD run and he showed that he is on the same page with Mullens. KB could play a very important role in these coming weeks. Taylor is what he is. I don't see him ever being more than that at this point. Sanu was out there.....I like Sanu and I like the signing. It's a vet guy who can teach and provide the QB another option on 3rd down. He is also a very willing blocker. Pettis.........Leave him in NY please. Grade: Bourne(B+), Aiyuk(C+), Taylor(C+), Sanu(INC), Pettis........Leave him in NY please...... TE It was pretty much a one man show at TE with Jordan Reed. Two things on this.....The first being that it is great to see he can still be utilized and be a factor, but I have one really big concern. There just doesn't appear to be much there down the field for him. Maybe its the route combos they are using to get him open, maybe it is the game plan for this game, but either way he is catching the ball really close to the LOS. He showed he could still run and still has athleticism on the first TD. I expect teams to really cinch down on him because Mullens isn't scaring any defenses which could make his job harder. Grade: Reed(A), Dwelley(C) OL I am frustrated with this group. I know that they are somewhat banged up, but it's just too inconsistent. Jimmy took too many hits in this game and they didn't exactly have him standing back there for very long. The run blocking was very good against a defense that was really good against the run in 2019. I'm choosing to grade this group as a whole because I didn't see enough to really grade them out individually. I saw the IOL regularly getting beat on pass plays. It is going to be an issue all season. Grade: Run(B+), Pass(C+) DL I was impressed by the depth players on the line. It would have been easy to just lay down after watching your teammates go down. Armstead was really good. He had the only sack and 3 pressures. Kinlaw once again flashed. I thought he was even better this week. I love what I see from Hyder. He is making the most of the opportunities and had 2 tackles along with 6 assists. As a whole this group was solid. Grade: Armstead(A), Jones(B), Hyder(B), Kinlaw(B), Givens(B) LB Saw some improvement from Kwon yesterday. He just appeared to be more in control. Warner was his normal consistent self. Greenlaw was a little quiet, but as a group they played well. These guys are going to need to step up in the coming weeks. Grade: Warner(B+), Kwon(B+), Dre(B) DB For what they had to work with, this group was pretty good. I was originally concerned with the amount of catches they allowed to guys like Hogan and Berrios, but this is the Jets receiving core and someone has to catch the ball. I thought Spoon played well in coverage. He gave up one sideline ball where he looked like he was underneath the route and just guessed wrong. I was glad to see that they did not allow Perriman to get over the top. Moseley was his normal good self and I thought K'waun was good as well. This is a weird game because you get such a big lead and the Jets offense lacks any kind of threat or versatility that everything just ends up underneath which allows for some easier yards. Grade: Spoon(B), Moseley(B+), Williams(B) S I thought these guys were all over the place. Ward was flying and hitting anything that moved. Tartt was around the ball a lot as well. They along with the LBs kept Herndon quiet. They played a lot around the LOS due to the Jets inability to throw downfield. It will only get more difficult going forward. Grade: Tartt(B+), Ward(A) ST No issues here except on the one punt return, but Im not ever against a Wish tackle. Gould hit a nice long FG. Grade: B Conclusion The Jets are one of the 3 worst teams in football. Hard to take much away from this game other then the pass game appeared to get back on track for a half and the Niners did what they were supposed to do. I say it all the time Talent and execution wins games. 3rd downs were a different story this week. The injuries.....I don't know if its a turf issue. I have spent a ton of time on turf in Baseball and its brutal. Especially new turf. Bosa did appear to get his toe caught. Thomas looked like it was someone falling on the leg. Not sure what Mostert did and Jimmy's seemed like it's just this stupid year. IF these guys have a true issue with the field they need to refuse to play the game and try to leverage the NFL to move it. Here is the new reality. Bosa is going to miss the year. This one is brutal. You do not replace Nick Bosa's impact on a football field. It's always next man up, but in a case like this all these guys cannot make up what he brings to the D Line. Hopefully on Bosa its just an ACL and not a meniscus, LCL, PCL etc. It was nasty. Thomas apparently isn't feared to be as bad. I don't see how its not a tear, but we will see. Mostert I am not too concerned over. Coleman has a knee. I know many here would rather see Wilson anyway, but with a lack of WR depth they need all the help they can get. Jimmy is expected to be 4-6 weeks. Like I said before, I expect him back for LA. Good news is that NYG, Phi, MIA are on the schedule ahead and Mullens should be able to navigate these teams. Bad news, if Jimmy can get back for the LA stretch he will need to find his footing again, which may cause some issues getting started. We are about to learn a lot about the depth on the team and Shanahan's ability to coach. These guys can easily be 4-1 headed into a 7 game stretch that can decide the season. They could also be 3-2 and I think they need every easy win they can get. I would expect Ansah to come in and I would not be surprised if they give Suggs a call as well. They love the guys that they have in house, but you need people to make plays and they may lack that. Defensively, this team is going to need the back 7 to step up. DB's and S will need to cover longer and it will be interesting to see if they dial up more blitz packages. Either way guys will need to get pressure to create havoc around opposing QBs and Shanahan needs to find ways to get out in front early in games if they want to get to 4-1.
  7. Week 1 Arizona QB Jimmy was flat out not very good. Timing was bad, missed opportunities and just looked rusty. More than anything his footwork was really bad in the crucial moments. Jimmy has a tendency to get sloppy with his fundamentals and he throws a ton of balls flat footed. The severely under thrown ball to Bourne and the 4th down ball to Taylor both were flat footed with the latter not even getting square to where he was throwing. He has to be better in this area plain and simple. I get he was working with a patchwork O line and had minimal options at WR, but he still missed guys. The broadcast brought up the Bourne post and he missed Juice downfield as well. It would have required a good throw, but we have seen the throw made many times over. Hopefully this is the low point for Jimmy this season. Even though statistically it looks fine. Grade: D RB No complaints from me at this position group. I liked the usage of McKinnon and firmly believe if he remains healthy he will be a huge weapon and focal point for this offense. Mostert looked every bit the part of a true #1 RB, just needed more opportunities. Coleman in his minor usage actually looked decent. Showed good explosion and cutting. It goes without saying that Mostert needs to convert the TD on the goal to go situation, but why are we in a 4th and goal to begin with there? Looking forward to seeing more from this group. I was really shocked we didn't see more action for Juice in this game. Grade: Mostert(B+), McKinnon(B), Coleman(C+), Juice(B+) WR What seems to be the achilles heel of this team once again showed its flaws. Pettis is just a wasted roster spot at this point. Richie James is irrelevant and if he isn't going to return kicks leaves me wondering why he is here.....Taylor, after all the talk about him on 3rd downs and he was virtually non existent in 3rd down situations. I just don't know what to say about this group any longer. They desperately need to see something from Aiyuk, but it's rather unfair to put that load on him. Deebo coming back in 3 weeks should help considerably, but right now it is filled with guys who are not going to blow you away. KB is Mr. 3rd down and Mr. Goal Line, but again nothing from him in those moments either. Grade: KB(C+), Pettis(D-), Taylor(C), James(D) TE Kittle is the best TE in the game. I feel like I have said this before.......He just changes everything when he is on the field. Rough to see them go completely away from him in the second half, but Jimmy said they had him bracketed, which makes sense as he was the only threat in the pass game. Hopefully the injury isn't too bad. Reed seems nice, but If you are going to have a guy like him you need to use him. If not, what are we doing with him? Big concern on Kittle however, as he directly impacts the run game. Grades: Kittle(B), Reed(C), Dwelley(INC) OL Patched up and sent out to compete is the only way to define this line. Good news is that Trent looked unreal and as I am sure we have all seen by now is wanted for attempted murder of a MLB. McG looked fine as well considering the amount of plays he saw Chandler Jones. Nothing too noticeable from Grasu which is a good thing. Shanny said he didn't see anything yesterday either so that is a good sign. RG is going to be something that needs to be addressed. Just not a good option there. The line overall, all things considered was not horrible. Maybe average at best. Grade:Trent(A), Tomlinson(C+), Grasu(B), Brunskill(C), McG(B) DL I know a lot of people are going to harp on the lack of sacks and pressure from the front, but it was noticeable to me that they were trying to contain rather than rush in a lot of instances. They just did a very poor job of maintaining gap responsibility. Can't tell you how many times I watched Dee Ford rush, only to pull up and try to predict Kyler's movements. I saw some things that I liked though. Bosa still is wrecking plays, Kinlaw made a couple nice splash plays, Kerry Hyder looked good and Kevin Givens had a nice play as well. Armstead just kind of became a non factor and outside of the one screen read from Solly it was more of the same from him. Good to see some of the depth guys contribute because the numbers will come for the big names. Not too worried here, just have some things to clean up. Grade: Bosa(B), Jones(C), Thomas(D), Armstead(D), Ford(D), Hyder(B), Givens(C+), Kinlaw(C+) LB Mixed bag for me with this group. I continue to see all the potential in Greenlaw. Really nice tip leading to the Tartt INT. Warner looked good per usual. Lots to complain about with Kwon. Just seemed to be out of position a ton and overran plays too much. Still not much worry for me with these guys. I see a significant bounce back in the next couple of weeks. Grade: Dre(B), Warner(B), Kwon(C-) DB Ugly day for these guys. I am the biggest Moseley fan, but he was getting used up quite a bit yesterday. It really wasn't anything special either. It makes me wonder if it was scheme. Sherman looked fine. Kwaun was noticeable. I saw him on plays, but he is usually in things quite a bit and he just didn't seem to jump off the page for me. Still, not a ton of worry for me in this group. Game 1, a little communication break down on the Hopkins TD, really up tempo offense is a bit of a disaster to start. If they let Crowder eat them up, Im concerned. Grade: Sherman(B-), Moseley(D), K'waun(C), Witherspoon(INC) S Despite the INT from Tartt, it was just an average day for he and Ward. Nothing bad over the top, but I do believe Jimmie followed the receiver across on the Hopkins TD. Grade: Tartt(B), Ward(C), Moore(INC) ST Gould was fine, Wish actually punted the ball well, the blocked punt was busted coverage. Coverage teams allowed one decent return. Grade: B My conclusion Relax. A lot of overreacting online from this game. I get it was a divisional game and I get that most believe this is the toughest division in the league, but it's one single game and we know what this team is made of and we know what to expect. Not too mention that these other teams in the division will give games back. Lots of areas for improvement, but we all should have confidence that they will. In close games execution wins. The 49ers didn't execute multiple times. My only real annoyance was the lack of attempts downfield. Not sure if it is Jimmy, the play calling, which I admit appeared marginal at best, the lack of receiving options or what the issue is there. I would just like to see some better results down the field. I got extremely tired of 3-5 yard crossers on 3rd and 7. Speaking of 3rd downs......both sides must be better. 50% for Arizona, 18% for the Niners. Same goes for the red zone. The good news.....the Jets, Giants and Dolphins are 3 of the next 4 games and the Eagles are in the middle and do not appear to be much to worry about. At the end of the first quarter of the season we should be looking at a 4-1 team heading into a tough stretch. The bad, Shanahan just said its a knee sprain for Kittle, week to week and Deebo had a setback that sent him to IR. Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Either way the solution comes in 6 days.
  8. Ehhh.....expectations are too high here. News broke this AM that he MAY have been available for trade. 2 hours later he is dealt. For all we know the Texans reached out to the Cards.
  9. Hard to mortgage any potential future though when you don't have the picks to fill those gaps. It's a very sticky situation where you are definitely giving up on organizational depth knowing it would be hard to get those picks back. It would require the Niners to hit on most picks
  10. They would have to let Armstead walk, which I would be ok with, but Hopkins is gonna get a huge deal as would Kittle. Odds are they would let Ward go as well, but then extending Buckner becomes questionable.
  11. Maybe they best the deal, but Hopkins wanted a new deal. How do we expect the Niners to work that out on top of the new deals required for Armstead, Ward, Kittle, Buckner?
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