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  1. 2018 Draft Class

    Personally, I think this defensive formation is better suited for DoD's skill set. I could see him getting a chance to shine at some point and running with it.
  2. The Franchise - Episode 6 is up! - August 7

    Sammy Watkins looks incredible in that video. If he stays healthy, the Chiefs are going to be causing a lot of defenses lack of sleep.
  3. 2019 Defense

    Me too. There is going to be a lot of pressure on this group to be good enough to win a superbowl, because the offense is more than capable. I look forward to seeing how they handle it.
  4. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I can't imagine how he could be suspended for an audio tape, if it's linked to an extortion case against him. He hasn't commented on it, and has done everything asked of him from all reports. This was actually handled really well. No one jumped to conclusions and they just followed the natural progression before making any decisions.
  5. Free Agency

    Should negotiate player caps in exchange for guaranteed contracts. Make the GM's earn their money a bit more and give some security to players.
  6. Free Agency

    I'm down. The defense doesn't have to be spectacular, they just need to scheme properly and not allow time draining drives every possession. That way they offense can put up a 40 spot every game and cruise.
  7. Hill under investigation for Battery

    High profile player, in a high profile league on a team that just cut a star player bcaseu he hit a female. The press will painting pictures to get ratings but who knows what really happened. And unless some TMZ scumbag was hiding in the bushes, we might never know.
  8. Return of Kareem??

    JuJu wasn't their most talented offensive weapon imo. JuJu benefited hugely from AB. Obviously he's a very talented WR, but without AB, he's the main focus and I think he'll get a ton more doubles.
  9. Return of Kareem??

    I think the AFC North is going to be pretty weak on top of it. Really, there's only Baltimore who won't be as good as people will have a read on their offense and Cleveland, going for the division. Cinci is a tire fire and Pittsburgh is internally a mess and about to lose their best weapon. I kind of feel like Cleveland wins the division at 10-6.
  10. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

  11. ESPN 2019 Power Rankings

    Chargers fans are louder on this site than they are in their own stadium.
  12. ESPN 2019 Power Rankings

    I mean, I guess if Mahomes gets hurt or something. Otherwise, they are a much better team. The only reason KC even lost at all last year was because they had a really terrible defense, and I can't imagine it will be as bad next year.
  13. Tony G 1st Year Finalist for HoF

    That's rough. Good thing my favorite player is/was Priest Holmes, phew!
  14. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Gurley had some good runs in the 2nd half, some taken back by penalties. But he looked quick and agile. Should have tried to get him involved in the screen game more and opened up with some medium passes over the LBs with the TE to give more space. But again, maybe that was called and Goff wanted to play hero with his lame ducks he tossed up 25 yards down the field.
  15. Was that Belichick's defensive masterpiece?

    Did the Rams throw a single ball to a TE? It felt like they either ran the ball up the middle or Goff threw a duck into coverage. Their game plan made no sense and there was no misdirection. Goff was extra terrible, really disheartening if I were a Rams fan.