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  1. I wish we had tiebreaker over Bears. I feel we would have at least put on a better fight (if Kyler could play) Oh well, no way we would advance very far without a healthy qb.
  2. Odds are better of scoring 14/15 than 12 (1 successful vs 0 successful). Getting it first time helps your odds of winning. Getting it second is the same as 2 extra points. Extra points aren't automatic anymore.
  3. All I want for Christmas (I'm taking an advance for this next Christmas) is for Keim, Vj, and KK to go before next season. Pleeaaase.
  4. I can't wait for them to fire Vance this year and Kliff and Keim after next year. Pat Pete is done. Fuc*ing trash excuse of a franchise, just like browns and lions.
  5. No idea. He hasn't been active most the season. He filled in vs Hawks last year well. I think they overestimated Strev. Lots of fail. Biggest being losing to SF last week. I seriously wish we had Peterman over this dude.
  6. I wish we had Peterman. Seriously.
  7. Only cause of a int at like 5 yard line. But yeah, disgusting
  8. I can't even remember if we've gotten a first down since Kyler has been out.
  9. Why is that roughing? I hate refs and they need to be held accountable. Ruining the game.
  10. Yes, sorta. Rams still get in with Bears loss. Cards now have to win since they lost last week (sigh).
  11. What does Miami need if they lose? Only a Browns loss?
  12. It's a fair point. Some rookies do well, but most rookies used to never start year one, or no surprise they do bad (say Manning). Nowadays, 1st round rookies are thrown into the fire almost immediately. Franchises can't be patient anymore. Rodgers was like the last one. Unsure if that's good for the game though.
  13. Oh no. Miami is going to be the one left out arnt they?
  14. I'd rather watch Colts/Jags. They shouldn't have one. They did that in 2017. I'm rooting for Eagles to win so it can be a dumb game was put on primetime. If Eagles won today, 100% for it.
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