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  1. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    No denying the Patriots greatness, but **** the NFL.
  2. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    Bell and Brown will keep the Steelers in this.
  3. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    Should've ran that instead of almost throwing a pick
  4. GDT: Week 12

    Demarco Murray with 9 rush attempts for -3 yards...
  5. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    As a thank you for the wildcard game.
  6. GDT: Week 7

    Broncos are a lolshow right now.
  7. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    That was a god awful call on Irvin. That was a routine tackle.
  8. Week 1: Seahawks at Packers

    Frustrating game all around. The call on Lane that prevented the pick 6 was brutal. I thought our defense played very well. Offense could not get any rhythm going. My hope is that the O-Line can get into form and at least be a little better like it was at the end of the 2015 season.