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  1. @TheKillerNacho I think Ben May have suffered a shoulder injury this week. Mind putting Mayfield in as the starter this week? Thanks my friend.
  2. If the Steelers start 0-5....

    If we start out 0-5 I’m pretty sure Ben is on the sideline due to injury.....which would make it hard to trade him at that point. Furthermore, Roethlisberger is what I believe the #1 most untouchable Steeler on the roster so a trade like this would never go down. Sorry pal.
  3. 2 straight losses, 5 straight wins, 3 straight losses. Wow 🤬
  4. GG @RandyMossIsBoss the pressures were nonstop and that costly turnover in the final minutes due to the constant heat on Ben killed me.
  5. Very good! True nail biter!
  6. Way, way to early draft needs 2020

    Usually a quiet guy & agree with lingering doubts on Dupree long-term, I too consider Burns a bust, & want to wait and see Edmunds does this coming season before I write him off. However, I don’t see how you or Steelers nation could be upset with Colbert. For as horrible as this off-season started, I feel better than I ever imagined rolling into July. Bell signing with the NYJ is no loss in my eyes, and I’m probably one of AB’s only fans left on here but seeing him Go was necessary. You can say we got fleeced but for as high of picks we got in those rounds, we basically received a low 2nd & low 4th is how I look at it.....may not have picked the guys you or others on here wanted but I remember people nagging about Watt, JuJu, Conner, Le’veon over Lacy, etc. I’m putting my faith in the organization to bring guys in who are high IQ + Character men. We extended Roethlisberger, resigned Foster, brought back Alualu who was solid contributor, signed Steven Nelson who has ballhawking qualities which is something we desperately lacked in our secondary, plus he’s a major upgrade over Burns/Sutton, I loved the Moncrief signing because it gives us a veterans presence in the locker room, along with size, and experience to allow Washington & Johnson time to grow through the year and not be thrown into the fire week 1 if not ready, & finally I know everyone hates the trade up for Bush it seems but we traded a 3rd to address our biggest need! I give this off-season an A+. Again, I know it’s only July but I feel great about this season! Every interview I watch of our players/staff I get a hungry competitive vibe.....something I haven’t felt nor seen in quite some time. I think I’m Years prior everyone top to bottom got complacent and beloved talent alone would take them to the top. This off-season was humbling. Our signings & picks were under the radar and that’s how I envision this team to go throughout the season now that we’re diva-free.
  7. I know I’m due for a loss so I’ll probably jinx myself for next week’s game, however I’m THRILLED to have won the last 4. polar opposite of last season when I won the first 3 or 4 straight before the bottom fell out. Glad I didn’t sale the house.
  8. Good game amigo! These are always the games I look forward to most....as does our boy Von Miller. 😈
  9. Dayyyyum @bucsfan333 your rankings have me blush. ☺️🙈
  10. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Southview Saints select: FS- Chauncey Gardener-Johnson WR- Diontae Johnson @SirA1
  11. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Southview Saints select: WR- Chris Hogan P- Ryan Allen @SirA1
  12. Just glancing over my roster @TheKillerNacho and Danny Smith wasn’t added as my STC. Just wanted to bring that to your attention before it was too late or slipped my mind. Thanks again for all you do!
  13. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Southview Saints select: STC- Danny Smith K- Dustin Hopkins @SirA1
  14. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Southview Saints select: OLB/PS- Jachai Polite OC- Jason Garrett @SirA1
  15. NSFL S18 DRAFT (Draft Complete)

    Southview Saints select: OG- Justin Pugh PS/KR- Parris Campbell