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  1. Sure. If he doesn't know the show he might not realize the implication.
  2. Yeah, outside of the aspect ratio and some movie/technological references, it ages pretty well.
  3. Yeah, this was sort of the point.
  4. Liam and Ryan. Made the most sense for a 2x role IMO.
  5. @squire12 are you the McPoyle twins?
  6. Plenty of characters out there who could be looking for Frank (touch's character). Trying to think of who else those people might be interested in.
  7. Blonde women should be Dee/Waitress. Mac's dad meets Dee in "Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender". He gets out on parole and goes to the bar. He creepily smells Dee's hair, she's worried that he might eat her.
  8. Yeah, lets bash some rats, see if anything pans out. If not, then back to dome.
  9. With current info, if we're believing that amac is civ vote silencer, then we definitely lynch 3rd party.
  10. Should be 3 or 4 characters it would work on. TK3 and Player X aren't one of those.
  11. Did you really have to take their votes away? You'd think an ocular patdown (to assess their threat level) would've been enough.
  12. To flesh out mine a little more: N1: James uses move on Player X. James is redirected to TK3, move fails N2: James uses move on Player X again. Move fails on Player X.