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  1. Where are the Rockets fans who were convinced this would work?
  2. The Philadelphia Phillies Thread - Are we good?

    Moving Santana would be good, just don't see Klentak doing it. Move Rhys to 1st Trade Santana Sign Harper Sign/trade for a starter Add some bullpen pieces
  3. Got the win yesterday
  4. Minnesota sending Butler to Philadelphia

    what have the bucks shown to be this playoff force?
  5. Thoughts on trade: Butler has alot of miles on him from playing with thibs, has shown that he does not always get along great with teammates and is getting older. However he is a top 15 player, great on both ends of the floor and elevates this team closer to having a chance against Boston (and Toronto I guess as well). I'm guessing we will get a few players who get cut like last year, but a lineup with Simmons, JJ, Butler, Chandler and Embiid at the end of the game will certainly be fun to watch. We also still have Fultz (as long as Butler does not kill the kid) Smith and our future picks (including Miami's pick).
  6. Sixers rookie are legitimately cursed when that is only the 2nd weirdest thing to happen to a Sixers rookie this year (Fultz forgetting how to play basketball is #1).
  7. Embiid has to be a legit top 4 MVP candidate at this point right?
  8. Right as he scores than stops Embiid 1v1
  9. And aren't all the other starters FA's after next year? Tough spot to be in
  10. Embiid w/o minutes restriction is dominating. Ben needs to improve playing with Joel. We need Fultz to figure something out...
  11. We have Fultz starting but he is playing most minutes at this point w/o Simmons. Can not believe what has happened to him since college, never seen anything like this.
  12. This was an awesome experience to go and see, Wembley is an incredible stadium. Got to see what our British friends eat (potatoes and fried fish) and drink (warm red ale beer). All in all, q great time.
  13. hmmmm didn't we win the Super Bowl about 9 months ago... Congrats man!
  14. WR Golden Tate to the Eagles for a 3rd

    Tate should get paid alot this offseason. A ton of teams with young QB's need veteran receivers and taking a quick look, Tate will be one of the only ones on the market. Should help us with the comp pick (which I think was part of the overall trade value factored in - basically detroit wanted the 3rd or 4th a year earlier).
  15. Gotta assume he will redshirt at this point.