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  1. Raiders Defense

    LB Deone Bucannon would be an interest signing. As you know our LB depth is iffy, Bucannon would be cheap and add speed to our unit. Still think our defense needs to be faster. Morrow has been solid, Deone be good depth behind him
  2. FA 2020

    sign two of these guys.. I don't care if we over pay, change the defensive culture. Draft a LB in the first and we would be looking nice!
  3. Week 7 GDT - Raiders (3-2) @ Packers (5-1)

    Rodgers is hurt... I’m old school, we need to blitz him and put him on his back.... they are down to their last WRs, our DBs need to press them and handle them one on one
  4. Good move. We need to get him in the redzone already, he’s on all my fantasy teams lol
  5. Add/Drop thread

    I been torn on this all week... I drafted juju and I accept he is a bust....really need a WR with high potential. Few guys I like Zay Jones - raiders have nothing else at wideout. Might be a ppr monster with the raiders throwing a lot of short hitting pass plays. Their oline is healthy and they actually might be good this year... wild card Corey Davis- I mean former top 5 pick for a reason. Maybe all he needed was a new qb to unleash the beast. Has huge target share and has flashed in the past. Could break out Dante Pettis- is emerging as the 49ers best wideout. Most snaps, was making plays against rams and looking explosive. Many people pick as breakout wideout but was hurt in training camp and finally healthy. 9ers have a easy schedule and could make a 12-4 run. More of a run heavy team but could have a lot red zone targets. He gets open
  6. Raiders trade for Zay Jones

    He’s good in the red zone and that is about it. He hasn’t been ballin at all
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Perfect end of 2019 and offseason brief -------------- Sneak in playoffs with wild card Bears pick is in the top 10 Jacobs wins Offensive rookie of the year Carr makes another probowl Go into offseason with a good young team, with 90m in cap space and two 1st rounders Holes going into to the offseason WR1 LG RB2 draft in 3rd or 4th round OLB DE. (free agency spend on two studs for both sides) We could plug a lot of the holes next offseason. Actually could see Morrow being a long term starter and Whitehead sliding over to MLB(he is a leader and solid).
  8. Raiders trade for Zay Jones

    Zay better than Tyrelle
  9. Add/Drop thread

    Zay Jones hype train 🚂 🚊 anyone else on it? Carr is throwing at a high percentage and letting it fly. AB the 🤡 is gone, and Tyrelle Williams is hurt. Is it Zay szn????
  10. Raiders trade for Zay Jones

    Zay Jones hype train 🚂 🚊 anyone else on it? Carr is throwing at a high percentage and letting it fly. AB the 🤡 is gone, and Tyrelle Williams is hurt. Is it Zay szn????
  11. Week 7 GDT - Raiders (3-2) @ Packers (5-1)

    Tae vs Carr. Fresno State 🐶Battle
  12. Add/Drop thread

    I wanted Vikings because you guys have a great D... but I someone claimed Vikings Higher in order on waivers.... jags I guess for me
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Good plan, I would invest in 2 pass rushers
  14. Player Appreciation Thread

    2 lunch pal guys you want on your team. Moreau is already a solid TE2, he was going out and snatching the ball in the air. Ingold a bulldozer FB. Solid player
  15. Rams Backfield??

    I'm dropping Brown for Henderson