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  1. Mort says it's Freddie

    Awesome. Expected news after the last few days seemed to really point towards him. Very interested to see who stays and who goes.
  2. WEEK 16 GDT: PLAYOFFS!?!!????!!??

    He needs to work on his cord management. Hiding it behind a picture just isn't working.
  3. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Thought y’all would enjoy this.
  4. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

  5. Rosie Jones Thread

    The receiver in the near side was never set and essentially had two players moving at the same time. That’s what I saw at least.
  6. Around the NFL and General discussion

    I have never taken anything he’s said with any credence. But I can’t stand these talking heads who are oblivious to what they are talking about. Stephen A is the epitome of them, he tries to have shock factor and that’s about it. No research just argumentative garbage.
  7. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Not sure if anyone else saw this. Stephen A has 0 credibility. What an idiot.
  8. Around the NFL and General discussion

    At home? They haven't played a single game in San Diego.
  9. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Thought he was sticking at 2nd and Kipnis was going to be full-time outfielder?
  10. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Whose going to play third? My guess is they aren't done dealing yet. Expect to see Alonso gone and either Kluber or Bauer are gone soon as well.
  11. Walkthemock Drafts

    11: R1P11 DL ED OLIVER HOUSTON 43: R2P11 EDGE ZACH ALLEN BOSTON COLLEGE 74: R3P10 TE ALBERT OKWUEGBUNAM MISSOURI 92: R3P28 CB KENDALL SHEFFIELD OHIO STATE 113: R4P11 WR DAVID SILLS V WVU 145: R5P6 WR PARRIS CAMPBELL OHIO STATE 150: R5P11 DL GREG GAINES WASHINGTON 168: R5P29 LB TREVON CONEY NOTRE DAME 186: R6P11 RB BENNY SNELL JR. KENTUCKY 222: R7P6 QB TRACE MCSORLEY PENN STATE 247: R7P31 WR TYRE BRADY MARSHALL Didn't get an OT, had the opportunity a couple times but our line has played well late in the season. Give them another year to gel and they should be fine. Looks extremely unrealistic though.
  12. 2019 Draft Prospects

    It's a shame Brown laid an egg in that game with several drops.
  13. Official GDT, Week 14: Browns vs. Panthers

    Not even mentioning ward who looks like he will be a top-5 player at CB.