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  1. Rookie Antoine Winfield mocking All Pro Tyreek Hill like that, is not a good look. I'm sure that won't come back to bite him.
  2. Losing 4/5 and LDT before the season finally caught up to them. That being said, Mahomes hit 2 receivers in the face mask in the end zone. Could have been a different game, but it was not meant to be.
  3. Watkins was invisible. Hardman definitely seemed to have the jitters, he wasn't even looking for the ball half the time. This was so uncharacteristic from the Chiefs.
  4. A guy's allowed to have some pity drinks when his team lays as egg in the superbowl.
  5. Why? You think Antonio Brown and Tom Brady are stand up guys? All the **** we take as fans of this team for all that nonsense talk about Tyreek and you're good with the Bucs? No thanks. Tom Brady kisses his kids on the lips, I can't get behind that.
  6. Feels bad. I just can't be happy for Tom Brady and that team. Honestly leaves a sour taste in my mouth, losing is one thing but damn that team has some scumbags on it. Oh well.
  7. Defense played really well tonight imo. Good sign going forward. If they can play like this in the Superbowl, I find it hard to believe Mahomes won't find a way to win.
  8. Minus that Hardman brain fart in the first quarter, this game was a blow out. Chiefs defense actually played really well.
  9. Yeah tough break with the best player in the game going out early in the 3rd quarter. They really caught a bad beat there.
  10. I thought for sure those 4 points Butker left off the board were going to come back and bite them. But BIG BALLS ANDY REID and Chad MFing Henne pulled through. The defense also, big stop. Phew.
  12. Going to come down to the defense to make a stop to win the game. Frightening.
  13. Steelers have the Ravens on Thursday. They're coming off a tough OT loss and probably mad as hell. I think they go to 10-1, which opens the window.
  14. That would be great but there are some really good jobs opening up. Personally, I see him as the head coach in Houston next year, maybe Altanta.
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