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  1. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    They're in the same place all the Meowth's are, right before the first gym (the grass inside the stone fences once you exit the first cave).
  2. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Okay, trying to figure it out
  3. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Do I need to have a Nintendo Online membership to trade? Just got a switch about a week ago, I've got some trade evo's I could use as well :-)
  4. Week 5 GDT

    You thinking the team is good scares me now.
  5. Week 3: Dallas Cowboys Lets just hope Dolphins' superstar longsnapper Taybor Pepper doesn't make us all look silly this week.
  6. Borderlands 3

    Been playing Amara with the projection ult. Pretty confident that my build is trash, maybe the power of the rush stack skills just isn't as easy to notice though. For my 2nd character I might try an afk pet build.
  7. Week 2: New England Patriots
  8. Favorite team: Panthers Week 1 Pick: Baltimore Ravens I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch Your Edits!".
  9. Apex Legends (F2P BR)

    Solos coming as a limited time mode next week. Haven't really played in a while, I'll give this a shot though for sure.
  10. Aww. You're my friend too. Thanks buddy!
  11. Reckon talkin cowboy talk's the least o' my troubles, feller.
  12. I mean it doesn't have to be historically accurate, but okay.