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  1. Maybe a blanket statement on depth is too broad. But i saw the exact same situation happen in the league i run - we had a very bad team pick 6th because their bench was loaded with middling options at WR. Maybe its not just depth thats the problem, but having a bunch of WR3s hoping one makes it to WR2 or 1 territory is going to be hurt by maxPF instead of dealing them for picks or consolidating.Maybe its just my philosophy now that ive really dug into dynasty, but im trying to get rid of all WR3 types because theyre bench cloggers typically. some do improve but most just stay boom or bust. and that boom or bust is why the maxpf punishes that team construction. I also see max PF as the blanket most accepted strategy across leagues.
  2. TBH the difference in opinion here i think is that startable depth isnt a strength in dynasty, not really. Depth is actively hurting you in opportunity cost. You either want to be loaded in the starting lineup with little to no depth to optimize starters for a championship run, or you want to be near devoid of starters to tank. the middle ground is the worst place to be and you get there by sitting on startable depth. its the problem i am trying to dig my team out of. Max PF is a system that double punishes that startable depth
  3. packerraymond has provided at top of page 2 and throughout. its still my preferred way to do it, but im open
  4. thanks @ajdodge09 this may be moot if Cad creates a new poll with delineated options - but for #6 - i think we all agree on that, however we are debating how to determine 'worst'. Last season was based on max pf, as opposed to record or other metrics. the idea of an nba style lottery was floated to determine order, but the order of lottery would still need a definition of 'worst' - any thoughts?
  5. thanks for the replies- it appears @ajdodge09 is still around from forum activity - but the profiles for @PandaSquadAlphaand @Dwade1001 have been inactive about a year with last activity on this thread last year. They are unresponsive on sleeper as well. I know life happens but its been a few days there and with no activity here at all, is it worth finding replacements at this point? Or another idea would be to shrink to 12 and have a dispersal of some kind.
  6. @ChaRisMa @CombOver @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @ajdodge09 @squire12 @KingOfTheNorth I believe we are still waiting for your input on questions from Cad on the previous page
  7. See now the trick is there wont be any fans at the start of the season at minimum, so road games early are essentially neutral fields. Maybe if we're lucky theyll let fans in starting second half or late just as Lambeau becomes more useful as HFA
  8. The NBA has 14 teams in the lottery. The lottery should not apply to the playoffs. so we would redistribute those balls to the lower end if we go this way
  9. Going back to the earlier discussion, I don't think there is any chance the nfl loses revenue from not having a season at this point. Maybe delayed yes, but definitely will be happening.
  10. If they want a run first attack, draft some goddamned linemen not tiny tight ends. Don't draft another RB in the second when plenty will be there in the 5th. Draft some defense to try to prevent them from outscoring you.
  11. They're good football players bront. If they were so good why is literally the entire league laughing at Green Bay for picking these specific players. Maybe fans aren't the best talent evaluators, but wisdom of the crowd isn't 3 to 4 rounds off on most guys
  12. As Coach would say. ******* embarrassing. Dart throws would honestly be better at this point.
  13. This was my immediate reaction, pissed Rodgers is best Rodgers. But like. There's plenty of other ways to improve the team long term...
  14. So much talent just sitting there and we take someone who isn't going to help for at least 2 or 3 years
  15. Tbh jeudy or Ceedee could've gone top 10. Let's go get one of them. Or at least grab Jefferson before the vikes get any of them
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