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  1. And this is really the long and short of it. It’s a very broad rule that in practice is broken multiple times per game and doesn’t get flagged. And leading with the helmet is a penalty regardless of whether it results in helmet to helmet contact. Like I said earlier, Mack Wilson’s hit on Mahomes was similar. The only reason anyone is talking about it is because it was mentioned on the broadcast, in my opinion. It certainly wasn’t noticed by the refs or broadcast crew in real time. The Chiefs were lucky that the NFL has such a harsh rule about fumbling in the end zone (major flashbacks to
  2. I might be way off on this, but I really don’t think the supposed “illegal use of the helmet” was as egregious as is being portrayed. There wasn’t really a good angle to get a definitive look, but I think there was a good amount of Sorensen’s shoulder pad involved in that collision. Yes, it’s probably a penalty by the letter of the law, but that is just not going to be consistently flagged on a bang-bang play where Sorensen really had no other option to make the tackle. You could make a very similar argument about Mack Wilson’s initial hit on Mahomes. It’s just a hard penalty to officiat
  3. Mahomes is coming off one of his best games of the season. I would hardly say that he has looked off outside of the Falcons game. The Chiefs have had their eyes on the post season since the start of the year and have said as much. I honestly also think that the addition of 3rd wildcard team and the subsequent change to playoff seeding has made it even harder to self-motivate during the regular season. It was obvious prior to week 1 that the Chiefs were going to be in the playoffs and securing the 1 seed is just not a realistically attainable goal given how much it is out of the team’s co
  4. From the writer at Football Outsiders in the Week 15 DVOA Ratings article: “Despite what DVOA says, I agree with the conventional wisdom that Kansas City is the best team in the NFL going forward.”
  5. Oh wow I never realized but he’s basically just Roddy White (statistically).
  6. Andy Reid has at least a 5 game winning streak in each season with the Chiefs.
  7. Derek Carr 2016 Obviously a great season, but really not elite in any category. It was a shock to me that he recieved votes for MVP over Matt Ryan. His completion percentage (63.8%), yards per attempt (7), adjusted yards per attempt (7.5), passer rating (96.7), total TDs (28), and TD percentage (5%) can all be described as average to above average, in my opinion. Only his (almost) 5-1 TD/INT ratio was noteworthy. As long as I’m at it, the Raiders in general were overrated in 2016. I think Carr got a lot of credit that year for being the most recognizable player on a massively overac
  8. Slightly off topic, but can we take a moment to appreciate how Bill O’Brien dialed up a questionable wildcat play in the 2015 WC game and then literally never used Watt on offense again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3SKYnPTQh8 His play calling philosophy makes no sense to me.
  9. “All pros are overrated” -The guy who just cited pro bowl appearances as a reason why Rivers is better than Matt Ryan.
  10. The Chiefs lost to the Titans in the 2016 regular season as well.
  11. They both have roughly the same win percentage (both in the regular and post seasons) which is kind of ridiculous considering the stacked teams Rivers has led. I think it’s impossible to deny that Cam has received more scrutiny for his play. Rivers has led his team to an 8-8 or worse record in 5 of his 14 seasons as a starter. He’s thrown 20 or more interceptions in 3 different seasons. He’s accounted for 20+ overall turnovers in 6 different seasons. Cam Newton, despite playing in about half as fewer seasons, has TWO seasons with more total TDs than Rivers has scored in a season. Des
  12. Just to clarify this, the 49ers RG clearly moved first on that play, likely in response to Mathieu showing blitz. Feel free to rewatch the video as much as you’d like. It’s not really even close. But don’t mind me. Please continue your breakdown of how there was an uncalled penalty on the Chiefs on every single play.
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