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  1. you expect an all star at every position? idk about online Raider fans, always seem so lost
  2. Vic is a joke. Worse then Raider Cody or that chat sports guy that is always taking shots.
  3. Smart business move to get out of California to Vegas. No brainer once the Raiders got screwed out of the LA market. Raiders just another example of the California exit. too much politics, cost of living too much. This state needs better leadership
  4. I knew we signed another guard. feel like we could have did better. That new guy and Cotton are just jags
  5. I could be wrong, but I see it FS: Joseph, Moehrig - Obviously Joseph has been SS most of his career in the NFL. Mayock and Bradley think he speed, range to actually be a FS. MM even called him Earl Thomas 2.0 a few years back. However, they are not highly invested in him due to his short term deal. He is one of the starters with a short leash, they will jump to Moehrig if Joseph starts to get burned. Ultimately Moehrig is their long term plan of the position. Just my personal opinion, but I think Joseph will be this years Aghlor( surprise great signing). There was no need for Health when
  6. I think Jefferson and Philon are average starters. Thomas played end in 3-4 defense, and now stictly going focus on interior pass rusher. I don't feel like DT is a strength or confident. I just think we could get by with the first two, and hopefully Thomas breaks out. I feel alot more confident Max, Ferrell, Mullen, and Abram will develop this year. I also think Littleton will look more like his Ram self.
  7. he going have to earn that starting spot over KOJO. nothing given
  8. I think Jefferson was the safe steady vet signing and Thomas was the gamble. they are hoping a new system, coaching and environment can unlock that top 3 ceiling.
  9. so many what ifs/potential going into this year. I can't wait to see who wants it
  10. I think they should have waited to draft night for a trade up. Once Chase and Pitts were gone, I think the value of the 6th pick went down a little bit. Probably could have traded up without giving up that first
  11. If Broncos were smart: could dump James contract Gives them around 37m in cap to take on Aaron Rodgers 36m cap hit ship out Lock or Teddy this summer to try to get back picks would make the Broncos contenders for the next 3-5 years. Could prolly sign a RT for cheap. how much would the Packers actually want for Rodgers? 2-3 first rounders?
  12. Let me make it simple: I think an high priority UDFA at guard, or OT convert would have had an easy time making this team. sometimes an UDFA just needs to make a team to get time to develop. all UDFA are hard to predict like Day 3 picks, but the NFL is filled with these type of player. Hard to predict but I think these 4 have a shot Trey Ragas RB- went undrafted because of small school. Runs with power, and looks great on highlights. Let's see how how he looks against the big boys Matt Bushman TE- would have been drafted if he didn't get hurt. Has alot of tools, could challen
  13. I can see Thomas, he does have alot of potential as a former top 3 pick coming from a great defense. I like the Jefferson move, but maybe wouldn't have guaranteed the money. Would much rather have Richardson, but hindsight is 20/20. Idk, I'm not losing any sleep over Hurst. He been on team for 3 years, and really didn't step up.
  14. hmmm still hoping for a A) Melvin Ingram or B) two cheap OL/DT - Guard and NT signing this summer before camp.
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