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  1. Raiders v Chiefs

    haha, I just google "Fat Dracula HFBoards" and it comes up.
  2. Raiders v Chiefs

    I secretly posted fat dracula for myself, and they won. Just sayin'
  3. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    Yeah but no one was covering the grass, and Smith saw that first.
  4. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    Just ride Smith out the rest of the year and blow up the coaching staff in the offseason. **** it. I mean, if they want to keep Andy, I'm fine with it but they have to get a new DC. It's an absolute must. Then play Mahomes next year.
  5. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    Excellent throw to no one Smith. Right on target!
  6. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    38 points given up to the Jets. 38 points LOL
  7. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    Bob Sutton is a sham. He needs to be let go after the game and just let a monkey call the plays.
  8. Week 13 Gameday thread

    He probably assumed he would be. He threw the ball and a flag into the stands.
  9. Week 13 Gameday thread

    It doesn't matter cause Sutton will have him playing 65 yards off the line anyway.
  10. Week 13 Gameday thread

    Oakland got 75 chances to win against KC from penalties. Why not the Jets as well. It only makes sense.
  11. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    Fire Bob Sutton right ******* now.
  12. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    This is pathetic. How many games are the refs goign to give the other team a 100 chances in the red zone against KC? Like, seriously.
  13. Week 13 Gameday thread

    Bob Sutton should be given the Old Yeller if they lose to the Jets.
  14. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    Also, Smith can't make the long throw. He underthrows nearly every pass over 20 yards. I don't want them to put Mahomes into this mess, but damn it's frustrating watching Smith under throw easy TD's.
  15. Chiefs vs J-E-T-S

    This team is an embarrassment. How many ******* 3rd and longs do they hvae to give up before they ******* jam at the line.