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  1. Why are you so low on Pittman Jr? Seems like a clear top 64 pick for me.
  2. Patriots Sell The House For Burrow?

  3. Who is the best route runner of all time?

    Julio Jones & Jerry Jeudy!
  4. Rank these young RB’s HOF chances...

    Christian McCaffrey Saquon Barkley (needs another team / drastically better O-line @Giants tho) Derrick Henry Ezekiel Elliot Nick Chubb
  5. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    Should have been Bills vs Chiefs, and there's NO WAY that Texans are gonna win here. This is gonna be a HUGE blowout and Mahomes is gonna score TD's for fun. 45-24.
  6. Okay fair enough, can't hate on an Allen
  7. Didn't you draft a TE over Ed Oliver last year? When that pick came in I literally jumped around the room out of hapiness haha. Oliver to the Bills was the dream. Anyway, pretty sure anything can happen with the Jax
  8. Don't get me wrong, I do like Brown. And the reach thing is a little bit of an over exaggeration I realize that now, but I just don't see him as a value #3 pick. More of 10-15 pick. Okudah is just one of the most completed CB I have seen in a while.
  9. Picking Brown at #3 would be such a reach. At least Okudah is a top 10 talent in the draft. Lions should obviously hope to get a good trade down offer if they like Brown but if not I wouldn't pick him at 3. Just a no go.
  10. Current Favorite Bills Players

    1. Tre White 2. Josh Allen 3. Ed Oliver 4. Matt Milano 5. Shaq Lawson
  11. Mock Draft 5.0 / 2 Rounds / 1 trade

    First round would be a disaster for the Bills, but second round pick would be amazing. I really hope the Bills can land Gross-Matos in round 1, as edge is the biggest need imo. We also need WR but given how deep this class is i'm fine with taking one in round 2 (especially if that one is Devonta Smith)
  12. 2019 SEC Championship: #4 Georgia vs #2 LSU

    Imagine if Georgia wins this and Oklahoma still misses out on play-offs.
  13. BrownLeader 2020 Positional Rankings

    Stopped reading after rating CeeDee Lamb as nr 11 WR. That's just straight up criminal and trying to be different then others. There's literally not 1 objective argument for not putting CeeDee Lamb in the top 3 WR's in this class.
  14. Lions place 1st round pick T.J. Hockenson on IR

    In terms of this season Oliver has not been the stand out in our defense, but that's more because our defense is just amazing at every position. Oliver got the starting job and still has it, although the last weeks Jordan Philips got a lot of snaps as well instead of Oliver. And that's not because Oliver played bad, it was just that Philips was really playing amazing football. So you might wanna credit Oliver for that In terms of actual helping other players on the pitch, I wouldn't say that he is the main reason why our defense is so good but he's definitely contributing a lot. So yeah, I think his presence on the pitch alone gives other players more room to excel.
  15. Lions place 1st round pick T.J. Hockenson on IR

    The thing is, history has proven that TE's need time to develop before they get to a level where they are really impactful. By that time, their rookie contract is almost over and you have to pay them. Might as well pay some TE in FA and use your high draft pick on someone who has way more impact on his cheap rookie deal. That being said, some TE's are worth a first round pick, and Hockenson is definitely one of them in terms of talent. But I mean, if you could have picked Oliver with that pick it's crazy to take Hockenson over him. Thanks again Lions, greetings from a Bills fan