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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    good points. To be fair, Hudson is already getting paid 10M and the highest paid C is 11M. I don't think Hudson is going to be getting that big of a raise on his extension
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    Gruden keeps praising Hudson, and he hasn't slowed down. Interior lineman last until their mid 30s. I see Hudson getting a new 3-4 year to wear silver and black in his mid 30s. I guess could see a mid rounder used on backup or swing interior lineman...here is my list of potential targets in 2020 WR- AB and Tyrell should be around for awhile, but Ryan Grant and Hunter are unknowns. You would think Gruden would want to build an offense juggernaut, so another stud WR in the 1st is a strong possibility. Doss has potential but he is an UDFA. NFL is about the passing game, Gruden glory days had Rice, Brown, Joey Porter tearing it up DE/Edge- Ferrell should hold down one spot as a long time starter. Hopefully Key develop into a 3rd down specialist, and Mad Max/Bell are wild cards. Could use a blue chip across from Ferrell until we don't suck rushing the passer LB- Vontaze and Marshall could be stopgaps. Vontaze is a baller, but he has so many concussion. One more and his career could be done, Marshall is also a question mark? Whitehead is an okay starter. We have young depth who I think can emerge (might be a homer)in Morrow, Lee, Cabinda, Coney. see who can step up and showcase they need to be on the field G- Richie more of a stop gap. Jackson is making alot, and a Reggie guy who is coming off a down year. I could see Gruden revamping this unit next year in free agency/3rd round TE- Waller and Moreau both have potential, but both unknown. Could be a need if one doesn't emerge CB- really like Conely as CB1, Joyner looks to be the slot. Who is going to the step up as CB2 Worley, Nelson, or Mullens. I'm confident one of the them emerges so this position down the list S- if Joyner plays more slot, Joseph is in a make or break year. I like Joseph and hope he tears it up, but we did decline his option. Harris, Riley, and Richards more of depth pieces. Could be a need if Joseph walks, would be nice to have a long term stud next to our stud Rookie so before camps, my draft position targets in 2020 draft (obviously subject to change based on camp&season) 1- WR 1- DE/EDGE 3- G 3- LB
  3. Pick is in, #40 - CB Trayvon Mullen

    hope he didn't look good because Clemson had 3 first rounders on their DL lol
  4. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Carr a good starter with potential to be near elite when everything is right!
  5. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    Still would like to sign a vet DE, and WR who could double as slot and returner.... competition purposes
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    I like how we are bringing rookies UDFA/Drafted who are 21-22 years old yet to hit their physical prime. gone are the days are Reggie drafting 27 year old projects
  7. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    man that be amazing if Key actually becomes a beast.... wish we had better competition than Cole for Townsend
  8. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/11/raiders-sign-montay-crockett-isaiah-langley/ Langley has a shot because of CB depth always been weak.
  9. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    when does it start? end of July? when does camp start
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    kinda annoying we still have 29m in cap space and we didn't bring in better edge rushers.... Ferrell is fine but will be a rookie, and everyone else beyond average with potential...
  11. Navorro Bowman Retires

    he was actually still good on Raiders 2 years ago. Gruden went another route last year, which is why he wants people to forget his raider run
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    Yes, TE job still up for grabs. Reason we just brought in Swoope, and still have Carrier... making sure someone steps up and grabs the bull by the horns
  13. Random Raider Stuff

    That’s actually good young depth.. in the past we threw Malcolm smith, Ray Ray, Ben Henny as starters... hoping one or two guys make a big jump out of the younger backup linebackers
  14. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    We don’t have much fodder this year, competition across the board... bubble players QB: Glennon challenged by Peterman both former starting QBS RB: Washington and Warren both on the outside looking in... Washington has shown he can play in the league, and Warren was one of the best preseason players last year. FB: Ingold has a good shot to winning FB job. He was the best FB in this draft class WR: Ateman, Doss, Hatcher prolly all fighting for last wideout spot. Doss was a stud at senior bowl, ateman has potential, and Hatcher caught 3tds when he was featured. Rico gafford also has freaky speed te: Wilson replaces smith as blocking te. Carrier a proven Te is on the bubble and Paul butler looked good last preseason t: roemer was one of the most high rated underrated free agent pickups. Only a sophomore, wasn’t drafted due to personal conduct. Has talent G: sharpe and Kirkland on the Bubble this year , who knows what happens to them. Lester Cotton could also surprised. Lucas McNeil started over 30 games for a powerhouse and could shine with a convert to guard. The man is huge c- Andre James has the size of a center, maybe cable converts him and he thrives from the shift from LT de- a lot of wild cards here in Max, Bell who hopefully emerge.. Barnett was one of the best aaf players, still a weak position dt- vanderdoes and Gabe wright on the bubble. Eddie coming back from another big injury and Gabe wright cut off dolphins after he fought a teammate. Ollie has an outside shot if he impresses, freak attributes lb- Coney, Morrow, Lee, Cabinda, Kao Farmer all battling for backup spots. Farmer has Freak attributes cb- first 6 seems locked in, but raiders rushed to sign those 2 udfa. Both guys 21 with strong resumes Nixon and Mabin s- we have former starters competing for a spot on the team in Richards and Riley for competition be nice to bring in: DE, another returner to push Harris, and punter ....AJ Cole really
  15. Raiders sign OG Richie Incognito

    Be a bonus if he mentors Kolton