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  1. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    KG being used correctly as a 5 and not playing with a 5 who can't move outta the paint >>>
  2. Gonna need to you the 1sts you get to find a new QB, cause Dalton ain't it.
  3. 2020 Rookie Numbers

    Jalen Hurts #2 on the field. #1 in our hearts.
  4. 2020 Rookie Numbers

    Reagor in 18 giving me (bad) flashbacks to Maclin (whom I loved in college).
  5. Gaining some LBs

    Guess we will wait until Trotters kid are draft eligible.
  6. Don't worry, it did RIP to B60. Hope that man is doing well out in the wild somewhere
  7. I mean he was not that bad last year. We drafted Dilliard and it is time to move on. But with some of the LT's who start in this league, I think he is still starting caliber
  8. Still think the remainder of the team and BB are to good for that to happen. That defense is still very good.
  9. 2021 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Guessing moreso to play in an emergency so he can dress as backup lineman. Don't see it as his long term spot.
  10. Except the players held out hope Krause may get fired. Jones was the same way but also everyone knew he could not be fired.
  11. Cowboys will be a tough team, but crowning them champs is dumb.
  12. Bringing Clement back makes alot of sense, especially if training camp time is cutdown. he already knows the offense and is still relatively young.
  13. Mornhinweg is back in Philly now, right? He worked with Baltimore when they had Flacco and Lamar and last year with just Lamar. May bring in some stuff they used.
  14. Jerry is such a weird guy. And ceeDee would loo way better with 10
  15. welp at least they are fast and can't catch. improvement from slow and can't catch