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  1. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    He's a guy I want to look at more. I find it hard to believe that you can play in Iowa and not be at least a serviceable blocker. But to the larger point, IMO, TE is the biggest need right now. Marcus seems to badly miss Delanie, and given his age and the severity of his injury it wouldn't be wise to bank on Delanie returning to form. For me the top needs are TE, C, WR, OLB
  2. Rishard Matthews released

    See this is why this is still fishy to me... If he QUIT on the team, why is he still their 'boy'? Why would they want to protect him? Avoiding a distraction is one thing, but to me... it sounds like the locker room knows how this situation unfolded and they, at the very least, understand Matthews reason for leaving, if not support it.
  3. Rishard Matthews released

    Something is fishy here... But I'm not ready to just jump on Richard like the rest of you guys just yet... I just don't buy the selfish narrative. This dude has consistently caught hospital passes and hung on for first downs/touchdowns, made key blocks to spring downfield runs. Hell he sat here patiently his 1st year with the team when they started old slow *** Andre Johnson over him. He bid his time and balled when he got his shot. I don't buy that the guy is suddenly a diva over an offseason later. And he kinda has a point, WTF is Tajae getting so many reps? Look I championed Tajae more than ANYONE here i feel, but I'm beyond baffled that he's gotten so many reps early. Still something stinks here. I wish we had more info on what happened behind scenes. Maybe some promises were broken. I'm kinda sad this is ending this way. I always thought Rishard was a dog.
  4. Injuries thread (Update: Morgan out several weeks)

    Wait... so are we pretending we didn't have a myriad of injuries(soft tissue and otherwise) under Watterson?
  5. Titans trade for Kamalei Correa

    I wouldn't say they were being foolish. They were in a bind during the 2017 offseason after their weak side ILB, Zachary Orr, suddenly retired. Matt Judon, who was drafted the same year as Correa, had already surpassed him on the depth chart. Plus they drafted Tyus Bowers in the 2nd and had Tim Williams fall to them at the end of round 3 in 2017. That's what made them decide to move Correa inside, but he wound up getting beat out by a converted safety. Having moved him back outside this offseason, they must have felt they they were deep enough at the position, hence the trade. It feels like his departure was more due to the circumstance of a late round pick shining immediately and a BPA-based FO winding up landing two edge rushers high in the following draft than it was Correa just being a disappointment. I don't get a Kevin Dodd vibe from Correa even though the production is similar. Also interesting to note, including Correa, the Ravens have spent five, day 1 or day 2 picks on front seven/edge players since 2016. Thats not even including Judon, who was a 5th round pick and is already a starter.
  6. Cyprien Out For The Year

    I think Kendrick Lewis is a name to remember as well. The guy has started 81 career games for 3 teams and was Pees starting safety before they signed Tony Jefferson. He got hurt last year, but he's currently listed as the starting SS in the unofficial depth chart. Seeing who receives first team reps in the secondary will be a really interesting thing to watch tomorrow nightl
  7. Titans sign Kenny Vaccaro

    Vacarro reminds me of another Titan/Longhorn safety. Michael Griffin. All the athleticism in the world. Zero instincts. What irony that Vacarro is being coached by Griff. And top safety is nonsense. The fact that NOBODY signed him till after training camp was very telling. Vaccaro said on the radio that he didn't expect to have to workout for a team because he has 5 years of tape. in my opinion, those 5 years of tape are the reason it took a training camp injury for him to get a serious offer. This is why I scoffed at people saying instant upgrade. People remember he was a high draft pick and then check his stat line on ESPN.com, see a couple picks and think that he was playing at a high level last season. He wasn't. There's a reason New Orleans spent back to back high round picks on safeties the past 2 seasons. The Vacarro experiment failed in NOLA. But off the negative... the positive is that he seems to be healthy and still possess the same freakish ability that got him drafted high. Fortunately for us, we have a DC who has experience working with talented safeties and a DB coach who has a track record of developing DBs. Also, save last season, this is probably the best supporting cast he's ever had. And maybe its a tad bit of homerism to say it but Pees is a different tier of DC than the likes of Rob Ryan or Dennis Allen. So perhaps the grass will be greener in Nashville.
  8. Cyprien Out For The Year

    Athleticism never translated to the ability to cover for Vacarro. Thats pasrt of the problem
  9. Cyprien Out For The Year

    Vacarro didn't even play safety all of last year. He got benched week 2 for Vonn Bell and played in the slot for the rest of the time he was healthy. PFF, if you believe in that, ranked him the #115 CB last season.
  10. Cyprien Out For The Year

    YES HE IS.
  11. Cyprien Out For The Year

    Kenny Vacarro is literally everything you said about Cyprien.
  12. Cyprien Out For The Year

    Like Kenny Vacarro was a starting safety on some of the worst pass defenses in NFL history when he was in New Orleans. I feel like all anyone ever remembers about players when discussing whether they're an upgrade is where they were drafted.
  13. Cyprien Out For The Year

    Alot of yall are buggin, I fail to see how a player being thrown into a brand new defense with a few weeks to get up to speed and the expectation to START is an upgrade over the guy whose been in that spot the past 16 months. How is Reid an upgrade... because he was a probowl alternate 4 years ago? because he was a former 1st round pick? Because he's a former DB from LSU? I just don't see how Reid or Vacarro/Mitchell is an instant upgrade over Cyprien. Much like with Kaep, the fact that Reid is definitely being blackballed has led to many people to vastly overestimate his ability. He should be on a roster, no doubt, I'm not even saying he couldn't earn a job. But instant upgrade is not a statement I'm buying. That just tells me alot of people don't like Cyprien or think he's overpaid, and as I've said before, fans catching feelings over the FA money a player gets is ridiculous to me.
  14. Training Camp Thread

    I doubt it... I look at this scandal like the one at Baylor. Nobody survived that. The interim coach was an outside guy who lasted one year, and both the OC and DC were gone after that season. If its true that ALL the assistant coach wives knew about the abuse, its virtually certain that the assistant coaches knew as well. And if that's true, its a 'culture' issue and you can't just hire Urban's most promising assistant to assume his spot long term. You gotta wipe the whole slate clean after this season. Entirely new staff. So I greatly doubt Day ends up as the long term coach there. On a side note, assuming Lefluer tears it up as a OC this year and is on HC radars next year, and Day is let go in a full staff purge. we might wind up with a Ryan Day led offense in 2019 anyway.
  15. Training Camp Thread

    Day has already been named interim HC. Its a big deal on the radio because after the UT/Schiano fiasco, UT fans find it funny that OSU chose Day to be the interim over Schaino after all the backlash they received.