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  1. I did not see an OPI . All He did was raise his hands .
  2. There’s goedert , graham,Olsen,uzomah,j.smith Ten, doyle ,thomas
  3. I have both gronk and Howard in 2 leagues lol who should I keep and who should I drop
  4. Next year is 17 games right ? And not this year ?
  5. Bummed that we lost so many pieces to opt outs but excited none the less , hope we win one game at a time . Patriot football is back LETS GOOOO
  6. Still sad that pats got rid of Gordon . this game is nuts but I think Seattle kills the clock and scores leaving little for the 9ers to do anything
  7. I believe pats will a rematch at home in the playoffs , barring and major injuries . Ravens always play us tough tho good game tonight .
  8. I have lol couple options to choose from when you call lol
  9. If both Dallas and philly have around 20% chance to win their games (according to espn) what is the percentage of a Cowboy v. Philly NFCCCG?
  10. That’s why you’re watching and not a coach
  11. Should have got the 3 points , seen it too many times when they leave with no points and the team doesn’t get momentum. A field goal and a second half opening tD would have made it only an 11 point game
  12. The Avengers logo forming from ash getting put back together filled me with hope 😭😭
  13. Tower

    Week 7 GDT

    What’s the point of having 2 feet touch the floor if you can just call it a catch in the air before landing ?
  14. A lot of the comments I see look like it’s coming from memebers watching stats only lol so many what have you done for me this week . No loyalty to y’alls teams lol
  15. Jimmy G is gonna lead to getting receivers hurt .
  16. Yea it’s sad , a lot of the time after wins I get excited to come and read the GDT but those negetive comments after every little things get annoying
  17. Came in to say that I’m buying a Danny “playoff” Amendola jersey Cuz he’s so clutch and a big part of these Super Bowl runs and he needs more appreciation!
  18. here comes the refs to the rescue this half
  19. I see people naming wrestling weights they did in high school I did 35s 35s 45s 40s love that sport
  20. There goes the refs giving pats a sack , disgusting
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