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  1. 2020 Packer Forum Dynasty League (Discussion/Rules)

    Kill Defense. With Fire. its a worthless random crapshoot from a byegone fantasy era. Id we must have something make it IDP. 1/2 PPR. Bring the league out of the stone age. with the above TBH, Id love to also bring it to a full dynasty, so early picks arent overvalued and lower picks (only to like 4 rounds iguess then) have some value. And tbqh if im getting everything i want, superflex is the only way to give QB any actual value. especially so in 14 team. Only way we could make that transition maybe fair would be to set it up for 4 years out or have a QB wipe and supplemental auction/redraft of QBs or something along those lines. Edit: if you havent done a sleeper transition before, its not a major deal, just click on the transition button, and hit dynasty and then select everyone to come back. the 2019 league will still exist, and be under a drop down on the app or in the 2019 year in the desktop
  2. In the NFL you almoet have to have a cheap QB to compete. Even NE has had a cheap Brady for years.
  3. Oh hey a downfield pass
  4. We aren't blasting anything with the short passing bull****
  5. We're already medium well. Not going to take much more heat
  6. As long as the Packers dont show up all 10-Ply on Sunday its all good

    that or everyone becomes couch devito. the best timeline.

    @Outpost31 good choice in avvy

    I'd love to have mine as the gif but I'd definitely get the hammer.
  10. GDT DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS: Packers vs Seattle Seahawks

    I fail to find how a single season makes WI his home.
  11. GDT DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS: Packers vs Seattle Seahawks

    True beauty right here
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I mean what are the snap numbers on these guys? Nick Bosa I would imagine plays more snaps than Gary
  13. Sensing a soul crushing 3 and out or an even better pick because gmo tips a drop
  14. Geronimo Allison lighting the world on fire there. Definitely are set at WR, no help needed at all
  15. Checking in with a homebrewed quad. May fall asleep in the 3rd
  16. Packers & Bears Postgame

    Wait, adaptation to on field situation after kickoff? In my Green Bay? I never!
  17. Packers-Bears Week 1 Game Day Thread

    Like ffs, we had one drive where even the announcers were saying quick plays are good and now we're back to slow Dev bs