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  1. thanks, I was thinking something similar. I wanted Shenault to be a thing as well. Why has Aiyuk been in the doghouse? I believe you are are 49er fan. Is Elijah Moore similar upside as Aiyuk? I think Jets will force feed him after the bye
  2. Thoughts on Deshaun Watson? if he gets traded to Miami, is he good to go and a must add on all formats? Brandon Aiyuk? He was dropped in one of my leagues and was a former 5th round pick. Can he bounce back after the bye? Would you drop Shenualt for him?
  3. I don't think Carson is coming back any time soon. Alot of variables have to fall in Pennys favor, but I see the ceiling. of course it is a lower probability, but the ceiling is high.
  4. IDK why but I just feel like Penny might finally ball out. Carson is gone and we don't know when he is coming back. Carson and Penny health are the reasons why Penny hasn't shined yet. The man is big, athletic, vision, all the traits to be a great RB on a team that wants to run the ball. He is by far better than Alex Collins. penny could bust and get hurt again, but he is worth the risk. That RB job is up for grabs and Penny has the goods. it's worth the risk in my eyes
  5. why do you like Stevenson so much? Damian Harris is going no where
  6. wish the Chargers drafted Tua instead of Herbert
  7. Diggs was in the same class too.. smh
  8. I agree with most of this, I would say adding another guard is very important. Simpson has sucked and I have no faith in him as the guy after Richie. Richie is done after this year, just too old. I also think DT is a need, DL needs to be a strength not just okay. Our Des are a strength, I would have flipped Ferrell for something at the deadline to give Koonce a shot. Perryman has been good and likely be back next year, and we are locked in with Littleton. If a young stud is there you draft him but I like the LBs. I expect Moehrig to get better with time
  9. I would give James one more game, or bench him for Martin. Martin is not that good but he won't be the worst center In the league. I'll never understand giving James a new contract without proving anything
  10. ya, I would want to invest alot of money with vets to fix the OL. sucks that rookie DT always struggle, could be LB or CB... wish we drafter JOK this year, our defense could have really used that star. we also pass on great LBs lol
  11. what sucks is JOK who most had mocked to us is tearing it up for the Browns. graded as the best LB lol... he would have been a perfect fit as a speed demon LB in this system too R2- Moehrig fine pick R3- many people wanted Spencer Brown and he is solid solid RT for the Bills. we could have landed our much needed RT with a guy we all wanted and after a future star at LB. We could have saved that Deablo pick too, for a interior line help in either G or Center
  12. Round 1: LG Round 2: C Free Agency: RT, DT
  13. I'm getting sick of this anti Raider narrative by the NFL. it's obvious ever week with the refs...... I don't feel like this with my other teams (Dodgers, Lakers).. BS the Raider treatment
  14. First: DC went from MVP---- - Gruden news- OL falls apart Post Gruden: Its all DC fault now. It's time to move on and start fresh. lol Like many have said, most rookie QB would flop hard with this franchise. It's not for the faint of heart
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