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  1. While I'm here, can someone explain what italian sausage is? I don't like normal sausage, but when I get pasta with italian sausage its really good, like a spicy ground beef!
  2. No. My favorite meats are ground beef, chicken wings, pepperoni, and bacon (though I only like bacon if its burnt so not sure if I actually like it).
  3. I'm not sure why anyone would've had respect for me in the first place. Being slightly more serious, I've been meaning to give steak a fair shake, but I haven't had a great chance. Every time I could order a half-decent steak I'm out with family, and they mostly go for medium well/well done, and I don't really trust Outback to time their cooking such that I could get a good steak at the same time as those burnt steaks.
  4. Got a feeling you guys won't like my taste in meat (or food in general) but I'm an American so I feel the need to have my voice heard. Matchup 1 - Ground Beef Matchup 2 - idk what these are Matchup 3 - Pass Matchup 4 - Beef Chuck (this is like ground chuck, right?) Matchup 5-8 - I don't like pork Hope this was helpful
  5. @FinneasGage I gave you some birthday likes
  6. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Okay sorry to bother you sir.
  7. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Are you a bad guy?
  8. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    That said, vote touch
  9. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Guys stop overthinking it. Everything is random and life doesn't matter.
  10. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    That's why I voted bcb right after, but I didn't die.
  11. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    I think this game is just matts taking out his frustrations from the last few games and just killing us all randomly regardless of moves/alignment.
  12. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Danger and untouch
  13. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Listen pal, we're on your side here. Just tell us why you did it and I'm sure the DA will cut you a plea deal.
  14. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    Tell the truth, I'll know if you're lying
  15. Dune 2000 Mafia - D3

    @Woz are you a bad guy?