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  1. That TD really got overturned??
  2. Yes. But also out of all the 4 sack games in existence, CJ has half of em.
  3. And like 30-40 yards rushing called back on penalties.
  4. Favorite Team: Cardinals Week 1 pick: 49'ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  5. Drafting Kyler Murray. Cardinals have always been pretty conservative in general no nothing really ever exciting happens (with the exception of Keim). But drafting back to back first round QB's in top 10 is pretty insane, especially after trading up to that 10th spot. Landed us that magic 1 spot though. I would like to forget that year ever happened tbh. Glad we did it though.
  6. We could have traded Patrick Peterson at the beginning of the 2019 season. Many fans believed we would not keep him and he would not be worth the extension. Also, they were a little over his antics. He overall had decent sentiment, but definitely seemed like was on the way out and we could get a 1st round, or 2nd round at least. It would have helped our rebuild. He then got caught with PED and suspended 6 games in May which completely tanked trade value. He was poor in 2019 and in 2020. Now we got nothing for him. Not the worst of all time, but pretty bad for us. K
  7. Haven't you heard? We are a terrible team and probably picking top 5.
  8. There's multiple things at play. I highly doubt he'd join Cards if he didn't think they were in decent contention and to only chase money.
  9. Shh, you'll divert the narrative that it was a money chase signing and the Cards are almost guaranteed to get 4th place.
  10. Roster was good enough? Yeah, it's pretty sh.ite. It's like people don't know anything about the Cardinals. Steady improvement since one of the worst franchise teams in history of 2018, turn around with a 1 year college starter and ROOKIE (not in NFL at ANY coaching capacity) coach. Yeah, definitely some bumps in the road and frustration. But if our kicker was league average, we'd have 10-11 wins. People really undervalue kickers. Not his fault we kept an awful kicker, what are we going to do, never go for a FG? Not his fault we dropped easy TD passes on 4th and couldn't ge
  11. I could see Giants winning it, but Cowboys and WFT will have something to say about that (depending on QB situation). I honestly don't know what to make of the Eagles but it seems like they are always in the mix. I can see Jones ~15. But top 10? That is bold for sure. That is hugely depending on Barkley being a monster and making Jones look better though. The main thing is he has to cut his turnovers.
  12. I would take one SB win with moderate or better success for most of the seasons than mostly sucking and 2 or mayyybe even 3 (although 3 definitely may change up my thinking) SB's in one year wonders. It's easy to say in hindsight you'd take those 2 or 3, but at least if you are in the mix you always have a chance. Also, you have to actually live through the terrible seasons. As a Cardinals fan (and others) that used to be really all we know before we got a suckle of the playoff teet relatively recently (and have also sunk to the bottom a few times in between), the season is far
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