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  1. Division Predictions

    One thing is for sure, PM2 is going to turn over the ball more than Alex Smith but he's also going to electrify this offense a load more. I'm excited to see what happens and will be interested to see how much they run the ball at the start of the year.a
  2. Expectations for the 2018 Team

    Bob Sutton holds us back a lot more than the personnel on the field, imo.
  3. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    True. I keep looking to see what the return is and no one knows yet. How can it take this long? Will we have to wait till March 14th to find out for sure?
  4. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    4th, 7th and 3rd 2019. Christ, that's awful for an all-pro CB who is 25 years old. He better be one hell of a locker room cancer.
  5. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    KC doesn't have a 1st this year, traded to Buffalo in the deal to move up and draft Mahomes last year. And I hope a 2nd wouldn't have been enough.
  6. Chiefs are the opposite of the Patriots in the playoffs. They find ways to lose, they know they're going to lose and they do whatever they can to make this happen. New England, knows they'll win and it shows. Honestly 1-11 in last 12 playoff games is more than personnel, coaching, luck whatever. It's a tradition, one that whoever they have on the field seem more than happy to uphold. God damn painful to be a fan of this team sometimes.
  7. Roster Moves

    I'd settle for #4
  8. 2018 Offseason Predictions/Plans

    So who would play on the defensive side cause they can't march out 5-6 rookies and hope to compete.
  9. Wild Card Playoff vs Titans

    I wouldn't fire Reid but I would punt Sutton into the sun. Also, Nagy has to call the plays. Andy, just prep the team and manage on game day, you don't need to call the plays.
  10. AFC West Champs vs The Donkeys

    I definitely want to see some go routes so Mahomes can put some air under the ball.
  11. Thank you Todd Gurley III

    I think Charles went off for like 200 and 4 TD's a few years back in week 16, if I remember correctly. But Gurley, oh man. What a beauty.
  12. Thank you Todd Gurley III

    You da real MVP winning mine and many other fantasy leagues around the world!
  13. How are those Rookies Doing? Mid-Season Edition

    I'm convinced, give Kamara the MVP and make him Commissioner. Take a seat Goodell! Hell, might as well give him the Saints organization, sign over the deed.
  14. Week 16 GDT - The Flippers

    Probably ate some bad shellfish.
  15. Saturday Night Football - Chargers vs Chiefs

    I think Gurley came through for you.