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  1. You gotta have cheat meals occasionally or you will go insane. Especially since your cheat meals are still relatively not bad. Intermittent fasting has been a life savor for me when cutting. Once you get used to not eating until 3pm or whatever, its not that hard and you get to have normal sized meals and fit in some different types of food. Doesn't work for everyone, but I've liked it.
  2. Around the NFL - Week 3

    Wouldn't work capwise but I would love Bell in our offense.
  3. Mills either gets beat and they catch it or the receiver drops it and eh talks trash. That is the only 2 times I have seen him all year.
  4. Kid has an absolute cannon. I'm sure he may hit a wall at some point, but kid had some incredible talent.
  5. Offensive line has struggled a bit, the team doesn't look smooth in pre snap and the WR's still are not getting separation.
  6. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    As a sixers fan, not really a fan. He has a ton of miles on him, is going to take the max into an old age and is honestly not a great fit with Simmons and Embiid with his shooting.
  7. The Philadelphia Phillies Thread - Are we good?

    We have pieces to make some interesting moves, not sure I trust Klentak to do it at all. I don't mind Santana but would hope we would at least explore if anyone would want him. Moving Hoskins to 1st base will really help this team out and get players into better positions defensively.
  8. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    He fumbled it.....
  9. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    How is Oklahoma not on tv in 2018......
  10. Yea not thrilled. Guessing he is more of a figurehead but I don't really want decisions either
  11. I think we need to make a move at WR, can't just rely that Alshon will be back 100% and carry the team.
  12. Don't think we were using Sproles well TBH. Gotta get him in pass game and out of run game.
  13. Around the NFL - Week 1

    They look very good and are stacked. Think we have an advantage at QB, LB, TE and DE. If Peters stay healthy, I'll take our OL as well. That DT combo is ridiculous. Would be nice if we had a healthy Jerrnigan.
  14. The Philadelphia Phillies Thread - Are we good?

    That could be interesting. Hope we see JP get everyday at bats the rest of the way.
  15. Around the NFL - Week 1

    Mack is a monster. Can't imagine trading him...