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  1. Our locker room has been a cancer since SuperBowl 49. The Seahawks went from a team that had a huge chip on their shoulders to prove to everyone they were the real deal when no one even considered them, to a bunch of egotistical primadonnas. It was never the same again and the players lost faith in management and Carroll. Our offensive line has been the worst in the league for quite a while now. Sherman is gone, Chancellor is gone, Graham is gone, Thomas will probably be gone. That’s a lot of pieces to lose. We have no running game at all. The team will go as far as Russell can carry them.
  2. Earl Thomas Situation (holding out)

    God this team has been **** show and the locker room has been a cancer since Superbowl 49. Went from a bunch of players with chips on their shoulders to prove to everyone they were the real deal to a bunch of egotistical prima donnas.
  3. M. Bennett To the Eagles

    Glad he’s gone. Never been a fan. Like others have mentioned it will be interesting to see what the plan is moving forward filling in his role.
  4. Richard Sherman Released

    Honestly, not sad because I feel like this is what needed to happen. It has been a dysfunctional unit the past 2 seasons and a lot of premadonna ego’s. I couldn’t wait to get rid of Bennett. I appreciate everything Sherman did for us, and he will go down as one of the best Hawks of all time.
  5. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    No denying the Patriots greatness, but **** the NFL.
  6. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    Bell and Brown will keep the Steelers in this.
  7. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    Should've ran that instead of almost throwing a pick
  8. GDT: Week 12

    Demarco Murray with 9 rush attempts for -3 yards...
  9. As a thank you for the wildcard game.
  10. GDT: Week 7

    Broncos are a lolshow right now.
  11. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    That was a god awful call on Irvin. That was a routine tackle.
  12. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    Frustrating game all around. The call on Lane that prevented the pick 6 was brutal. I thought our defense played very well. Offense could not get any rhythm going. My hope is that the O-Line can get into form and at least be a little better like it was at the end of the 2015 season.