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  1. Zay Jones traded to Oakland for 2021 fifth round pick

    First of back to the topic I'm glad we got anything for Zay he really hasn't done much for other teams to offer anything. Now on to your topics I don't want Trent he is an older player first who is a high cap hit plus he probably will want even more $ he is coming off an injury and hasn't practiced in forever who knows what shape he is in and lastly he would absolutely cost us a 1st round pick probably more and I'm NEVER in favor of trading picks let alone 1st rounders. I know we need help on the O line but stay the course and address it next year in the draft or a desired FA.
  2. Bye Week Thread

    I'm usually not a fan of the bye week and especially when it's early in the season but this comes at the right time for the Bills. After all those injuries last game it will be a great benefit to rest up and get back at it next week. As far as turnovers our concerned I don't like them but I do like Josh Allen's mindset to make a big play he is a gunslinger and that is refreshing after years of QB's not willing to throw downfield when you have a QB like this you have to take the good with the bad nobody is perfect he truly reminds me Jim Kelly with running ability
  3. Week 4 GDT: Patriots @ Bills - "The Test"

    I think that we keep this game close for 3 quarters and that we show that we're not that far off but ultimately Tom Brady and NE Defense is too tough this time around I got it 13-10 after 3 but then the Pats get a TD and the final is 20-10 Pats. No sham in losing
  4. First off I'm a Buffalo Bills fan but I come in peace. I just wanted some New England fans opinion on a few things. First I admire your Franchise and the model you set for the entire NFL I'm no hater of any greatness. Now that being said I go way back as a fan I mean I remember when New England was pretty much at the bottom of the league or at least an easy win. What I want to know from your fan base what do you think turned it around? Was it Kraft buying the team? The hiring of your coach who is probably the greatest coach of all time? Or Tom Brady who is IMO the greatest QB of all time? I know that all three coming together at the right time is the obvious answer but I would like you to pick just one of them please. Thank you in advance for your opinions good luck on Sunday
  5. Harrison Phillips to IR. Kyle Peko promoted from PS.

    Tough break for the kid and the Bills he is not the sexiest name on the roster but sure played a key role on our defensive front. I hope he can recover from his injury and return sometime next season. I know he will be missed this season
  6. Week 3 GDT: Bengals @ Bills 2019 Home Opener!

    This game scares me a little could be a trap game with New England next week. The Bengals have some weapons that can stretch the field but if I have to pick a winner I'm going with the Bills it's the home opener and the fans will be loud. Buffalo 27-13
  7. The Offensive Line

    I know it's been only 2 games but I'm interested to get some opinions on the O line. I'm very pleased at how they have played overall in the first 2 games I thought it would take about half the season for them to jell because they didn't play together in the preseason. Mitch is a gem at Center this kid can pull and has been good in pass protection. The only issue I have is short yard situation we have been able to blow off the ball in short yardage plays. IMO besides Allen the O line is the key to a successful Offense I'm very excited to see them get better as the season goes on
  8. Week 1: Buffalo Bills vs NY Jets

    I thought going into the game that both Offenses would struggle because we both have good Defenses. I think we (the Bills) got a huge break with the unfortunate injury to Mosley I have a ton of respect for your D!! Best of luck in the coming weeks see you in week 17 oh ya beat the Patriots!!
  9. Your season predictions

    You are spot on by saying don't judge after week 1. Best example of that was the Buffalo Bills blowing out NE in the opener everyone was saying NE was done I think it was something like 30-0 Bills needless to say the Pats went on to win the Superbowl I'll never forget that but the point of this thread is to see what you thought before the season began and look back as the season goes on
  10. Cap Space leading in 2020 Season

    I love looking ahead thanks for the info. Very pleased that we have a ton of cap space with little holes to fill. I think we extend Dawkins, Milano and my favorite player Poyer. After that we hopefully get to fill the holes with targeted FA's and the draft. I'm looking a the Bama WR after college footballs opening week.
  11. Week 1 GDT: The Season is HERE! BUF @ NYJ

    I'm not a fan of either QB honestly and I think both QB's will have at best an average career I'm a huge Buffalo Bills fan but I have to call em as I see em. I think both D's could be elite this season. Since it's the first week and usually the D is a head of the O in most cases I think this game will be low scoring the key will be if we could contain Bell. Not a big fan of either O line to start the season. I do think the Buffalo Bills O line will grow as the season goes on but early on it will struggle. Both QB's will throw at least an INT it will be a great game if you enjoy Defense I got the Bills winning 13-10 as I think our D is slightly better then the Jets. BTW I hope that I'm wrong about Allen because I love his fire and passion for the game and I'd hate to have to rebuild again lord knows we've been through enough of those.
  12. Bodine Traded to Patriots

    Honestly he was going to get cut by the Bills he just makes to much to backup at C. I think Beane is righting a wrong he did last season Bodine didn't pan out and we all know he was getting cut so we got a pick for him I think that's amazing and you may say it's only a 6th round pick but the draft is a Russian roulette table you can get a guy in the 6th that could make an impact on your Franchise. I don't care if Bodine does great things in New England because he didn't make an impact here
  13. Bills trade Russell Bodine to NE for a 6th in 2020

    I love it we get a pick for a player that was going to get cut that's amazing
  14. Your season predictions

    Alright the preseason is over now it's time to predict the season do you think the Buffalo Bills are a playoff team?? What do you think there record will be??
  15. Team Needs

    I'd say our biggest need is a true #1 WR second would be a pass rusher but after that I think we are pretty much set up for great competition at training camp we have good depth. I think Beane has put a lot of talent on this team. We are but together well going into the season and we won't have many holes to fill next offseason either.