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  1. Makes that Muse pick even more annoying, could use a LB who could actually play.
  2. I’m working on a list. Give me a little bit
  3. Wonder if there is a nose tackle out there in free agency or on someone practice squad. Hankins is good, but he is a big man. I’m sure he gets gassed, and we have no other NT. Also we could use another NT if we just wanted a run stop package. Seem like a simple no brainer move. There has to be run stuffing 1-2 down NT out there. I like those little depth moves, can’t be overlooked. If we didn’t make moves like this, we wouldn’t have Waller.
  4. I agree, there Defenses were stacked but only good during his time. With that talent on paper, they should have been great
  5. Antoine Winfield Jr been ballin out. Stupid how we overlook guys because of their size. I understand if we overlook guys because TE Matchups, but Winfield An explosive weapon on defense with range for days
  6. Who are your guys favorite Edge, DT, or FS prospects. Still wanted Grant Last year.. I would have got roasted because dude got hurt
  7. Hoping this happens during the Bye. Our bye is early so we can still save the season
  8. His scheme only works if the front 4 can dominant the LOS. Our front isn’t good enough against average to good offensive lines. Our defense looked good last year when we played pathetic OLs like the Chargers and Bengals.
  9. Wish we kept Sharpe, guy was a solid RT. Could have been an in house replacement for Brown
  10. Wonder if Abram could sue the NFL or ESPN.
  11. So far my thoughts on starters DE- Max- dude is the real deal. 2.5 sacks and opponents game planning against him. Didn’t have the best game against the Saints but they have one of the best OL in football UT- big hole. Hurst more of a backup. Collins a flop NT- Hankins not dominant, but solid. I would bring him back on 2-3 year deal unless we can sign a dominant DT. DE- Ferrell- has a decent game against Pats with pressure. Let’s see how he develops, solid against the run. Hit or miss pass rusher so far WLB- Morrow- backup player who starts MLB- Kwit- inc - been hurt SLB- Littleton- hasn’t came in and looked that good. To be fair, it’s a new system, and our defensive line sucks. Still has that range you want for a modern LB. CB- Mullen- dude been ballin this year CB- Arnette- been solid so far. Hasn’t looked horrible so he has that going for him Slot- Joyner- hasn’t been bbq like last year. Still overpaid FS- Big need SS- Abram- looked good first two games, but bad last game. Played hurt last game. need 3 starters badly, and our depth sucks. Once injuries pile up, it really shows.
  12. Two guys who didn’t set the world on fire but played fine in their role: Moreau and Booker. Booker in the same tier as Jamal Williams and other RB2 backs.
  13. Not really big name but John Ross could be a nice pickup for the right price. i would really like that unit would be balanced: all word burners: Ruggs, Ross give Jacobs and Waller room to work Big Physical Wideout: Edwards Slot and good route runner: Hunter Depth: Agholor- I like Nelly, explosive and can also return punts. last spot: Rico, Day 3 prospect (2021) that sounds ideal if Edwards shows he can handle being a starter.
  14. My updated needs after 3 games 1) Edge rusher- De or LB need a situation pass rusher. Max is the real deal and Ferrell is good against the run. Key hasn’t done anything, we need a number 1 pass rusher 2) DT/Interior Pash rusher- Collins been a flop, Hurst a rotation player, Hall was a bust 3) LB- no depth—- Kwit hurt, and stuck playing special teamers 4) DL- add more talent in this unit. BPA 4) S- still need more depth. Harris is a special team, and Heath is whatever. this is also assuming, We sign a starting FS, DT, and RT in free agency. Gabe has been fine, but Brown needs to get it together.
  15. Keep investing until it gets right. Game is won in the trenches.
  16. I know our LBs seem like they suck, but always losing at the LOS makes life hard. We need to revamp our defensive line in the worst way. Should have invest on the trenches instead of DBs in the past...
  17. Tired of always having a horrible defense. Always the same 💩
  18. Sony Michel sucks and we letting him run all over us
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