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  1. The way I feel about it seems somewhat illogical...but I think I wouldn't mind it if I actually found those gags funny. Most of them just fall flat for me, or they just overindulge and the bit goes on too long (the one where Chewy cooks up the little island critter and the other ones look on in horror is probably the biggest offender of the latter).
  2. Having partners claimed keeps one scum team from bussing the other. I think that's worth the trade-off of them knowing who they have to sell to. If malf had a silent partner I'd be more concerned, but pickle rick has been vocal as well and their interactions don't come off planned at all. I think its still possible that malf's playing us all, but if that's the case he's dedicated to playing it out like this until thursday or friday, and in that case, to quote him, he's earned it. The only thing I'd like to know is what malf thinks we learned from last night. He mentioned that it would be a very informative night. I'd like to know what information he's gleaned from it.
  3. The theory was that ET/gopher and slappy(tk3)/squire were the two red teams. If the late switch had gone from slappy/squire to ET/gopher and ET/gopher flipped red, it would come across as if mafia was able to flip the vote late to rescue one of their teams. So then we'd trust slappy(tk3)/squire since they could've just as easily been the ones to be saved if the two red pairs were coordinating, and we'd completely write them off as scum, possibly even voting to save them the next day, resulting in an embarrassing town loss. Since et/gopher were civ it obviously doesn't make sense.
  4. squire/tk3's late posts spooked me. I didn't really like what ET was doing but gopher's posts towards the end of night seemed okay. When I posted my ET vote (I think you just quoted that, be on that in a sec) I hadn't seen dome's OT post stating that we could only change our vote once. Had I known that I would've been a little more calculated with the switch, but I think I still would've gone with ET.
  5. I didn't realize that would end up being a permanent switch, I think its the right move though.
  6. Votes are to save people from a burning building instead of being lynched.
  7. @Malfatron to be fair you did mention squire and tell him to vote himself. Looks pretty bad that he did it that late though. I don't love it but I'm voting et in OT. This might sound weird but if we vote ET/gopher and they flip red I think tk3/squire might be the other red. It makes sense in my head but I'll try to lay it out better if that ends up being the case.
  8. Slappy being replaced really throws me off. I was coming around to his pair, but it would feel weird to save them now, especially since most of the read was based on Slappy
  9. A lot of the cringe in the new ones is their attempt to add humor and lighten the mood (admittedly it is overdone in a lot of places), whereas the prequels were trying to be more serious but just had awkward lines.
  10. Its the go-to example of a line that wouldn't sound better regardless of who played Anakin. DiCaprio, Christensen, me; it would sound weird regardless. Although when I rewatched the prequels before TFA I realized that it actually makes sense with the story, since the sand people kill his mom (I was a few mojitos deep by the 2nd movie so maybe it doesn't actually make that much sense)
  11. They wouldn't go silent forever, but staying under the radar early to avoid any slips would make sense. Would be easier to come in and feign usefulness on day 2 rather than day 1.