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  1. QB- Ben Roethlisberger RB- James Conner / Jaylen Samuels FB- Derek Watt WR- JuJu Smith-Schuster WR- Diontae Johnson WR- Chase Claypool TE- Eric Ebron TE- Vance McDonald Am I the only one who thinks (it healthy) this can be a dynamic, smash mouth, No-Name offense this season? I get it, it’s a big if.
  2. I’m in love this this move. Makes me love the Derek Watt signing even more too. I believe they’re going to be able to get creative (I hope) moving pieces all over the field. Watt acting like a H-Back 3rd TE, Ebron stretching the field and giving Ben more size in the red zone, this will help McDonald in the passing came tremendously! Ben does have a lot of tools to work with this season. If #7 stays healthy I think we will be able to match the intensity the defense brought in 2019.
  3. Missed Picks: STC- Danny Smith PS- Mohamed Sanu PS- Vance McDonald PS- Chase Winovich
  4. We got the greatest gift of all, Big Ben coming back. On top of Dupree returning, Tuitt returning from injury, Conner staying healthy and returning to pro bowl form, & Diontae Johnson hopefully building off where he left off towards the end of last year, I like our chances. I don’t need the flashy signings. I actually love where this team is at minus OL depth, a cheap NT, and a veteran WR.
  5. TE- Mike Gesicki RB2- Lamar Miller @Tk3 you’re up pal
  6. I’m blushing. 🥴 But no honestly that’s the highest compliment I’ve ever been paid....I have to admit, I’ve kind of gotten away from that smash mouth football that made those teams so great. This draft (while two rounds late) I tried to implement the talent to allow me to do that again....I hope.
  7. Kind of shocked to see Bud Dupree still on the board....the value was too rich to pass up on. Allows me to keep him for cheap and/or if he duplicates what he did this past season (11.5) It gives me flexibility to possibly make a trade and strengthen another area of my roster down the line.
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