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  1. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    You would have patience if a rapist got caught in a sex scandal after he got out of jail? Lmao
  2. Tom Brady is Not the Problem

    Poor Brady! Nah I won't do this. He regressed but yes he's not the problem. Guys not being open doesn't mean you have to throw it to the dbs though. Put him in Dallas and he would be the sb favorite I gotta admit.
  3. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    Well we were questioning if they were GOAT level. Thats still a good D, I prefer Buffalo's though
  4. SNF: Seattle Seahawks at LA Rams GDT

    Running game doesn't matter but Penny / Carson will be key tonight, we have run pretty well in our matchups with the rams since last season.
  5. Week 14 GDT

    Pats gonna win this
  6. Will jets get rid of Bell after the season?

    Never pay big money to a rb tbh!
  7. TNF: Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears

    Punishment for not winning a division is a wild card round while the leader gets the bye....isnt it enough?????
  8. TNF: Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears

    Maybe both of these teams wouldve lost if they were on the road lol And Arizona had a 3rd string qb starting anyway
  9. Dak or Wentz

    Take garbage time TD out of Dak stats and we might have another conversation
  10. Dak or Wentz

    Wentz gets to pad his stats against some of the worst team in the league to end the season. Im confident he will catch up to Dak despite having the worse WR corps...
  11. NFL Week 13 GDT

    That stat pad ! Come on! Only looks good on qbr
  12. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Will you blame garrett for the terrible game Dak had? 1 int; 2 fumbles, one miss td. Very Winston performance like.
  13. NFL Week 13 GDT

    This is the best offense in the nfl?
  14. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Not one single word for yall tomorrow on undisputed I guarantee
  15. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Lmao dak