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  1. Flyers beat the Pens and I am now good if the season ends tomorrow.
  2. Lack of preseason games and camp is one of the reasons why I think having a veteran WR would have been nice. So essentially we moved back 20 spots in the 6th - at least the cost was not overly high for him.
  3. They ahd to figure out a way to do bubble(s) or not have the season. Could have 1 bubble in NY area, 1 in AZ, and 1 in San fran. Put NL and AL division at each. Have the hotel and surrounding area be a bubble, have shuttles directly to stadiums. Also them leaving it up to Marlins players to make the decision is gross negligence.
  4. Its not that we did not get the better player. We got absolutely nothing in return... Nice of the Marlins to bring COVID with them and still beat us.
  5. Yea I think that is what Warren Sharp was getting at. Roll him out of the pocket to throw, not to run.
  6. Exactly. As an Eagles fan, I have quite a few questions about the team's future. But unless Howie decides to leave, the cap is not one of them.
  7. I know its been a minute, but this injury totally stinks. BB worked so hard to get back from that last injury and got in great shape this offseason. All that combined with the fact we lost one of our 3 best players before the season is even remotely close to starting....
  8. I think with this certain virus thing which may hit people throughout the year.... having another OG who can play OT is a good thing.
  9. I think we see more Ward and Goodwin early on, with more Reagor and JJAW as the season progresses. DeSean holds a side down as long as he is healthy.
  10. KG being used correctly as a 5 and not playing with a 5 who can't move outta the paint >>>
  11. Gonna need to you the 1sts you get to find a new QB, cause Dalton ain't it.
  12. Jalen Hurts #2 on the field. #1 in our hearts.
  13. Reagor in 18 giving me (bad) flashbacks to Maclin (whom I loved in college).
  14. Guess we will wait until Trotters kid are draft eligible.
  15. Don't worry, it did RIP to B60. Hope that man is doing well out in the wild somewhere
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