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  1. Peterman?

    This should be the end of Peterman talk and let's focus on making the offense more Taylor friendly. This game proves to me we need a QB in the first round let him sit behind Taylor next year then let him play and I have two QB's in mind Mason Rudoplh or Baker Makfeild. They are winners and that's what we need. Also we need all our picks to address several needs on this team. I think we draft besides QB with our 1st pick we take best player available period.
  2. Peterman?

    What if Peterman impresses us the last 7 games and leads us into the playoffs? My question is what in your opinion would you do with our 2 first round picks? I would take Best player available hopefully a LT or G in the 1st and then maybe a LB? Thoughts?
  3. Tyrod BENCHED

    I'm a Taylor fan but I think it was time to see what Peterman will do and see if he could be the QB of the future? I really hope he is because I'd like to address the OL in the draft next year instead of trading both 1st round picks for a QB that we don't know is the future. But our OL better get better fast if Peterman wants to be a good QB. Our OL has been horrible the last 2 weeks especially
  4. College QB Watchlist

    I want Rudolph he can make all the throws
  5. Week 10 GDT: New Orleans (6-2) @ Buffalo (5-3)

    I actually think the Buffalo Bills win this game I'm going to say 30-27 Bills
  6. D82's 2018 7 Round Mock V.5.0.

    I love the Buffalo Bills picks!! I want Rudolph really bad
  7. ChargerBuckeyes Midseason Mock

    I'm sorry for asking but what positions do the Buffalo Bills two picks play?
  8. Kelvin Benjamin Traded to The Bills

    Awesome trade and we have him under contract next year too!!!
  9. Dareus Traded to Jaguars

    I'm just glad he is off the team it will help us in the future. But we do have to start drafting better
  10. Should the Buffalo Bills trade for Pittsburgh WR Martavis Bryant? I don't think it would take much to get him given his history with suspensions and we need a #2 WR really bad. Your thoughts?
  11. Cordy Glenn to Seattle Trade Rumor

    I agree with this statement we need to many pieces to just trade a very good LT and I also agree he should lose about 25-30 pounds and it would help Glenn out greatly. Once he is healthy he is a top level LT. In case you were wondering what I feel we need it starts with a QB, a couple WR, backup RB Shady is only getting older, LB and DE Lawson has been a disappointment to me atleast.
  12. Charles Clay Knee Injury

    I've stated before that I think we should trade one of our many draft picks on a WR. I like Nick O'leary and I think it's time for him to shine but I wouldn't mind signing Gary Barnidge.
  13. What do you think we should do?

    Should we trade for a good WR? Or should we go the other route and trade our assets like Glenn, Darius, McCoy to get in better shape for the draft next year? It's a tough call this team could make the playoffs and that would be amazing but adding additional picks and getting in better position to draft studs that we need on offense so we can be a real contender next year is tempting too. I say go all in this year and try to trade for a stud WR we have two second round picks and two third round picks we can trade one of those for a stud. Also I'd like to try and get that CB who was suspended by the Giants it shouldn't cost to much and he is a star in the making. Thoughts?
  14. Bills released WR Walt Powell

    Let's face it we need help at WR even with Matthews healthy we need to bring in a vet to help Jones out. I say we trade one of our 4 picks we have in the 2nd and 3rd rounds for a proven player this week so that person can have a full bye week of practices to adjust to our system. Give Tyrod some help
  15. Week 4 GDT - Bills @ Falcons

    I admit it I was wrong about this game and this team. I said in an earlier post on this topic Atlanta would blow out the Buffalo Bills 31-10 and I couldn't of been more wrong about that. I was also very hard on this team entering the season saying they'd pick in the top 5 of the draft. Looks like I was wrong again but I'm very happy to be wrong!! I love cheering for the Buffalo Bills I just hope they take one game at a time and don't let this win get to their heads.