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  1. The entire team deserves the up in this one. Facing adversity at all levels and coming into the game focused amd clearly wanting it.
  2. That hurts a lot. He was playing well.
  3. I agree with you, parkey needs confidence and Im sure KS has done this. He seems like the kind of coach that backs the players with 100% confidence. I dont wanna draft any more kickers tho. We don't seem to do well with it.
  4. Absolutely laughable by the Raiders. What were they doing.
  5. We smell blood in the water. Week 17 heavy dose of Chubb.
  6. That gonna come back to haunt us. Easy to Monday QB that one but points right there is a good choice. Go back up 2 scores.
  7. And Sanquon is almost as good as Chubb. I mean we can play this game all day. The Giants just picked 4th. Until you have a better record than the Browns you are discredited.
  8. This coming from the guy who told us last yr that Pat Shurmur was a good coach and would do a good job.
  9. Delpit is a solid pick. Berry working the board to his liking for sure
  10. I'm gonna go and say A rod has a few choice words to say about this pick.
  11. I like all these signings. We have had a nice free agency thus far.
  12. I haven't been on here for a few days. Why is this even a thread?? Chubb is a top running back we should keep him for 2 contracts. After that RBs shelf life is limited. I cant see trading him.
  13. Vernon doesnt survive they next wave of cuts. Did not live up to that contract.
  14. There was a lot of chatter leading up to the draft that they were gonna pass on Myles. I think it came out as all smoke tho.
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