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  1. More preseason football! This week vs the Tennessee Titans. Cam will not be playing yet, so another week of Derek Anderson/Joe Webb. The teams had a joint practice, so they should be familiar with each other. Here's hoping for no injuries!
  2. Thomas Davis Signs One-Year Extension

    Yeah, thankfully these first two deals seem to be really good.
  3. Carolina Panther's Greatest players at each position.

    Sure I'll miss some obvious people, but off the top of my head: QB: Cam Newton RB: DeAngelo Williams or Stephen Davis? Tim Biakabutuka for best name FB: Mike Hoover WR: Steve Smith+Muhsin Muhammed TE: Wesley Walls LT: Jordan Gross LG: Travelle Wharton C: Ryan Kalil RG: ? RT: Jeff Otah? DE: Reggie White+Julius Peppers DT: Kris Jenkins+Kawann Short LB: Luke Kuechly+Thomas Davis+Sam Mills CB: Chris Gamble+Charles Tillman S: Mike Minter+Roman Harper? K: John Kasay P: Todd Sauerbrun? KR: Steve Smith? Anything from before ~2005 is either an obvious answer or from playing Madden
  4. Houston v. Carolina - Preseason Football is upon us!!!!!!

    There's a football at the bottom right of a post, that's the "like" button
  5. Houston v. Carolina - Preseason Football is upon us!!!!!!

    Hoping to see: No injuries Crazy plays by 3rd stringers ET's tears as his team can't even beat us in the preseason
  6. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    I've got the best move in the game on lock:
  7. Panthers BOLD Predictions for next 9 months

    Not sure how bold any of this will be, but I'll give it a go: Charles Johnson and Julius Peppers are both revitalized due to the massive talent around them. The sack numbers might not be insane, but they'll both be back at a level of play that makes DE not look like too much of a need. Having Addison/Hall/other pass rushers to give them a breather will make their age a non-issue The new balance on the offense will be the tide that raises all ships (or however that saying goes). Curtis Samuel's speed open things up for the run game and for possession receivers. McCaffrey's versatility also open things up for everyone, and so on and so on Corn Elder will take over at CB, make the pro bowl, and be the new spokesperson for some type of canned corn. Marketing synergy like you've never seen before
  8. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    ...sorry for saying "fam"
  9. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    I gotchu fam
  10. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

  11. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    So, the only way ET is lying is if he straight up guessed RMIB as the killer. Without RMIB's admission I had this whole theory of why ET would be the best lynch because it would guarantee information. But if we can safely assume that he's not lying, then obviously its the wrong direction to go. Its still pretty much a shot in the dark though, because if we lynch town, ET lives, and the investigation comes back town, we won't be able to know for sure if the new investigation is correct. So I guess we have to go CWood, husker, or fret. CWood was right there with me to bandwagon on TLO last night, and I've been reading him as having a role most of the game, so I'll stay on CWood
  12. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    If not CWood then ET or Husker
  13. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    okay, CWood
  14. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    I'm still not too clear on their win condition, but if they came out that would be great
  15. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    iPwn investigated someone-->iPwn gets hit-->hockey gets result of investigation