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  1. Bills sign TE Lee Smith 3 year deal.

    Good signing, but I guess this means we're gonna cut Fisher and Croom. I mean, Kroft,Knox,Sweeney and Smith is pretty solid already.
  2. UDFA Signing List

    Just my opinion, not based on facts. But I tried to pointed out that we shouldn't purely focus on runs, cause I think we have good weapons for short passes aswell. I do agree that we have a better run game than pass game atm, but I do like to see some balance on the run/pass offense.
  3. UDFA Signing List

    I don't think our running game is good enough to consistent gain yards. I do agree that deep shots could be a weapon, but with Knox we should be able to make a lot of short throws aswell.
  4. NFL Draft Day 3 GDT: steals and fodder

    Is there an online stream? I'm from Amsterdam and my TV network (fox sports) does not broadcast day 3 live.
  5. Top 5 Big Board Pick 40

    1. DK Metcalf2. Dalton Risner3. Cody Ford4. AJ Brown5. Jawaan Taylor Don't want a TE yet, I Really like Knox and we should be able to land him late in the second round (trade-up) or maybe even early 3th round.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    He's got every right to do that tbh, Cardinals unfollowed him in real life lol.
  7. Day 2 Predictions

    DK Metcalf for the Bills please, and please trade up to get a second 2nd rounder.
  8. 2020 Prospects and beyond

    CeeDee Lamb all the way.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    If Lions take Oliver we should trade down. Lots of teams calling to Lions according to Schefter, so we should get some very nice picks back. Still hoping Oliver falls to us tho.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    Lions gonna pick according to Adam Schefter. So no trade. But they could still go for Oliver, but hope they don't
  11. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    "Ed Oliver of TJ Hockenson for pick 9, but if none of them is available I really would love to trade down to the late 10's and try to get a 2nd round pick as compensation so. We could then draft who's left of the Sweat/Wilkins/Dillard/Taylor/Burns group with our pick in the first round. And dreamscenario would then be swapping our two second round picks into a early 20's first round pick with Metcalf still on the board so we can have him with our 2nd pick." Said this yesterday, but honestly atm I would really love to trade down and then trade up again so we have 2 first round picks. TJ Hockenson is a beast but TE's Always need time and I just like Metcalf very much. But not as our first pick.

    I know, but if Murray goes to the Cardinals, and the Redskins still wanna jump the Giant they have to give a lot for pick 5 aswell. If that's for Jones it's still not worth it imo.

    Imagine giving this for Daniel Jones lol