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  1. I got the Buffalo Bills by 9 or less I have a feeling that we could win by more by I don't want to disrespectful to Miami. This is not the New York Jets team with what I think has the worst Coach in the NFL. Miami has a Coach that I respect that gets the most of it's players from what I saw late last season they have young skilled players and maybe we catch a break getting them the 2nd game of the season with no preseason games. Buffalo 21-13
  2. I just saw this signing now really excited but I'm thinking that Ford is going to stay at RT I was under the influence he would be moved to G but I guess the Spain signing kind of sealed his fate I'm not mad about it but IMO he did struggle at RT in year 1 I really thought he kind of cost us the playoff game. When Houston moved Watt over him it changed the game IMO obviously I know that one player didn't cost the game but he was exposed in that game. Here's hoping he works hard and competes for the RT this upcoming season
  3. Good thing about this years draft it is deep in talent at elite positions I follow collage football more than the NFL except for the Buffalo Bills obviously but I don't know specific details like you guys do and I don't know who the Bills have looked at or interviewed but my realistic top 5 that I would like the Bills to get are as followed 1. Power RB either one of Swift, Dobbins, Taylor and the kid from LSU CEH 2. WR- Claypool is who I want for jump balls in the end zone for fades in the corner of the end zone I know I'm a huge Irish fan but I really think this kid will be a good WR in the NFL he has great hands and size for the position 3. Jake Fromm QB we really don't need a QB with Allen but I think Fromm is a very good option in case Josh gets hurt or I hate to say it but his career ends early due to injuries Fromm is not the sexy QB in this years draft but I've watched him he didn't have a ton of talent in WR's or TE's and his numbers are not off the charts but this kid wins and just finds a way to deliver in the clutch I'm not saying he is anywhere near Tom Brady but he gives me that feel with his hate to lose attitude plus I think he will fall to at least the 4th round if he could sit and learn from film and coaches he'll have a chance at success in the NFL 4. I don't know who or what he ranks on the Buffalo Bills board but I'd love them to address the DE position it could be any round just as long as he is the top option on their board we are old at this position and some youth for the future would be a great move 5. Again I'm not sure of the options that will be there but another position I'd like to address is OT could be right or left depending on how much Beane values Dawkins I'd rather keep Dawkins if reasonable and take a gamble with a mid round pick on a RT you just never know I mean look at Peters he was a TE who we turned into a pro bowl T if they have a guy high on their board I wouldn't mind taking a shot These are the options and positions I'd love the Buffalo Bills to address they are not round specific just who we have highest on our board we select I've said this before but this regime I trust and any pick they take I'd fully support because the Front Office and Coaches have turned our atmosphere into a winning one
  4. I'd have no problem with that as long as the Buffalo Bills still get the 8 homes games during regular season
  5. I don't know the initials CEH is but I do know that if we were able to get a Swift, Dobbins, Taylor at 54 or possibly move up to get one of them would be amazing. We need a back like that to team with Motor. My dream scenario would be to land one of those 3 at 54 then 3rd round Claypool then next pick Fromm I really think that combo would be an amazing draft
  6. I'd love to get a Stud RB in the 2nd but the 2 realistic players I want in the draft are Claypool WR and Fromm QB im thinking 3rd to 5th rounds they will go
  7. I like the roster although I think we will address the RB situation earlier in the draft than you suggest but I basically have the draft positions the same as you just different rounds. I too would take Bojorquez over Vedlik but I'm sure it will come down to who is better in training camp and preseason. Croom or Sweeney is a tough one I think Smith stays I know it's not popular with many fans because of his timely holding calls but he is the best TE blocker on the team and we have to be balanced to win. I really think we got to pass happy last season in many games more balance will greatly help out not only the D but with W's as well. Other than that I basically have the same 55 although I don't see Webb making the roster ideally I'd love to draft Fromm out of Georgia the kid isn't the greatest at any skill but he knows how to win and probably will be there in the 5th I just have a feeling about him he seems to come up in clutch situations and no I'm not a Georgia fan actually I'm an Irish fan and he played very well against us twice plus numerous other games.
  8. Not really sure how these picks are handed out I googled it but still not very sure I'm wondering with all of your expertise if anyone knows if the Buffalo Bills will likely get any Comp picks this year?? With us trading away a 1st, 4th and 5th round this year brings up my interest
  9. I like this pick up granted Norman is no longer a # 1 CB and seems to have declined but with the Bills IMO having a pro bowler in White and IMO two pro bowlers in Poyer and Hyde at the back end and I'm a big fan of Johnson in the slot. Norman should be able to hold down the #2 spot with those players around not to mention our very good to elite LB'ers the question is can we get pressure on the QB with our front?? Time will tell but I like the chances with Hughes, Oliver, and Allison now Star is a run stuffer but hopefuly on 3rd down in obvious pass situations Phillips is healthy enough to get the pressure up the middle. I"m also not counting out Levi Wallace he could beat out Norman kid can play it will all come down to who wins the spot at #2 but either of them will be cheap options IMO
  10. This signing I value a lot because of given up the 22 pick which I thought we would have gotten a very good prospect at LBer now we get a very good WR and a very good LB both with experience instead of just a rookie I know we gave up a 4th, 5th this year and a 4th next as well but unless we got great value those players probably would be depth players and I feel the Buffalo Bills have very good depth honestly
  11. Special teams is a big part of a game that goes unnoticed usually hopefully we can get some more guys that will fill out them out
  12. I'm not going to pretend that I know much about him but again I trust the GM and Coach greatly kind of odd to say in Buffalo but they've earned that plus with what you guys have posted he sounds solid
  13. I'm so stoked about this Jordan is my favorite player and basically has been since like his 2nd game with the Bills. I just love the way he plays very fundamentally sound with good to great instincts. I really thought that he'd price his way out of Buffalo if you look at his stats they are impressive. Now Milano, Hyde, White
  14. My thoughts are mixed I certainly don't like given up that much I probably over value the draft but at the same time Diggs is very good and I was thinking the best we would of gotten at WR with pick 22 was Higgins I certainly think Diggs is better than he is and we know what we are getting. The only problem I have with Diggs is and I don't know this but I think he'll want a new deal in a year or two. Now my problem given up 22 is I really think we could of gotten a very good LB at that pick but then you have to value what's better for the team at this time a proven very good WR or a rookie LB I'd go WR the way the Bills did 9 out of 10 times. Also I trust the leadership of this team hopefully they are right again
  15. if I'm reading it right the contract now is a proof it deal as he could easily be cut next season. As an organization usually players play their best when up against the wall let's hope it's the case for Star and he earns the money he signed for.
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