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  1. JMillzz21's First GM Mock

    First of all welcome to the forum!! Second great job on the Mock offseason you did great with the draft and FA!! Also you did great explaining everything this is the best Mock draft I've ever seen and I hope it becomes reality. I would make that trade with the Giants in a heartbeat I love Rosen
  2. What Do YOU Want to do at QB?

    I picked other because I'd love to see the Buffalo Bills trade a 2nd round pick to the Eagles for Nick Foles.
  3. First we resign Kyle Williams 2yr 10m 2nd year is player option we need him back to teach the young kids. Travis Cadet 2yr 2m I thought he played well though his time was short Deonte Thompson 3yr 6m played better as season went on EJ Gaines 5yr 40m Must have to complete our secondary Preston Brown 3yr 15m I think he will only get better as the talent around him gets better Leonard Johnson 3yr 3m Nickel corner who we can rely on Nick O'leary 2yr 3m Played better down the stretch Cut Players QB-Tyrod Taylor Cap savings around 9.5 million time to move on at QB OLB/DE Jerry Hughes after June 1st so we can split the cap hit 5.8 in 2019 and 7.5 M total savings Last two seasons haven't been his best and with his huge cap hit it's time to move in a new direction. Trades- Cordy Glenn to Indy for 3rd round pick we eat his bonus money Indy gets Glenn 3 yr 30 million for a talented Left tackle. Buffalo trades Philly it's 3rd round pick for Nick Foles QB He is under contract for a few years still kinda young but a super bowl winner is here to show this team how to win. FA DT-Star Lotulelei- 5yr 55million this is our big move he is a McDermott's guy who will sure up the run!! FS- Rafael Bush 1yr 1.5 Milllion just needed depth at S WR- Albert Wilson 3yr 13 Mill This will be our deep threat!! DE- Kony Ealy Former draft pick of Bean and McDermott had 15 sacks in 15 starts for Carolina Draft- Round 1 #21- OT Mike McGlinchey ND This kid can step in and start on our OL probably at RT but could be our LT too depending on where the coaches want Dawkins to play. Round 1 #22- OLB Tremaine Edmunds VT This kid can do it all with freakish size and speed. He will start from day 1 moving Alexander to the bench as a role player. Round 2 #53 DT Maurice Hurst Michigan- This kid can start next to Star day 1 but we let him rotate in and out with Kyle Round 2 #56 RB Sony Michel Georgia - This kid has all the tools to be a great back!! We let him backup Shady for a year maybe 2 then he will be our every down stud. Round 3 #67 INDY pick- QB Mason Rudolph OK State- Kid could be our future Franchise QB big risk/ reward here Round 3 #94 traded for NIck Foles Round 4 #117 DE Josh Sweat FSU- I'm thinking we need to add a body on the DE side of the ball and this player fills the bill Round 5 #149 RG Will Hernandez UTEP- Although I think Miller steps right back in and plays well we need depth on the O line Round 5 #157 CB Ken Webster Ole Miss- We need depth that's all Roster QB- Foles, Peterman, Rudolph RB- Shady, Michel, Cadet FB- Dimarco, Tolbert TE- Clay, O'Leary, Thomas WR- Benjamin, Albert, Jones, Thompson, Reilly RT- McGlinchey, Mills RG- Miller, Hernandez C- Groy, Ducasse, Hernandez LG- Incognito, Ducasse LT- Dawkins, McDermott DE- Ealy, Lawson, Yarbrough, Davis DT- Star, Williams, Hurst, Washington OLB-Edmunds, Milano, Alexander, Vallejo MLB- Brown, Alexander CBs- Gaines, White, Johnson, Webster, Wright FS- Poyer, Bush SS- Hyde, Anderson K- Hauschka P- Schmidt LS- Ferguson Kickoff/Punt returner- Cadet
  4. DD's First Mock Offseason 2018

    I'm not a huge fan of Allen I'd rather have Mayfield or Rudoplh to be honest. I see Hurst going in the 1st round but if he falls that would be a great pick. I don't want anything to do with Anderson as our QB.
  5. Mock including Kirk

    I love it!!! I hope it becomes true and the draft picks are very good too. Thank you for doing a Mock I love these things
  6. Which Wide Receiver Do You Want?

    I honestly would resign Matthews he is a good WR just was hurt all year. He shouldn't command a lot of money either.
  7. Alex Smith

    I wouldn't mind getting an Alex Smith but I too would not trade a 2nd round pick for him maybe a 4th this year and next year. There are a lot of stop gap QB's that we can pick from while drafting our future QB this year or next. Nick Foles, Case Keenum, Bradford, Bridgewater are QB's that come to mind if we want to have a starter for a year or two.
  8. Comp pick?

    Just thought I'd get your opinion on if you think the Buffalo Bills will get any Comp picks? I think we deserve two Gilmoure probably a 3rd round pick and Woods probably a 6 or 7th rounder? Thoughts?
  9. Early Mock Offseason

    I don't hate it but I'd bet we struck out a lot on the FA QB's as Bridgewater is a last option. I also don't like the signing of Pryor. I love the D signings and wouldn't mind your draft becoming true either thank you for doing a Mock I love these things!!!
  10. Trentwannabe's 2018 Mock Draft *UPDATED*

    I really admire your effort you put in on the Mock offseason thank you!! First I agree with cutting Hughes but not Richie I'd like to see him here for at least another year as first he made the pro bowl this year and second I think we have to many holes to fill already we don't need another one. Second I'd love to get Alex Smith for a 3rd rounder in 3019 But I think the Chiefs would get at least a 3rd this year as an offer. Second I don't think they would take on Taylor's contract to be a backup making 18 million? I would try and trade Glenn for best available offer he is very talented but overpaid and injury prone. I like your moves in FA and I like the draft as well I'm a huge Rudolph fan but I agree with you he needs to sit for two seasons to learn then earn a starter spot after that. Again Thank You
  11. Bowser's 1st 2018 mock draft

    I'd love it if your trade of the Buffalo Bills to Indy is true!! I love Rosen but I think we'd have to give up more to get there!!
  12. I love all 4 of the Buffalo Bills picks great job!!
  13. Draft question, guys...

    I see what you are saying about the DT's falling to us and the value being there the problem is we have a lot of holes and I'd rather we take a stud DE like Key from LSU at 21 or 22 and use the other pick on a QB like Mayfield or a LB, OL or DT. Most offseason Mocks have us signing Star so if we could do that and get Kyle to sign a 1 year deal we may not need to draft a DT early. I love Washington I think giving time he will be a pro bowler just my opinion. Honestly I see us going hard after Star and Cousins so we could draft the BPA with our picks.
  14. Maxmw22's 2nd Mock Offseason

    I don't hate the offseason. I love that we get Star but I have a huge crush on Hurst and I say there is NO WAY he last until the 2nd round he's a first rounder. But that being said I'd take him in the 1st then. Lamar I don't know about I wouldn't hate the pick but I'd much rather have Mayfield if we our going to draft a QB. I also like Rudolph but only if we can get a QB to teach him like a Alex Smith? Lamar I think could start right away that's why I wouldn't hate it. Again another mock that the Bills don't sign Matthews I think we could get him for cheap and he played injured all season. I really appreciate you doing a mock I love these things I just think we could have a better offseason IMO.
  15. BG82 Bills Mock Offseason

    I couldn't do a better offseason if I tried!! I love us landing Cousins because we could use all our picks for needed talent at different positions. I love Star too!! He'd sure up our run D!! I can see Kyle signing a 1 year deal to see if we could make a run next season and with your additions we will go farther than this season. I don't think that Cousins will not come here I think if the money is right we are in the running. I love going DT with our first pick in the first round. Either LB or OL with the 22nd pick would be my dream come true. The only problem I have is us bringing in Williams I'd rather sign Cadet he played well for us in brief action and would come cheaper. With those additions we need to watch where we spend our money plus I think we add a back in the draft I'd love Bo but it's deep at RB so we will get a good one. One thing you didn't do is resign Matthews I think he played injured all season and I think the Coaches know he tried to play and he could come cheap I think he would be better when healthy and could be our #2 WR with Jones in the slot? Thank you for doing this I love Mock drafts and offseasons!!