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  1. Apex Legends (F2P BR)

    Solos coming as a limited time mode next week. Haven't really played in a while, I'll give this a shot though for sure.
  2. Aww. You're my friend too. Thanks buddy!
  3. Reckon talkin cowboy talk's the least o' my troubles, feller.
  4. I mean it doesn't have to be historically accurate, but okay.
  5. Mine was intended to be strategic in that I felt like it was the best move for town to just let myself die, but I handled it very poorly. I don't have context of what happened this game, just the after the fact back and forth from the past few pages (checked in because a notification said pickle quoted me, wanted to see what that was all about), but I hope that how I exited the previous game didn't contribute to any snowball effect, and I hope that after some time to cool off you guys can put this stuff behind you and get back to some fun games
  6. Guess it fits that you're still not understanding me
  7. Sorry it derailed like this. I can't really play when me trying to bring up possibilities (one of which was true) is met with "no you're scum" and "man you vote weird". I'm sure I could've expressed some of those theories and ideas better, but it felt like there was no give and take and no charitable interpretation of anything I said. So ultimately I'm glad that at least I was able to exit the game without wasting a lynch, and that you guys got swag last night and were able to take a shot at lynching the last scum tonight. Hope its mission, and if not (assuming that doesn't end the game) good luck getting whoever else is left!
  8. Page 277, it was after rags was dead. Read my posts/responses to my posts on page 276 to see what lead to my claiming/quitting.
  9. No change of heart. You're the only one I trust. I'd vote if you told me I should. So with this I'll go quietly (as long as you guys don't screw up and end the day early).
  10. fyi if someone is lynched via hammer my inactive death gets delayed.
  11. I'll vote if dome tells me to