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  1. Sensing a soul crushing 3 and out or an even better pick because gmo tips a drop
  2. Geronimo Allison lighting the world on fire there. Definitely are set at WR, no help needed at all
  3. Checking in with a homebrewed quad. May fall asleep in the 3rd
  4. Is there a good reason we are in white? This is all wrong
  5. Packers & Bears Postgame

    Wait, adaptation to on field situation after kickoff? In my Green Bay? I never!
  6. Packers-Bears Week 1 Game Day Thread

    Like ffs, we had one drive where even the announcers were saying quick plays are good and now we're back to slow Dev bs
  7. Packers-Bears Week 1 Game Day Thread

    The bears defense is obviously good. Aaron straight up missed Graham and Adams twice
  8. Packers-Bears Week 1 Game Day Thread

    Rodgers looking like ****. Play a preseason snap or two. It's always like this, every year, not just Lafleur
  9. Packers-Bears Week 1 Game Day Thread

    This is the same McCarthy long developing bull****
  10. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    hes like 8 million years old
  11. 2019 Packer Forum Dynasty League (Keepers/Discussion)

    Sleeper allows a huge range of time slots from 10 minutes to 8 hours per pick. I think that is a good middle ground between keeping it moving and allowing trades. I'd argue for 10 minutes at least next year. If we're being honest, 10 minutes is probably plenty of time to hash out an in draft trade.