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  1. Ex-WR Vincent Jackson may have suffered from alcoholism, concussions, sheriff's office says Let's not copy/paste the ENTIRE article...
  2. As someone who lives in MN, I've seen a lot of Cousins. Zero interest in him going to NE, he can put up great stats when it doesn't matter, but he very rarely comes through when it matters. He's the type of QB who needs everything just perfect around him to succeed, and can very rarely go off script to make a play. Add in that contract, and you have a very average QB at a premium price.
  3. Mahomes without his arm isn't a QB, nor is anyone else. What does this even mean?
  4. 7-9 with the roster we had? That's a miracle IMO, my opinion hasn't changed at all.
  5. Wait....3 penalties on the offense, 1 on the defense, and that offsets??
  6. Just shows you how important a QB and coach are, everything else you kind of build around those 2 things.
  7. A long shot, but still worth a mention
  8. As a Pats fan, I'll be rooting for him, no doubt. Happy for Tom, he did a lot for the Patriots, and I'm happy to see him have continued success. I'd rather it be with us, sure, but chances are they weren't going to the Super Bowl with this team + Brady.
  9. Tom Brady will have played in 18% of all Super Bowls played (10 of 55), crazy stat.
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/deshaun-watson-trade-rumors-bears-jets-patriots-among-12-most-logical-suitors-if-texans-deal-star-qb/ 1. New England Patriots The match of all matches. Wouldn't it be straight-up Bill Belichickian of this team to turn around from its first bad year in two decades and find a way to land one of the game's top young QBs? New England has been a logical landing spot for months, still needing a true Tom Brady successor and flush with cap space, not to mention a penchant for draft-pick trades. Watson, for his part, would assuredly embrace the transit
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