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  1. Tayne's Positivity Thread v3.0

    Just being a little sarcastic. We will win Thursday 173-2. We run a wildcat with Pontbriand as the QB and Colquitt as the center. Colquitt snaps it over Pontbriands head and out of the endzone for a safety. I should have added how great Dayes looked this preseason too.
  2. Tayne's Positivity Thread v3.0

    I'm most positive about: 1. How well Nate Orchard and Carl Nassib looked in the preseason. 2. How Corey Coleman seems to have made the turn and really dedicated himself to the game. Always giving 100%. 3. How amazing Josh Gordon looked in the first game against Pittsburgh. Missing TC to take care of his mental needs was probably smart, I can just imagine how great he will look midseason. 4. The signing of Mychal Kendricks. Was it needed? Probably not. Our LBers seemed to be a pretty strong group, but adding Kendricks just makes a strong group even stronger. Exciting to see how that plays out. 5. The Crow is gone and we seem to have a strong running game! With Hyde, Johnson, and Chubb I expect 150 to 200 yds per game on the ground! 6. Finally, Tabor is gone! This Amos guy can't be any worse. 7. Z-Gon! Looks like he won the kicking competition in preseason and looks really good. Could be our long term kicking solution. I don't even remember Phil Dawson. 8. A new season and positive vibes throughout. We should get a win early and not to mention the best beer ever in the world has decided to give Cleveland free beer after the Browns win! I wish I could be one of the lucky suckers who get to partake in those select locations.
  3. Josh Gordon to be released on Monday

    Maybe he's a big Tom Brady fan.
  4. Denzel Ward

  5. The Zane Gonzalez job hunting page

    Quality coaches normally know if their quarter back has a shoulder injury. I would expect a quality coach to know if a kicker has a messed up groin. Keeps points off the board.
  6. Tayne's Positivity Thread v3.0

    I thought I was going to come in here and see the sarcasticly positive Tayne. Disappointed, I miss the sarcasticly positive Tayne
  7. Josh Gordon to be released on Monday

    It's not about the best BJ. Most of them are from drunken chubby chicks anyways. This girl was the one you meshed with best, she was amazing in every facet of the relationship. Smart, fun, funny, great job, hell even your mother liked her. But she just can't commit. I hate her, but I love her.
  8. Josh Gordon to be released on Monday

    But she's got those good "abilities" that make you contemplate leaving your wife and kids every time you see her.
  9. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    They barely ran towards the left. Consistently going right and we still had issues stopping Kamara.
  10. Josh Gordon to be released on Monday

    This thread makes me sad. Best talent we’ve had in Cleveland, probably in my life.
  11. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    I expect a W, mainly due to our defense creating opportunities for the inept offense we have showcased so far.
  12. Josh Gordon to be released on Monday

    I guess I'm in the minority. I wish him well, always had high hopes of him doing well here but it didn't pan out. He could have been the face of the franchise but some people have demons that I will never know or experience. I hope he continues mending his mind and has personal and professional success.
  13. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    reminds me of the old style a little more than what they wear now. I like the Brown better than if it would have been Orange.
  14. Josh Gordon to be released on Monday

    There was Shelton, McCourty and now Gordon. I'm sure New England called about Coleman. And that's just from this year.