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  1. Josh Allen Christian McCaffrey Tyreek Hill Stefon Diggs AJ Brown George Kittle
  2. If Fields is on the board for the Broncos, they have to take Fields and move on from Lock. Sure, if it's between QB4/QB5 you might as well give Lock a try, but Lock has been terrible, not just with his interceptions, but mainly not having the vision. Jeudy is basically open 9/10 times, and sometimes he's not even looking at him or just don't see him while he has time in the pocket.
  3. I currently have Matt Ryan there, it's in a dynasty btw and i'm kinda going win-now. So I could get Lamar instead.
  4. Sorry just read this so can't really answer you question anymore. Will pay a bit more attention to this thread next week I started Kroft btw, mainly bc he surpassed Knox as TE1 in terms of passing plays.
  5. TE choice and it's quite horrible since Ertz is on IR and I only have Kroft on the bench. Kroft Olsen Fells 0.5 PPR
  6. Got offered Mark Andrews & DJ Chark for: Chris Carson & Henry Ruggs.
  7. I know Allen was the MVP, but he made some mistakes while Diggs had literally a perfect first game. That's why i'm giving him my vote.
  8. The ref literally pushed his body against the helmet. Collins was not even close until the ref did that. That ref probably probably gets bullied around by his wife, so gameday is the only day in the week that he can feel like he got some power. Lame *** penalty call, just have a laugh and go on with the game.
  9. Yeah that was what I was thinking, but now that Sutton is out Jeudy's gonna get some extra targets. Downside is that he's gonna get doubled so might probably start Hunt and will just see how much they feed Jeudy. Truly believe he will make an impact this season already. Elite talent and a perfect fit with Sutton in that offense.
  10. 0.5 PPR scoring: Ben Roethlisberger @ new York Giants Jimmy Garoppolo @ Arizona Cardinals Who would you start?
  11. Yeah, even if Ramsey asks for 100 million, all guaranteed, the objectively best option would be to pay up, and Ramsey knows it.
  12. I honestly just wish Rosen a couple games this year, so he can actually prove whether he can throw the ball at NFL level or not. Sitting on the bench for another year is basically killing his career, that has already been tarnished by two teams without any support.
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