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  1. Our offense has been kicking butt most the season. DC has been kicking butt most of the season! When DC is ballin, our team is good! He’s been spreading it around too, so it’s been a team effort.
  2. This guy is over the top for no reason...
  3. Collins has been one of the big letdowns of the season.
  4. Yawn. This site getting boring talking about scrub 3rd round picks with 1st grade memes....
  5. No . Muse is a scrub , Mayock isn’t perfect. Ferrell was another miss, Gms aren’t perfect
  6. This baked slow af. People nitpicking the smallest thing. Muse a scrub
  7. Keep drinking the Mayock kool aid. Myse sucked so bad they faked an injury to redshirt. He’s a classic athlete from a big school. Parker actually played the position. Mayock is a man , and whiffs on some picks. Ferrell and Muse are two, and Muse already in his mid 20s.
  8. 12 - Still too soon. Our offense has been great without Ruggs being featured. He has been making an impact just being on the field. Hopefully his targets come, but it might not be until 2021. 19- Arnette has been okay when he has seen the field. I like the way he plays, aggressive like a DB should man the position. Still feel like a trade down would have been wise, as there was maybe options in late 1st and early 2nd. Arnette hasn’t wowed, and Jaylon Johnson is in talks for Defensive rookie of the year. To be fair, our pass rush and playcalling sucks. Makes no sense to draft DBs high, then be scared to play them in press coverage. 3rd- Muse and Dude from Kentucky were bad misses. Sucks, would have been nice to add more talent on the defense with these picks. others- Amik, Simpson, Edwards- have had no impact. Hopefully they pan out the next few years - undrafted- this area has been nothing. Idc what MM said, guys like James Robinson are ballin. Feel like MM got cocky with all his 3rds and 4th that they were all studs. Can’t be overlooking UDFA when our defense sucks.
  9. Over the next 6 games Irving, Takk, , Beasley get a chance to prove themselves. Hopefully they grab the brass ring
  10. Nice we are trying to add talent the last few weeks in Takk, Irving, Beasley. Our defense is so boring, soft zones and 4 man rush. Only way it will work, if the 4 guys can generate pressure
  11. Ya, our offense is high powered and Ruggs is a starter as a rookie.
  12. Maybe he is getting the rookie treatment by a stubborn coach. Same thing that is happening with JK Dobbins on the Ravens. No one is doubting Dobbins talent, just a old coach leaning on his vets to win.
  13. Our oline was taking their lunch money. Denzel Good has just been a solid player during his run here. I would dump Richie this off-season, and bring Good back on 2-3 year deal. When players get older, hard to count on them. Richie has been out way too long, old players can’t recovery as fast. Good could start at LG, and backup RG and RT. Nice to see Brandon Parker finally come around. Save us a high draft pick next draft, so we can focus on D.
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