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  1. They were dog **** against Cleveland. The Browns shot themselves in the foot, honestly. They probably should have lost that game. I guess I'm just frustrated because they have studs all over the field on defense but they routinely get carved up by every team they play. If it weren't for turnovers, they would be giving up 30+ every game. Maybe they just need better scheme, I don't know. Just really hard to watch.
  2. The defense gets the benefit of the doubt because they have an offense that can score at will. They are playing offenses every week that are trying to gun sling with them, making them one dimensional and much easier to play against. I'm a Chiefs fan, and honestly try to find the positive when I can but they are just straight up bad. Really good players, but just a bad defense.
  3. And Brady couldn't win without Belichick. Sometimes generational athletes are just that.
  4. Maybe an overreaction, maybe not; but KC has the worst defense in the entire league.
  5. Maybe the worst defense in terms of performance in the league. So many studs and just flat garbage.
  6. Man, losing is whatever; doesn't even bother me. However, this defense is a real problem. They cannot stop anything, it's horrendous. I'm getting Bob Sutton flashbacks.
  7. This defense is so bad today its really hard to watch.
  8. I am with you, I think they're dangerous. I do hesitate with their weapons, especially if Keenan Allen gets hurt like he seems to every other season. Just no one scares you, but it could be death by a thousand cuts with that Oline being so good.
  9. Get Julio for a 3rd. Let's go!
  10. Looks like Mathieu is getting that new contract to create some room!
  11. I'm not sleeping on Drob. He has terrific hands and is a big body. I think if he can clean up the drops he's been a bit prone too, he can be a difference maker. Honestly, just need a legit option to take some pressure off Kelce who is the real meat and potatoes of this offense (other than Mahomes obv).
  12. The doctor will not back up!
  13. Listening to Kyle Long's press conference he said he's comfortable anywhere on the line but center. Seems like he'd rather play the right side. If he's in great shape and healed up from the end of his stint in Chicago, I can see him starting at RT. Who knows tho. Depth is a good problem to have. LT does worry me obviously, why I brought up Fisher. I'm not even high on Fisher and I personally think the accolades and reputation he had wasn't exactly warranted. But that is a glaring hole if Niang isn't the guy. That means swapping sides of the line and having immense pressure on him, se
  14. Where is Kyle Long going to play? I assume he'll be playing tackle with Thuney and LDT at guard. I can't imagine he's coming out of retirement to be a backup, but who knows. I'm also assuming they're going to use their first pick on someone like Cosmi who would fight for RT.
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