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  1. Time To Trade Watkins?

    Need to get him healthy and just play him. With him on the field healty this offense (Mahomes healthy and back) is basically unstoppable. I think at this point, the main focus is to get guys healthy and work on defense in the mean time. This team, when healthy and the defense playing half as well as last night; is a serious SB contender. But, and big but, the defense has to continue to grow.
  2. Patrick Mahomes exits game with knee injury

    I'd prefer them to wait till Oakland at Arrowhead too. Now that they have time, they can at least scheme for Matt Moore. The same way they schemed for Alex Smith. They can win games that way. 2-2 would be beautiful. Then you get Mahomes healed from his ankle and knee going into the final stretch. Otherwise, shut him down and sell off some pieces for picks that you can address the OL/DL/LB position siwth at the draft.
  3. Linebackers

    Just play with 7 DBs
  4. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    If he was healthy, but he's always hurt (including right now)
  5. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Last year I never thought in a million years they could make the defense worse. It's wild when you think about it.
  6. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Have to try something drastic. This team is in disarray. You have to imagine the offense has zero confidence in the defense and if it hasn't arleady, will leak into the locker room.
  7. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Just play with 7 DBs. **** the linebackers, they're all pathetic.
  8. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Definitely needs to be rejigged. Would take some major stones, but I'd be moving some pieces to try and get some picks in the 1st and 2nd round to build the line on both sides of the ball.
  9. GDT - Week 6

    He's injured and the defense can't get off the field in less than 10 plays unless the refs help them out. Yeah, they have him; but even he's not enough to overcome this defense against any team that can run the ball. Just think about what NE's running game is going to do to this team.
  10. GDT - Week 6

    Texans are for sure better. Without Mahomes this team is 1-5.
  11. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    They picked themselves, hahaha. Perfect ending for this pathetic defense.
  12. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    LMAO uncovered. Are you kidding me.
  13. GDT - Week 6

    KC has zero pass rush and not a single LB that can make a tackle. That helps any QB, but one like Watson makes it a walk in the park.
  14. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Waiting all week to watch this, makes it so much worse. And then knowing that Denver will just do the same thing next week, sucks.
  15. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    This team went from must see TV, to unwatchable because of the defense.