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  1. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    OJ Simpson got away with murder bc of the craziest conspiracy theory off all time. Don't sleep on the stupidness of the jury system lol.
  2. Top 5 most talented Bills.

    1. Tremaine Edmunds 2. Tre' White 3. Stefon Diggs 4. Josh Allen 5. Matt Milano
  3. Rank the hardest sports to coach/manage.

    MMA Football Basketball Wrestling
  4. DK Metcalf Vs Deebo Samuel

    I think Metcalf would thrive in almost every offense, while Samuel is amazing at certain plays, like sweeps, but can't really do it in every system. Aka you have to adjust some plays to him, which isn't a huge deal obviously but still something you would rather avoid. I'm taking Metcalf just bc he's more of a true WR 1 than Samuel.
  5. Redskins WR Cody Latimer arrested

    So basically he shot someone?
  6. Defensive Breakout Player for 2020

    I'm not sure if we can even consider Edmunds as someone who has not already broke out. I mean, he's so good and just 19. Obviously he will take a big step in his game, but it's not a surprise anymore. I think that Josh Norman could very well be the biggest impact IF he balls out. Risky, but in terms of really a breakout year it could be him. I only expect better things from Oliver & Edmunds and would be surprised if they didn't improve. But apart from the surprise breakout, i'm going with Edmunds bc the kid is just a STUD.
  7. Offensive Breakout Player for 2020

    I think for Knox it's either gonna be a real breakout year or a bust year. I love how he plays and he has so much potential, and the upcoming year he will be in the perfect spot like everyone already mentioned. All the attention to guys like Diggs, Brown & Beasley, and year 3 Allen who should take another step. So if Knox can't produce this year, I think it's fair to say that he might not be the next big thing at TE. But I do believe that he's gonna produce so he's getting my vote as well. Something that has not been mentioned here: Zach Moss could really be a TD monster in his first year already, so if that counts as a breakout year then I would mention him as well. That's without taking into account how many he snaps he will take outside of the redzone.
  8. 2020 Schedule

    Thanksgiving night!
  9. Supplemental Draft

    I mean, if both College and NFL season are in danger, it would be the smart thing to do for those kids to enter the supplemental draft so they can already get paid instead off sitting on their *** for a year and then entering the regular draft.
  10. Justin Fields Will Be Better Than Trevor Lawrence

    Lol you're talking out of your ***. 20%, tell me how you came up with that number. Did you counted throws? You're just trying to look cool by being the outlaw in saying Lawrence is not that good. Well I got news for you boy, nobody buys it AND Lawrence IS the real deal.
  11. Better prospect: Joe Burrow or Trevor Lawerence?

    Lawrence is 3 year younger than Burrow and already the superior QB. If Lawrence was eligible this year, Miami would have. given away all their 3 first round picks and some future first round picks to move up to 1. If Lawrence was eligible last year, Cardinals would take him over Murray. If they could currently swap Murray for Lawrence, they would do it in a heartbeat. That's how good Lawrence is.
  12. Roster Expectations

    Don't we have 55 spots this year, or is that for the next season? If we do have 53, I agree with this roster tho.
  13. 2020 NFL Draft

    All I want is either Parnell Motley or Bryce Hall. And a nice WR ofcourse. 2 picks, don't care about the rest.
  14. NFL 2020 draft bet topic

    Post the bets you have already placed or want to place. Share your bet tips with the whole forum. Bets i'm gonna place: Second QB drafted: Tua -167 First WR drafted: CeeDee Lamb +110 First OL drafted: Andrew Thomas +400 Total RB in first round over 0.5: NO +150