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  1. Predict the 55

    I like the roster although I think we will address the RB situation earlier in the draft than you suggest but I basically have the draft positions the same as you just different rounds. I too would take Bojorquez over Vedlik but I'm sure it will come down to who is better in training camp and preseason. Croom or Sweeney is a tough one I think Smith stays I know it's not popular with many fans because of his timely holding calls but he is the best TE blocker on the team and we have to be balanced to win. I really think we got to pass happy last season in many games more balance will greatly help out not only the D but with W's as well. Other than that I basically have the same 55 although I don't see Webb making the roster ideally I'd love to draft Fromm out of Georgia the kid isn't the greatest at any skill but he knows how to win and probably will be there in the 5th I just have a feeling about him he seems to come up in clutch situations and no I'm not a Georgia fan actually I'm an Irish fan and he played very well against us twice plus numerous other games.
  2. Comp picks

    Not really sure how these picks are handed out I googled it but still not very sure I'm wondering with all of your expertise if anyone knows if the Buffalo Bills will likely get any Comp picks this year?? With us trading away a 1st, 4th and 5th round this year brings up my interest
  3. Bills Sign Josh Norman to 1 year deal

    I like this pick up granted Norman is no longer a # 1 CB and seems to have declined but with the Bills IMO having a pro bowler in White and IMO two pro bowlers in Poyer and Hyde at the back end and I'm a big fan of Johnson in the slot. Norman should be able to hold down the #2 spot with those players around not to mention our very good to elite LB'ers the question is can we get pressure on the QB with our front?? Time will tell but I like the chances with Hughes, Oliver, and Allison now Star is a run stuffer but hopefuly on 3rd down in obvious pass situations Phillips is healthy enough to get the pressure up the middle. I"m also not counting out Levi Wallace he could beat out Norman kid can play it will all come down to who wins the spot at #2 but either of them will be cheap options IMO
  4. Bills Sign LB AJ Klein

    This signing I value a lot because of given up the 22 pick which I thought we would have gotten a very good prospect at LBer now we get a very good WR and a very good LB both with experience instead of just a rookie I know we gave up a 4th, 5th this year and a 4th next as well but unless we got great value those players probably would be depth players and I feel the Buffalo Bills have very good depth honestly
  5. Bills Sign LB/ST Tyler Matakevich

    Special teams is a big part of a game that goes unnoticed usually hopefully we can get some more guys that will fill out them out
  6. Bills sign DE Mario Addison (3 year deal)

    I'm not going to pretend that I know much about him but again I trust the GM and Coach greatly kind of odd to say in Buffalo but they've earned that plus with what you guys have posted he sounds solid
  7. Bills Extend Jordan Poyer through 2022

    I'm so stoked about this Jordan is my favorite player and basically has been since like his 2nd game with the Bills. I just love the way he plays very fundamentally sound with good to great instincts. I really thought that he'd price his way out of Buffalo if you look at his stats they are impressive. Now Milano, Hyde, White
  8. Bills acquire WR Stefon Diggs

    My thoughts are mixed I certainly don't like given up that much I probably over value the draft but at the same time Diggs is very good and I was thinking the best we would of gotten at WR with pick 22 was Higgins I certainly think Diggs is better than he is and we know what we are getting. The only problem I have with Diggs is and I don't know this but I think he'll want a new deal in a year or two. Now my problem given up 22 is I really think we could of gotten a very good LB at that pick but then you have to value what's better for the team at this time a proven very good WR or a rookie LB I'd go WR the way the Bills did 9 out of 10 times. Also I trust the leadership of this team hopefully they are right again
  9. Bills restructure Star Lotulelei

    if I'm reading it right the contract now is a proof it deal as he could easily be cut next season. As an organization usually players play their best when up against the wall let's hope it's the case for Star and he earns the money he signed for.
  10. Bills re-sign Spain

    I'm happy with the Spain extension not sure where I'd like Ford to play but we have some solid options as far as Kroft i'd like to see how he does when healthy at this price he could be a steal
  11. Buffalo Bills Draft Picks

    I'm not a fan of trading draft picks I mean look at Sweeney he was a 7th rounder last year I believe you just never know but with I think 9 picks I'd be willing to trade up for a player they have high on there board. I wouldn't reach for a WR in the 1st myself I'd go best player available on there board. I haven't said this about the Bills or Sabres in a long time but with Beane and Shawn I trust there opinions so who they believe in I'm not going to second guess
  12. Our Offense

    Yesterday I got to thinking that it seems Dabol is trying to force the pass with Josh Allen even when we were running for 5-6 yards at will. The first half just seemed like the OC wanted to end that 300 yard streak and called passes to often. This IMO did 3 things first on situations were the run was the best option like the first drive in the red zone the OC called a quick pass on a 3rd and 1 the pass went incomplete also we got a holding call that backed us up 10 yards. The 2nd thing it does it causes our players to get penalties like holding and false starts IMO and 3rd IMO I don't think Josh is ready to throw the ball 30 times in a close game when we can run at will like yesterday. It does show that our Coaches believe that not only Allen but the whole offense is ready for this which is a good sign that they believe in our players. I thought the 2nd half we got back to the run and mixed in some play action and I believe Josh went 10-11 with 2 TD's in the 2nd half. Do any of you feel like this is the case for our Buffalo Bills?? It's almost like they get to cute but the basics are working and they go away from that. I'd love your thoughts??
  13. The Offensive Line

    I know it's been only 2 games but I'm interested to get some opinions on the O line. I'm very pleased at how they have played overall in the first 2 games I thought it would take about half the season for them to jell because they didn't play together in the preseason. Mitch is a gem at Center this kid can pull and has been good in pass protection. The only issue I have is short yard situation we have been able to blow off the ball in short yardage plays. IMO besides Allen the O line is the key to a successful Offense I'm very excited to see them get better as the season goes on
  14. Replacing New Era Field

    I'm not in favor of building a new stadium I used to be when I wore a younger mans clothes. First off if they ever build a new stadium the cost of season tickets would probably double also I'm not a Bills season ticket holder so I'm not sure but I believe that currently the season ticket holders do not pay a PSL which is a personal seating license basically a way for owners to make more money. My Brother has season tickets for the Jets and he pays in total I think $30,000 for the seats he has not yearly they budget it out but It's expensive I know they are in a different market NY (NJ) but I believe with a new stadium comes the PSL. Second weather brings an advantage to the Buffalo Bills and when I used to go to games I loved knowing that we had that advantage. Third if they ever do get a new stadium it should stay where it's at in Orchard Park the parking is just great a lot of open space you cannot get that if they built the stadium in the City not to mention cost again the City would be much more expensive. Lastly the size of the Stadium is huge it used to be 80,000 now I believe it's still above 70,000 if we built a new Stadium that would most likely be smaller in attendance.
  15. Our Offense

    This week is exactly why I started this thread. I don't think Daboll needs to get fired but I do think him and Allen and Coach McDermott need to sit down and figure out a way to balance the offense. I get the first 12-15 plays are scripted and we usually do well on those plays but after that let's see if we can balance the Offense I really think Daboll has to much confidence in Allen and that is great because he knows him better than anyone. Maybe is a case of short term loss vs long term gain like he knows it's in Josh Allen and he is going to force him to get it out sort of?? If this is the case then I'm fine with losing a couple games this year to gain a lot of W's in the future. But to me Motor had 8 carries for like 41 yards against Cleveland who was 30th against the run?? He was getting better than 5 yards a carry but we throw it 41 times in a very close game. The whole game was basically close we didn't need to throw it that many times
  16. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    I'm not here to trash talk but how in the world did you let Jordan Poyer go?? After one game this kid became my favorite player and should of made the pro bowl the last 2 years. Not to mention his wife is incredibly Gorgeous that is just a side note. On the game if the Browns commit to the run they have a good chance of winning. We (The Bills) have had trouble stopping the run even when it's obvious that it's coming. I think this game will be close you guys have 3 players I really wanted the Buffalo Bills to draft in Baker, Chubb and Greedy Williams Good luck Sunday it should be a great game.
  17. WR set next year

    Usually I'm huge of the draft and less on FA but in this case because we seem to be closer to winning then I expected I'd love to see AJ Green finish the season strong and healthy and we sign him to a 3-4 year deal. Remember he can be elite when healthy the combo of AJ, Brown and Beasley with Knox taking the next step will be HUGE for us plus our O line will only get better the more they play together
  18. Week 10 GDT: Battle of Lake Erie!

    I can't wait for this game on Sunday I really think we should win with our Defense being elite and there QB struggling plus bad calls from there coach but it could be a huge disappointment because Hunt is coming back making his first appearance as a Brown. The key to this game will be the line of scrimmage if we control it I think we win but if we allow the Browns to run all over us I can see myself throwing something thru my TV. I was really high on a couple of Browns players that they drafted the past 2 years. First I loved Baker and I wanted him to fall to the Bills second I was a big fan of Chubb another player I wanted the Bills to draft and lastly I really thought highly of Greedy Williams and when we passed on him in the 2nd round I couldn't believe it. Now time has passed and I don't look to bright to be high on those players but I'd like to see how they preform on Sunday. Either way Buffalo wins because we got my favorite player Jordan Poyer from Cleveland and his gorgeous wife Rachel Bush wearing Buffalo gear is breathe taken. On the field I see Buffalo winning 20-13 we escape with a W.
  19. Week 8 GDT: Die Eagles Die

    I'm really looking forward to the game tomorrow I think it will be close throughout the game and I wouldn't be surprised if we either win or lose. I've always been a fan of Darby thought we shouldn't of traded him I'd like to see him play but then again I'd love it more if we won. I'm think we fall 17-13 but I hope I'm wrong
  20. Zay Jones traded to Oakland for 2021 fifth round pick

    First of back to the topic I'm glad we got anything for Zay he really hasn't done much for other teams to offer anything. Now on to your topics I don't want Trent he is an older player first who is a high cap hit plus he probably will want even more $ he is coming off an injury and hasn't practiced in forever who knows what shape he is in and lastly he would absolutely cost us a 1st round pick probably more and I'm NEVER in favor of trading picks let alone 1st rounders. I know we need help on the O line but stay the course and address it next year in the draft or a desired FA.
  21. Bye Week Thread

    I'm usually not a fan of the bye week and especially when it's early in the season but this comes at the right time for the Bills. After all those injuries last game it will be a great benefit to rest up and get back at it next week. As far as turnovers our concerned I don't like them but I do like Josh Allen's mindset to make a big play he is a gunslinger and that is refreshing after years of QB's not willing to throw downfield when you have a QB like this you have to take the good with the bad nobody is perfect he truly reminds me Jim Kelly with running ability
  22. Week 4 GDT: Patriots @ Bills - "The Test"

    I think that we keep this game close for 3 quarters and that we show that we're not that far off but ultimately Tom Brady and NE Defense is too tough this time around I got it 13-10 after 3 but then the Pats get a TD and the final is 20-10 Pats. No sham in losing
  23. First off I'm a Buffalo Bills fan but I come in peace. I just wanted some New England fans opinion on a few things. First I admire your Franchise and the model you set for the entire NFL I'm no hater of any greatness. Now that being said I go way back as a fan I mean I remember when New England was pretty much at the bottom of the league or at least an easy win. What I want to know from your fan base what do you think turned it around? Was it Kraft buying the team? The hiring of your coach who is probably the greatest coach of all time? Or Tom Brady who is IMO the greatest QB of all time? I know that all three coming together at the right time is the obvious answer but I would like you to pick just one of them please. Thank you in advance for your opinions good luck on Sunday
  24. Harrison Phillips to IR. Kyle Peko promoted from PS.

    Tough break for the kid and the Bills he is not the sexiest name on the roster but sure played a key role on our defensive front. I hope he can recover from his injury and return sometime next season. I know he will be missed this season
  25. Your season predictions

    Alright the preseason is over now it's time to predict the season do you think the Buffalo Bills are a playoff team?? What do you think there record will be??