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  1. State of our team

    go watch a Rams or Chiefs game, and see how they call an offensive game
  2. State of our team

    why is Carr under fire... I'm sorry but its so stupid Kolton Miller was hurt and shouldn't have been playing. our oline lacks any depth, and KO was out.. Carr never had a chance to get set in the pocket, was running for his life. Cooper and Roberts knocked out.... Nelson is good route runner but that is about it, Bryant is a JAG for us.... our talent might be the worse in the NFL..... Cardinals have Chandler Jones, DJ, Fitz, and a better defense than we do... Giants have two superstars on offense and a better defense.... this team talent just isn't there.... plus our play calling seems vanilla too me
  3. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    lets trade Cooper and let him have a hall of fame career somewhere..... . great gruden logic..... feels like we are back in the latter Al Davis days
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    yeah lets ignore the horrible oline play.... what the heck does David have to do with Derek
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

  6. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    man I picked up Carr instead of Mitch T.... pissed at myself... I asked sleeper app and here
  7. I started Carr and Cooper this week.. what was I thinking
  8. just doesn't feel the same without Mack.... we lost any hope
  9. State of our team

    another horrible kick.... but Townsend gets to keep his job because he was drafted by Gruden
  10. State of our team

    raiders destroyed, I'm going lose all 3 fantasy games .. today sucks
  11. Jihard Ward was raw coming in, gruden didn't even want to invite him to camp Gruden doesn't care if we suck for a few years... he has a ten year contract , he wants to win with his players... the whispers haunted him of his championship Bucs team was team Dungy built
  12. we are the worst team in the NFL... thanks Gruden for trading this generations Reggie White..... thanks Reggie for hiring that moron Jack Del Rio, and all those bad drafts.. never would have a need for Gruden if he didn't make those bad choices
  13. we didn't need Sea Bass lmao.... every move since 12-4 has been a head scratcher
  14. Brandon Jackson former Raider with the sack