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  1. They put up a stat during SNF last night that the Seahawks have given up 25+ points in their last 10 home games. Something that is obscene under Pete Carrol. It makes me wonder if Ken Norton Jr. might get the boot this year and PC might try and bring back in Quinn to recapture the 13/14 magic.
  2. Favorite team: Seahawks Week 1 pick: Ravens I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  3. I wanted this guy from the moment I heard he was on the trade block. Deal might be a little steep, but time will tell that. Jokes aside...if we traded Penny and Collier for him, no Hawks fan would care. With that said, I'm kinda terrified about the defense without a pass rush, and now probably with very little cap to work with. This team would have been DOA last year if not for a last minute Texan's "GM" blunder and gifting us Clowney. It's looking that we need something like that to happen again. I'm sure our secondary could be great but we are going nowhere without multiple upgrades at pass rush.
  4. As a Hawks fan, I would like this trade a lot more if we had more pass rush. Kam Chancellor 2.0 sounds amazing, but the 2013/2014 Hawks don't get anywhere without their stable of pass rushers. Really excited to see Adams play though, will be fun for sure.
  5. Read last night that JJ Watt was saying over and over again on Twitter "The players want to play" which really felt like him setting up for a fight with the owners. This seems ludicrous to do BEFORE the season starts. I'm not very knowledgeable about the NFL, but isn't the Cap based on last year's revenue? Why not wait until you see what revenue actually does this year before deciding on pay percentages.
  6. Titans over Rams or to complete this nightmare year.. Patriots over Vikings
  7. That seems...ironic. He went to Seattle who stripped him of full control like 5 years later, didn't they? Like right after he drafted Alexander and Hutchinson in the first round too. Maybe I have my timeline wrong.
  8. Follow up question: Why did Holmgren leave? Super Bowl > Super Bowl > Playoffs with close end against dynasty team. That doesn't seem like a normal time to leave a team as a head coach. Did they shaft him on pay or credit or something?
  9. Whoever the punt returner was in the 2011 NFC championship game for the 49ers. Didn't he fumble like 2 or 3 times in the 4th quarter and overtime?
  10. So the NFL had one of the most embarassing on field incidents in its history, made a brand new rule to make sure it never happens again, refuses to enforce that rule, then comes out the next year and says we don't need it anyways. Can't wait for another 2019 NFC Championship game scenario and have this blow up in the NFLs face. Will be an entire offseason of stories about how the NFL removed the rule and how stupid they were to do it.
  11. If Cam wants a super cushy backup job, he should go to Seattle. If he wants to start, he should take a year off and let his body heal, Gronk-style.
  12. This guy just feels like a future Seahawk to me. I seem to remember this is Carson's last year, and I'm not sure he's earned a big contract yet, especially with all his injuries. RB free agency will be interesting next year. That draft had a bunch of good RBs in it. Time to see if any of them make any money (Besides CMC, who already got paid).
  13. Uh...personal shot aside. Dalton, a normally really mild mannered guy in the media, openly complained about the timing of his benching because the team never gave him a warning or allowed him to possibly seek a trade. The basically threw away a prime year of his career because of their incompetence. I'd hardly call that "on his side the entire time." Bengals doing Bengal things.
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