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  1. 49ers re-sign Jimmie Ward

    I saw 9 guaranteed. Not bad.
  2. Ehhh.....expectations are too high here. News broke this AM that he MAY have been available for trade. 2 hours later he is dealt. For all we know the Texans reached out to the Cards.
  3. Hard to mortgage any potential future though when you don't have the picks to fill those gaps. It's a very sticky situation where you are definitely giving up on organizational depth knowing it would be hard to get those picks back. It would require the Niners to hit on most picks
  4. They would have to let Armstead walk, which I would be ok with, but Hopkins is gonna get a huge deal as would Kittle. Odds are they would let Ward go as well, but then extending Buckner becomes questionable.
  5. Maybe they best the deal, but Hopkins wanted a new deal. How do we expect the Niners to work that out on top of the new deals required for Armstead, Ward, Kittle, Buckner?
  6. 49ers and DE Arik Armstead Agree to 5 Year Deal

    SO let's keep our eyes open for a pass rusher in the later rounds in this draft
  7. I mean at this point if you are the 49ers, you need to call on every big name WR just to see what happens. lol
  8. Yeah, just feels like there was a lot more to get out there. News broke that he might be available this AM.....why not let the market work a little?
  9. I'm reading it as Hop and a 4th for Johnson a 2nd and a 4th in 21.............grand theft. Apparently Hopkins and Billy boy on the outs.
  10. Has to be something near this, but Bill O'Brien makes me shake my head a lot
  11. D HOP in the deal for David Johnson......per Rap sheet.....this better include a haul and a half for the Texans
  12. deal is for near 17 annually on Armstead
  13. Texans trading for David Johnson
  14. I would fall off the couch on the Ward deal
  15. New Corner

    So is this the part in the pattern where you disappear until after the draft and then come back to complain wildly about the picks? I mean that is the m.o. right? You gave your take. We disagreed with it on the basis of what most of us consider more pressing needs for the team. Some say WR, some say S, some say IOL, some say DL depth. YOU say DB and you are the only one who will take his ball and go home because people questioned you and called you out for your typical tendencies on this board. You have a history of hastily reacting imo and then throwing a tissy when others question why you overreact.