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  1. They call it that 'cause of the electricity
  2. I thought commies were afraid of math
  3. ...I thought Rajnigandha was a boy's name
  4. Also squire was the antichrist last game, so he's probably someone way less cool this time.
  5. Alright. Its not next year. But I'm here once again, and I only have one thing to say: The Office wasn't didn't suddenly get bad when Michael left. Its actually more about Jim and Pam. The show hit a lull for a while because Jim and Pam got kinda boring, then picked back up a little at the end when they had some meaningful drama in the final season. Michael leaving did leave a "main character" void, but I think an equally big problem was that Jim didn't have enough going on to really be the main character in Michael's absence, so they tried to shoehorn Andy into that role, which didn't really work. I could type a lot more on this but my main trigger is usually seeing reddit posts from people who've clearly seen like 10 episodes and have no idea what they're talking about but OMG MICHAEL SO FUNNY ME LOVE OFFICE THATS WHAT SHE SAID HAHA so I'll save the full rant for them
  6. Alrighty then. See you guys next year!
  7. Stupid cameras stopped working last night...I tried to watch Kevin, but I have no idea if anyone paid him a visit. What? Oh? We're done? Okay.
  8. To be clear, I have extra confidence in forge's result based on mwil's read on rag.
  9. We seem to have a positive on rag too. Given his claim that he'll get a hit if racks is lynched, it seems like the better move to deny scum a hit by lynching rag and you hitting racks. If we're not as confident on forge's result meaning scum, then I go back to racks.