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  1. What does Rivers have to do to make the HoF?

    “All pros are overrated” -The guy who just cited pro bowl appearances as a reason why Rivers is better than Matt Ryan.
  2. The Chiefs lost to the Titans in the 2016 regular season as well.
  3. They both have roughly the same win percentage (both in the regular and post seasons) which is kind of ridiculous considering the stacked teams Rivers has led. I think it’s impossible to deny that Cam has received more scrutiny for his play. Rivers has led his team to an 8-8 or worse record in 5 of his 14 seasons as a starter. He’s thrown 20 or more interceptions in 3 different seasons. He’s accounted for 20+ overall turnovers in 6 different seasons. Cam Newton, despite playing in about half as fewer seasons, has TWO seasons with more total TDs than Rivers has scored in a season. Despite this Rivers always seems to be regarded as a tragically underrated QB while Cam is some petulant, underserving figure. Rivers has been a liability for his teams far more often than is ever acknowledged. Cam is the type of QB who will evade a sure sack on the game winning drive to set up a win. Rivers is the type of QB who will convert 3 4th downs on a potential game winning drive before throwing 4 incompletions on the goal line. Give me Cam, needless to say.
  4. Just to clarify this, the 49ers RG clearly moved first on that play, likely in response to Mathieu showing blitz. Feel free to rewatch the video as much as you’d like. It’s not really even close. But don’t mind me. Please continue your breakdown of how there was an uncalled penalty on the Chiefs on every single play.
  5. Yes, Gronk’s decline had way more to do with injuries than age. Kelce is 5 months younger than Gronk and is showing no signs of slowing down. Look at guys like Antonio Gates, Greg Olsen, and Delanie Walker. They all had great seasons in their 30s, and Olsen and Walker didn’t even really break out until their 30s. IMO, the HOF candidates in this game are Sherman, Kelce, and Mahomes, in that order. Mahomes can move up that list real fast though. The best bet for the HOF in this game is Andy Reid.
  6. What's an NFL season that was just weird/unusual

    I always thought 2017 was weird: The Jaguars, Titans, and Bills all made the playoffs for the first time in a decade, and the Titans beat the Chiefs in the WC round after Mariota caught his own TD pass. Nick Foles led the Eagles to a SB win over the Patriots. Deshaun Watson took the league by storm before suffering a season ending injury in practice. Case Keenum led the Vikings to the NFCCG with the Minnesota Miracle. Sean McVay and the Rams led the league in offensive scoring after being dead last the previous season. The whole anthem protest controversy.
  7. Notable Stats and Observations

    Now that Mahomes has started 16 games this season (well, 15 and a quarter or so), I thought it would be fun to compare his stats with Lamar Jackson, considering that they ended up pretty similar. Mahomes: 4646 passing yards, 34 TD/5 INT, 65.9% completion, 108.9 passer rating, 324 rushing yards, 3 rushing TDs, 2 lost fumbles. 13-3 record as a starter (including playoffs). Jackson: 3492 passing yards, 37 TD/8 INT, 64.3% completion, 106.9 passer rating, 1349 rushing yards, 7 rushing TDs, 3 lost fumbles. 13-3 record as a starter (including playoffs). If Mahomes accumulated these stats in the regular season is there any chance he gets a second consecutive MVP award? I personally think Lamar still wins it but I do think the perception has been that Mahomes has significantly regressed in terms of his stats. That’s not really the case.
  8. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    The Chiefs were the 4th ranked OL in pass protection by DVOA. Sometimes you just have to chuckle at some of the posts on this site.
  9. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    That’s the problem with Baltimore. They’re at their best when they’re controlling the game with a positive game script. The Chiefs are at their best when they fling the ball around. You can make Baltimore abandon their strengths. You can’t do that to KC.
  10. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    Yeahh, Kelce is better.
  11. Are you seriously asking me why it is noteworthy that the Packers played the Chiefs during a 2 game stretch in which they were starting their 3rd string QB? And are you suggesting that this was somehow an advantage for the Chiefs? The Packers were not preparing to face Mahomes. If they were then LaFleur is genuinely a terrible coach.
  12. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    Pretty much this. Kittle is a better blocker and Kelce is a better route runner. You have to ask yourself what you value more in an offense- a guy who is better at opening up run lanes and pass protecting or a guy who dictates coverage and who opens things up for other receivers. Though personally, as a Chiefs fan, I’m pretty confidently choosing Kelce. I’ve seen him thrive in a conservative offense with a conservative QB who too often neglected Kelce’s ability to get open downfield. Kittle, for instance, had more targets in 2018 than Kelce ever received in a season with Alex Smith. And many of Kelce’s targets were screens and shuffle passes designed to get the ball out of Alex Smith’s hands and into Kelce’s hands as fast as humanly possible. The Chiefs’ strategy with Alex Smith was to build a 2 score lead with a ball-control offense and rely on the defense to secure the win. When the Chiefs switched to Mahomes and that formula went out the door is when we really got to see Kelce’s true talent.
  13. This is kind of an odd argument. I get that it’s relevant to consider a team’s record when you play them, but Dallas, Carolina, Oakland, and Chicago are all teams with losing records that are in the bottom half of the league in most power rankings. Those are hardly impressive wins in retrospect. Also, GB beat KC when Matt Moore was starting, and that was still a game that could have gone either way. If you’re going to make an argument about a team’s record against other teams with a winning record, I think it makes more sense tracking wins against teams that finished with a winning record.
  14. Does Deshaun Watson get criticized enough?

    There’s a reason why you didn’t get to see this. Both had a chance to draft him and chose different players. That being said, I would rank Watson as a borderline elite QB. I think the reason he isn’t criticized after bad games is because people rightfully recognize that those games are outliers for him. He may never get paired with Andy Reid or Sean Payton, but he deserves a better HC than O’Brien.
  15. Mahomes or Jackson

    I’m very interested to hear your thoughts on how the Chiefs lost the AFCCG due to Reid’s clock management.