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  1. Dunlap is a beast and this team needs to stop to blitz everytime.
  2. Lol no, you could have Fulgham + Metcalf
  3. I don't think Drew is having a better season than Kamara tbh. Dumpoff passes are not that impressive.
  4. He was already terrible with Dak Prescott tbh
  5. Nick Mullens scoring 3 tds in one quarter I thought our defense fixed some things...looks like they didn't
  6. Bobby Wagner having a hell of a game rushing the passer
  7. Mullens about to carve up that defense
  8. Dunlap and Adams back could make this defense interesting.
  9. Yup this 5 yds yac bs isn't surviving in the playoffs
  10. They are playing well tbh, finally some pressures.
  11. Chargers about to blow this lmao
  12. Lmao Russ cooking but that was a false start all the way
  13. Why does every catch Mike Williams makes is spectacular lmao
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