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  1. Third straight year I'm out in the first week. All because of a period. LOL!
  2. Oh, and TECHNICALLY, verbatim refers to WORDS not symbols or punctuation marks. But this is your contest, your interpretation, your rules.
  3. Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys Week 1 pick: Baltimore Ravens I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  4. Favorite team: Dallas Cowboys Week 1 Pick: Los Angeles Rams I have read all the rules and agree to them
  5. This is NOT my game. I don't know how many times I've been booted after Week 1. LOL! Bon Voyage. I'm out before the ship leaves the dock. LOL!
  6. Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys Week 1 pick: Colts I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  7. I think it's going to be a throwback Super Bowl - Kansas City Chiefs v. Green Bay Packers - but I'm pulling for the Titans.
  8. Connor is done as a top fighter. He got his multi-million dollar payday. His heart isn't in it anymore and being destroyed by Khabib, his braggadocio isn't as appealing as it used to be, and he knows it. It's hard to talk trash when you get thoroughly beaten.
  9. Posted Wednesday at 10:50 PM (edited) Eagles Falcons Patriots Ravens Chiefs Texans Colts Chargers Giants Seahawks Rams Vikings Jaguars Cowboys Steelers
  10. Titans @ Jaguars (My quarterback's better than your quarterback - barely!) Dolphins @ Cowboys (The Dolphins have tanked the season; now Rosen meet Tank.) Bengals @ Bills (Is Marvin Lewis still coaching this team?) Lions @ Eagles (Vegas tip: Always bet against Detroit.) Jets @ Patriots (The Pats clinch the division.) Falcons @ Colts (The Colts are a tough squad without Luck, but Atlanta needs a win.) Raiders @ Vikings (Two teams who've squared off in the Super Bowl. Where's Willie Brown when you need him?) Ravens @ Chiefs (Lamar Jackson can prove he's legi
  11. I SUX at this game! Oh, and Cam Newton SUXS. Good bye and good night all.
  12. Tampa Bay at CAROLINA (The Jameis Winston farewell tour) Buffalo at NY GIANTS (I have no confidence in Josh Allen - Yet!) NEW ENGLAND at Miami (Tanking for Tua - the tour continues) Jacksonville at HOUSTON (Er, Jacksonville, we have a problem … at quarterback) LA CHARGERS at Detroit (Do Lions fans even get excited anymore?) DALLAS at Washington (Dak working on that $40 million annual salary extension) MINNESOTA at Green Bay (Vikings hoping this doesn't come down to a kick) Indianapolis at TENNESSEE (The Titans are the Joe Frazier of the AFC South) Pi
  13. Favorite team: Dallas Week 1: Baltimore Week 2: CAROLINA
  14. I'm still in this contest, but why in the heck did I trust the DETROIT LIONS. I got bounced in another elimination contest on a different site. Never EVER bet on the Lions.
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