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  1. Well I was trying to make a joke, but it turns out the only thing flat was the joke itself. But yeah, I like the draft, haven't followed prospects or CFB the past few years but I usually still enjoy the first two nights.
  2. The draft is flat. Don't buy into big football's propaganda.
  3. I'd be interested in something like this but don't think I can really commit to a long-term thing.
  4. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock

    Clelin Ferrell seems like the guy.
  5. Don't think I can play.
  6. Texans sign LT Matt Khalil

    I don't know specifically, but I remember for a while you guys had like 3 OT's in the PFF bottom five. If Kalil stays healthy he's a little better than that, but I'm honestly surprised he didn't just retire. Probably a 50/50 at best that he makes it through a camp.
  7. Random Game Talk

    Yung Dab is the best rapper don't @ me.
  8. Daryl Williams re-signs with Panthers

    Well for whatever its worth, we shouldn't be picking a tackle at 16 now, so one less team to take one before you guys are OTC.
  9. They really do have members all around the globe.
  10. MMA Thread

    I'm still shocked Askren survived that slam
  11. I want to see setup/rules. I think I'm going to stop playing in blind setups.
  12. I didn't do anything to you. In fact I probably would've banged you were it not for the aids.
  13. I mean its not like actual logic is used in our games anyway.