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  1. How has your team done in FA?

    Committed highway robbery in broad daylight and got away with it. Also, resigned a couple of our own guys and added a couple low-key players. Nothing big, other than the highway robbery part.
  2. Other than the main argument that there are so many WR out there, just wait until round 2. This could also be used as an argument to take the top tier WR in this class (Lamb, Jeudy, Ruggs). If this draft is so talented and these are the cream of the crop, wouldn't this be the best time to take the cream of the cream of the crop? Other years there's just top rated WR within the draft class, but doesn't mean they would be good in comparing to other draft classes. Good WR that get separation can help a QB just as well. What does a defense do when a #2 or #3 WR could be a 1/2, now face the 2/3 CB or linebacker.
  3. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    Jimmy G has the fewest amount of yards thrown in the air and the highest number of YAC from receivers (I'm 99% sure). Not knocking his play, but he largely gets too much credit for their success.
  4. My Comeback Player of the Year Candidates

    I can see #2-4, but I can't just agree with the rest. Probably should do a little more research in your picks.
  5. Ha, thanks. I was a lurker for a while.
  6. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    Ah yes, the year the Vikings that ended their season in Arizona. That was also an entertaining (and sloppy) game. That also led to the infamous Seahawks/Packers Wild Card game the following week that was pretty good (and with a wild finish). Least we still got Fitz out of that win.
  7. Yeah, there's quite a few real head scratchers. I mean most of list is relatively reasonable, but yeah.
  8. Superstars are far more greedy than the owners

    Superstars far more greedy than owners... That's a big no from me dawg.
  9. Assigning % of team success

    Offense: Quarterback 20% Offensive Line 8% Running Back 5% Tight Ends 4% Wide Receivers 7% Defense: Defensive Line 11% Linebacker 9% Cornerbacks 7% Safety 7% Special Teams will be grouped into 1 category 7% Coaching will be grouped into 1 category 15% Total 100%
  10. Surprised no one has said J. Winston (unless I missed it somewhere). Dude is a roller coaster of a player and is wildly entertaining and infuriating - and I am not even a fan of a team in the division.
  11. The 2015 Cardinals had one of the best offenses historically. Watching them play the Patriots would have been pretty interesting. Except, Mathieu and Palmer both got horribly injured in garbage time after destroying the Eagles. So even if they made it past the Panthers it would have sucked. Mathieu tore his ACL and out for the season. Palmer messed up one of his fingers (I think index) on his throwing hand, he was not the same after that. He played through it, but you can just see that it was game over for the Cards after that game. Chiefs/Saints would have been good too.
  12. Fav Team: Cardinals Week 3 Pick: Baltimore
  13. Favorite Team: Cardinals Week 2 Pick: Raiders
  14. Favorite Team: Arizona Cardinals Week 1 Pick: Steelers