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  1. I would fall off the couch on the Ward deal
  2. New Corner

    So is this the part in the pattern where you disappear until after the draft and then come back to complain wildly about the picks? I mean that is the m.o. right? You gave your take. We disagreed with it on the basis of what most of us consider more pressing needs for the team. Some say WR, some say S, some say IOL, some say DL depth. YOU say DB and you are the only one who will take his ball and go home because people questioned you and called you out for your typical tendencies on this board. You have a history of hastily reacting imo and then throwing a tissy when others question why you overreact.
  3. I could see Shenault drop because you have to have a plan for him if you draft him. Shanahan is more than capable and he loves shiny new toys. He clamored for Gabriel when he was the OC in Atlanta and he really made use of him. I would love to see what they could do with him here.
  4. Cardinals expected to release David Johnson

    I mean it may have been one of the more egregious thoughts I have ever read......Faulk, Sanders, Craig, McCoy, Charlie Garner, Centers the list goes on and one of better receiving RBs
  5. New Corner

    Ummmmm........this isn't a "problem". That is where people look sideways at you. We are just going to act like Tim Harris isn't a thing as well? He is very intriguing returning from injury. Any potential issue you think this team has at DB can also be handled in house.....
  6. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    But people do bring up that Patriots season. You just did. People talk about it all the time. They may not fawn over it because it didn't end glamorously, but it was still incredible. Next year when this team is in the playoffs again they will bring up this season. It will be the talk of the town, again it wont be about how great it was, but about how great they were and how they didn't finish it.
  7. 2020 opponents

    agreed, I tried really hard to be hard on them, but I only see three games that make me cringe. I see them going 8-0 at home too.
  8. If they can trade up and get Jeudy I would light my house on fire. Dude is unbelievably good. A lot of talk about him being the best WR prospect since Julio.....I'm also a big fan of Laviska Shenault. I think he could be so dynamic in this offense
  9. You keep McKinnon on the restructure which in theory would be the vet minimum with incentives based on snaps, games played and production. He is by far the best pass catcher out of the backfield, which is something this team lacked this season. Give him a chance to see what he can do on the field. It's not like he went out there trying to blow his knee out. Breida cant keep his ankles together and Mostert until this season has had injury issues as well. Both have also had their fair share of fumbling problems at times. Keeps you deep and provides the HR threat. Not hard to understand why you would want to keep him around.
  10. Ward is replaceable, while he has been very, very, very good, the Niners have Moore and he appears to be more suited to replace than Spoon does at the moment. Moore is a play making FS that has insane range, but needs to work on his angles and decision making. Easier to pair him with Tartt who knows how to get guys in position versus replacing Sherm, the virtual heartbeat of the defense and his knowledge with Spoon or any other DB.
  11. Wouldn't this be something......
  12. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    This is exactly how I feel. These games are won and lost with execution. Down the stretch, the Chiefs executed better. For 3 1/2 quarters the game plan was working perfectly. People have to place blame, but the reality of it all is that execution wins and loses games.
  13. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    However, as Forge stated if that throw to Sanders is o the money, which the radio crew and Donte Whitner said they ran in practice 12 times with Jimmy completing 11 of 12, we are singing a different tune and Jimmy would quite possibly have beat Pat. Jimmy is fine. There is a lot that goes into being a SB caliber QB or and elite level QB. I think we all agree he has the physical tools. He may not be on par with Mahomes, but if he is the measuring stick then every team should pack up. I would say he definitely has the mental make up. Now it becomes a matter of developing the killer instinct along side of Kyle and really working to eliminate the mistakes and the missed receivers. I think Jimmy missed Kittle about 4 to 5 times.
  14. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    We know, you made a thread about it and it was locked. Be gone.
  15. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

    Has to be hard knowing that you can punt it deep and let the defense work though