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  1. We do that, we are maxed out at space anyways.
  2. Simmons - Derozan Aldridhe - Mitchell
  3. David Ortiz shot (in stable condition)

    Videos of the guys who did it getting beat are wild. They deserve it but shows what a different part of the world that is. Prayers to Ortiz, awesome guy who is universally loved!
  4. Pre-Offseason: Which Team Has The Brightest Future?

    Whether Klay leaves, KD leaves, Steph dies, Draymond retires... As of now, they are the only team that has a chance to run them all back. As such, they have the brightest future.
  5. The Philadelphia Phillies Thread

    Think Jay is a bat off the bench who can kinda platoon. Depending on what we owe him (heard they ate 18), not a bad option
  6. Pre-Offseason: Which Team Has The Brightest Future?

    Warriors Nobody else has a chance to run it back with Curry, KD, Klay, and Green
  7. Chris Long retires

    he made it clear to Eagles all offseason he would likely be gone. Long was very solid last year, added a great weapon off the bench. Great ending of a career for a great guy
  8. FF NBA Top 50 Players In The League: Who Is #3 Overall?

    Any chance we could get these threads in the offseason when the forum needs activity.... Theres like a billion of these clogging up the top of the forum
  9. Ranking the (B)East - OLB

    I think LVE may be better than Leonard.
  10. Ranking the (B)East - OLB

    LVE is a physical freak......
  11. All-Stars on your team right now

    Realmuto Harper Hoskins
  12. Agreed. With what was happening, they played it basically perfectly. I think I would have setup the inbounds defense a little bit different, but sometimes people just hot awesome shots.
  13. Ranking the (B)East - OT

    Lane Tyron Trent Peters
  14. We can all agree Leonard in on fire; however, what else do you want from a defender than the bolded?
  15. This core can win. They just need Simmons to develop, keep Embiid healthy, and gain chemistry. Whether the chemistry is a coaching issue is another question.