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  1. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    So what exactly did the Patriots lost from signing AB for 2 weeks?
  2. Does the NFC get overrated?

    WHAT are you saying?
  3. Official 2020 WR Thread

    I love CeeDee but Jeudy clearly is the bigger prospect at this moment.
  4. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Just watching Alabama I guess… Pls give Rattler some drives again.
  5. Miami Tanking and Draft Lottery

    No, bc unless you are already one of the worst teams in the NFL, tanking doesn't make any sense. Or you have to tank multiple years so you can pick like 3 excellent players. But then it would take you 5-10 years before you could compete and in this money driven business that's never gonna happen. Like a FO tanking for 5 years can stay LOL
  6. Thoughts on Browns after week one loss

    You can have such a good O-line on paper, if your whole teams plays without any discipline, taking way to much penalties and a defense that didn't gave home it's gonna be hard for any team.
  7. Week 1 GDT: The Season is HERE! BUF @ NYJ

    We're 1-0 We're 1-0 we're 1-0 we're 1-0 we're 1-0 ooooh! What a defense we have! Singletary also stepped up big time. And Josh Allen is a big game player! Let's go!
  8. Week 1 GDT: The Season is HERE! BUF @ NYJ

    Singletary could be the key to the victory for us! Probably gonna have a lot of 3th and fews so he better steps up! Confident about the game!

    Favorite Team: Buffalo Bills Week 1 pick: Los Angeles Chargers I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is watch your edits.
  10. Who's going to be the Dolphins starting QB in three years?

    Not a Dolphins fan, but it should be Tua.
  11. Week Two Gameday Thread

    Anyone knows where I can watch the Alabama game? I'm from the Netherlands so not sure if it's possible.
  12. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    At this point I just hope that AB is walking of the field as soon as game 1 starts while showing a shirt with "my tears are worth 30 million how about you cracker"
  13. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    This can't be real. If he really said that I'm pro AB lol
  14. Surprise Teams of 2019

    Buffalo Bills play-offs for sure.
  15. If you could only watch 3 teams this season

    Thanks a lot for the explanation, sound really interesting, added on to the list