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  1. I think our biggest hole right now is a guard who can defend. If that guard could shoot at least average, would be a bonus. But TJ/JJ/Shamet is a blackhole on defense and you see it as we get destroyed by guards (including backups) routinely. Getting Smith and Fultz back will be nice. But could use a backup PG who can defend would help..
  2. Sounded post game that he wants to be a starter somewhere
  3. Fletcher Cox Appreciation Thread

    He's a full grown man.
  4. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    D-line should be deep so either we should get a good one or teams make a run at them early on, allowing some other positions to fall. We could use DL or OL, as well as secondary. WR and RB are needs, but not a fan of using a first on either of them. Guess we will need a LB as well if Hicks leaves.
  5. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    Kelce said he is unsure about his future and will be year to year from now on. Brooks may end up missing all of next year (Achilles can be up to a full year). Peters is basically done. Offensive line has to be priority #1 or we will get whatever QB we end up using killed.
  6. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Phillies have no high end prospects with star ability. There are 2 future hall of famers who are both 26 sitting in free agency. Yet somehow they can't get either of them. Hopefully we can use the 1.8M we save by ripping Nola apart in arbitration to extend McCutchen through his age 42 season...
  7. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Phillies have to land one of the two and they should honestly be getting both. However looks like we will settle with Mccutchen and trying to save 2 million taking Nola to arb
  8. Ben Simmons or Luka Doncic

    I didn't catch the game, but Ben seemed to outplay him head to head from the box score.
  9. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    is this serious? i'm pretty sure he is extremely efficent
  10. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    On the Butler thing, who does this benefit? Sixers wouldn't release this if they wanna keep Butler. Butler wouldn't release this if he wants to look normal when he hits free agency. Wondering if it is overblown
  11. Aaron Rodgers; what’s true and what’s not?

    Not everyone can be Foles but he is a solid QB.
  12. Where Does Nick Foles Go in 2019?

    I don't think being clutch is a thing, but I think being not clutch is if that makes sense.
  13. Where Does Nick Foles Go in 2019?

    Yea had to vote other as this was not an option.
  14. late game sunday gives us time to glue foles ribs back together, perfect!