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  1. Niners have to waive their territorial rights before the deal is completed. They have not done I yet and I would love for them to not do it.
  2. Absolutely the bolded part. It absolutely kills me that they have not allowed Witherspoon to go through the growing pains on the field. They keep bringing up confidence. Get him his confidence on the field. No excuse for that kid to not be on the field covering Adams opposite of Sherman. He is the next best cover corner they have and a better potential playmaker.
  3. Trip to Atlanta

    Sounds good. We have MLK and the Margaret Mitchell house pegged as must sees. Also plan to hit the World of Coca Cola. I have heard that a lot of the stuff there by the stadium can be done in a day or so. Also, definitely need to find the best food in the area. I am a hug Southern BBQ and Southern cuisine guy.
  4. Trip to Atlanta

    We are headed to Atlanta for the Falcons game this upcoming week. We will be in on Friday and leave on Monday. I was curios as to any must sees while we are in town and at the game. My Son is a huge Falcons fan, so this trip is for him. He is 7 btw. So no strip clubs.........because his Mom wouldnt allow it.
  5. Week 14 GDT: Titans @ 49ers

    I saw the same video. I feel the same way about the guy. I truly believe he is just a good person regardless of fame and fortune. He always seems like the same person. He has quickly become one of my favorites and it has nothing to do with his on field production. However, I do think that he is a great #3 for this team. Just need to find that true 1 and pair him with Garcon, Goodwin and Taylor
  6. 2017 Predictions

    When players live in a world where they are not thrown away by ownership and only receive their guaranteed money this may change. Then again, I do not know anybody in the player's union that hates their ability to hold out for more money whenever they want.
  7. 2017 Predictions

    Yeah, I get it from his perspective. He is that defense. Without him they are going to struggle big time. I would imagine it will start to get some run now that we are entering the regular season and the Elliott drama is wrapping up. The guy is the most dominant defensive player in the league.
  8. 2017 Predictions

    I think that the eternal optimist in me sees the bye week as more of an advantage then it really is. Seattle is supremely more talented then the Niners at this point, but I have faith in Shanny with an extra week to gameplan. Plus he has put together plans in the past that have proven to be good against Seattle. That being said, it was with Julio and Ryan and Freeman etc. At the end of the day you can scheme it up all you want, but the players still have to execute and have talent. I just don't see how this team only wins 1 more game than last season with the massive upgrade in the coaching staff. I feel like the staff is good for at least 2 wins. If I am going off of what we have seen so far and where we are with players in/out/holding out I like the odds of sweeping LA (Donald is holding, sounds like it is going to be for a while, but we will see once game checks stop coming in) and I like the odds against the Colts with no Luck. However, I could see 5 wins max. I just think this team is going to be worlds better when it comes to preparation and scheme that they will be better then a 3, 4 or 5 win team.
  9. 2017 Predictions

    Realistically, low end 5 wins high end would be 8. The reality of it is that both Rams games are winnable. The second Seattle game is winnable based on the bye week and the Monday nighter leading into it for Seattle. I am not afraid of the Bears, Jags or Colts for that matter fi they do not have Luck. I feel like they can steal a couple games, those being Carolina and Washington and I would hope they could get one from Arizona, but that would be tough. Thing is, none of those teams are afraid of the Niners either.
  10. 2017 Predictions

    I will give this a shot. I am finding that I am pretty optimistic in this team. Maybe it is more the competence of the staff a well as the young talent? - The 49ers will be the media darling in 2018 after a surprising 2017 campaign. - Hoyer will play 12 games. Bethard will play the final 4 after injury and the team will not lose a step. This will toss his name into the hat as a true option for the team at QB and will further convolute the position. - Over the 12 games, Hoyer will throw 20 TD's and 8 INTS's making him an option as well going forward. Yardage should be around 3200. - Carlos Hyde will miss half of the season - Marquise Goodwin will go to the Pro Bowl......as an alternate with 1200 yards and 6 TDs - Bowman will lead the league in tackles and still be disrespected by all of the media. - George Kittle will have 700 yards and 4 TD's - Eric Reid will have 3 pick sixes.........something he is allergic to. - Rashard Robinson will grade out as a top 10 CB at season's end - The defensive line will be the best in the NFL.......against the run - Elvis Dumerville will have 7 sacks - Tim Ryan will lose his job as the color analyst for the 49ers radio broadcast after screaming into the mic for Pete Carroll to eat a bag of D's after the 49ers upset Seattle. Final Record 8-8 Wins against Carolina(h), Rams(H), Washington(R), Arizona(H), Seattle(H)(Bag of D's game), Chicago(R), Jaguars(H), Rams(R)
  11. 49ers Forum - Introductions

    Raccoons cannot be trusted. I had one laying by my pool with his paw dangling into the water just daring me to step to him. I went back in the house because I'm not losing that fight. I have a possum in my yard now. Those are worthless animals.
  12. 49ers Forum - Introductions

    What Brought You to FF: Just a random search for a sports forum I think? Favorite Current 49er(s): Bowman, Juice Check, Tartt, Dontae Johnson Favorite All-Time 49er(s): JR, Lott, Montana, Young, BY, John Taylor, Brent Jones, Craig, Jon EnglebergerFavorite Current NFL Player(s): Marshawn LynchFavorite All-Time NFL Player(s): JR, Marshawn LynchMost Memorable NFL Moment: 1994 NFC Championship game against Dallas and the Divisional win against the Saints with the Vernon PostOther Favorite Sport Teams: San Francisco Giants, Warriors, SharksFavorite Players from Other Sports: Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Buster Posey, Joe Panik, Patrick Marleau, Kyle Larson, Will Clark Favorite College Teams: NoneHobbies: Coaching Baseball, Auto RacingFavorite Movie(s): Field of Dreams, Dumb and DumberFavorite TV Show(s): Live PD, Wahlburgers, Impractical JokersFavorite Actor(s) and Actress(es): Ed NortonFavorite Musical Artist(s): E-40, Lyrics Born, Ang P, Lecrae, ZZ Ward, Kendrick Lamar, YG, Lenny Kravitz, AC/DC among many others Favorite Song(s): Anything from Lenny KravitzFavorite Book(s): NoneFavorite Author(s): NoneAny Other Information: (e.g., married, kids, what you're studying, degree that you have earned, special accomplishments, unique talents, play a musical instrument) Married going on 7 years in October. I have a soon to be 6 year old son who wants to be a racecar driver and give his Mother an early departure from earth in the process. I coach him in Baseball and I must say he is quite the talent on the diamond. Coaching brought back a competitiveness in me that I lost over 5 years ago and the ability to have an impact in someone's life has been the most rewarding aspect of my life. College dropout, just like Kanye.