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  1. Week 14 Jags vs. Titans

    Had to work during the game, but was watching on my Ipad. Leave the room for a second, missed the fumble and 55 yd TD run. Upon replay... Jalen Ramsey is the biggest front runner in the league and is legitimately afraid of Derrick Henry in the open field. Ramsey had every opportunity to stop or slow Henry on that 55 yd run. Had him dead to rights as he cut back. Henry ran right around him, Ramsey never touched him. That's fear. Film session gonna be tough in DUUUUVAAAALLLLL tomorrow. Ramsey is the epitome of his FSU brethren Deion Sanders. Probably the most gifted athlete at the position... but soft as warm cookie dough. and a mouth that never closes.
  2. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    I second this. I hate the contrac they gave him. ZBS was supposed to make him better, it didn't.
  3. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    Butler's play is infuriating to me. Its like he's not self aware of his own limitations. Both TDs were egregious technique mistakes. The Amari Cooper one was bad because he gave up outside leverage by being over aggressive on his jam. If Cooper releases inside on a slant. Kenny Vaccaro is literally standing right in his path in a short zone. Butler should know where his help is and there for realize that he has to protect against any out breaking route. The over aggressive jam caused him to lose outside leverage and Cooper took advantage of it on that whip route. He lost outside leverage, and you see that he's not athletic enough to flip his hips, change his direction and make up space when beaten. Amari easily beat him to the plylon. Now I do think Butler settled down. Amari only had 5/58/1. However that could also be because a poorly managed Cowboy's offense made a mistake not feeding him more. I'm terrified at what Butler will face this weekvs Brady and Co.
  4. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    There's no way. He's our best corner. And 10 mill a year for a CB whose covering at a high level is a bargain. He's essentially playing two positions by playing outside in base and moving inside in nickle. Heck his versatility is a saving grace considering the expectation was likely for Butler and Jackson to start full time outside. Forget INTs, notice that Ryan took Prescott's favorite WR, Cole Beasley, virtually out of the game. He's not playing at an All Pro level, but he's DEFINITELY earning every bit of his salary.
  5. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    Yea I'm not gonna bash the guy working with only 1 OLB who is a legit pass rush threat. And even Landry has been quiet of late.
  6. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    Hard to do when nobody can stop Demarcus Lawrence.
  7. Week 9 GDT: Titans at Cowboys

    My 1st half overreactions... 1. I may owe Marcus an apology. Some big boy throws being made out there. 2. Malcolm butler shouldn't be on the field any more. He is a liability. Let Sims be the outside nickleback. In fact cut him now. I feel like the cap penalty is a net positive at this point.
  8. Around the NFL

    I don't understand this false notion that Marcus and Lefluer would get the same level of production out of Gordan as Josh McDaniels and the GOAT. People also forget that the thing that got Gordan traded was him injuring his hamstring at a non team related photoshoot, then allegedly showed up high to practice the next day.
  9. Around the NFL

    Okay I thought people knew this by now but maybe not... Dez Bryant is out of the league because he can't run anymore... period. Its not about him being a headcase... there are plenty of those in the league. Rishard Mathews quit on a team and still found another one within weeks. Hell Nick Williams found another team. He is not athletic enough to play WR anymore. That, IMO, is the real reason why he is not in the league. And why nobody so much as gives him a tryout.
  10. Around the NFL

    No Jon Robinson is definitely to blame. They propped Taywan Taylor up to a starting spot with 0 competition. I had issue with that. especially considering that Rishard was out the ENTIRE offseason with an injury. He knew that out of his top 4 WRs, 3 of them only had 1 full year of experience. But J Rob didn't add anything else of significance when he has a chance, and the coaching staff set them up for big roles. Now look at them. That was a gamble, it hasn't paid off. At the very least he should have brought in a better veteran than Nick Williams as insurance. Ideally he should have signed someone capable of pushing Taylor. Sure alot of this is hindsight but how awesome would Smokey Brown have been in Nashville? He's performing alot of the things we hoped Taylor would do and he's doing it on a cheap 1 yr deal for the Ravens. IMO trusting both Davis AND Taylor to take on major roles in the offense in year 2 was a big gamble. Turns out neither was completely ready and now that Delanie is hurt and Rishard is a Jet we NEED them, and they're still not ready. Not making a move in the offseason because you think your young guys are ready and then the young guys aren't ready when its crunch time... that falls directly on the GM.
  11. I just hate that we need a fullback to run the ball. This, imo, was part of why we moved on from Mularkey and Robiske. It will be blatantly obvious to all when we trot out Henry and a fullback what we're trying to do. I'm sick of our offense being incapable of playing anything effectively but Fisherball. Its been damn near two decades that the only formula to win in Nashville is a big running back with a lead blocker, a oft injured QB whose a better runner than passer, Hopes and prayers at WR, a kicker who is our perennial offensive MVP, and a defense that must be very good in order to keep the game close with all the FGs on offense. I just want more, I thought drafting Mariota would do it, I thought drafting a WR high in the draft would do, I thought bringing in the young, new, innovative OC would do it, but no... We are cursed to forever play Fisherball here in Nashville.
  12. Words can't describe how disappointed I am that this regime can't get the run game to work without a fullback. This seems like a desperation play from J Rob. Seems to me he's doubling down on Henry because he's well aware that currently, it looks like all those 2nd round picks from his 1st draft won't produce a player worth a 2nd contract. Dodds gone, Johnson is just a guy, and Henry is only effective if you play 1980's football.
  13. Stocker barely catches 1 TD pass and all of a sudden he's the best receiving TE? Wow That's more of an indictment on Jonnu Smith than a testament of Stocker's ability.
  14. Around the NFL

    Fans don't look at or value draft picks the way GMs do. Fans look at draft picks and just see it as an unproven player with a 50/50 shot at being good. GMs look at that pick and see a potential player who can come in and contribute for 4 years on a extremely cheap contract. And the financial impact of draft picks is what I don't think fans consider. Its not always a issue of 'this guy is proven' vs 'who knows what I might get with this 4th round pick.' Its an issue of 'this 4th round pick can get me one player at a high salary for a season or two' vs 'this pick can get me a player I have scouted for months and hand picked, who could give me 4 years of contribution at a fraction of what I would pay that vet for 9 games of service.' And no GM is looking back over previous drafts thinking ' Well I should deal this pick for a player because I sure suck at drafting in the 3rd round.' As far as evaluating Mariota goes, at this point I think its more than reasonable to infer that Mariota likely isn't receiving any sort of extension this off-season. If he does, it will certainly be a team friendly one akin to the Bortles deal. Unless he has an MVP calibur second half, I think the writing is clear on the wall that he will play out his rookie deal, with the team holding the franchise tag as the ultimate trump card should he ball out next year. This gives the team another off-season to evaluate, let him get more comfortable with the offense, and add weapons.
  15. Around the NFL

    YES!! This is why fans should be mad at JRob... Not because he didn't make a move today. Its the fact he didn't make a move in March/April or even May.