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  1. Jesus. That was a lot of made up stuff. Nice one!
  2. Cool. So you really haven't watched him much.
  3. Good thing you are judging him on what is *almost* the worst game of his career.
  4. Watch replays of the plays with fumbles. First one was more chaos driven.
  5. Don't change your stance. Arizona has almost always had any (perceived) success taken away as circumstance or other team playing bad. Edit: Added word
  6. Right, cause the defense didn't cause chaos on those plays and actively hit the ball out. Right.
  7. Yeah, why give any credit to the Cards D.
  8. Yes and no. Defenses get gassed towards end of the game much more than an offense. Yes, it is part of the game. But no, it is an advantage determined by a coin flip, which is dumb for a professional sport.
  9. Easy for you to say. Jets no longer have Fitzmagic. Dolphins did/do Check and mate.
  10. Skills contest, like what they used to do at the ProBowl
  11. Ugh. Was really rooting for Cam. Also the Patriots.
  12. Well, I see some people doing it and some people not doing it. It's Saturday night. It's late. I have a final exam due tonight. Thanks for the sass.
  13. Do we need to do watch your edits quote after week 1? Just in case - as I already picked - new post. Week 2: 49ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits."
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