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  1. Fire Joe Barry now and maybe we can have a halfway decent defense by week 8
  2. Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers Week 1 pick: Baltimore Ravens I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  3. The entire career of Rodgers he's struggled against 2 shell. Like thats what people play to **** with his day. and it works every time. At this point he/lafleur just dont know how or refuse to adapt. The solution would be running it or tossing it shorter, but i dont think i saw Jones in the flat or short much at all. Much less any crossers for Davante that were so killer last year
  4. In case its missed, the prevailing time at this point is drafting starting the weekend of the 10/11 - with deadline being July 4
  5. Welcome back to YEAR 9 of the PACKER FORUM DYNASTY LEAGUE 2013 Champion: JBurge 2014 Champion: Kal-El 2015 Champion: Kal-El 2016 Champion: JBurge 2017 Champion: Charisma 2018 Champion: JBurge 2019 Champion: Cadmus 2020 Champion: Squire12 (At the moment) League Members for 2020 (Please let me know if you don't want to be in the league as soon as reasonably possible): @JBURGE@ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @Cadmus @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth If youre not on Sleeper no
  6. Id argue offseason vacations should be mandatory for Rodgers after the COVID imposed vacation offseason last year turned into the MVP year
  7. Mike Pettine can't be left behind form the plane but we should fly him elsewhere
  8. I really dont wanna hear how many secondary people are out. Every time that storyline comes up i feel like GB internally thinks- reverse psychology! lets just run the ball, even if ineffective and skip attempting to throw. I swear its happened like 2-3 times this year where they just dont attack what is obviously a weakness. Maybe it was one of the MN games? or IND? they had like 2-3 starters out to start the game and lost like 3 more but we REFUSED to throw
  9. I think the issue is that anyone with eyeballs could see that the closest defenders on most completions were 5+ yards away, so all he had to do was hit the broad side of a barn, and miscues were mostly unforced after it was out of Goff's hands. It ended up working out for us, but if they had Kupp or actually pushed the passing game more it may have ended poorly for us.
  10. Cmon guys, we all know Caleb had only one stache in mind
  11. The best case scenario i see is that Rodgers gets injured for 3-4 games next season and Love comes in and is electric. Swap him out for a couple firsts and ride Arod with new weapons to a couple more SBs before calling it a franchise for a couple years. Short of showing what he can do on thefield, i dont see how we get good ROI short of Arod falling apart in 2022 - even then not great
  12. Taking things easy when a bye isnt locked in is a recipe to get knocked out in the first round. How is this even a discussion
  13. Someone smarter than me on the X's and O's might know why, but I cant help but get the feeling we are just using Aaron Jones wrong alot, for no reason because we seem to use different plays and get consistent results with each type - In the last two week at least running Jones up the middle gets nowhere, but if you give him a sliver of space on the outside he can do something with that. Then you get Williams in for a random few plays and they are splitting him out wide and using him more in space than between the tackles. what gives? Why insist on getting Jones in the middle when it is consist
  14. Great week of practice. Idk if we've heard it enough. Memeworthy?
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