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  1. Yeah, looked promising as a rookie, but this wasn't his year. With a change of scenery and the right scheme/coaching, he could probably be a decent 2/3, just doesn't seem like it was going to happen in Carolina.
  2. Its still pretty accurate for how I feel.
  3. Clicking the "1 new post" button while I was typing my post and saw this...weird timing.
  4. I'd rather go tk3 than rag. Tk3 seems to be vying for more early "control" than usual. Also could give us a read on what the n0 self-votes might have meant.
  5. So night 0 got you silenced and got me to claim for free. Nice.
  6. He won the night 0 vote, so he was likely awarded the invest. If he is silenced it could be a trade-off from that.
  7. "You" in the second line being plural, ie everyone.
  8. The chance of anyone having a specific role is 1 in 17. The scenarios you're laying out don't strictly follow that. But like I said, it doesn't matter, its simple. If you believe that I'm the arborist we move on. If not you vote for me.
  9. No, he's saying I italicized the "will look like a lumberjack" think from the arborist PM.
  10. Putting the % on it like that is silly, since I doubt you'd say option 4 has a 70% chance. Its pretty simple though. I was investigated and came back scum. Either you trust me and we move onto a new plan, or you don't and vote to lynch me.
  11. I just laid out what happened, unless ET was completely bluffing. I'm not sure why we're talking about hypothetical tie scenarios when we have information now.
  12. ET's bonus is clearly that he got to investigate me. Whether he got an invest or used it on me or it was random is unknown, but doesn't really matter I guess. He investigated me and I looked like a lumberjack.
  13. You're gonna have to tone down the vocabulary, buddy
  14. Overwatch

    He's too young to play in season 1, iirc.