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  1. Overall thoughts on the game. 1. My God, how many holding calls are you going to give? Call it both ways, ticky tack **** extended the game longer than it should have been. 2. That being said, they didnt' deserve to win this game. It honestly felt like for the first 3/4 of this game, LAC had Chiefs headsets. Gus Bradley was on the ball with his defensive calls, really well done. 3. Butker haha. 3 kicks, ice cold gets it done. Obviously you take the win and move on, but damn that was not pretty.
  2. Surprised and happy Andy wants to keep coaching that long. Kind of worried he might be getting close to walking away, but I guess he will be a lifer!
  3. 42-28 Chiefs. Mahomes goes off and the Chiefs D gives up a lot of gash run plays. In the end, it's a win but the run defense continues to concern us. These are my predictions! And not because I want KC to win but also have Johnson on my fantasy team, not at all.
  4. Favorite Team: Chiefs Week 1 pick: INDY I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  5. Not that it really matters but Matt Moore wasn't re-signed and Chad Henne is the back up.
  6. I'd say they open the season at Las Vegas or Baltimore then
  7. If by better blocker you mean he gets away with holding a lot more, then I agree.
  8. Someone was cutting onions in my house while I watched that.
  9. I missed the Raptors parade and regret it. If you can go, just go!
  10. QB coach in KC in a hurry if he wanted to get into coaching.
  11. 100% deserving of the award. I would like to see the Ravens scheme him more in the pocket and less running just for longevity sake.
  12. Everyone! **** it. If you're alive and you were a meaningful player for the Chiefs here's your ring! Priest, Trent, Berry! Rings for everyone! In all seriousness, I don't know about football but in hockey you have to play a certain amount of games during the championship season to qualify for a ring. Probably not the case here?
  13. Another thing that goes unmentioned is that this team spent the least in the league in terms of payroll. That's going to change if Mahomes decides he doesn't want to wait another year for his mega deal, but there is some wiggle room here. They don't need to make major changes and can run it back if they really wanted to. With minor tweaks of course. However, I would like them to draft some talent at the LB position. It's the biggest weakness imo. And OL depth.
  14. That throw might have booked his ticket out of SF. Which would be unfair, but sports are unfair.
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