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  1. https://raiderswire.usatoday.com/2021/07/21/raiders-weapons-ranked-among-league-worst-by-espn/
  2. or this guy.. I would cut Richard in a heartbeat for either guy. getting more defensive talent in the program is more valuable then a highly paid RB3. Drake and Josh should see most of the snaps https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/former-all-pro-dt-geno-atkins-reportedly-cleared-for-football-activity-will-take-team-visits-soon/
  3. Gruden could look like a genius. Media tried to spin it so negative, who knows what happens with James
  4. Booker was solid in his role, I expect Drake to be an upgrade. Drake might be the best RB2 in the league
  5. dam steelers signed Melvin Ingram for cheap. good teams always make those sneaky good moves
  6. I believe DT and CB could be targeted hard next offseason. Jefferson is okay, but we could use a stud DT. We focused on the edge this offseason. We brought alot of guys in at corner, and we'll see how they will do. Hayward is a stop gap on a one year deal, unless he shows he is not washed. If Arnette doesn't break out, I see us bringing in a stud corner too. We addressed safety in the last draft
  7. I see us being deep with 53. I think the only tough cut might be at corner. I think corners looking like 1) Hayward 2) Mullen Slot) Arnette 4, 5, 6) I Johnson / Douglas / Amik/ Lawson/ Bausby / Hobbs/ Dixon those last 3 spots will be a tough competition between the 7, for 3 open jobs
  8. I thought he was cut by the Eagles, and is currently a free agent?
  9. I would sign that Jamie Newman guy. He could spend a year on the practice squad to see if he can develop into a QB2
  10. "I love Derek to death," Adams recently told ABC 30 in Central California. "We've got a great friendship and we still communicate really, really consistently. He's one of my best friends. Obviously, it would be a dream to be able to play with him, but I'm a Packer now. Until that point when we make that decision, I guess we just got to, we'll see what happens." Little know fact, Devante Adams grew up in the Bay Area and is a die hard Raider fan growing up.
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/davante-adams-rumors-derek-carr-says-ideal-scenario-is-to-beat-packers-in-super-bowl-then-recruit-receiver/ "I'm gonna offer him whatever I gotta offer. I'll buy him a car, whatever I've got to do I'll offer that man. I know he would fit in great with the receivers we have here. He would fit so well in that room. I'm allowed to say those things. Our organization isn't, but I'm going to say it. He's my best friend, I think he's one of the best -- he's the best receiver in the NFL."
  12. Raiders working on a contract extension with DC. Sign him up for 5years and end all the debate.
  13. Harry sucks, can't separate to save his life
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