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  1. For me it seems like hindsight is why everyone is disagreeing with the call, if they had got the first down everyone would be praising Zimmer for being aggressive and playing to win the game. On the other hand, if he had kicked the field goal and the Vikings were to lose in overtime I'm sure people would be upset that Zimmer played it so conservatively instead of trying to ice it with a first down. I understand we are all upset that we couldn't pull off the win but I don't think one decision was better than the other at the time, it just came down to poor execution by the players.
  2. I don't recall hearing anything about him threatening a holdout, so he didn't just leave, he voiced his displeasure and the team traded him, I don't see anything wrong w/ that and there is no reason to hold a grudge against him for it. And I'll use your job analogy for a different point of view. If you accept a job based on description that fits your talents and you knw you'd thrive in but then your company just changes your role, with minimal warning, to something that doesn't fit your talents and your unable to maximize your potential, would you not voice your concerns and then look for
  3. Where did all this talk of Diggs quitting on the team come from. He wasn't happy with the offense strategy and forced his way out to find a better situation, but at no point do I feel like he quit on the team. He wanted to win and he showed it on the field and on the sideline, in fact, I'd say he played a big part in energizing the team every week and the absence of his leadership and energy is playing a role in why our offensive performances have been lackluster.
  4. 1) I think Godwin will have better value than Evans with Brady at QB because Brady doesn't have the greatest deep ball at this point and that's where a lot of Evans value comes from. 2) I'm always hesitant when it comes to Seattle WR just because they are so run heavy, but he definitely showed potential last year so it is a major boom/bust pick. 3) I don't think any of the guys on the wire you listed offer any more value than who you drafted, they might have better floors but with late round fliers it's about their ceiling not their floor.
  5. 12th pick in a 12 team PPR. There were runs on QBs and TEs during the long loops back to my picks so I ended up waiting til the later part of the draft and tried to load up on WR and RB early. QB: Stafford, Mayfield RB: Chubb, Drake, Akers, Montegomery, Armstead WR: AJ Brown, DJ Moore, Robert Woods, Diontae Johnson, Mike Williams, Reagor TE: Hockenson D/ST: NE K: waiting to pick one up right before week 1
  6. I never draft a kicker and just pick one up last minute off waivers. So who should I drop from my bench for a kicker: Woods Montgomery Diontae Johnson Mike Williams Ryuell Armstead Mayfield Reagor
  7. Dropping in to follow the trend of top 10 lists: 1. Psycho Pass 2. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 3. Naruto Shippuden 4. My Hero Academia 5. Code Geass 6. Attack on Titan 7. Promised Neverland 8. Erased 9. Tokyo Ghoul 10. Haikyuu Honorable Mention: Fate/Zero
  8. I would say that for the cases you are referring to, physicians tend to get off or lessen their charges due to their personal lawyers or their own money and not so much from the way the health care system is set up. Like @Krauser said, doctors lose their license frequently and are often held in front of medical review boards made up of their peers to determine if they did anything maleficent or non-benevolent and if in any way it is found that they knowingly did something wrong or were negligent they are punished. I think the point that Krauser was trying to make wasn't that other profess
  9. Name: ZackAge: 26Family: Parents and 2 older brothersState you were born in/state you live in now: NY/NYOccupation or area of study: Physical TherapistInterests besides football: Ultimate Frisbee, video games, animeFavorite current Vike player: Harrison SmithFavorite all-time Vike: Jared AllenHow many Viking games have you attended: 1, Loss in 2014 in Buffalo on a last second TD to Watkins.What one current player from any team would you like on the Vikings right now: Quenton NelsonWhat one player from all time from any team would you like on the team right now: Randy Moss I've been
  10. 22. Xavier McKinney S, Alabama 25. Josh Jones OT, Houston 58. Jaylon Johnson CB, Utah 89. Davon Hamilton IDL, Ohio State 105. Bryan Edwards WR, South Carolina 132. Solomon Kindley IOL, Georgia 155. Antonio Gandy-Golden WR, Liberty 201. Trey Adams OT, Washington 205. A.J. Green CB, Oklahoma State 219. Trevon Hill EDGE, Miami 249. Michael Pinckney LB, Miami
  11. No, I decided to hold out a little longer.
  12. Should I drop Lamar Miller? I've been holding on to him hoping he can become a sold RB2 but he continues to disappoint me.
  13. Should I add Larry in hopes that the change in OC will help turn around his season?
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