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  1. I’m not saying that he can’t be good. I’m just saying I think Sexton is better and has honestly excelled beyond what I expected. Garland was a projection based on ability like Kyrie was when he came out, just haven’t seen much from Garland yet. I hope the kid is great. No hate on him. Just didn’t like them taking another PG when Sexton was still unproven. I would have hated a PG picked first this year too because of the last two years picks. I don’t hate Garland, just thought picking a PG wasn’t the best idea. I still hold out hope SexLand is a thing in the future.
  2. Agreed. I hated the Garland pick but had some Hope he would be similar to Kyrie. But he looks like he’s going to be stuck behind Sexton unless he gets traded.
  3. Sexton is going to have to run point until Garland proves himself. Porter at 2. Okoro, Love, and Drummond. Could be a decent team.
  4. He’s had 0 penalties this year and allowed a sack so far. The Oline is a strength, why make it weaker?
  5. A pro bowl guard who is having a down year in a a new system. I’ll keep him another year or two to see how it plays out
  6. Speaking of comparisons, was really surprised who Boomer compared Myles to... Bruce Smith is pretty high praise. Glad Myles is getting seen in a positive light again.
  7. Got to go watch their second summer league game. They don’t seem very aggressive, to include Windler. Bad shot selection. But it is a bunch of d leaguers, undrafted rookies, and windler. All of the young guys (Sexton, Garland, Porter Jr., Zizic, and Blossomgame) were on the bench watching which was cool.
  8. Still have Mitchell too who played well last year. Our backfield looks decent, would love to come away with another S.
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