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  1. crazy it's been 7 years since that draft class. time if flying by
  2. honestly if we can't find a trade partner for MM or Brown, might have to just cut them the day before free agency. I think there is better value in signing vet free agents at needs, over mid to late draft picks.
  3. Have about 7m in cap space after cutting Williams, and Jackson. Hope we cut Richie, and Joyner before free agency.
  4. hoping we can swing trades for MM and Trent Brown
  5. lol at Jon Feliciano. Gabe has been overpaid for awhile, good starter. One of the better 3rd round picks, part of that great Class with Carr and Mack. Had a feeling Gruden would keep Richie one more year. I would cut both, Richie going get hurt.
  6. keep wanting to wake up to see we cut Richie, and Joyner
  7. a free agent FS, LB, DL pass rusher (DT or DE) would do wonders for this team. Hoping for a big 3 in free agency to bring our defense up to speed. Then look for value at G, RT, NT, CB, RB, WR. set us up to go BPA in the draft
  8. prior to free agency if we can knock out the draft R1- impact, instant defensive front 7 starter R2- S or RT R3- RT or S
  9. exactly makes no sense to get scary in the 1st round. obviously you avoid guys with traits that have red flags, but can't be so conservative. We even did something rare with Miller, traded down and landed a 3rd rounder. which we blew lol
  10. Kolton Miller has been the best pick the last 3 years, and that pick took the most heat.
  11. that would be perfect, sign in free agency to compliment: WR, RT, EDGE, S, CB
  12. a lot of good DTs In the 2nd and 3rd, but Shelvin is the best NT of the group. We would be lucky if he is there in the 3rd, let alone 4th.
  13. doubt Shelvin or Cisco are there in those rounds, wishful thinking. Everyone can be optimistic until realism comes into the equation.
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