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  1. exactly, I guess it's normal human nature to get online and bash your favorite team if they didn't win a super bowl. I still thin Ferrell can be a 8-10 sack guy, and make an impact. sure there were better picks, but I don't think Ferrell is a scrub
  2. team looks good on paper, maybe add a guard or two
  3. I'm pretty sure Darrishaw isn't going to be there at 17, too many teams need a potential LT.
  4. well one less team to draft a RB early, Steelers seem to be poised to get a RB in Round 1-2
  5. if we could trade up to 10-12 to draft Micah Parson I'll be all over that. Wonder if we could make it happen with just a 3rd
  6. seems about right. I mean we spent alot of draft assets on Dbs the last year, I would think the plan is to develop them. We all said the OL was overpaid and getting old. I feel there's a good chance we could be drafting 2 OL and 2 defensive players with the first 4 picks. Which would be a solid plan, then go defense will the rest of the the day 3 picks. I'm not really considered about that type of strategy
  7. due to Farley health concerns; I'm changing up this mock draft. Maybe the draft simulator was a stretch R1: Micah Parsons LB- I think he drops, and he becomes our new leader on defense. We could use a bad *** LB with all pro potential https://www.nfl.com/prospects/micah-parsons/32005041-5275-3418-9a2d-9826287ee445 R2:Walker Little RT- there might be a run of tackles in the 2nd round. Risky to wait, I'll take my chances on Walker. He could easily be a first rounder if he played last season, his ceiling is high and a system fit https://www.nfl.com/prospects/walker-little/3
  8. Good = Simpson for pennies on the dollar probably draft Trent Brown replacement with one of the first 2 picks Hudson wanted to be gone, flipped him for a decent pick. James a wild card, could turn out to be a stud Even signed Richie for cheap we have alot of young DBs, it's time to develop them Joseph is worlds better than Worley or Leavitt
  9. meh I think we give Arnette a chance to start, and have Johnson push him for his spot. I would still be open to adding another CB in the draft. I would just sign one more OT
  10. overall I like what we did in free agency: players signed or retained QB: MM, Peterman RB- Drake, Theo WR- John Brown, Snead, Zay TE- Carrier OL- Richie, Good, N Martin DL- Jefferson, Thomas, Philon, Yannick, Dickerson, Irving, Hankins LB- Morrow DBs- Joseph, Lawson, Gaulden the only two moves I probably would have skipped would have been Lawson, and Zay Jones
  11. I like most the guys we kept, but I didn't really like bringing Lawson back. Seemed to be better options for cheap
  12. I feel like there is something going on with his drive and character
  13. I really like these two RT prospects and no one is talking about them: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/stone-forsythe/3200464f-5259-4051-69a5-9f094df3af62 https://www.nfl.com/prospects/james-hudson/32004855-4439-4582-be26-af32eeb2bc71 Stone Forsythe and James Hudson
  14. Rayshawn Jenkins wasn't some high draft pick, but shined with Bradley. This could be the Nellie of 2021 type of pick up.
  15. really want to draft the defensive player on the board, open to: Edge, DT, LB, CB then get a RT on day 2
  16. this board like my old girl, so pessimistic and complaining about everything. Kojo isn't a savior but he can he solid starting safety. I like to use logic and not emotion, so here what he has going for him: we don't have a trash Defensive Coordinator calling plays, matching a small Joseph with huge TEs with no pass rush he was one of our better defenders, and lacked any type of help on a rebuilding era Browns had a chance to add an all pro safety so they went for the upgrade, doesn't mean Joseph isn't bad. They drafted Grant high and want to play him too. people don't
  17. I took my grandma, she didn't even experience a sore arm. lol
  18. So it's been 48 hours since I had my second Pfizer vaccine, and no side effects. My arm was sore for a day. Woke up and feeling fine
  19. I think so too... both we be gone by the early 2nd
  20. I also do like the Day 2 Tackles, but Good allows us to think about Vera Tucker in the first.
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