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  1. Guess it fits that you're still not understanding me
  2. Sorry it derailed like this. I can't really play when me trying to bring up possibilities (one of which was true) is met with "no you're scum" and "man you vote weird". I'm sure I could've expressed some of those theories and ideas better, but it felt like there was no give and take and no charitable interpretation of anything I said. So ultimately I'm glad that at least I was able to exit the game without wasting a lynch, and that you guys got swag last night and were able to take a shot at lynching the last scum tonight. Hope its mission, and if not (assuming that doesn't end the game) good luck getting whoever else is left!
  3. Page 277, it was after rags was dead. Read my posts/responses to my posts on page 276 to see what lead to my claiming/quitting.
  4. No change of heart. You're the only one I trust. I'd vote if you told me I should. So with this I'll go quietly (as long as you guys don't screw up and end the day early).
  5. fyi if someone is lynched via hammer my inactive death gets delayed.
  6. So that you don't feel ignored, I'm not voting unless I'm called upon to be the hammer by trusted civs. Otherwise I'm inactive dying (whenever that may happen).
  7. And sorry for the reading comment, obviously too far. Easy to get confused with all the late vote switches.
  8. This line literally didn't happen. I never voted for either. I went from dingo to naz after dingo's claim. I don't do late night vote switches. Dingo switched to dome and then back to ted, idk if that's who you're thinking of.
  9. Ping me if its actually hammer time on swag. Skimming tells me woz is claiming that if misa is actually lynched (may or may not be swag) that he dies. Seems weird but lots of potential twists despite him being on dome's cleared list. Also mwil thinks I pushed dome at some point. idk when that happened but I'm done assuming that he can actually read. Just ping me when its time to hammer swag.
  10. For whatever its worth I think its probably Swag/Forge on the red team, and either mission or naz on the black team. Ping me if my assistance is needed.
  11. I claimed mostly so that I wouldn't forget to share his ridiculous theory on the first piece of fake news. I know its an awful claim, that's why its in tandem with me quitting.