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  1. I picked up Gaskin, D Henderson, J Kelley to replace Barkley. Hoping one of them breaks out lol
  2. you know that trade sucked the soul of the team because it happened right before the season. If our rookie wideouts develop into studs, watch out.
  3. how did your waivers go? here is my two active teams Team A) A) Burned waiver priority on Mike Davis. back at 2nd spot after a busy waiver night. Didn't really need a RB but Davis should have value Team B) B) Picked up Myles Gaskin for 7 bucks. Basically a flier, kinda mad because someone got Davis for 10. I thought someone was going spend big on Davis so I didn't waste my time. I need a RB on this team after Barkley went down. After waivers went through I scooped up Darrell Henderson, didn't even realize he was a free agent lol. So added Gaskin and Henderson on team B? Gaskin is a guy I'm a little high on: dominant snap count, catches the ball (I play full ppr), his yards after contact are elite. I think he can get dump downs and be a solid flex for the rest of the season. Henderson might run away with the RB job in LA. thoughts on my moves?
  4. Man is probably hurt and frustrated. You tubers and local best writers probably trying to make up drama for the click bait and views.
  5. Could Myles Gaskin be a thing? - drafted by current management - has played like the best back in Miami - snaps increasing - can catch and has been racking up catches (ppr friendly due to game script) Would you drop Zack Moss for Gaskin?? Gaskin could be a ppr monster
  6. Cam is playing hungry. Literally a make or break year for him.
  7. Are there any stud DL vets on the trade block? I would rather trade for a known vet
  8. We just played tough defense against the high powered Saints offense after the 1st quarter.
  9. As should move to San Jose. More money that way, probably what the Raiders should have did before the 9ers made the move.
  10. Coaching is going be key. Patriots aren’t stacked but their systems are so good. BB always brings a great gameplan
  11. We can win this game. Their wideouts suck, and so does Sony Michel. Our defense should be able to hold up. Their defensive isn’t the same as it was this year. This is a statement game to me. Can we show the Raiders are the real deal against a good team. Or was the Saints game a fluke. That’s the way it should be viewed. If you want to be a good team, you have to be consistent.
  12. DC has never played with a great run game. Jacobs establishing himself as a special RB, that opponents have to focus on. Marshawn and Doug Martin were over the hill, Murray was average. DC might have his best season of the his career, just working off the run game. If our rookie wideouts develop, our offense is going be scary.
  13. Darnold is solid, I think he can be good. Kinda reminds me of Carr, SD surrounded with lackluster talent. Bell is an over the hill RB like Marshawn was for DC. Get the man some weapons and a better coach. Gase is going get fired soon
  14. That should be changed too. How you going to lose to a team, and they hold the tiebreaker for draft order.
  15. Honestly on draft day I questioned the value of a box safety, and a RB. I really wanted AJ Brown and Hollywood, but I was wrong. I liked Jacobs and Abram but didn’t know if they were worth a 1st. They look the part and playing like first rounders. Ferrell on the other hand
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